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Found 3 results

  1. Hi All, I am looking for some ideas as to what PhD programs I should consider applying to for Fall 2021. Any input is greatly appreciated! Research Motivation: I want to make it easier for people to live more sustainably, as it relates to both to the environment and mental well-being. After some good self-reflection, I have found this to be my goal because I am seeking out the human side of engineering and striving towards harmony with the environment. I can see myself working towards my goal through the water/energy/food nexus (vertical farming looks cool), green buildings (I’m thinking about LEED stuff), or tackling some issues with microplastics (is this even possible as an ME?). I am very much open to more ideas. Motivation for Graduate School: A feeling that I need to do it for myself…like jumping right into the workforce and settling there accomplishes one goal but neglects something else. I’m also seeking an opportunity to meet like-minded people—I couldn’t seem to find people at my undergrad school that were as deep of a thinker as me, and the lack of meaningful conversation was pretty isolating. Of course, a big motivation for grad school is to get to the forefront of sustainability. I am actively job searching and would like to get a taste of working in industry for about a year, but grad school still feels like the primary goal. My Academic and Research Background: I graduated this year with a BS in Mechanical Engineering with a Concentration in Energy from a medium-sized, local, and academically focused university in the US. I have a strong GPA (3.99/4.0) and a close connection to several professors for good recommendation letters. I am taking the GRE in August, so I can provide an update with scores, but my PP2 was 169Q/158V. I’ve had two research experiences: a 2-year engagement with an ECE lab at my school (no papers written, but I received a fellowship and presented a few posters), and a summer internship at the National Renewable Energy Laboratory. If anyone has any program/department recommendations for me, I’d really appreciate it. Thank you in advance!
  2. Hello, I'm currently a fresh graduate student in economics from reputable university in Indonesia. I have 3.48 GPA, scored 7.5 on IELTS, and scored 164 in GRE quant and 161 in my verbal. I have several working experiences, as teaching assistant for Introduction on Microeconomics, internship at a local social enterprise and currently I'm a research assistant at independent think tank. I seem to have chance for not relying on financial aid (self-support). My biggest consideration is time, as I have to start my master degree by 2020. I plan to apply into several universities, but I strongly prefer Boston: 1. Boston University-MA. Economics 2. Illnois-Urbana–MSPE 3. UCL, Warwick, LSE–Economics 4. Erasmus, UvA, Tilburg–Economics Do you think I have a chance to get into one of the program considering my low GPA and imperfect GRE? Thank you
  3. Hi all, Does anyone know if Hunter accepts applicants with low undergraduate gpa's and little to no work experience in the field for the two year clinical track program? What is the minimum gpa score that has been accepted by the program? If you already got accepted, then what was your undergraduate gpa and did you have any work experience in the field? If you were invited for an interview and got rejected afterwards, then what was your undergraduate gpa, did you have field experience, and why do you think you got rejected from the program? Any info about this will be greatly appreciated.
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