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Found 7 results

  1. Looking for my fellow IEP/IE/IED applicants!!! I am hoping to have some guidance and opinions about the schools I have been applying to and what best avenue to take. I have so far applied to TC Columbia, NYU Steinhardt, Vanderbilt, George Washington University, and SIT. I have been doing my research and notice that programs vary a lot between schools. My biggest concern is about the career outlook afterwords. Just curious what everyone's general opinion in as well as to see where my fellow IE folks are out there and what your experience has been. I also am wondering where I will get in, have already been rejected from Penn but have a good undergrad GPA and international experience. Low GRE scores but I think Vandy is the only who required on application.
  2. Hey! I am looking for International Education Programme. Does anyone know any information about the following courses: 1) International Educational Development Program, University of Pennsylvania 2) International Education Policy, HGSE 3) International Education Policy and Management, Vanderbilt Peabody College 4) Joint MA in Public Policy and Education, Stanford If there are any other colleges that I should look at?
  3. I was accepted to the Middlebury Institute of International Studies at Monterey for International Education Management with a 50% scholarship. Does anyone know much about the program? I've heard good things about the school but I haven't been able to find out much about the program because it's so small. Is it widely known in the field? What are their connections and networking opportunities like? I'd like to work in the Bureau of Educational and Cultural affairs in the future. Because they tend to offer so little funding, I'm worried that my classmates won't be in the top tier. Is it worth waiting to hear from NYU Steinhardt and Columbia TC?
  4. Hello Grad Cafe Forum! I have yet to see a USF forum and thought I would start one. I am applying for the Ed.D in International and Multicultural Education program with a concentration in Human Rights Education. Does anybody know what their acceptance rates are like? I guess I am just really nervous about the GRE since I haven't taken it yet.. Thanks in advance!!
  5. Has anyone heard back for the International Education MA at NYU for fall/summer 2017? Decisions were out by now last year but some years it looks like they took closer til the end of March. Or has anyone spoken to admissions and have an idea when they'll go out?
  6. Hello all! Looking for some advice. I´m researching programs for an International Relations Masters Degree and I want a focus on Latin America. I majored in IR and LAS at Conn College and have been working as a history teacher at a bilingual high school since then in Peru (for five years now). When I do my research, of course all the top programs pop up but I´m worried because I didn´t stay in the academic field or IR field post undergraduate I am not a highly qualified candidate. Can anyone suggest some second or third tier International relations schools that have a focus on Latin America? Thanks!
  7. Hey all! I'm a May 2010 graduate, BA Psych, and after taking two years off from university I think I've finally figured out what I'd like to pursue a graduate degree in... International Education! I first started contemplating an "International Relations" degree, but I wasn't liking the policy/government focus of many of the programs, shifted to a "International Communication" degree but wanted something more broad and applicable to a variety of careers and then I stumbled across "International Education!" I would eventually love to work at a university in a study abroad office, with an international non-profit, maybe a government program, something like Fulbright/Peace Corps... anyway, I have a few questions... 1. I don't have too much experience in "education," I've never taught and don't wish to teach, at least not now, would this be weird that I'm considering an education degree without this concrete, "teaching" experience... 2. I have no idea as far as "research interests" go... should I have a definite idea of research interests upon applying to grad schools? or would my "study abroad experience, international conferences, international studies certificate be enough to show an interest despite an education degree and a clear research interest) 3. I've spent some time looking at different programs and considering courses, tuition, location, degree program, internship requirement, etc... I'm really liking American University and New York University Int'l Ed programs, would it be difficult to get some sort of funding... are there other good, broad programs that aren't too policy focused? 4. Are there any national, fellowships in which someone in the education field could apply for? I applied for a Fulbright ETA this year and was just notified of my alternate status, is there something I could apply for and get funding to cover graduate expenses? I'm sorry for asking so many questions, but I'm just really wanting to pursue this graduate degree and feel that despite researching for two years there is still so much of the field and study that I know little about. Any and all help would be GREATLY appreciated... I would really like this thread to become a place of continual discourse for anyone interested in the international education field... I see y'all out there! Thank you!!!
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