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Found 20 results

  1. Hi all! I was hoping some people could provide feedback on a variety of programs I've been accepted to. It has been a little challenging for me to figure out what programs are strong and what programs are weak programs. I've been accepted into the following programs (all at a masters level); Springfield College in MA, University of New Haven in CT, University of Hartford in CT, University of Maryland in Baltimore County in MD, Hofstra University in NY and finally University of Cincinnati in OH. I would great appreciate any feedback and information that people have about these schools. Th
  2. Hey everyone, I have been looking at I/O programs for about a year. In my search, I ahve started coming across some Social/Organizational Psychology programs at places like NYU, Northern Illinois University, Temple University, and Columbia. Does anyone know the main differences between I/O and S/O? Is one more suited for academic vs. applied settings? Is one more prestigious than the other? Just trying to make sure I am exploring all of my options. Thanks!
  3. Hello all! For those who are in an I/O Psychology PhD or Masters' program, or who has finished, what is your current job or what job/career are you hoping to have? I'm very interested and curious in knowing, since I want to pursue further education in I/O Psychology and I would love to know everyone's jobs/careers! Thanks!
  4. Hello, I have some research experience, but not a whole lot. But I do have a good amount of work experience, extracurricular activities, and volunteer experience that's related to my major and the field I want to study in a PhD program. Are there any tips on how to incorporate everything and make me look like a good candidate even though I may not have as much research experience but a ton of everything of everything else that can translate to good research experience? Through my work experience I definitely have some research interests in mind by the way. Thanks in advance!
  5. Anyone know anything about the new I/O psychology masters program? I like the idea of being located in Raleigh, NC but I don't know anything about the program. The next information session is in mid-March I believe. Has anyone been to a previous session and have info to share?
  6. I have a M.S. degree in Applied Cognition and Neuroscience. For the better part of the year, i have yet to find a job in this field, better yet, Im having issues with finding a job at all. What are my job opportunities with this degree? I want to get into neuromarketing but I dont know how to go about doing that. I may have an upcoming teaching position at my old university however that's not something I would want to do for a long time. The other options I have are to go back to school in either counseling or I/o psychology. I just want to know what i should be doing.
  7. I plan on applying to LaTech University in Louisiana for its I/O psych program. I already have an M.S. in Applied Cognition and Neuroscience with more of a focus on cognitive psychology. While obtaining the I/O degree I want to focus on doing stats as I've learned that is most marketable. I have some questions hopefully someone will answer them. 1. Is LaTech a good I/O psych school? 2. What should I focus on while in school? 3. What can I do to make myself enticing to I/O programs? 4. If anybody can share their experiences of going to school for I/O psych and the work the
  8. Hello everyone! I've benefited from this forum for a long time but it's the first time for me to post new topics. Also, as my mother language is not English, I want to say sorry first for any possible improper expression in this topic. Recently I'm accepted to two I/O PhD programs and feel it hard to make decisions.(And I know I shouldn't procrastinate any longer)Therefore, I hope to get some suggestions there. Here is some information about these two programs. Program A: It has a medium ranking.The potential advisor is very famous in his area and his research area is
  9. Is it too soon for Fall 2019? Well here we go! I recently switched back to I/O psychology (after a brief detour through health psychology). I'm planning on applying to programs this year for fall 2019 programs. I'm a little lost when it comes to contacting POI's. Is this recommended or neutral? But mainly what do you even say if you do contact them?? It's tough to know who will be accepting students next year but if you're looking to apply, what are your top schools? Thank you for any advice and good luck to everyone!!
  10. Hey Everyone,I have recently started looking into grad I/O and I just had some questions concerning the career:1) Is it possible to work in industry as a consultant and maintain a position as a professor at my local university? I have always been interested in having a role in academia as well as working somewhere outside of academia as well. 2) What is work/life balance like in this field? In other words, will I be required to work during my "days off" and what not.3) And finally, I hate to be that guy, but what is the typical starting salary? I know this varies based on location, but I looke
  11. Hey all, Anyone hear back from NYU I/O psychology master program?? I am anxiously waiting as it is my top choice. I got into Columbia's Social Organizational Psychology and Cornell's MILR. From previous years, the decision for NYU usually came out in the first two weeks of March, however, it is now mid-March. I have a very bad feeling that they are going to reject me. I already followed up with the coordinator and she just said I will hear back soon. So anyone hear back yet?? Thanks!!!
  12. I am applying to I/O psychology programs with the hope of studying bias and discrimination in the workplace, and I am concerned about Trump's policy implications and potential withholding of funding from universities conducting research in this area. Anyone else have similar concerns? I imagine this is also applicable to other fields as well (natural sciences, biology, etc.) Anyone currently in doc programs that have insight or perspective here?
  13. Hi All!! I've finally discovered my calling and am very excited to pursue a Mater's degree in I/O Psychology. Life requires that I remain in my small mountain resort town for work and family so I am looking for an online graduate degree program. Anyone out there have recommendations? Ideas? Thanks in advance for your feedback! Michele @ Brundage
  14. Hi, I graduated back in June with a BS in neuroscience. Even though I loved the science, I hated the research (it's extremely repetitive and prone to random errors; plus I want to work with humans). In recent months I discovered psychology as a possible grad school option. It combines the scientific thinking that I like with the human interaction that I crave. I plan to apply to masters programs in psychology and/or I/O psychology. However, I have several concerns: 1) I only took one psych course (Intro) in undergrad with no psych lab/stats courses (though I took many other lab/stats
  15. Hoping to get some responses from people who have experience with any MA/MS programs in Industrial/Organizational (I/O) psychology. I pored through nearly every existent page in SIOP and Neoacademic, but still have trouble deciding which programs are best for me. I am currently in NYC and would love to stay here (Columbia, NYU, Baruch, U of Albany SUNY), but I also hope to apply to 4-6 more schools and don't know which ones would give me the best experience. I am willing to move anywhere in the US if the school has good faculty and a strong program. I/O psychology MA/MS program ranki
  16. So I had this school in mind for a couple years until finally applying for this Fall. After doing my research on the school and their programs I was very impressed and they were always available when I had questions. I applied for the Masters for Fall 2016 and was accepted faster than I expected. So now I'm digging a bit deeper into the school's rep and I am finding things that raise great concern. It's disheartening to learn the school you were considering has a bad reputation. Just wondering if anyone else has any feedback in regards to the school (LA campus). Also, is APA accreditation some
  17. Hello guys, I am an international student. I have applied to a bunch of masters programs in Industrial & Organizational Psychology for Fall 2016. I've received acceptances from University of Central Florida, Chicago School of Professional Psychology, and Illinois Institute of Technology so far. I'm still waiting to hear from other, maybe better programs. But one of these universities require a decision within the next 10 days. I am very confused to say the least. Please give me your opinions on which program should be a better choice according to you. Thank you!
  18. Hi all, I was thinking it would be useful for Fall 2012 applicants to share experiences regarding the programs of choice, application process, admission/rejection. I'm an international student and so far I have applied to: Central Michigan University Western Ontario About to apply to: Waterloo Akron University of Tulsa Northern Illinois Uni. - Social & I/O masters Preparing application to: Florida Institute of Technology IUPUI San Francisco State University of Connecticut
  19. I have been doing a LOT of research on I/O programs lately and am trying to figure out what I should do. I eventually want to get a PhD in I/O but know for a fact that I wouldn't get into a PhD program right now, so am just on the verge of applying to some MA/MS programs and retaking the GRE (took it last year but only got a 950). I was planning on applying to NYU, Columbia, George Mason, CSU- Long Beach, SFSU, and maybe San Jose State. I like the applied side of I/O more, but I do enjoy doing research but don't necessarily want to work in academia. I'm graduating in a week with a B.S. in
  20. Hello all, I am in my first semester of an industrial/organizational doctoral program, and I'm quickly learning that this field might not be right for me. Obviously, it would have been better if I had figured that out before I started, but I had totally different expectations for it. I've been thinking that I would have been much better off going into clinical, which is where I've been finding myself most drawn to when doing my coursework. I find I/O dry, detached, and irrelevant. But here's the problem: I am fully funded by the I/O department at my university, so I obviously cannot si
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