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Found 17 results

  1. Hi, I am a physician from India. It has been more than 6 months that I work as a resident at the dept.of Bone Marrow transplant ina leading hospital from where I picked up interest in immunology and microbiologyBwfore that,I worked at the dept.of Anaesthesia,covid isolation ward for a month.I am a licensed physician now after completing 6 years of medical school. I don't have significant lab based research experience other than an editorial letter published in a low impact journal about nutrition and a psychometric analysis based on student's understanding of undergraduate medical curriculum. I also had clinical elective at singapore general hospital for 2 weeks. What are my chances if I apply to masters in microbiology/immunology in us grad school? i have already applied to one university in Sweden and I am waitlisted at number 7.I don't see getting a confirmation letter from them. which schools do you recommend to apply considering as an international medical graduate my lack of lab based research and publication ?
  2. Has anyone heard back from the Infectious Disease and Immunity PhD programme? It's one of my top choices, but I haven't heard about interviews either? Has anyone been interviewed yet? I was told we'll heard end of Feb/early March, but I don't know if these are interview calls or decisions without interviews??? Thank you!
  3. Hi guys, Has anyone received any news about interview or admission for PhD at harvard for immunology or virology program? If I haven't received any rejecton, does it mean that I still have any chances? thank you
  4. Hey guy, I got offers from PhD programs at the committee of immunology at Uchicago and Programs in Biological and Biomedical Science (PIBBS) at USC. Which one should I choose to go? I know Chicago's ranking is higher and has a higher nature index, but if I want to go into industry in the end, does that matter a lot? Also cuz the weather at LA tho.....
  5. Has anyone received their itinerary for the Feb 6-9 interview weekend yet?
  6. M246

    Interview advice

    Would it be possible for current life-sciences graduate students to give advice on interview weekends? What to expect, how to dress, acceptance chances after interviews and other relevant information. Thanks!! 😄
  7. Hi all, I'm applying for a PhD in the biomedical sciences at Oxford. I've got some SOP guidelines from them which is really helpful. I'm just having some difficulty sticking to the word limit and realise that my research descriptions are too long. I would appreciate another person's perspective on what's is deemed as necessary and whats not. Thanks and happy new year!
  8. Hello everyone! I am currently applying for immunology Ph.D. programs. Would anyone be willing to look over my statement of purpose? If you are please PM me! Thank you for all of your help!!
  9. Hi everyone, I'm applying to the USC Keck School of Medicine's molecular microbiology and immunology program for the Fall 2020 semester. I've been personally reviewing my own statement of purpose but I'd like to reach out and have a less biased reviewer possible help me out with some tips. The length requirement is 1-2 pages and the prompt is as follows: Why are you interested in pursuing the Master of Science in Molecular Microbiology and Immunology degree? How will this degree affect or enhance your career aspirations and goals? Any tips are appreciated! Thank you all and happy application and holiday season! -Matt USC SoP 2nd Draft.docx
  10. Hi everyone, this is my first-time post on GradCafe. I was wondering if anyone has any recommendations/comments on my application case. My Background international student graduated from a state-university with a bachelor degree in biology in 3 years, GPA 3.17 did 1-year research (without an independent projects) in neuroscience, did not like it graduated from an ivy-league with a master degree in biotechnology, GPA 3.24 (btw, didn’t worth to do a master in biotech) did 1-year research with an individual project in developmental biology during the graduate study, loved it working in an immunology based biotech company for almost two years, loved this field My Prep personal statement: done, very research-dense with a clear career goal, did not explain why my gpa is low recommendation letter: I can guarantee one of them will be strong with a big name, one will be generic with a big name GRE: the program doesn’t require GRE anymore, I did mine 5 years ago, and it’s 170/170, 154/170, happy to retake it if it’s really important. school choices: 4 tops ranking from 5-15, 4 safe schools ranking from 30-80 I decided to pursue a PhD degree in immunology at the beginning of this year because I’d like to learn more in this fascinating field and eventually lead my own projects in either academia or industry. I think immunology is a field that combines basic research and a lot of clinical applications, which is very promising. My questions are: Should I aim lower? Any chances for a fellowship offer? What can i do to build a stronger case before application? Thanks in advance for your help!
  11. I know there aren't much master's applicants out there but has anyone applied to or heard back from the Harvard Master's of Medical Science Immunology program? Just wanna feel like I'm not going through this alone haha
  12. Any insight into either Ph.D. program in virology/microbiology/immunology? I have several of the faculty at both schools that are interested in recruiting me to their lab and I see both as equals in term of research fit for myself. Beyond that, any insight into the strengths/weaknesses of either program?
  13. Hi everyone, I want to pursue a PhD degree in immunology, I have a bachelor degree in life sciences with GPA 3.12, and a master degree in Medical laboratory analysis with GPA 3.72, I have one publication from my thesis. I don't have research experience aside from my thesis work. I don’t want to apply for a country that requires GRE, could anyone recommend universities that are suitable for my profile and offer funding? Thank you in advance,
  14. Hi, I'm new to this site and I'm trying to get a more informed opinion on whether doing an unrelated gap year would ruin my chances for a PhD. Most students I know, and a lot on this site, who decide to take a gap year end up in a research lab gaining more experience. However, I currently have a high-ish gpa (~3.7) that I plan to maintain, hopefully a good gre, and research experience (2 years related in an honors thesis, and 1 unrelated year researching bees). So I don't think I need more research experience and I would like to consider doing a gap year teaching English abroad and getting rid of any last wanderlust before chaining myself to a lab bench. I love research but I don't particularly want to be a lab monkey for minimum wage for a job I don't plan to stay in more than a year. Would I come back and realize I have no shot at getting a PhD, or reduced chances?
  15. Has anyone heard back from U of Toronto Immunology graduate program yet? My application status says decision made, but I haven't received any notification, either via e-mail or post. Does anyone know anything about the process?
  16. Hello, I'm pursuing the PhD in Immunology, and have been admitted to USC, WashU, Weill Cornell (Cornell Med School in Manhattan) and University of Pennsylvania. I've already decided WashU and USC are off the list, (although I sincerely think WUSTL has an excellent program) and it's down to Cornell Vs Penn. I'm having a serious time making up my mind. Penn has a larger immunology community, while Cornell has a more focused/smaller department. I had a really great rapport with two PI's at Cornell, but I'm keeping the perspective that I may not rotate with them or get into their lab. Also only connecting with two PI's doesn't mean I have a grip in the rest of the program. I generally liked the PI's at Penn, but didn't have any PI that dead-set attracted my attention. However their community is so large it is likely there is a PI out there for me. There are a lot of factors aside from science, such as stipend levels, housing, and way of life. The housing at Cornell is pretty much pre-determined for you at the student housing across the street and isn't cheap, but the stipend is about $5500 more than Penn per year. Additionally I would have to sell my car (which is fairly in good condition) as a car in Manhattan isn't productive. On the plus side of that, not having a car means not dealing with car associated costs. The housing at Penn appears cheaper and more varied, but it would be a commute to school (from what I hear, it'll be a 30 min walk usually). The stipend is lower, but I would be able to bring a car, which would be nice around year 5 when I feel like driving somewhere. Anybody have some input on my situation, or familiarity with the programs? Any feedback is appreciated. Thank you,
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