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  1. Hi everyone, I am pursuing a PhD in Sociology in Germany. I am planning to be a visiting student in the US for 1–3 months, possibly during the second or third year of my PhD. I would be eligible for a German scholarship, so I do not necessarily need funding. Do you have any suggestions on how to increase the chances of being accepted? I graduated with an MA in Sociology with a German grade of 1,1 (the equivalent GPA should be between 3,5 and 3,9). I have an interest in qualitative and mixed-methods sociology and worked as a RA on two research projects during my MA, conducting and analyzing biographical interviews. I have a pretty good grasp of statistics, but no quantitative research experience. I have just one non-peer-reviewed publication. I am currently trying to publish one or two peer-reviewed articles (possibly in English). My main interests are migration sociology, social structure analysis, and biographical/life course research. Do you know how difficult it is to get a position as a visiting student and how many applications should I probably send out? Apart from department fit, do you have an idea of which universities should I aim to? Would tier 1 universities be realistic? Any other suggestion would be much appreciated Thank you so much!
  2. Hi! I am a European MSc student trying to get more relevant research experience in preparation of my PhD apps next year, and I now find myself writing a cover letter for a US internship postition. I need to answer the following question, and I am not sure how to go about it: How do you hope to use your upbringing, background and/or life experiences to enhance your internship experience. Should I focus on how my background helped me develop the academic/informal skills to succeed in an internship? Is this more of a specific diversity/overcoming challenges-focused question? Should I be talking about personal difficulties? Should I focus on my extracurriculars/outreach activities? In the European applications I have encountered so far the focus was very strongly on purely academic qualifications, so I am worried I might be blind to some cultural clue about how to answer this question. Any tips about what I might be expected to focus on in my answer to this question would be very much appreciated!
  3. Undergrad Institution: US public university Major(s): Biology and Statistics Minor(s): None GPA: 3.16 Grad/Master's Institution: US private university Program: MPH Biostatistics GPA: 3.5 Type of Student: International Asian Female GRE General Test: Have not taken yet (planning to take late August) GRE Math Subject Test: NA Research Experience: · No published paper. · Research as part of master’s program (no thesis but presentation to faculty members and submitted a written report) · Research experience as a graduate student at the asthma center for a year – poster presentation to faculty & students Awards/Honors/Recognitions: NA Pertinent Activities or Jobs: · TA for one quarter of SAS course & one quarter of biostatistics II course (help students with lab hours, grade homework and lab assignments) · Stat consulting group (9 months) · Worked as a statistician/data manager at CRO (~3 years) · Currently working as a statistician in research hospital (~2 years) Letters of Recommendation: 2 professors from master’s institution, 1 manager from current work Coursework and grades(Math/Stat): Undergraduate Lower Division: Calculus I (A), Calculus II (A), Calculus III (B), Elementary of Probability & Statistics (A), Elements of Linear Algebra (B+) Undergraduate Upper Division: Statistical Methods in Biology (B+), Intro to Probability Theory I (A-), Intro to Probability Theory II (B+), Statistical Inference I (B), Statistical Inference II (A), Sampling Procedures Surveys (A), Intro Stochastic Processes (A), Regression (A), Adv Stat Package Data Analysis – SAS course (A), Master's/Graduate: Biostatistics I (A-), Biostatistics II (A), Biostatistics III (A), Analytical application of SAS (A), Research Data Management (A), Survival Analysis (A-), Intro Modern Nonparametric Statistics (A-), Applied multivariate analysis (A-), Survey & advance research methods (B), Advanced data Analysis (B+) Future Coursework (Fall 2021): planning to take Multivariable Calculus from nearby community college Programs Applying: I will apply to Stat/Biostat PhD programs (mostly Biostat PhD programs). Still not sure which programs, here are my tentative list: PhD Biostatistics · University of Pittsburgh School of Public Health · Vanderbilt University · Medical college of Wisconsin · Michigan State University · University of Texas Health Science Center--Houston · University of Washington · University of Michigan School of Public Health · Rollins School of Public Health · Chapel Hill School of Global Public Health · University of Pennsylvania · UCLA · University of Minnesota School of Public Health · University of Iowa College of Public Health PhD Statistics · Purdue University · North Carolina State University · UCR University of Wisconsin- Madison
  4. Hi I applied for MENG in electrical engineering. I submitted my application on 12 jan 2021 and still didn't get any decision. can any one tell me how long i had to wait for an offer from university??
  5. Hello all, Just want to know... Is University of New Mexico really a good school?? For PhD chemistry studies.
  6. Hi! I am an international student and I am dealing with the grad school applications. I would like to learn if there is anyone who can review and/or edit my SOP. English is not my native language, so it may also need proofreading but I want to hear your opinion about it. I can send you the Google forms link if you are willing. Thanks by now!
  7. Hey guys! Saw there wasn't any forum on AAUW International Fellowship 2020-21 cycle. The results were released on April 15, 2020. Did anyone here receive it? I was designated as an alternate and wondering what are my chances...
  8. Hi all, so I applied to the MS-CAPP at University of Chicago Harris School of Public Policy in the Round three admissions round. I submitted my application before the March 31st deadline, but the school pushed back the deadline to April 28th due to Covid-19. I was wondering if any one knows whether Harris reviews applications on a rolling basis or reviews them altogether after the deadline. I'm asking because I'm an international student and if they review applications altogether after the deadline, this will put me at a disadvantage. Thanks!!
  9. Hello all. I'm not quite there yet, but for many reasons I'd like to pursue my higher education in the UK. I'm obtaining my 4-year undergraduate degree in America. Some reasons as to why I'd like to study in the UK are that it is the better financial decision for me, I believe the education style is overall better for my career aspirations, it will take less time, I have found Brits overall to be very engaging and pleasant people (of course not all will be, but in my experience thus far), and I loved Britain when I visited and have been aching to go back since. I haven't found much information online and looking at the entry requirements for various schools across the UK doesn't give me much information. Answers to any of these questions would be a great help. Can I go back to the USA and work there if I choose? Do UK graduate programs accept students right out of their undergraduate? Do UK PhD programs require a masters degree (not sure why I'm unable to find a straight answer for this)? Am I less likely to be accepted as an international student? Am I more likely to be accepted if I show intentions of staying in Britain afterward? How much clinical research is generally necessary? Any other information pertaining to this topic would be greatly appreciated. I feel very lost.
  10. I've had an unusual experience regarding my application to Boston University for their chemistry PhD program. I did not receive any information about the status of my application till mid February, when a PI of my interest contacted me asking for a Skype interview. They never followed up on my reply though, even after a reminder, and so I never had that Skype interview. Then at the end of February I got an email from the grad office saying I was on a small waitlist, stating that they could only make a limited number of initial offers and that they didn't have space for me in that initial round, hence the waitlist. I responded to that waitlist email basically saying thank you and that I look forward to the result. So my three questions: 1) Is it worrying that the PI never had the Skype call? 1) Is the waitlist email a standard boilerplate response? 2) What would my chances be of getting through the waitlist? BU is very high up on my priority list of universities. 3) Is there anything else I should do, or just wait till the 15 April deadline and see what happens? Btw, I'm an international student, if that would be of any relevance.
  11. Travel bans are being imposed and consulates are being closed down in many countries. So, what's going to happen to international students? Are their admission and/or funding going to be cancelled if things don't get better? What can happen in worst case scenario? I am very anxious about the situation.
  12. Hello, hive mind! I wanted to know the pros and cons of going for a lesser known STEM program (UC Berkeley Master's in Development Practice) v/s a better known non-STEM MPP/MPA (e.g. SAIS, Harris, SIPA, etc.). I'm not eligible for most scholarships, and the chances of receiving financial aid from either school are quite slim. STEM OPT is useful for international students who could potentially accelerate their career by working with reputed organisations in the States for a few years - and help in paying off education loans a lot sooner (compared to working in my home country post-Master's). However, in terms of placements and getting a foot-in-the-door at the very least, a better known program will likely open doors for more number of opportunities. Both degrees are useful in terms of offering the flexibility to customize the degree as per one's desirable focus area. Aptitude for STEM coursework is also not an issue, even though I'm a Business and Liberal Arts major.Welcoming guidance from anyone and everyone who has an opinion on this choice!My background: have 2+ years experience in field research with multilaterals + US university-affiliated DevEcon research firms in a third world country - mostly in the area of poverty reduction. I wish to continue working in organizations and nonprofits but as an early career professional, I'm sector-agnostic at this point. By that, I mean that while I'd ideally like to proceed with my work in international development, I'm also open to switching to other focus areas (e.g. gender, energy) if my interests match Thank you in advance!
  13. Hi, I am received an offer for PhD in Bioengineering from UMD College Park. Can anyone give me some insight about the program? I know the basic things from website. I wanted to know if someone has attended the program. I would like to know about how the classes are, how difficult the exams are etc. Also, it would be great to know about life at College Park, specially for an international student. Thanks!
  14. I'm well aware I am not the first person to ask this question. How important is it to have your research out on publication? (More so, would it make that much difference if this is an international student?) I have been taking gap year and I will be applying this cycle (December) to Clinical Psychology and some Counseling psychology programs that are fully funded. I honestly don't think I can pay for grad school myself. I'm still unfamiliar with the posting guidelines of this website so please feel free to leave a comment if you think this post belongs somewhere else! I graduated last year with all types of honors in both of my majors and have been working on my GRE and was working as a tutor on the side to keep my living expenses. My GRE score is both on 90 percentiles and GPA is 3.7. I worked as an undergrad research assistant for a year in clinical psych lab (we developed a scale for clinical disorder) in my senior year. At the same time I worked in a different lab in a different department also as an undergrad RA for 2 years that is not really relevant to my interests but I knew the professor and learned quite a lot of skills. I also completed a honors thesis upon the completion of my undergrad study. My three LORs will come from 1. a person (not a professor but in academia) who directed my thesis and those who I have been working as RA. (1. professor from my second department who knows me really well and 3. one grad student and a retired professor in clinical psychology dept. co-signing the last letter) Although I'm kind of worried that some of my LORs will come from non-psychology people, they happen to know me for the longest time and very very well. But the biggest problem is that I DO NOT have any publication. My professors from undergrad encouraged me to submit my thesis to at least undergrad journals but I'm just not confident that it will get accepted especially I know there were some mistakes. I presented at a regional conference for my thesis but it wasn't in psychology department. No posters, nothing. So now I'm done with GRE, I need something to fill my gap year and boost my resume. I originally was going to work as a full-time RA at one of the university in my home country but due to unforeseen circumstance, I won't have the full-time position anymore. I reached out to several professors in my home country and they told me although they will be more than happy to take me in as an RA, my duties won't be that much different from the ones I did as an undergrad RA as their PhD/Masters students will get the priorities for all the funding and resources. In that case, it's not impossible but it will be very difficult to put my name as an author. So far, I can only think of these three options 1. Volunteer as a research assistant (pretty much same as undergrad RA and help the lab members with their projects in hopes that I can put my name as a third or fourth author. + get a side job to save money 2. Get a clinical setting job (full-time, decent pay) in a private clinical practice and see if they have any research project that I can help on the side) 3. Get a research job that deals with clinical population but not clinical psychology-related. More like a pharmaceutical or researching company (this will be heavily research oriented but it won't be from clinical psychology) I don't know how much of my status as an international student would change how important it is to have publication but I need as many advice as possible. If you guys have any other ideas please help me, I feel so lost.
  15. Hi. I currently manage an animated series production in a company in Pakistan. I want a better grounding in film and production aspects. I want to go to a grad school ASAP (deadlines are close) but I am having a hard time finding scholarships and funding for international students in art/film schools. Can anyone help? Any country is good though I prefer the US. I am interested in RIT, Pratt, SCAD, and Chicago NY. If you could mention schools with January deadlines, I would prefer that.
  16. Hi everyone! I'm curious to know if any Americans on here have decided to pursue doctoral studies in clinical psychology in the UK. If so, I'd love to hear more about your story (Were you able to practice in the UK afterward? Did you decide to go back to the US to practice instead? Did you have issues with either of those two routes work eligibility-wise? Etc.). Since this tends to be more of a unique case, "Americans hoping to study/practice clinical psychology in the UK" turns up some pretty murky Internet search results, so I'd love some insight. ?
  17. Hello. I submitted all my applications on the 31st of November last year and i have received a decision response from only one school. unfortunately, i was rejected. I also found out that majority of the schools in the US state April 15th as their deadline for accepting/rejecting admission however I am yet to receive any response from the remaining schools I applied to. should i be worried?
  18. I am extremely grateful to be accepted into both these schools, however, I now need to make a decision! I need to choose between the MA in Teaching of English at TC Columbia, or the STEP program with a focus in Teaching of English at the Stanford GSE. Both programs are one year in length - with Stanford beginning this Summer, and TC beginning this Fall. I am a qualified teacher from Australia. The STEP program will provide me with a teaching credential in California, whereas the MA from TC is non cert. At this stage, I am undecided about what I will do after I complete the one year program (whether to return to Australia or go elsewhere). Stanford is looking like it will be around 20k cheaper based on tuition - please correct me if I'm wrong (I am yet to hear back from TC regarding financial aid). Any advice would be greatly appreciated!
  19. Hi everyone, I am planning to apply for a Ph.D./PsyD program in Clinical/Counseling Psych. From what I know, not many international students are in the Psychology program. I am so lost, as I don't have anyone to ask advice from. Does anyone in our forum who is an F1 student and already attend a program, planning to apply? Thank you!
  20. Hey folks! So I was notified today that I have received a scholarship worth 20,000 USD from U of Florida. I was planning to decline their admission offer today. I would have preferred being given some time before re-assessing my decisions, however, I have to make the decision today or else the scholarship offer would not stand. How weird is this???
  21. I am Anita Kumar and I am a second year Neuropsychology Master student in UCL (Université Catholique de Louvain) in Belgium. Next year, after I graduate from my Masters, I am going to pursue my education by doing internships within a certificate year at UCL. This means that I will be a student under the insurance of my university. I want to develop my skills in English, therefore I am interested to do an internship or a pracitucm placement in clinical Neuropsychology with adults or older adults. Would an internship for an international student be possible with a master degree? If so, where should I look for further information to apply ? Thank you for your help. Anita KUMAR
  22. Hello everyone ? While looking into universities for the specialization i want to apply for, i found johns hopkins university (although really tough to get accepted in!!!) having it... but the i found that the department, after mentioning that it offers graduate assistantship & health insurance & such to all its matriculated students, it says that international students however are not eligible for federal financial aid! ? does that mean that an international student is not offered an assistantship, covering their tuition fees & provided with a living-expenses stipend? 'cause i thought that assistantship is not related to federal financial aid! or what do they mean by federal financial aid?!!
  23. Got accepted to Syracuse (MAIR), UCSD (MPP) and Evans (MPA). Waiting: Harris (MPP), BU (Masters in Economic Policy), Syracuse (Econ) and Elliott Highly interested in public policy analysis and applied approach to policy making. I am an intl student ideally hoping to work for a think tank Any suggestions? Recommendations? I am excited to hear about your experiences and thought process. Thank you!
  24. Hi guys, this is my first ever post, so I hope to not be doing anything wrong. I am a mechanical engineering undergraduate student from Brazil, and will be applying for graduate school in the US and in Canada for fall 2020 admission. Since the admission process is fairly different from what is done here in my country, I'm not familiar with the credentials that are considered to be good or bad for top schools (I do know, however, that the competition is fierce and sometimes even the best students don't get in), so any advice will be helpful. Here is a brief overview of my CV: Major: Mechanical Engineering Undergrad University: Top 30 in Brazil, but I don't know if it is well known internationally CGPA: 9/10 TOEFL: 110/120 GRE: Haven't taken it yet, but assume that I got stellar results Research Experience: 2 years at the Fluid Mechanics Lab (Mech Eng department), 3+ years at the Processes and Simulations Lab (Chemical Eng department), 1 year at the Renewable Energy Technology research group (Mech Eng department). PS: I participate simultaneously of these three groups. Publications: - Two as second author at an international congress (automated a device that allows for great precision in wind tunnel measurements and helped formulate a new mathematical model for blood flow). - One as second author at a national congress (had minor impact on this one, just analyzed some data and helped to write the paper). - One as second author at a respected peer-reviewed journal (submitted) (developed a new technology design that increases the energy output of hydroturbines). And, if all goes well, by the time I submit my application, I'll have 2-3 more publications (1 of these as first author) at highly regarded journals in my desired field (these publications are related to renewable energy such as hydroturbines and biomass combustion, plus a publication of experimental work that I'm currently carrying out with a masters student). Accomplishments/Awards: My CGPA may not seem so great when compared to other students, but in my department I'm ranked in the top 0.01% (yes, that's how they call it haha) of ALL students ever. Co-founded a research group with my professor. No awards. LORs: One from my long time advisor, who knows me very well and has been a huge part of my research career so far. One from other professor with whom I also conduct research and also happens to be very close. One from the department head, from when I took a graduate course in which he was the professor, and had the best grades in class. He also is my co-advisor (Got his PhD from Cornell). Extracurriculars: Part of the aerodynamics crew of a SAE aerodesign team. Was briefly part of the robotics team. Target schools: I intend to test my luck and apply to MIT, Stanford, Princeton, Cornell and University of Toronto. I know that it is impossible to say for sure if a CV is good enough or not since the admissions process is a crapshoot most of the time, but I would like to know your honest opinion based on your experiences. Thank you for your time.
  25. So...First post ever. FYI some basic info - applying for Msc. in Europe - Political Science and Social Science related programs. I just got accepted into my backup choice, full ride scholarship included. Yes I am very very happy and excited, yet because it is my backup choice I did not feel that rush of adrenaline that I was hoping for. A voice in my head tells me that if I settle for that (a uni wich is top 600 in Europe) im settling for less. However, another part of me fully acknowledges just how important a full ride scholarship is and how it still is a top 50 under 50 uni and that it IS a big deal and an actual accomplishment. Now, for the actual advice. I need to accept or decline the offer within the next 3 weeks, and if I accept I must take 6 months of preparatory language classes starting the first week of april. However, the results of my top choices be out between mid-February and mid-March. So, what if I get accepted into my top choice and then have to refuse the offer to my back up choice just a week or two before the language courses? I would feel like I have robbed the opportunity of someone who maybe got waitlisted because of me, yet if I get into my top choice why wouldn't I take it, I mean it is my dream.
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