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  1. Hi folks, Just created this post to fish for some advice/condolences from this community, and also for people who have a similar experience this year… Very unfortunately, I got rejected from the LDIT program in HGSE this year. This was my dream, and I worked VERY HARD for it. I believe people who got in are super deserving, and I’m excited for their good news. But I just… I just can’t seem to wrap my mind around this. While I’m still waiting for a decision from UPenn, I’m 80% sure that I will choose Columbia TC as my grad destination. I got accepted to the TEIT M.Ed program at TC though. Don’t know if anyone is accepted to the same program and would want to connect. By all means, Columbia TC is great. It’s just that I have been living in Boston for 4 years, and leaving this area— leaving my boyfriend, my friends— is so painful to process. If, somehow, you have experienced(or is experiencing) the same thing, you’re not alone. I’m more than happy to connect with you!
  2. Hello, I wanted to know when the decisions by HGSE would be out!
  3. Hi everyone! I think it's probably not too early to start this HGSE 2020 thread. I'm an entrepreneur of several companies related to education in China, now I'm thinking of applying to Harvard to pursue my master's degree. I'd love to have feedback on my stats or background. Applying for TIE master's program Program: TIE GRE score: Registered for July.14th. Took the old GRE in 2006, got V: 710 Q: 800 AW: 4.5. But a bit concerned because I've been out of the standardized test zone for quite a while. TOEFL score: Not taken yet. Registered for Sept. 22nd. Work experience: 1 year as an English teacher for K-12 students in a for-profit company. Started my own English training company in 2012. Started online teaching through both platforms and uploading teaching videos and audios in 2015. Initiated another edtech company in 2017. Undergrad information: Electronic Engineering at Tianjin University in China(used to be top 10 universities), got a BS(Bachelor of Science) degree. Undergrad GPA: Quite unsatisfying of approximately 2.5, according to WES. Mostly 60-70 out of 100. LORs: 2 from professors who have worked or shared experiences with me from my university, 1 from my ex-colleague as the superintendent of my department. What other schools are you applying to: Columbia TC, UPenn, Stanford, UNC, NYU I knew nothing about graduate school until I decided to apply in Feb. 2019, so some views might be naive. Feel free to point out anything that's weird. Best of luck! And plus, I am deeply worried that my GPA would hamper my application. I know Harvard said 'whether you fit for the program paramounts', the old stereotype still goes with 'Harvard is looking for the best students' maybe anyone can demystify this notion? Thanks!
  4. This year HGSE has a new section for international students to demonstrate English proficiency. It is called Video Response. Optional but strongly recommended for anyone who does not meet their TOEFL requirements (26 minimum in each section). My TOEFL total score is above 104 but my speaking session is less than 26. I'm debating between retaking TOEFL and doing this video response. I don't like talking to a machine to be honest. I heard there were interviews last year but admission office says they are using this video response instead for this year's application. Has anyone done it? What are the prompts you were asked during the 60 seconds? Any advice?
  5. Hi! I'm planning on applying for HGSE for Education Policy. I wanted to see if anyone have any experiences in HGSE or heard things about the program. I currently only have 1.5 years of work experience in education consulting in China...so I am worried that they might not like what I do (I essentially help high school students and families plan their activities/study schedule/application for college admissions, but very ETHICALLY). I'm also worried they might consider me as too young..I'll be 2 years out of undergrad by the time I apply. Usually what kind of applicants do HGSE like? Is it true they like people who have worked in the public sector/research more? Is there any program under HGSE that is "easier" to get into than the other? What is the culture like? Would love to have you all share anything you know on it! HGSE is my dream program and the Ed.M in policy and management is exactly what I think I would need to help me achieve my goals. Looking forward to hearing some of your responses! Thanks! Quote
  6. Hello, HGSE hopefuls! I started the thread for HGSE last year but ended up not applying due to extremely low GRE scores. I decided to take another year to work, and get more experience in the education sector. So, here are are my stats. Let me know what you think. Be brutal!Applying for M.A I am an international applicant. Program: PSP (practice strand)GRE Score: V 155, Q 140, AWA: 4.0 (will be retaking it)GPA: 3.05 (2 health related withdrawals recommended by the university and some very low grades)Work Experience: multiple internship & volunteer experiences in youth development throughout college (turned my last internship into a full-time job J). 1.5 years as a project coordinator at a leading policy research institution in the world. 8 months of teaching experience at a university outside of the United States. And I just started working on health promotion project among school-age children. Undergrad Institution (Public, Private, Ivy, etc..): international student at a private city school Research Experience: My research experience is limited to my undergraduate years. I am more into project development, management and fundraising rather than research. What Other Schools Are You Applying To: Columbia MSW (no GRE required!) I have visted both HGSE and Columbia MSW open houses. HGSE commnity, that they endearingly call "hugsie", is so warm and close-knit. The curriculum is extremely flexible. The student body is so diverse! P.S. Info about HGSE having 50% acceptance rate is total b.s.
  7. Happy Wednesday! I wonder if any of you are also waiting for a notice from Harvard about whether you'll get a chance to interview for the Fall 2020 Ed.L.D. cohort! And if anyone has intel about when invitations are likely to come out, I would love to hear it! Thanks and good luck!
  8. Hey everyone! Wanted to see if anyone has heard from HGSE on the Ed.M program? They said decisions come out March 2020, but I'm curious if they will give decisions any earlier. I have 2 acceptances from other schools that are requiring a deposit by end of Feb. Would love to avoid paying a deposit if there's a chance I get into HGSE... but obviously it's very competitive! Has anyone asked for an admissions decision early with a similar circumstance? Would love any advice on the topic!
  9. Hi, I’m looking into Harvard Graduate School of Education’s Ed.M. programs for next year or the follow. But I’m not finding much on acceptance rates. Some places mention acceptances anywhere up to 50-something% for HGSE’s masters programs, but I’m not seeing anything official. I’m leaning towards Learning and Teaching or the Teacher Education Program (TEP). Does anyone know the acceptance rates for either of these? I heard that TEP has a small cohort but how many people are actually applying? Or if nothing else, which of these Ed.M. would you say is the hardest to get into or have lots of applicants?
  10. Hey guys! (First post) Program: Masters in EducationGRE Score: VR:152 Q:160 AWA:3.5 (I will be taking it again)GPA: 7.8/10 undergraduate Work Experience: 2 years with Teach For India after my undergraduation Undergrad/Grad Institution (Public, Private, Ivy, etc..): One of the best universities in India with an Economics major I am interested in pursuing my masters in education policy and I am looking at HGSE, Standford and UPenn (in that order) as of now. I would love some tips for my SOP, schools which I can apply to and the kind of work experience which Ed.M. looks for. Should I get more work experience and maybe apply in 2021? I am especially keen on HGSE's EPM and L&T Program. Thank you!
  11. Has anyone applied for the Zuckerman Fellowship at Harvard? Have you heard back anything yet? Also, does anyone know how many people are chosen for the interview based on how many available awards they have? Thanks.
  12. Hello - first time posting! I am planning to apply to the HGSE for its EPM /IEP / TIE program for hopefully class of 2021. I was hoping to see if there were mainly teachers or non-profit applicants to the program? Are there many students with a corporate / private background? I wonder if the school deems my type of students as not having a great fit... I was hoping to have this masters as a stepping stone into the education field (NGOs, universities, etc) For my background, I have been a consultant for Deloitte's Human Capital Consulting, as well as a role in People Operations at Google. I hold a bachelor of commerce at McGill University, and I am also currently pursuing a masters of science in decision analysis (kind of a data science masters) at Minerva Schools. How does the school look at applicants who already holds masters? Thank you so much for your help!
  13. Hello - first time posting! I am planning to apply to the HGSE for its EPM /IEP / TIE program for hopefully class of 2021. I was hoping to see if there were mainly teachers or non-profit applicants to the program? Are there many students with a corporate / private background? I wonder if the school deems my type of students as not having a great fit... I was hoping to have this masters as a stepping stone into the education field (NGOs, universities, etc) For my background, I have been a consultant for Deloitte's Human Capital Consulting, as well as a role in People Operations at Google. I hold a bachelor of commerce at McGill University, and I am also currently pursuing a masters of science in decision analysis (kind of a data science masters) at Minerva Schools. How does the school look at applicants who already holds masters? Thank you so much for your help!
  14. HI EVERYONE. I have three years of special education teaching experience and I'm interested in entering counseling as a profession later on and work with children and families in lower income neighborhoods and at-risk populations. I recently found Harvard's PSP program and I am intrigued -- would love to hear more about it from students, admitted prospective students, or other potential applicants. I REALLY WANT TO KNOW: your credentials - GRE score, degrees, life experiences, hobbies, leadership roles, whatever you think got you admitted, or what you are currently doing to prepare to apply, since I am in the same boat as other pre-pre-pre-prospective appliants :) THANKS SO MUCH!
  15. Hi all, I've 6 years of work experience in sales and marketing consulting, and 7+ years in social space as a volunteer for educational initiatives, including leading the CSR engagements at my firm for over 4 years now. I'm now looking for opportunities to move full-time in this space, so am planning a masters in education as a first step because that's where my heart lies; I've worked in education for the last 7 years on a pro-bono/voluntary basis over and above my full-time job. GRE: VA - 154, QA - 165, AWA - 4 TOEFL: Result awaited GPA: Yet to do a WES evaluation, but I've 80.59% from Delhi University in India. Work Ex: 6 years in Sales and Marketing Consulting Pro-Bono/Voluntary experience: 7+ years in Education , including leading the CSR engagements for over 4 years now. I'm leading the engagements with a learning centre near my office, and have designed 3 programs - Math/Science remedial, Spoken English, and Career Counseling. Masters Programs I'll be applying for fall 2019: IEP/TIE at HGSE (can anyone help me figure out), IED at TC, UCB programs, SSCE at UCLA, Upenn I'm more inclined to US programs because of the job prospects, but would like to hear reviews about UCL, Oxford, and Cambridge (EU vs. US). I aim to leverage my corporate experience experience and work in international education space, either in content building, policy implementation, or school leadership. I know 3 options is a long list but will want the program to help make a better choice. My objective is to improve the overall quality of education and change the way we teach. We have been teaching the same age-old skills and curriculum which is not even relevant in the modern day. It will be great if you can help me choose programs where I can leverage my consulting/corporate skills. Anyone who has made a successful switch from corporate to education, or is planning to do so? I'm more inclined to 1 year programs. Any leads will be appreciated!
  16. Hey, everyone! I was hoping to apply last year, but I got caught up in work and couldn't get my materials ready in time. Hoping that kicking off the thread will prevent that from happening again! I'd love any feedback on my stats or background! Applying for PhD Program/Concentration: HDLTGRE Score: V 620, Q 790, AWA: 4.5 (Took the GRE in 2010 with the old scoring system, so I have to retake it)GPA: 3.25 undergrad(last 2 years – 3.8) / 4.00 gradWork Experience: 1 year at an edtech company as an instructional designer, 2 years founding and running an AI healthtech company Undergrad/Grad Institution (Public, Private, Ivy, etc..): top 10 US Public University / Columbia(TC, M.A. in Instructional Technology) Research Experience: 3 years in 3 different labs for undergrad(2 cognitive psych, 1 social psych), 2 years at 3 different labs at Stanford(3 cognitive psych), 1 year in 2 different labs at TC(1 human development and 1 educational games), 1 poster presentation in a different field(computer science/AI). LoR/SoP: 3 from professors I did research with, SoP focused on both teaching technical/coding skills, and using AI for generative educational software What Other Schools Are You Applying To: TC, Penn, Stanford, MIT, Oxford, Cambridge HGSE rejected me in 2013 when I applied for my masters(got into both Penn and TC with scholarships). Hoping I'm a stronger applicant this time around, but I still need to study and take my GREs(I've been out of the standardized test game for a while so I'm a bit concerned). I'd be more than happy to tell anyone else that's also applying to TC things about programs/student life there. Best of luck!
  17. Hi y'all! After browsing forums for months, I finally signed up for an account! I'm looking for some input now that I'm trying to decide between HGSE and Vanderbilt/Peabody. I've been accepted to Teacher Education Programs for Secondary English at both schools and I'm wondering if any of you out there would highly recommend one over the other. A little about me: I've spent the past few years substitute teaching in Minneapolis/St. Paul at a whole host of public and charter schools. Before that, I substitute taught in Vermont, all of which I've done as I've been pursuing my master's in English. I attended a private K-8 school then a public high school, both of which I loved and loathed in equal measure. My biggest conundrum with choosing a program is that I'm not entirely sure in what type of school I'd like to end up in after graduating. I'm from Vermont and have a passion for rural education (eventually I think I'd like to be a public school teacher there) but I'm also considering pursuing teaching at an independent school so I could have more control over curriculum/teaching progressive material. Plenty of people have advised me against a teacher training program if I want to be in independent schools, but I feel pretty resolute that I want to have a greater knowledge of pedagogical practices/ theory before I'm in the classroom. As for the schools: Vanderbilt: Every person I spoke to during my application process was absolutely the kindest. I'd be enrolled in their two-year program, so it'd potentially be less of a high-stress environment and I could get a full year of student teaching under my belt before graduating. I plan to eventually relocate to the East coast so I'm excited at the idea of having two years to spend somewhere sunny and warm. They seem more flexible with student teaching placement (I could work at a school which would prep me for an independent school experience) and I'm really excited about their focus on new media in the classroom. Harvard: I'm nervous about the strict urban/public focus of their program and how that doesn't seem to align with the geography of where I want to teach, but I am really excited at being in a program that feels social justice oriented and which views teaching as a political act. The overall access to resources is the biggest draw for me and I wonder if a year spent teaching in a program like this is the only way I'll know that I do or do not want to stay in public schools--a trial-by-fire sort of thing. I adore Cambridge and would be close to family and friends which I definitely see as a plus. I think this program would challenge me in ways that are really exciting and push my boundaries. Both are great options so I dont think I can make a bad choice, but does anyone have any advice? Ty!!
  18. Hi y'all, So I'm trying to decide what school to attend this fall. I'm visiting my last two schools in early April, but I'm trying to think through the questions I need answered to make a decision so that I can make the most of my visits. I was accepted at five schools, but I think I have narrowed it down to Harvard GSE (EPM program) and Stanford GSE (POLS program). Both programs are a great fit for my area of interest, and I appreciate the focus on management and leadership they both offer. As background, I plan to focus on systematic causes for educational inequality, particularly in higher education completion. Remarkably few low income students are completing their associates or bachelors degrees. I have been helping students enter college, and now I want to work to give those students an opportunity for college success. I plan to eventually get a PhD, but I also am interested in potentially running retention and graduation programs with an institute of higher ed or an educational foundation in the meantime. These are some of the things I've been considering thus far: Funding - Stanford offered fellowship, yet to hear from Harvard on financial aid. I had heard there's very little in the way of fellowships/GA positions at Harvard, but a current student mentioned that it's there if you look for it. Cohort Size - Stanford is smaller (though I'm not sure if that's a pro or con for networking) Campus Life - What I've read online (may not be true) is that there's a lot of obvious ambition/competitiveness at Harvard and that Stanford is more relaxed (but still high achieving). I probably would do best in a collaborative rather than competitive environment. Harvard has student housing that allows pets. (My dog is my best friend. Go ahead; judge me.) Harvard is much colder than California, but I don't want that to necessarily dictate my decisions. Program Stanford - MA, has "shark tank" like project where students present a proposal on a real world problem, can take courses in other fields Harvard - EdM, has strong focus on practical solutions and entrepreneurship, can take courses in other fields Questions I still have include: What's the advantage of a small cohort? Of a larger cohort? What are most alumni now doing? What percentage are focused on higher ed? What kind of funding is actually available at Harvard? Does anyone have advice on how to make a decision or other factors that I should be considering?
  19. I am applying to Harvard GSE's Ph.D. in Education. I have a bachelor's in history education and TESOL education from a low tier unversity and an online master's in curriculum and instruction. I am currently finishing up an Ed.S. (Educational Specialist) degree in Leadership and Cognitive Science which is 37 doctoral credits also from an online university. I am not super thrilled about my chances but know that the 37 doctoral credits will help me get my foot in the door. I am going to request that if I am not accepted, I want to be considered for an Ed.M. If I have an Ed.M from Harvard, will I have a better chance of getting into their PhD program after the 9 months? Obviously its not assured, but will I just be wasting 50-70k?
  20. Could not find a thread on this but thought this could be a good place to get acquainted! Super excited for the fall I'm in the Ed.M SSP program
  21. Hi everyone – I'll be starting a Master's at HGSE this fall! I already live in the area, but I'm interested in moving into Harvard grad student housing and living by myself :-) Has anyone gone through the HU Housing lottery-esque process for grad students? I just got my "view and select" assignment and I'm trying to figure out if I have an average or bad date. Any advice/perspective would be helpful!
  22. Penn GSE (Teaching, Learning and Leadership) vs UMich School of Education (Teaching and Learning) vs HGSE (Learning and Teaching) vs Teachers College (Curriculum and Teaching) All are 1 year programs. Suggestions on which one I should opt for?
  23. Hey all. I need some help deciding. I've been admitted into UC Berkeley and SFSU's Joint PhD program in Special Education as well as the Harvard Graduate School of Education for an Ed.M in Specialized Studies. Both are amazing programs but two very different commitments. I believe my end goal is a Ph.D., and the Berkeley/SFSU program is a wonderful one for my research interests and needs. However, I wasn't eligible to many PhD programs this time around since I didn't have a masters, and am wondering if it's worth taking a year to do the Harvard program so that I would be eligible for more PhDs next time around... what do you think? A bird in the hand? My research interests are really specific and UCB/SFSU is really open and supportive to what I want to do... it seems like the right decision, but I'm having trouble imagining turning down a masters from Harvard and imagining all of the "what if" scenarios that could happen if I go that route... Help? Thank you!!
  24. I've been accepted into Brown, Brandeis, BU, Lynch, HGSE and Tufts for their MAT/Ed.M programs and have absolutely no idea which to choose. Tufts offered me a full tuition scholarship alongside an Urban Teachers Teaching Collaborative Fellowship that'll give me about $12k. I haven't received any financial aid from HGSE, I should be hearing relatively soon. BU gave me a $33k scholarship, Brown gave me a $32,645 scholarship and BC didn't give me any money (although I'm waiting on the Donovan Program to respond to me- they offer full tuition scholarships as well) Money is of course a factor but I don't want it to be the only reason I choose a program. I also wouldn't be able to work so aside from taking out a loan to pay for the remainder of the tuition I'd need to take out about $20k to pay my bills, rent, etc. Has anyone gone to any of these programs/been accepted and comment on them? I live in Peabody and will probably commute so I'm thinking of declining Brown's offer but I'm still not sure. Any bit of information helps! Thank you!
  25. Dear Fellow Grad School Aspirants, I recently applied for the International Education related Courses at 4 universities. I just heard back from GWU of my acceptance and a 20,000$ scholarship but I am still waiting on the Endowment results. I am also waiting to hear back from 3 others- UPenn, HGSE, and NYU. Has anyone else applied to the same and is awaiting for the results. Let's shake off that nervous energy together! Please share your thoughts.
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