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Found 10 results

  1. I had terrible social anxiety and depression during my college years, bad financial condition added to my stress. I did not do well in college and had a bunch of C grades in every semester except for my last sem where I got a B-. I am planning to apply to Interaction design Masters courses and want to get into top colleges like Parson's, Pratt, Calarts etc. Do I have a chance? I will be applying as an international student. I have a GPA of 6.6 out of 10....not sure what that translates to in the 4 point American system. (Some sites say its a 3 point GPA and some convert it to 2.8) Do I have to explain my mental health past and why I got such low grades in my SOP? Although I did recover from my mental health issues and have about 4 years of work experience in the Design industry and doing pretty well right now. Will a strong application in other areas except for college transcripts be helpful enough to get me admits in these colleges?
  2. Hi guys! I recently applied to the MSc program at the School of Interactive Arts and Technology, Simon Fraser University. Looking for fellow peeps in the same program to get an idea of the results and the program.
  3. Here are my top choices so far: Harvard: -MDes (Technology) Carnegie Mellon University: -MDes -MS in Computational Design (partial scholarship) -MHCI Going to Harvard and taking classes at MIT (especially the Media Lab) would be a dream. I just cannot figure out where Harvard MDes will take me professionally. CMU is very transparent about the graduates' career statistics. CMU students seem to be doing well professionally and financially. Does anyone know how well Harvard MDes grads transition to industry? Also, one of my goals is to learn as much CS as possible during grad school. Also admitted to: Columbia University: MArch Rice University: MArch (full ride) TU Delft: Design for Interaction Georgia Tech: Master of Science in Architecture (Digital Design and Fabrication)
  4. Greetings ! I was wondering if the Masters in Design program - Design for interaction would fall under a STEM program ? Also since M.Des is a terminal degree, what are the advantages of considering it. Does it mean one with a M.Des degree doesn't have to fall under the 20000 masters exemption H1B quota ? Any experiences on M.Des by CMU regarding jobs, Scholarship, funding, TA etc are welcome. Thanks in Advance.
  5. Hi, GRE: Verbal - 156, Quant - 167, AWA - 3.5 | TOEFL - 111 I have 2 years of relevant work experience as Research Assistant at a top ranked design institute. Co-authored a research paper in an international conference (accepted for Interact '17). Undergraduate degree in Chemical Engineering from top ranked university (60.2 %). I needed an extension to finish my undergraduate degree (finished in 5 years, expected time is 4 years). Also I have made a switch in my field from chemical engineering to HCI. I wish to get into a good graduate program. Some programs on my list are: MSI - UMich Ann Arbor, HCIM - U of Maryland College Park, HCI/d Indiana University, Bloomington and MS in Media Arts and Sciences - MIT Media Lab (it's too ambitious, but I still wish to apply). Which other universities in US should I apply to, which usually accept students with similar profiles? What can I do to counter my low undergraduate marks - online courses, retake GRE for higher score? Is there a possibility of getting into a PhD. program directly, in a moderate university?
  6. Hi everyone! Thinking of going to CCA for MFA in Design in the fall focusing in IxD. Anyone planning to attend/ received their financial aid letters yet? Would love to hear people's thoughts/experience with the program!
  7. We are looking for a diverse group of applicants, great starting salary https://apply.interfolio.com/38372
  8. I am international students and have applied to 4 art schools, but I only get a respond for an interview from one of those. However, all of them, until now, has not contacted me back. I sae SVA has sent the accepted emails to some people so I emailed them to ask for my status, but they didn't reply me. I did some research and see that they inform in their school's page the result will be announced on April 1, but some people here got that email already so I am worry now. If I didn't get any acceptance, I want to know if there is any school that open for applying in other time this year. As far as I know art schools in USA seem to open for new student only in Fall semester. Thank you.
  9. Hello, I have got accepted in the ITP program in the Tisch College of Arts for Fall 2016. I just received the news this morning and haven't heard anything about Financial aid. I know it might be little too early to jump to conclusions but I was concerned about the enormously high tuition fees and cost of living in NYC in case I receive no funding. I was wondering if anyone will be able to tell me, which is a better college to look at, CIID ( i.e Copenhagen Institute of Interaction Design) or Tisch? CIID is way cheaper and is also just a one year course, Tisch however would require a huge funding help. Is it worth all the trouble? What is the work scene like for someone who graduates from a European college and wants to look for a job in the US?
  10. I have been accepted to two MFA programs and am facing a dilemma in deciding between the two. I would love to hear any advice anyone has to offer. The first program is an MFA in Interaction Design from the School of visual arts and the second is an MFA in Design+Technology from Parsons. SVA is my dream school and definitely has the upper hand in terms of quality of faculty, and student work. Parsons on the other hand offered me a scholarship worth 50% of my tuition. It is still a good program, but i have some serious reservations about it, namely its size (90 per class as opposed to 15 for SVA) and that i have been somewhat underwhelmed by the quality of the majority of student work. My current employer has been kind enough to offer me a part time position so i can at least count on covering a good portion of my living expenses while at school. Part of me thinks i should just bite the bullet and go for SVA. The prospects of landing a well paying job right out of school are very high, and the faculty there are truly some of the best practitioners in the field today. But then again, 40K in student loans sounds a lot better than 70K in student loans Any thoughts?
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