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Found 9 results

  1. Hey all! I am applying for the MASc in Systems Design and Engineering at University of Waterloo for the next winter semester (January 2022). The application deadline is the 31st of May, 2021. Now, I have a couple questions about the proof of English language proficiency. I have graduated from an institute where the language of instruction was English and it states so on the transcript (but English is not the native language in my country). On the University of Waterloo website, it's mentioned that a medium of instruction certificate from the graduating institute will not suffice. However, on the application portal, it is written that if the primary language of instruction of the graduating university is English, an ELP test isn't required. I am confused. Do I need an ELP test or not? Secondly, if I have to give IELTS, the closest available test slot is on the 11th of May, 2021. The test centre has informed me that I would get the results 5 days after the test date, after which I would have to select universities to which to send my scores. From then, it would take another 15-20 days for the online test scores to reach the universities. So, even in the best case scenario, my score would reach the university just on time or a little late. Is it alright if they reach a week or two after the deadline? The rest of my application would be complete and submitted. Only the IELTS score would be a bit delayed. Is that okay? Have any of you been in a situation like this? I’m also applying to McMaster University and have the same query regarding IELTS score deadlines. One last thing, if I add two different programs to the same application, would I have to pay twice the application fee or just once? Your help is greatly appreciated. Thanks in advance. Sorry about the long post.
  2. Does anyone know how I should send my IELTS TRF scores to McGill? There isn't a section to upload my scores nor is my test centre able to send the scores electronically.
  3. Hi I need to do the IELTS exam for my MBA admission in the UK and even though I am a native English language speaker, I know almost nothing about this test :-( I need to get a band 6.5 average overall and no less than a 6.5 for writing. I have no idea what this in fact means. I am starting this free course in January (attachment) and hope others can join me on this forum to swap ideas about IELTS...how to ace this exam etc. I am doing my MBA in Health Management. If you know a bit about IELTS and think I can help you in return, I am happy to swap tutoring assistance on a reciprocal basis! I have a B.H.Sc Cum Laude http://www.thefreeschool.education/ielts.html Cheers R IELTS free course Jan 2017.pdf
  4. I got a score of 322 on my GRE (Quants - 166, Verbal - 156 and AWA - 4.0) and 8/9 on my IELTS. I have a college GPA of 8.45/10. I did 1 research internship and am currently working on a project. I am looking to apply for good graduate colleges in the US for my MS in Material Science. I have a couple of LORs and a good SOP. What colleges do you think are within my range?
  5. Hey Guys, I remember being in undergrad and sometimes feeling so distant from my peers because I was an international student. Well, here I am again on this voyage about to feel even weirder, this time as a grad student. I thought that we should have a space where we could be able to share experiences, answer questions, give advice, or just a space where you say what makes you feel ok about yourself. Good luck everyone! Disclaimer: I worked with International Services during my undergrad but this does not make me an immigration official. Although I can give my opinion on certain situations based on past experience, I recommend contacting your school directly about these questions.
  6. Hey guys, So my friend is thinking about doing his masters degree(electrical engineering). According to my friend, he got everything ready and ready to apply but IELTS. He recently took the IELTS exam and got 5.5. So he was asking if there is any school(literally any except MBA) that accepts students w/ 5.5 IELTS score.
  7. Hi, I am Sindhu. I am looking to apply for a doctoral program in the College of Education at the University of Texas, Austin. The website does not seem to show up any results for the admission/application requirements and the required GRE and TOEFEL/IELTS scores. Could someone please help me find this information, please? Thanks a ton!
  8. I'm a bit torn between choosing among these English exams: MELAB, CAEL, TOEFL, and IELTS. The motivation behind my question is to find out which one is, loosely speaking, comparatively easier or more standard than the others? Well First, I've heard there is some scaling applied to TOEFL and IELTS exams based on your range of exam-takers due to an usually fixed mean of scores. They allegedly curve the scores, so that it seems consistent with exams taken at different times of year, and the period when the applications are completed and sent (months before their deadlines), taking the exam among other applicants may be a minus. I personally do not know how much of these are actually true (to me it seems extremely unlikely that it has not been considered by the statisticians working at those test organizations). Second, I am not familiar with first two, and I think if I can get a better result. It's not always a matter of preference, as I can tell that IELTS is easier to get a good score at I think than TOEFL. So what's your two cents worth?
  9. Hi All, My IELTS Scores are: R: 7 L: 7 W: 5.5 S: 6.5 Overall 6.5 and My GRE Scores are: Q:770 V:260 (Too bad I know) A:3 Please help me where can I apply for Computer Science Universities? I am interested on Cloud Computing and Distributed Systems fields. Thanks Yahia
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