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Found 16 results

  1. I've seen posts regarding PhD decision-anxiety after the April 15th decision deadline, but most posts seem to have dealt with regret/anxieties over selecting one program over another after April 15th. I made the very difficult decision of turning down a fully funded offer but am now feeling some regret. I'm wondering if it's possible to change my mind now... (And, even if the department was able and willing to make it work, would this be too much of a faux pas?) The last thing I would want is to start off on bad terms with my department and advisors. Has anyone else (either in this current cycle or past cycles) decided not to pursue any PhD offer and regretted their decision? Overall, how do you know if you made the "right" decision? How do you come to peace with your decision?
  2. Governments should not fund any scientific research whose consequences are unclear. Write a response in which you discuss the extent to which you agree or disagree with the recommendation and explain your reasoning for the position you take. In developing and supporting your position, describe specific circumstances in which adopting the recommendation would or would not be advantageous and explain how these examples shape your position. The bifurcation of government’s fund plays a pivotal role in directing the path in which the future of a country's success depends on, and funding new scientific research is the responsibility of the government. In my opinion, I strongly disagree with the above stated premise and argue that the Govt should underwrite to the scientific research due to the following three reasons: Firstly, new innovations catalyses the growth of a country’s economy exponentially. Every successful research was once in a rudimentary state where there were little or no empirical results or evidence. For instance, when the entire world was suffering from a pernicious pandemic called COVID from 2019 through 2021, scientific institutions from across the world were not able to come up with a vaccine with considerable efficacy. If the government at that time hadn’t provided enough funds for the research and development of the vaccine, the virus could have cost millions of lives. Moreover, the authority of a particular country providing support to the R&D gave hope to the residents of the same country that: they will overcome the difficult times and once again everything will be back to normal. The hope a commoner has galvanizes the scientific community to produce better results. So, in all a government providing help to these institutions is a win-win situation for both its citizens and for the scientists to fecundate a breakthrough. Another perspective which adds to the benefits of funding scientific research is that, the country which succeeds in these kinds of researches earns a great amount of respect and fame all over the world and in the longer run boosts the economy of a country, through several scientific strides a country can exalt from being a lower tier country to tier 1 country. For example, take the case of India whose then Prime Minister was Narendra Modi who invigorated the youth and the scientific community to innovate a vaccine which will help people to fight against the deadly Coronavirus. By mid- January two vaccines were invented namely- Covishield and Covaxin, each of which had an average efficacy of 80%, these vaccines came as a fortune to the country in multifarious aspects like: The exports of these vaccines helped the country to build better relations with other countries, in addition to this invention India was extolled for its efforts in fighting the virus and had etched its name in the history of pharmacology. On the other hand some people suggest that if the Government renders resources to scientific research with no consequence, it squanders both money and time. However, in my view it is never a waste of resources, even if the research fails to produce results as it acts as a yardstick to other scientists working in the same field. So, by the consistent efforts of a group of scientists working in a particular field of research will one day achieve heights of success, which in turn will help a country. So at the end, the government should fund the scientific research even if it has no consequences as “ A science today, is a technology tomorrow”.
  3. Smln

    Medieval art

    Dear all, recommendations needed! I was thinking of applying for a PhD programme, my area of interest is the Middle Ages and medieval art. I was, however, discouraged by some professors to do so since, according to them, I am unlikely to be successfull in later rounds due to lack of an MA in the field. They advised me to get an MA first (citing Williams, Fordham, and Tufts as top choices for an MA). The problem with an MA is money, as usual. So, to make my chances less slim, I am now considering applying both for PhD and MA and would be very grateful for any recommendations regarding professors and programmes (who is known is a superstar and a very nice person) :)) ? Yale and UChicago have cancelled admissions, and I can't go to the Courtauld for an MA - was accepted two years ago, failed to find funding.
  4. Hello! I graduated 10 years ago with my MSW (concentration in Client Centered Management, so I hade both clinical and administrative course work). My field placement was in an administrative area as was my experience thereafter. However, I did become an LSW in NJ but never pursued clinical work. I am now interested in pursuing clinical social work but I do not know where to begin. I feel quite far removed after these last 10 years, 6 or which I haven't been in the SW field at all. Looking for some guidance!
  5. Ahhhhh. To any art historians out there, I need help!! I am desperate. I am finding this book a little bit challenging to read. I am not an art history major. I took the class: Methods in art history as my final history class to graduate. I am finding it really challenging to get through the readings and understanding the material. I am seriously having a difficult time. I really want to understand the subject but every time I go to read the book, I am taking more time defining words than retaining the information. It doesn’t help that some of the essays are from the 18th and 19th century. It is really frustrating and discouraging to continue. I try looking on YouTube but I don’t really know what I am looking for. I am not a strong writer and it takes me a really long time to read and retain the information. Please help!! It would be greatly appreciated if you can send any resources or Books that are similar to this title. I am also reading Methods and Theories of Art History by Anne D’Alleva. I like the book and need something similar to this reading level. I just want to understand the subject and in desperate need of help. Pleeeeaase and Thank you in advance!!
  6. Good afternoon, I am an italian student studing sociology in Turin (northern Italy) and I am currently planning the research for my final disseration. I am taking a qualitative research (using both ethnography and interwievs) in two boxe gyms in Torino (one classical gym and one free gym in a community center). The aim of my research is exploring the dynamic of social groups and the gender perspective in both gyms. I am here asking for help because I would like to study some theory before the fieldwork. I would like some advices on books and papers regarding gender roles in sport and most famous gender perspectives in sociological research as well as some advices regarding researches on social groups dynamics and sport. Thank you very much for any help you will give me and sorry for the mistakes with the language! Sara
  7. I have absolutely no clue where to start with this grad school process, and honestly its stressing me out. I just want to become a Philosophy Professor 😭 I feel like everyone knows where they're going, but I don't even know where the starting line is. Can someone please help me navigate through this?
  8. Hello! I am excited to announce that I have been admitted into the Rutgers MPA program. I finally received my letter of admission. However, I noticed on the Rutgers Website that most programs send out additional information, so I am curious if I will receive I should expect to receive additional information, specifically scholarship information, before accepting admission. Please let me know if you have any experience with this program! All help is appreciated.
  9. Hi, Let me explain my current situation: I'm from the US, but I studied medicine in Mexico (gradated 2014). I did a Master's in clinical research at UCSD (graduated Fall 2019). I have been working as a physician/surgical assistant at a vascular clinic in Mexico since my graduation form medical school. I plan to pivot my career into basic research/academia (I fell in love with regenerative medicine/stem cell biology while at UCSD). My goal is to pursue PhD in the area of regenerative medicine/stem cell biology, in the near future. My only research experience comes from my Master's thesis which was a project along the lines of health policy (unpublished). My work experience is mostly clinical, so I realize I need to build my CV in terms of research and skills in a wet lab in order to apply for a PhD in a competitive program, and so I'm looking to take a Research assistant/technician job as soon as possible. I'm willing to commit a couple of years and I honestly don't care much about being paid little as I know I have to take an entry level job, but I would require money to pay for rent/food etc. Currently I'm living in western Massachusetts which is where some of my support system is (the rest is in southern California). I am writing to several different labs in the Boston area (sending CV, 3 LORs, and SOP) and looking at job websites (Indeed, Glassdoor, etc), but haven't had any positive responses yet. So I guess my questions are: Am I writing at a bad time of the year for this type of job (too early/too late)? Can it be something else that I've overlooked? What can I do to secure a job that lets me develop so I can reach my goal? Any opinions, criticism, or tips would be very helpful! Thanks.
  10. I know it is pretty late but I just want to know if I should apply to more safe universities. Country: India Undergraduate institution: Reputed university in India GPA: 60.75% (can't convert to US GPA as i am not sure which formula is correct) Master's from a private university. GPA: 3.7 Interested course: Ph.D. in materials science Research experience: I have done a 2 month project which led me to file a patent, a 4 month project (I am currently writing this paper) and there is another project going on right now. All these projects are related to my field of interest and were done in my postgraduate university. i have done no internships. I do have a book chapter that was accepted for publication by Springer International Publishers. Along with that I have presented a poster in an international conference. GRE: 163 q 163 v TOEFL: 111 Applied to: Uni of Michigan, Uni of Colorado Boulder, Georgia Tech (chemistry department), Casewestern Reserve (chem department), Texas A&M (currently struggling with the application), Uni of Delaware (considering to apply) Can you please suggest me where else to apply. Although deadlines for most of the universities are over but there might be some left. I am very confused whether I should aim higher or lower. Should I apply to universities having rank < 500. Please help!
  11. I am currently a Psychology major (junior) and am stressing about whether or not to withdraw from a class that I might get a C in. It’s been a roller coaster deciding my career path but I have finally decided on attending a Ph. D. program for clinical (or forensic) psychology after my undergrad. It should be noted that I also plan on either doing Post Bacc or getting my Masters to boost my resume with research and letters of rec to further show my dedication to applying to a Clinical Psychology Ph. D. program (as I know they are very competitive). I started out planning on Med School, but Sophomore year I changed my path to Physicians Assistant school, withdrawing from my Physics class which I was about to receive a C in. I changed my major to Psychology (because I loved psychology) and planned on just filling my electives with the science classes necessary for PA programs (i.e. organismal bio, organic chem, etc.). Here I am, now a junior, and after getting into my psychology classes and assisting with some research, I decided that psychology was my passion. BUT I am in a crisis as I am currently enrolled in Microbiology (as one of my electives) and I may get a C in the course. I have a 3.87 but, if I receive a C I will be bumped down to a 3.75 and that worries me for applying to not only a masters/post bacc programs but also a PhD programs. I know it is still a relatively high GPA but I really want to increase my competitiveness as much as possible and strive to get as close to a 4.0 as I can. I guess my question is, if I withdraw from this class, will graduate programs (masters/post bacc/phd) care? I would have two Ws on my transcript and although they are not considered to be classes relevant to my major, it still worries me. PLEASE HELP!
  12. Hey y’all! I am in my senior year of undergrad speech & looks like I will be ending this semester with 2 C’s (possibly B’s if a miracle happens) I am scheduled to take my GRE Friday & feel fairly confident. If I don’t score well I can always re-take it. I am just concerned about getting into ANY grad school with C’s. I feel extremely discouraged & kind of defeated at this point. How possible is it to get into grad school with C’s? I feel really good with my LOR, volunteer hours & personal statement but I am just really starting to freak out. Any advice, suggestions, etc? Thank y’all so much!
  13. Hi everyone, Im in the middle of the process of applying to clinical psych phd's and I'm really starting to freak out. I'm only applying to funded programs, so they're more competitive (not outrageously but most are top 20). I graduated with a BA in psych and i'm in a masters program now. My undergrad overall gpa was 3.48 but psych GPA was 3.8. My masters has been a really challenging program (intentionally not taking grade-inflated classes and also working in addition to being in a lab), so my gpa is about a 3.6. I have really strong letters of rec, about 4 years of research experience with numerous posters, and additionally my current masters thesis is a data analysis that my mentor wants to submit for publication. I have one official publication and two publications that are currently under review (one which I am first authoring). My biggest concern is I feel like my statements, research experience and letters of rec are the only thing my application has to offer.... In addition to my meh GPA, I am continuously getting low GRE scores, even with practice. I know I'm not stupid, but I've never been the best at standardized testing 😕 Most of the programs I'm applying to are a good research fit, but I'm just scared by GRE will be the nail in my coffin and will immediately deter programs from even looking at me. I guess I'd just like to know some honest opinions, or if anyone else out there has had/or is having a similar experience to me? They really expect us PhD applicants to walk on water lol 😕 I appreciate any and all advice or comments.
  14. Hey guys ! I’m currently taking prerequisites for grad school which I have been getting straight Bs in. Mostly high bs. I know that many of these programs accept higher GPAs on average and don’t know what to do. I’m not a great test taker, but everything I learn that’s applicable at my job I excel at. I work at a pediatric company as a child Development Specialist & a registered behavioral tech. I also work with SLPs providing support with speech goals & help with feeding goals as well. Will this experience help to balance out my low GPA & possibly low GRE score ? I know speech is highly competitive. If anyone has any advice, or similar experiences please let me know ! I’m beginning to stress as I apply to grad schools this fall ! HELP !
  15. I received admissions to two graduate programs that I'm currently viewing as relatively equal, and I was wondering if I could enlist your/someone's help in choosing! The pros/cons are not ranked despite the numbering. School 1: Pros: Prestigious school US school in my field Closer to relatives and family Weather is great and proximity to nature is excellent. Focus on scientific outreach into communities Beautiful campus Well-established POI with a currently small lab Fully funded with tuition remission and 18k stipend;Assistantship New environment Excellent course offerings for my interests/needs Strong field work culture I can actually apply to government scholarships here. Cons: POI doesn't work on what I want to work on exactly, but is in the same field and seems willing to cater to my specific interests... I really don't know how much they will, though. Lack of modelling work done at this Uni, which is basically half of what I want to do. School 2: Pros: Also a prestigious school in my field (but less) Alma mater/I wouldn't have to move Established rapport with POI POI has been clear that they'll facilitate my research interests to a T. Other faculty who I can really learn from on my committee Strong modeling culture Cheaper overall tuition Fully funded I know people here. In a city Cons: Community here. I don't really feel like I fit in. Weather. Far from family... very far. POI is relatively new (3 years) Lack of scholarship/grant opportunities (specifically for me, because I'm considered int'l) Same environment Lack of courses that I would want to take to facilitate my research/profs for that part of my committee. I know people here. All else aside, cost of living is about the same between the two places. If you guys could give me a hand, I would really appreciate it!
  16. I was surfing the results section and noticed one person was accepted to one of my top choice programs. I have not heard back from this school. Do programs typically send their acceptances at the same time? Or does it vary among like a two or three week period? The person said they found out last week via e-mail, is it okay to contact the school and ask if I was accepted?
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