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Found 12 results

  1. Hey everyone, As decisions roll out for the UofT iSchool Master's and PhD programs, I thought I would create this thread so we can share information. Please feel free to post any FYIs or questions you may have 🙂 Has anyone heard back regarding the status of their application, and whether they were accepted/ rejected?
  2. Hi all, I've been looking to transition into the field of User Experience Research and Design and have been fortunate to be accepted into a large number of graduate programs for Fall 2020. I had this fear that I wouldn't get in anywhere and ended up applying to a huge mix of programs that I liked, but now I have a tough decision to make. Here are the programs I'm considering: University of Washington - HCDE University of Texas - Austin MSIS University of Michigan MSI University of Maryland HCIM University of Minnesota - Twin Cities HFE Every time I attend an admitted students day I end up liking new things about each program. I am currently leaning towards the University of Washington's HCDE program. My only reservation with HCDE is that I know the cohort is larger, mixed with full and part time students, and has mostly evening classes. I am a little worried about the social aspect and also what to do with my time during the day. I'd consider getting a job but what I'd prefer would be to complete a program quickly and get into the field, still I know Seattle is a great place to be for UX and that HCDE is the most competitive program I've been accepted into. I was doing my own research too but I was wondering if anyone had any feedback as applicants or students on any programs that I should give more consideration to or take off my list. Any information is appreciated while I try to make the best decision! Thank you
  3. LIU Post sent out an invite to applicants saying there would be an information session for the University and that everyone should RSVP. I RSVP'd and still haven't gotten a response till now. The session will hold at 8:30pm est (2:30am my time) but I don't mind and I really want to show up for it. Is anyone else having this challenge?
  4. Hey all, first post here. I got into some legal trouble awhile back (DUI first offense). It was a stupid mistake and as a result I quit drinking. I have never been in trouble before and have nothing else on my record. However, since it was during the summer and away from school my undergraduate institution never found out. Based on my school's policies, I am not required to disclose it to the dean of students because it is only a misdemeanor and not a felony, as well as a non-violent crime. On pretty much all Grad School apps there is a section about criminal history where you must disclose any prior incidents. My question is, can Grad Schools request information from my undergraduate institution about criminal history? I'm worried if I apply and they request information, that my undergraduate school will find out and I will get suspended for a semester. I don't know if I am overthinking things or if this is something they are even allowed to do because of information privacy policies. I want to apply to Grad Schools now as I am a rising senior, but don't know if I should wait to apply until after I have earned my degree. Thanks!
  5. Hey Everyone! I haven't been able to find a thread for uoft ischool so I thought I would just start it here. I haven't heard back yet, I applied on January 31st for the program as well as OGS, I was wondering if anyone has found out if they have been accepted or rejected yet? I know they told us we would hear by the 3rd, but with that approaching so quickly I just thought it would be useful to have this forum. Best of luck to everyone! Thanks in advance for the responses!
  6. Hello everyone, Anyone applying to UC Berkeley MIDS program for next spring? I'm interested in the program, but the GRE requirement and the prohibitive cost makes me think twice about my application.
  7. Hey everyone, so i just wanted an opinion from fellow grad applicants or current Graduate students. I was interviewed close to a month ago for a masters in psychological research at CSULB, MAPR. After the interview, I made sure to send a well written thank you note and the professor replied. I have not heard from the CSULB but Im hearing people are starting to get acceptance & rejections letters from CSULB & other CSU's. REASON FOR THIS POST: Should I email back the professor and check in with him that I am still interested in the program and keep my name in his head lol? All opinions from this forum is welcomed! Thanks in advance for your advise
  8. Hi everyone, I have a Bachelor degree in Law in my country (2014). I intended to switch my career to either Information Technology or Finance in the U.S. However some people suggest me to take an IT concentration that links most to finance so I can balance these two majors. As we all know that IT is extremely wide so I am confused in picking up one concentration liking to finance from the listed below: - Information Assurance; - Computer Forensic Management; - Computer Security Management; - Enterprise Network Management; - Information System Management; - IT Project Management; - Software Engineering Management. Seeking for your help. Thank you all!
  9. Hi everyone, I am a Vietnamese immigrant and I finished Law school with a Bachelor degree. I am intending to switch my career to either Finance or IT and thinking of either starting-over or going -up for Master. I have asked many people for their views as followings: 1. My degree: A. Starting-over: going to NOVA then George Mason because this option is the safest that I can completely comprehend the education principles, cultures, environments and, for the most important part (according to them), that I can be eligible for the Pells and Grants; B. Going-up: getting a technical certificate of my my desired major at a vocational public school (Adults and Community Education center Fairfax County) then applying for a job, working there for months then admitting to a private school with my evaluated undergraduate transcript; C. Going-up: going to NOVA for an Associate degree or, at least, a career certificate, then applying for a job, working there for months then admitting to a private school with my evaluated undergraduate transcript. My uncle suggests me (B) because he used to do it successfully with a Master degree in IT at Strayer University. However I cannot find any institute offering financial aid so I am in favor with (C) - it is, to me, a safer-but-still-quick option. 2. My major: I am in favor with Finance instead of IT or Computer because I can figure out what I gonna study and do with Finance, while IT is so wide... If I have to go with, Cyber Security may be my choice. The thing is I only have chances to meet people from Strayer with degrees in IT or Computer, while the reviews in forum give me various of both good and bad views on its accounting and finance programs. Thus, i wish to receive your kindly views on the followings: A. Which one is easier to study? It may be focused on math, logic or critical thinking; B. Which one requires more certificates? C. Which one has a smoother career route? D. Which one can support you to get a good pay job after graduate, or, increase the pay more quickly? Please feel open to share and comment because I am begging for your views and, if I am blessed, your pieces of advice. I do appreciate your attention. God bless you all!
  10. Hey, everyone. Thanks for clicking into this thread. I have just got accepted by San Francisco Art Institute Photography MFA this year. It is a good news to hear but I am still not 100% free from the anxiety. I know this school has a rather long history and many famous alumni and alumnus, especially in photography field, like Annie Leibovitz. But it not accurate to measure the quality of school only by some individuals achievements. So I really want to get some first hand information about how do you think about the education they offer (like faculty, campus and facilities) there and experience about living in SF (I heard its a really expensive city to dwell) and how do you career go after the graduation as a photographer (or artist) Since I am an international student so it will be great if there are other international students who attended SFAI can answer my questions. I am really grateful to everyone who read my post and please give me all the information you have about this school. I really appreciate your generous help.
  11. Hi, Anyone have thoughts on the reputations/strengths/weaknesses of these departments of religion? Santa Barbara, UNC Chapel-Hill, Rice. (I know determinations of 'best program' are relative. I'm searching for impressions of the departments, reputations they have within the field, insider-info, etc.) Best regards, all.
  12. Hi, everyone~ I received an offer with 50% tuition scholarship from Michigan, UMSI. Is there any people decide to go there for graduate study? Right now, at the gradcafe.com, I found no one has rejected from this school... I am really confused. I knew that their Library management system is strong, however, it seems recent years, their rank in information systems is a little bit bleak compared to other majors in their university. Plus, some seniors told me most of their students majored in HCI(Human Computer Interaction) specialization, does anyone know about the career prospect of HCI?
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