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Found 8 results

  1. Hello everyone. I am wondering if anyone knows if online programs like Laurentian Universities' (I know they are having a hard time currently) Online BA in Psychology - (Honors) program could qualify for CRPO certification or at least lead to a Masters Program worth enough for CRPO certification? I know it is not on the approved list, and CRPO is not able to say without an actual application, so I was wondering if anyone has had any experience with this? I have been accepted to a few Brick and Mortar Universities but my life situation is pointing towards Online Education being more suitable for me currently. And since I need an Honors Program to go for a Master of Psychology and I need it to be online, Laurentian is all I have found. Any help would be much appreciated.
  2. Howdy! I was recently accepted into Phi Kappa Phi and have put off accepting the invitation until after I completed my final exams (I am a Sophomore at Texas A&M University), as the lifetime membership fee is rather steep (>$400) and I needed time to mull it over. However, the deadline is in a couple of days, so I need to make a decision, but I do not want to drop several hundred dollars on clout and resume padding. Does anyone out here know of any concrete benefits of joining this organization?
  3. I included a little background on the award if there is anything interesting to say about it, but for most of them it's not really relevant. For scholarships, should I list the amount of cash awarded? There are separate sections for date awarded, awarding organization etc. What other information are people including in these boxes?
  4. Is anyone attending the SRHC in Tampa this weekend?
  5. Is it true that if you are in Berkeley EECS honors program, maintain good gpa (i.e. >3.9/4.0), and successfully complete research requirement, you will have very high chance of getting into Berkeley CS Phd? I know Berkeley CS Phd is extremely difficult to get in, as much as MIT or Stanford, but I heard some of my friends (I go to Berkeley) saying this, and also it is shown on the website that many of the EECS honors program alumni do go to Berkeley grad school (although it could be masters or EE program...). Does anyone know about this?
  6. Hi everyone, I am a senior psychology major (applying for I-O psychology Ph.D program for Fall 2013) and I just found out that I got accepted into the McNair Scholars Program! I am really excited about this opportunity and was wondering if there are fellow McNair students/alumni out there that would be willing to provide some feedback on their experiences. More specifically: What were the most important things you gained from McNair going into graduate school? How has being a McNair scholar benefitted you during graduate school? Has anyone obtained the McNair fellowship during grad school? How is McNair perceived by adcomms? Anything else you feel like I would benefit by knowing/doing as I start the program? Thanks in advance for any/all feedback!
  7. Hi, all: Quick question for you: when deciding on who to admit, how heavily -- if at all -- do admissions committees and/or graduate directors weigh applicants' past honors and/or scholarships? Are they a bump at all? Or are they just expected? Obviously, other bits of one's application will be weighed more heavily than these, but I am just wondering how much, if at all, they might contribute to one's chances for admission. Thanks in advance for whatever insight you can offer -- and good luck to all this fall's applicants! Best, Jerry
  8. I have a B.A with honors and two M.A. degrees (one with honors, one without) from an Israeli university. The official transcripts provide a list of courses plus grades and my average, but there is no mention of the fact that I finished with honors. Does this mean that I also have to send an official translation of my diplomas?
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