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Found 6 results

  1. Hey all, I’m struggling with a choice between HKS MPP (42k/yr) and SAIS (full tuition fellowship with decision day fast approaching. I was also accepted into SIPA, Fletcher, and UCSD GPS, but I’ve narrowed it down to these two. I’m fortunate to have Ch.33 GI Bill & Yellow Ribbon Benefits to cover most of the costs and graduate with comparatively little debt. I’m interested in going into public sector in DOJ, DOS, DOD in FLE, intel roles, but also looking to broaden the horizon and consider private sector consulting/international security areas. Does anyone have some input or perspective to weigh in on the HKS network, academics, and access versus the SAIS DC network and whether one might be more worthwhile? Thanks!
  2. For all those applying to Harvard Kennedy School's Masters of Public Policy(MPP) program. Let us get our conversations going!
  3. Just starting a thread for HKS waitlist this year! I saw the MPP thread but opening this for other programs.
  4. Can anyone share their experiences, both positive and negative, working with admissions consultants for Harvard Kennedy's MPP program? Any experience with Stratus, the MBA Exchange, Fortuna, Personal MBA Coach, Stacy Blackman, or The Art of Applying?
  5. Hi all, I've been reading through the threads to get more insights into the programs I've applied to, but figured I'd ask here, in order to get people's opinions on some of the schools I've applied to/heard back from. Thank you so much in advance for your help! Some background: I'm an immigrant, have my undergrad from a top-20 uni in the U.S. Not entirely sure what career I'd pursue, but I've applied to international development as my concentration & hoping to work either in the i-dev sector or in the World Bank/UN. What are the general reputation of the following programs (both in the U.S. and abroad)? I'm aware they're all generally well-ranked, but curious to hear about some of the advantages or disadvantages of these schools (things I won't be able to find out from their brochures or by talking to admission). I've gotten accepted to the first four on this list, and waiting to hear from the last three still so thought I'd start this discussion to get some insights - thanks again! Johns Hopkins SAIS MA (IDEV), UChicago Harris MPP, Tufts Fletcher MALD, Georgetown McCourt MPP, Columbia SIPA MIA, Harvard HKS MPP, Princeton WWS MPA.
  6. Hi! My dream program is Harvard MPP, and I wanted to get some opinions on my chances, based on my background. Undergraduate degree: UC Berkeley Economics, and Political Economy, 3.7 GPA Work experience: 2 years of experience at a technology startup (IoT) in San Francisco with Biz Dev/Product Marketing roles; internships with a political party in India, The Scottish Parliament, and consulting companies Post Grad school ambition: Public Sector Consultancy for a couple of years and public administration in India (I am originally from there!) I am also considering other programs like Oxford MPP, and Princeton MPP. Please let me know if you have any advice/suggestions to improve my profile. (for instance, 1 more year of experience, in a government consulting role in India). Thank you!
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