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Found 17 results

  1. Hi all! I'm applying to a program that has a good reputation here in Chicago (UIC) for MSW with advanced standing. It is my dream school, I am so nervous about not being able to get in. I submitted my application a few days ago. The application had only been open for two weeks. I was just so eager! This is how I am looking: GPA: 3.27 Last 60 hours GPA: 3.36 5 extensive volunteer experiences in related field for around 6 years total so strong CV 3 strong recommendations (i know because they all really liked me) Good personal statement answers Applied early Also, can anyone who knows tell me the chances of getting into Loyola University as well? Thank you!
  2. Hello everyone, I am looking into becoming an SLPA in Illinois and have found limited information on how to do so. I have my bachelor degree in Communication Sciences and Disorders and am currently obtaining my Master's degree in Speech Language Pathology in a part time program. I did find an application to become an SLPA in Illinois but it says that if you have a bachelors degree in Communication Sciences and Disorders you don't qualify for this type of licensure. Does anyone know what type of licensure I would qualify for? Thank you for your help!
  3. I got accepted to NU and UIUC for a fully funded PhD in Mechanical engineering plus stipend. I was first accepted to UIUC and attended the visit day. I have had a great time, met amazing people and faculty, and in general, liked the department. Moreover, I went on another visit day at Madison Wisconsin a week later and immediately knew that Champaign was a better fit for me and I almost committed. However, I hated Champaign (the town) and was hoping to get into another school in a better location. Finally, four days before I need to make a decision, I got into Northwestern which is in Chicago and I thought that this is it, I will go there. But now I have second doubts. UIUC is ranked higher and has more research that I am interested in but I cannot stop thinking about my life over there and how much I will hate it honestly.. What do you think?
  4. Hey guys! I have been spending the last two months or so working on my personal statement and have read numerous samples and tips, but still do not feel totally confident in it. At this point, I am just looking for someone to possibly help me by reading over it and providing their honest feedback. Or if you have a personal statement that you are working on as well, I would be happy to provide you feedback. Thanks in advance!
  5. Hello there! I'm an out-of-field student (majored in History) who is looking to apply to grad school for SLP for Fall 2019! I'm currently looking at the following schools: San Jose State University CSU East Bay UT Dallas Northern Arizona University Marquette University Montclair State University Grand Valley State University University of the Pacific University of Illinois, Urbana-Champaign Here are my stats: 3.97 GPA, Currently taking prerequisite classes and will have 2 by application, 161V/160Q/4.5W. I was a teaching intern at a literacy/creative writing nonprofit, worked at my college's writing center for 3 years, worked with elderly people at a safe/affordable housing nonprofit, was an AmeriCorps college access counselor for low-income high school students of color, and currently work at a speech therapy private practice with preschoolers. I'm also certified as a Registered Behavior Technician and hope to soon start doing ABA therapy at my current job. Is there anything else I can do to improve my application? What are my chances for getting into the schools above? Thanks!
  6. Hello all! I have been accepted to UIC for the PhD in Community Health Services and likely will be attending. Has anyone else been accepted, is thinking of attending, or is currently attending? I am going to the admitted students day on March 23, but do not know if that is just Public Health. I thought I would start a strand, regardless of discipline (I tried one in the Public Health section), to get to know people and/or see what their experiences here have been. Plus when we get down to it, things like what part of town are you going to live in, etc. Hope to hear from some people!
  7. Hello! I'm currently a Senior in college aspiring to become a speech pathologist. I've had a rough college career starting off with my mom passing away and some family problems. I was orginally nursing which contributed to my low GPA until I found Speech pathology. My GPA was really affected and my overall gpa is currently a 3.09 and my major gpa is a 3.11. I still have my spring semester left and Im staying an extra semester in order to retake some classes I had trouble with. I want to apply within Illinois (midwestern, Urbana-Champaign, Elmhurt, Xavier and Northern illinois). I'm just wondering if i'm being unrealistic and if there are any schools that would be willing to take a student like me? Thank You!
  8. Well, can't say I'm surprised that I got denied into grad schools this time around. It seemed almost impossible to try and compile an outstanding CDCAS application when I already had so much going on with my schoolwork in undergrad. Anyways, for all the people like myself who are feeling down, just wanted to put it out there that Karen George at Chicago Speech Therapy is hiring for people like us! I just interviewed and was BLOWN AWAY. I honestly would've never expected this opportunity to exist, especially because on their posting on indeed it was for an SLPA and I thought for sure I didn't have a chance without licensure. They do pediatric in-home therapy, but have three 'day' programs where kids come in and do language enrichment stuff. Super cool opportunity! Just thought I would share because it gave me hope and could really improve my odds for acceptance next year!
  9. Got accepted into 5/6 engineering grad programs. All fully funded ranging from 25-29k yearly. What is the best move here? It's understandably great to have options, but how to decide between them? If there has been anyone out there who had to do this, what were some of your ranking/decision criteria? First time posting, not super comfortable disclosing additional information. I'm inclined to go with my gut instinct - but I have until April 15 to brew over this some more. Appreciate any comments or advice. Thanks for taking the time to share.
  10. I have been admitted to the following (along with conditions and offers) (International student). I had applied in the field of Optics/Photonics 1) Boston University ECE: PhD with fellowship 2) Institute of Optics, University of Rochester: MS with 40% fee waiver 3) UIUC ECE (MS/PhD): Tuition fee waiver with RA ship. Although my current field is nonlinear optics, I have intentionally not finalized my sub-field within optics & photonics, for graduate studies, hence had applied to places having good diversity. All three of these have it, however, in UIUC, I have already received an RA ship with a prof, for 9 months. Confused, as to whether I would be able to choose a different guide at UIUC, if my interests change. I have heard that at UoR, it is very difficult to get into PhD after 1st sem of MS (which is largely coursework, not much enthu about doing only courses), (only about 2/~30 students getting PhD). At UIUC, if it is not that commonplace to switch guides, I may run the risk of having to stay in the field in which my RA ship is. Need some advice!!
  11. My decision is looming and it looks like I'm most likely headed for UIUC for my English MA. I was accepted with funding and a teaching assistantship. I'm from a small liberal arts undergraduate university in New England (total enrollment of 2,500, student-to-faculty ratio 13:1) located in a town of 7,000 people. I loved my undergraduate university and succeeded there. I wanted something similar for my MA (btw I'm going for an MA because my BS is in Secondary English Education. I'm not fully confident in my scholarly work yet. I plan on going for a PhD, someday). I hoped for a small liberal arts college on the east coast. Realistically, though, large schools often have better funding—SO I applied to UIUC (and some other larger schools). I applied the day the application was due (the same day my advisor sent me a link to their program); I knew nothing about the school. Long story short, U of I is easily my best offer so far (in terms of both ranking and funding), but I'm anxious about it for a myriad of reasons, including its total enrollment of 44,000 people! I've obviously read their website, but that's only so helpful, What should I know about UIUC's literature program? What are their teaching assistantships like? Any notable information on their women's and gender studies program? Other info or advice? THANKS!
  12. Hello everyone! I submitted my application through CSDCAS last month, and am now trying to get more info on the programs I applied to. I was limited to the Chicago area because of my husband's job, so I applied to: -Governors State U -St. Xavier U -Midwestern U -Northwestern U -Rush U -Elmhurst College I missed the open houses for St. Xavier, Rush, Midwestern, and Elmhurst (all due to scheduling conflicts with work, unfortunately), so I would love to hear people's thoughts on the SLP programs at these schools if you have either visited or applied and were accepted. If you know anyone that attends these programs, what are their thoughts? Finally, is there a better place than gradcafe where I could ask these questions? I would prefer to ask students who are currently attending the programs what their experiences have been like, but I'm not sure how to go about doing that. If you guys have any resources that might be helpful, I'd be very grateful! Thanks, Dena
  13. Does anyone know where to get info about teaching certification for a practicing SLP in Illinois? I have looked at the ISHA site but can't find any forms/applications.
  14. Hi! I am new the forums but I am not new to applying for graduate school. I currently hold an offer of admission from Northern Illinois University with a wait list offer on funding and I am hoping funding will come through soon. Since many others are probably in this boat - NIU says I am somewhere around 30th on the waitlist - I thought we would share where we are at deciding to attend NIU. It could help all of us decide whether it is worth attending another school. At the moment, I am considering deferring enrollment for a year if possible because I do not think funding will come through. BUT I am super hopeful an assistantship will turn up in the University OR the Governor of Illinois will stop his "austerity measures" and return funding to normal. What are you guys thinking?
  15. I'm trying to make a decision for Ph.D. Chemistry in Fall 2016. I've basically narrowed it down to CalTech vs. Illinois (UIUC). I'm interested in synthetic organic chemistry in the broadest sense -- mostly did synthesis in undergrad, but recently got more interested in methodology & also interested in chembio/medchem. I'm leaning towards Illinois b/c (a) more people I'm interested in (b) more variety within organic chemistry (helpful considering my currently broad interest) (c) Illinois is launching a med school, and they already have a vet school --> cool collabo opportunities (d) higher chance of getting into top choice lab (e) gut feeling But then again, CalTech is, well, CalTech... I'm interested in academia so the name does carry weight. I understand that Illinois is also a top10 school so I can't really go wrong blah blah blah, but yeah... Is it crazy to reject CalTech?
  16. Are there any current students or alumni in this program here? In about two weeks I'll be making my decision between UIC or UIUC Outreach Program (online/distant), and I'm wondering about the experiences of those who are currently/have gone through the program, especially the online option. Thank you in advance.
  17. First round of admits are out. Got offered an RA position. Who else got in?
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