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Found 12 results

  1. Hi guys(girls), I am applying for the Fall 2019 IEOR Ph.D. program. Is there anyone else also applied to IEOR Ph.D. If you are, you can share your story here. Also, you can ask some questions that you concern about the application, result, programs etc. About me, I have applied MIT(ORC S.M.) Columbia Berkeley Northwestern Umich VT TAM Stanford(MSE) Princeton(ORFE) Gatech. I have got an offer from VT and interviewed Umich and TAM. Since I haven't heard anything from NWU, Berkeley, and Columbia, I think the possibility for me to get admitted is very small (sad story Anyway, good luck with your applications. And thank in advance for your sharing.
  2. Comando

    U IOWA

    Any one got the decision from University of Iowa spring for MS in industrial engineering for spring 2019? When will be the decision rolled out?
  3. In Results, many of the Purdue IE Ph.D candidates are receiving no-funding offers. Is there anyone who got an offer with funding? The admin said I could negotiate with my advisor...Would that work? Thanks a lot for discussing..
  4. Hello, I am an international student and I got admits from University of Michigan-Ann Arbor for M.Eng. in Manufacturing Engineering and Virginia Tech for M.S. in Industrial Engineering. I am still confused between the two mostly because of the significant difference in cost. Advantages of UMich: 1. Better ranked university. It’s 2nd compared to Virginia which is 6th. (https://www.usnews.com/best-graduate-schools/top-engineering-schools/industrial-engineering-rankings). 2. Better location 3. I find the course to be better. 4. I got an admit to the Tauber Institute which gives a guaranteed, paid internship. Advantages of VTech: 1. Cheaper than UMich. VTech I-20 amount is approximately $25000 less. 2. It is an M.S. course so I have a higher chance of getting an assistantship. 3. Cost of living is less. I would be glad if people on this forum would give me their opinions.
  5. I got admits from University of Michigan- Ann Arbor for M.Eng. in Manufacturing Engineering and Northeastern University(Boston) for MS in Industrial Engineering for Fall 2017. Advantages of UMich- Better University- ranked 2nd in the US(https://www.usnews.com/best-graduate-schools/top-engineering-schools/industrial-engineering-rankings) Better location for getting a job in manufacturing Cheaper cost of living Advantages of Northeastern- It is an M.S. degree, so I think it would be easier for me to get an RA/TA as compared to M.Eng. Slightly cheaper tuition(difference is around $3000, so not a big deal) I have been accepted to the Gordon Engineering Leadership program(http://www.northeastern.edu/gordonleadership/), which means that a company would sponsor me for the Gordon program and allow me to do a paid internship with them. Since I am an international student, I will need to find the company myself. At the moment, I am 90% inclined towards the University of Michigan since I like their curriculum more and it's more prestigious. My final objective is to find a job and not to do a PhD. I have not been offered any financial aid by either of the two. I would be glad to get your feedback, especially if there are any reasons why I should not choose the University of Michigan. Also, if there is an international student in this forum who has studied in the Gordon Leadership program, please let me know.
  6. Dr. Kai Pan, Assistant Professor in the Department of Logistics and Maritime Studies at the Faculty of Business of The Hong Kong Polytechnic University, is looking for highly motivated PhD students beginning Spring or Fall 2017. The successful candidates are expected to conduct cutting-edge research in the area of operations research, smart grid, supply chain, and transportation. Candidates with Industrial Engineering, Math, CS, EE or other relevant backgrounds will be considered, and an earned Master degree is preferred. Strong mathematical background and programming skills will be a plus. Previous research experience on the related areas will also be a plus. The successful candidates will be provided by competitive financial support with full scholarship. Hong Kong PhD Fellowship (around HK$20000 monthly) will be one option, as otherwise the support will be in the form of research assistantships and/or teaching assistantships (around HK$15000 monthly). Dr. Kai Pan is working on stochastic and discrete optimization, data-driven optimization, dynamic programming, and their applications on smart grid operations, supply chain management, and transportation (see detailed description at here). If interested, please send your CV/resume (including GPA, GRE/TOEFL scores), scanned copy of transcript, and relevant publications (if applicable) to Dr. Kai Pan at kai.pan@polyu.edu.hk. Also, please email Dr. Kai Pan for any further related questions regarding his recruitment on Ph.D. students. About PolyU: The Faculty of Business at The Hong Kong Polytechnic University is ranked No. 64 in the world in the latest UTD (University of Texas at Dallas) Top 100 Business School Worldwide Rankings (the most authoritative business school ranking in the world) based on research published in 24 top business journals for the period of 2011 to 2015. Both the maritime studies and shipping research of the Department of Logistics and Maritime Studies are ranked No. 1 in the world, with the port research ranked No. 4. QS World University Rankings by Subject 2016 show that PolyU’s Business & Management Studies ranks 39th and Statistics & Operational Research ranks 46th in the world. About Hong Kong: Located on China's southern coast, Hong Kong is a unique place and a free land where East meets West and old meets new. A former British colony and current Special Administrative Region of China, Hong Kong is home to an exceptional culture and highly independence. Having inherited ancient Chinese heritage and experienced a period of Western, colonial influence, Hong Kong is a multifaceted city where English and Cantonese, “Feng Shui” and football, towering skyscrapers and historical sites exist side by side.
  7. Hey guys, I plan to apply to the Masters OR program at Gatech and I'm wondering if you guys can give me some advice/what are my chances of getting in? GPA: 3.7 GRE: 158Q 158V out of 170 Co-op experience at Delta Air Lines and ~1 year of research experience. What are some other programs that I should apply to? Particularly the ones with financial aid. What are some other general advice that you have?
  8. Hi I got admitted to ph.d in wayne state univ. industrial engineering with full funding. Is it a great university to study in industrial engineering? And If you are about to decide ph.d in industrial engineering between wayne state(full funding) and Texas A&M(funding not sure), what's your dicision??
  9. Hey guys, I'm a Supply Chain Management student at Arizona State University and I'll be graduating in May next year. Midway through my junior year I realized that I wanted to pursue a career in operations and manufacturing. I had done some research and found that most internships and jobs in operations or manufacturing require you to hold a degree in industrial engineering. I wanted to know if you guys could give me some advice or share your personal experiences on how someone like myself can gain admission (or if it would even be a possibility) into a highly ranked masters in industrial engineering program. I would like to mention that unlike the traditional business student, I have taken all the same math classes engineering majors do and some computer science courses as well (Calculus 1-3, Linear Algebra, Differential Equations, Calculus-based Statistics, Intro to Programming, Object-Oriented Programming and Data Structures). I have a 4.0 GPA and am part of the honors college here at ASU. I took the GRE recently and did reasonably well (Verbal: 161/170, Quantitative: 166/170, Writing 4.5/6) I would like to thank everyone in advance. Any and all advice will be greatly appreciated.
  10. I am an international student, with Bachelor and Master's degrees in Mathematics, now applying for PhD in Industrial Engineering and Operation research. I have got positive feedback from Purdue(IE), Lehigh(IE) and also admitted by NC State(OR). I am struggling which one to choose. Any ideas and comments? Any help will be appreciated!
  11. Current Profile Mechanical Bachelors : Reputed Uni, China GPA : 3.60/4 Masters Industrial Engineering: Texas A & M Uni, USA GPA : 3.25/4 GRE in 2006: 1160/1500 (old style) TOEFL : 287/300 Currently have 3 years of experience in Industrial engineering/lean manufacturing corporate model implementation, Recos : Former professor, Current Supervisor and earlier supervisor very good recos Looking for : Ph.D position Problem : 1] Direction for finding Ph.D position ( how to find it ? what are established methodologies) 2] Do I require to give GRE again ? 3] how much time it takes to find a Ph.D ? My current method is quite passive, I search profs and mail them for availability of position,very few of them ever reply. there are very FEW positions which gets advertised ( all over world) to which I can openly apply. its been 2 months and I could only muster 3 applications. Can any one guide. Is there something I need to change ?
  12. Hi All I applied for MS in IE at Purdue and Georgia Tech and now i am waiting for the results. Please post any info about admissions (acceptance/rejections/waitlists) in these programs. This might help all others who are desperately waiting for their results. Regards Raghav
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