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Found 13 results

  1. Hi all, I'm a prospective international graduate student in the US; last year I was awarded a scholarship to do a Master's in Multimedia Communications (Interactive/Visual Documentary Production) for the upcoming fall. I've applied to several universities and I've been admitted to all of them. I'm having real trouble to choose between them, since I like all of the programs and they are very strong. Here I express my thoughts on each of them, in hopes someone who knows the schools or the campuses can offer me some insight. UC Berkeley I would have to ask for a loan at least for the first year, because the tuition exceeds by far the coverage of the grant and they haven't offered financial help since I am an international student. It's a really good school and really prestigious, but having other options where I would get full tuition coverage I don't think I'll consider asking for a loan. Also, the program is really journalism-focused and, although it has some of the best faculty in environmental journalism and new media, I'm not sure whether I'd feel creatively fulfilled. Do you think it's worthy to look into the possibility of getting a loan? UNC Chapel Hill - Visual Communication track at the MA in Journalism It used to be my first option, it's really prestigious as well. I'm also waiting for extra financial help because my current situation won't allow me to cover for the full tuition. There is really good faculty both in the journalism school and the communications school (more creative). I'd be able to specialize in environmental communication which is a plus, they have some professors which I really admire. They also have a graduate certificate that I would like to pursue. Climate wise and area wise (music, eating, going out), Chapel Hill seems a nice and tranquil place. The experimental film scene is really powerful, with the Full Frame Festival in Durham, and it's really close to Duke, where I could take workshops in documentary arts if I need something more 'experimental'. Syracuse - MA in Multimedia Photography and Design at Newhouse Here I would have full coverage for my tuition. Really top school, would look really good on my resumée. The program is free of 'journalistic pressure' and I will be able to explore creative outlets as well (although ti does seem more corporate communications-oriented). It's only one year Not really able to specialize in environmental communication, but they have many classes on cultural reporting, which is something I'd also like to explore. The problem here is that the program starts in late June, and with the current situation I wouldn't like to have to be nervous about being able to get a visa by June, or having to start my classes online, maybe even from Spain. Also, Syracuse doesn't seem a really exciting place. It seems good, though for connections in the New York area. Any thoughts on that? Indiana University Bloomington - MS in Media Production and Design at The Media School Here I would have full coverage for my tuition. In regards of prestige, I don't know how well known this school is. Anyway, I don't know if that matters much to me. Program-wise, I believe it is the one that fits my interests the most. It's a really new program so they will let me configure my own path, taking classes from interactive and web design, non narrative and experimental media, documentary, environmental affairs... being able to really explore what I want and work close to the faculty. This seems specially cool if I want to pursue a PhD afterwards, which is something that I'm starting to consider. However, the fact that it is all so new makes me kind of skeptic. There is some faculty I really I admire. Regarding Bloomington, I read that it's a very nice place, with a lot of stuff to do. There's a great music scene and film scene as well, but it's in the middle of nowhere (at least from my European point of view) and not having a car nor the intention of buying one, maybe I'll feel kind of isolated? The idea of it not being a well-known school for media production, or an isolated place are the main downsides here Please let me know anything you may know about the programs, the different areas and/or the schools in general. Anything you think can help me regarding the decision. Thanks!!!!!!!!!!
  2. Just curious if anyone has heard regarding funding from SPEA? They indicated that decisions would be going out mid-March, but when I wrote on the 15th to ask if they had made decisions and if all students would be notified or only those who received funding, they simply told me they were still in the process and couldn't give me more firm information. I'm very, very interested in attending but funding is, as for many, a big part of my decision. Has anyone out there heard anything? The suspense is killing me! Thanks!
  3. Has anyone heard from the Indiana University's Department of Education? I know they offer several degrees. I have applied for the EdD Literacy, Culture, Language Education online. Applications were due January 15 though, mine was in December 5th. Should the acceptances go out at the same time for PhD and EdD in the same department? It seems like they would. I have not seen anything on the board yet for this year and a year ago they went out on the 13th. I am also unsure about the possibility of funding for an EdD. I would assume that's a no and they would be happy to accept my fully qualified monies. I have tried to be patient, but honestly since February 15th my patience has worn. Its frustrating. There are not a lot of distance programs for an EdD that fit my needs as an educator. I teach in Georgia and Georgia Professional Standards has to approve programs for advancement and they will not approve a Curriculum and Instruction EdD as a new field unless that is a field in the state where the program is located. I really want something that fits my interests and current context. My masters is in Applied Linguistics, I teach French in the IB program. The Indiana program seems to combine everything. Although, I have had some communication issues. Hoping for positive answers soon. Thanks for reading.
  4. No one seems to have started a thread for this year's IU folks yet, so let me be the one! I'll be starting my PhD in French/Francophone Studies this fall. I haven't actually visited the IU campus and have never even been to the midwest before. I've been living in California since I was ten and did both my undergrad and my master's less than two hours from home. Before that, I lived in Hawaii. Needless to say, the whole concept of having seasons is a bit foreign to me... Anyway, any other IU-bound people here? Which programs are you in, where are you guys from, and where are you guys planning to live in Bloomington? What makes you the most excited, and what makes you the most nervous about starting?
  5. Decided to move this here: Was wondering if anyone has heard from Indiana University - Bloomington's SPEA about their merit based aid? I was accepted for an MPA / MAAA on 3 February. After a month and a half, I'm becoming more anxious as each day gets closer to March 15th (everything I've been told says that they'll finish allocating merit aid "by mid-March."). I e-mailed them on Friday just to inquire and they said, "Hi Sunsickclown, Thank you for your email! We are still in the process of allocating and awarding merit-based aid for our incoming class and will notify you if we are able to offer you an award. I hope this information is helpful. Please let me know if you have any questions! Kind regards, ----" Feeling kind of like this might mean that I'm not going to get anything. Since I'm out of state, that means I wont be going. Kind of sucks since I really love what I've read about the program. Honestly, I didn't apply to any other programs because I wasn't interested in any other programs.
  6. Hi everyone! So i'm kind of in a dilemma, I recently got accepted into Temple University's Media Studies and Production Master's Program and into Indiana University's Media Arts and Sciences Master's Program. I really like both programs but I'm definitely having trouble deciding... Temple is offering me a one time scholarship for $10,000 and when I spoke with the Grad Program director at Indiana he said the Master's program is fully funded. Even so, i'm still not sure which school is the right fit for me. Any advice on how to decide or any opinions on the schools' programs? Thanks!
  7. Hi everyone. I applied to Indiana's Media Arts and Science's PhD program for the fall 2017 semester. Anyone know when there will be a decisions made on whether or not we get in? The anticipation is brutal and I'd hope to know before spring break.
  8. Happy Spring! I've accepted a PhD offer from IUPUI so my husband and I will relocate to Indianapolis this summer. Anyone else bound for Indy?
  9. Hi there! I have an offer from IU that I would be CRAZY not to accept. Thought this would be a great place to chat with others about the preparations for IU. Maybe even share tips and tricks relating to apartment hunting and other fun (stressful) activities. GO HOOSIERS!!
  10. Let me get this started ... I'm starting in the Fall 2016 semester for a direct Ph.D. program in Mechanical Engineering. I'm not sure if I made the visitation funding list, but I know the dates are 3-6 Mar 2016. ... Of course I have the usual questions about housing in the area, and so I'm sure will many others. I'm looking forward to hearing from my future classmates! Cheers, Christian
  11. Hey hey, Any musicologists out there? What are your opinions of Indiana's musicology program and perhaps how it compares to the program at BU? I'm planning to specialize in medieval music. If you have any insight or advice, I would really, really appreciate it!
  12. Anyone who is thinking of foregoing their offer to Bloomington, (Victorian Studies specialization)? I have been waitlisted, and have offers at other universities. but i am very interested in Bloomington, and it would be great if a Victorianist who decides to decline the offer, can let me know.
  13. I am interested in working in environmental and energy policy through federal agencies, government, non-profits, or lobbying/advocacy organizations. I have a solid science and technology background from my undergrad degree, as well as a few years of work experience as a consultant for a federal agency. My hope was to expand my current background into public policy, while bolstering my environmental sector skill set. As such, some of the dual degree programs in public policy and environment have caught my eye, specifically Michigan, Duke, and Indiana. However, I'm not at all sure that going for the dual degree would be worth it. I know if I were to pick one over the other, I'd lean towards the environment side, but the combination of both seems like it could potentially be a very powerful tool in the field I'm interested in working in. Has anyone enrolled in or completed one of these programs? Anyone else thinking of applying? Some concerns: * Was the added cost of staying three years, as opposed to two, worth it to get that second degree? * What does the MPP add that additional work experience and some supplemental training wouldn't? * If I'm looking to work for a non-profit, would they value an environmental degree with a policy concentration that much less than a dual degree in both areas? * If I wanted to work more closely with lawmakers and leadership (Congress, city planners, etc.), would the MPP be worthwhile preparation for me to effectively advise and collaborate with such groups? * I'm interested more in analysis, creation, and enforcement of policy and regulations, rather than management/administration of organizations. Is an MPP worth it for me?
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