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  1. Hey all, I would love to connect with some people who will also be starting their PhD at CU this Fall! I know there are some grad student housing options, but I would honestly love to live slightly outside of Boulder (maybe Broomfield?) anyone have any advice on this?
  2. Everyone saw it flooded, how is it now to be there? In the Tulane-Loyola area?
  3. mox

    San Diego, CA

    I did my undergrad at UCSD and am fairly familiar with the social and academic scenes at SDSU and USD if you have an questions fire away.
  4. I am a 27 year old female PhD student at FSU, and will be seeking two female roommates for this fall. I live in a 3 bed, 2 bath townhome on the north side of town, roughly 15 minutes from campus. Rent is $435 a month + utilities. Pets are allowed, but must be confined to the bedrooms as per the lease. If interested, please comment below or private message.
  5. The average rental price for living in SCU is about 1500$/month for a single studio(quite expensive for me, but very convenient), is this price the average price of living in silicon valley? I checked the surrounding rentals near SCU on Zillow, the price is little higher than live on campus, because I don't have a car, so I can only find available rentals with walking distance. If you guys have ways to find more economical living options, I will be very appreciate about that.
  6. Hi all! I have been accepted to UConn, but I will be commuting between Storrs and the Health Center in Farmington. I was thinking of living in Manchester, but I found this place in downtown Hartford called Temple Street Apartments. Does anyone know about these or living in downtown Hartford? Thanks in advance!
  7. Coming straight out of undergrad and bringing my partner to whichever city I end up in. They will be getting a job as well. Any advice on housing? Can a partner live in grad school on campus housing? Grad Program: Biological Sciences
  8. HI! So I'm new to Portland and I just got accepted to Pacific University! However, it's in Forest Grove and I've heard ppl dont live there usually if in the masters program. So I wanted to know what areas do you current students live in or suggest? THANKS
  9. Will $40,000 be enough for cost of living for fall 2019, spring 2020, summer 2020, and fall 2020? That's how much I should have saved up before I start at Columbia! I'm a pretty low maintenance gal and would prefer to only take out loans for tuition.
  10. I'll be entering Columbia GSAS in fall 2019. I have a psychiatric disability and would like to request to have an emotional support cat(s) in graduate housing, even though ordinarily pets are not allowed. Has anyone else been through the process of making such a request?
  11. Hello all, I have recently been accepted into a PhD program at Vanderbilt University, and I am attempting to find a apartment/house for rent and set a budget. However, I am unsure of the rate at which I will be taxed as a graduate student so I have no idea of how to begin doing this. My stipend is $26,000 per year (or $2167 per month), but I am unsure of the interval at which it will be disbursed. My question is this: how much should I expect to be taxed as a grad student? Thanks for any advice you all can offer!
  12. I just accepted my offer to U of Utah and I'm so excited to start making plans for the move. I'm looking to get out there by August 1st. Anyone else here looking for housing and would possibly want to chat to see if we'd be good roommates? I talked with a few friends and have some suggestions for good neighborhoods to live in.
  13. Hi GradChat, I will be starting at Harvard (graduate student) in the fall. I am a female in my mid-twenties and I'm seeking another female student to live with and "apartment search" with together. I'm meeting a realtor in 2 weeks in Boston and I will be searching around the Allston/Brighton/Brookline area, as I'm unfamiliar with the area and I currently live across the country. The search so far has been disheartening. I will be searching for a 2-bedroom apartment and looking to split the costs, as I will be commuting probably every day to campus. My priorities include a location where the commute is reasonable, affordability, of course safety, and a full/decent kitchen that will allow me to cut expenses by cooking at home. I don't smoke/drink. I'm quiet, clean and dependable. I'm willing to compromise and make things work, I'm straight forward and I'm looking for someone who is the same. If anyone is interested, kindly DM me, and we can talk about details over text/call/skype, etc.
  14. In order to save money, I'm going to be moving back home permanently (at least for the next two years!) after undergrad to live with my parents while attending grad school. Even though I know this is the best decision for me, I have some doubts. My parents have proved again and again over the course of my undergrad career that they do not fully respect my autonomy as an adult, even after living on my own and holding down jobs both while at school and at home. I worry that I'll be trying to study, do homework, or go out and be social, and they'll harp on me not "being closer with the family" or "not doing enough to help out around the house," etc (speaking from experience since they made comments like this when I've been home for breaks or vacations over the last four years). Obviously, I'll still help out with chores and errands as needed, and obviously I'll still try to spend time with them-they forget that I was still doing chores and errands when living with roommates in off-campus apartments! However, I know that grad school has to become my biggest priority, and they need to realize that even if I'm living at home, my focus and availability is going to be different from what it was in undergrad. I have my own desk/study space in my childhood room upstairs, and I intend to make that a place where I'll be spending most of my time at home-that is, if they can restrain themselves from saying I'm "ignoring them" all the time by being in my room with the door shut. Yes I lived at home when I was in high school, and I got my homework done just fine then, but that was different from undergrad, and will be especially different from my life in grad school! I guess I'm just looking for advice on how to tell my parents that I need to draw the line. They were about to become empty-nesters since my youngest sibling just committed to moving away from college, but now that I'm staying home, they're relieved-and also may be thinking that I'm going to have more time being around them than I'll actually have.
  15. I am struggling to find a safe 1 bedroom close to campus ( no more than a 15-minute commute) that I can afford in the city I am moving to for grad schools(I don’t want to say where exactly). Almost all of my options are student-oriented housing (either on campus or off). I have literally spent over 50 hours looking for places plus driving around during a visit. I am graduating early so I will be undergraduate aged when I start graduate school which makes me less hesitant to live in student housing. I will obviously attempt to avoid places that have parties a lot (by reading reviews and looking for crime data on alcohol-related offenses). This market there is very student oriented which with three different kinds of apartments: student, low income, and super luxurious professional apartments that I can’t really afford. The cheaper places don’t have a lot of students but I am a single woman and a lot of those places I have looked at have crime issues. I live in a college town now, and I know that a lot of graduate students here live at some of the student places because they are cheap, safe, and close to campus. Is it a horrible idea to live in a complex alone that caters to undergraduate students if I live in one of the quieter ones alone in a building of one bedroom apartments? I could do a house but I don't know anybody in the town and I think finding random roommates is a bad idea and it's not likely I can find someone in the department to live with my first year.
  16. Hey y'all! I just recently got the recent of my scholarship package from UChicago, and I just have some questions about cost of living and tuition. I know that whenever I college posts its overall tuition, it is more of an average estimate. With that being said I received $25,900 in scholarships, $4,860 for Work Study, $20,000 in unsub loans, and $27,769 in gradplus loan. I obviously do not intend on taking out all of those loans, but I also am not as afraid of taking out loans as most people are. Do y'all think that these are good numbers to have as far as funding is concerned? Also I figured, that some of the money could go towards housing (hence why I'm down for taking out some loans at least for my first year so I can get situated) Just trying to make some informed decisions about college lmfao. Thanks y'all!
  17. According to their website, each department at UCLA has allocated housing places and offer them to their students. Do you know how the departments (especially ECE) choose those students?
  18. Hello Friends, I thought I'd start a thread for UCSC Earth Science Dept! Housing thoughts? Are you attending open house? Research topics? Questions, comments, concerns? Best of luck, Amanda
  19. I'm absolutely thrilled about being accepted into my first choice MFA program, and now I'm jumping feet first into getting ready. I'm going to have to move halfway across the country and experience fun "adulting" things like renting an apartment for the first time. This isn't the first time I've lived away from home, but in previous situations my housing was covered by scholarships. So, any advice for a baby adult who has no idea how to move efficiently across the country or what to look for when renting an apartment (specifically, I'm looking to rent in Michigan)? Any other general adulting wisdom to give me as I get thrust into being a grown up?
  20. I’m looking for female roommates to lease an apartment from the Harvard University Housing platform. http://www.huhousing.harvard.edu/ I’m an Indian female. I’ve been admitted to the Computer Science PhD program at Harvard. Please reply in this thread if you are interested.
  21. Has anyone else been accepted to and decided on the Hertie School of Governance? I've sent in my tuition deposit and all that so now I'm looking into housing ... and eek! Housing is difficult to come by in Berlin, as everyone warned me. There's these sites like SpotaHome and Wunderflats and others but I feel like they could totally be scams? Anyone else exploring options? Anyone out there at all?
  22. Dearest Gradcafe, I have accepted an offer to study in Canada beginning in September, 2017. I live in the US and as such have experienced the difficulties of trying to secure housing from 1,500+ miles away. I found quite a nice place near to the campus which matches all of my criteria. I wonder whether or not anyone has experience in a similar situation. I will almost surely be unable to visit the place before moving to my new city permanently in the beginning of August. I am confident I'll be able to send either my advisor or fellow graduate student to view the place in my absence to verify that the house matches the description and photos listed online. I'm also hoping to arrange for a Skype meeting with the current tenant who's renting the room. Has anyone rented a place from a distance? Did you pay a deposit/rent from afar? Obviously I'm aware of the legitimate advise that one should never rent a place or exchange money in anticipation of renting a place without first seeing the place in person. Thank you for your advice in advance!
  23. This is more of a general question, as I realize each university will have specific guidelines. I'm applying to master's programs this fall, still narrowing down the schools. For a few of the possibilities, I'd prefer to live on campus. I'm an older single student who would prefer to live alone. I also like the convenience of having all utilities included without worrying about separate deposits. The schools I'm considering have limited graduate housing and deposits and applications seem to be due in the fall semester for the next year. So how does one sign up for graduate housing if they 1. don't know if they're accepted yet and 2. no idea of funding? Do you risk a deposit after you get your acceptance if you haven't heard about funding yet? Will some schools hold graduate housing until April funding notification dates? Obviously people will be cycling out as they graduate. As I narrow my list, I'll contact those specific schools, but I'd like to get a sense of how this has worked for others. Thanks.
  24. Hi everyone – I'll be starting a Master's at HGSE this fall! I already live in the area, but I'm interested in moving into Harvard grad student housing and living by myself :-) Has anyone gone through the HU Housing lottery-esque process for grad students? I just got my "view and select" assignment and I'm trying to figure out if I have an average or bad date. Any advice/perspective would be helpful!
  25. So, I will most probably be going to UIC (University of Illinois, Chicago) for my MS in CS. And keep in mind that I am an international student. So, I have some questions like: - Is On-Campus housing good or should I look for Off-Campus? -What about part-time jobs? The I 20 says that it would be preferable if they were related to my studies. In any case, I want to know what I can expect job-wise. As an international student, I am already taking student loans for my university fees and expect to work for my daily expenses. -Any accommodation in near-by areas? I'd need a place to stay while looking for/moving in when I just reach there. Any places people would recommend? -What do the professor's there expect me to know? Do they expect me to already know what 'field' they work in or for me to just come up and say 'I want to work in xyz field and I know you also work in that.' Before choosing a professor to work for, I want to at least know them in person... - What should I bring? What 'supplies' are necessary for my first year of grad school? A general list kind of thing. - Is there anything I have missed/ not thought about aside from the above mentioned points? Also, - Is anyone else here also going for UIC? Any department will do... It will be nice if I already knew someone there but my first day.
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