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Found 18 results

  1. Hello everyone, I want to inquire about the application for bioinformatics phd. Any advice or comments is highly appreciated! my background: I got my bachelor degree in Biological Pharmacy in China, and my undergraduate GPA was really low, only 3.28.... I did many public health and pharmacy research and got some awards in public health domain. (I know my gpa is too low... I am a first-year master student in WashU med school, my major is biostatistics (actually the program length is only 18 months). I got all A/A+ in all courses until now. I have worked as a RA in a bioinfor lab since my program started. My major project is benchmarking and PI told me there would be a paper for my data (but will publish in late 2022). I also will get another chance to get a strong LOR from another washu professor. my aim: I plan to apply for bioinformatics/biomedical informatics PhD programs in US. Could anyone give me any advice like what kind of school I have high/medium/fair chance to be admitted? I am just really anxious and worrying recently because I certainly know my background is really weak.. Thanks again for your patience and advice!! This is my first time to post, so plz tell me if I post a wrong place.
  2. I'm an Indian pursuing my undergraduate degree, BA in triple majors (Journalism, Psychology, English). I was born in a Christian missionary family. This has influenced me a lot and it's my dream to pursue a degree in theology from the ivy league schools. The diversity and course structure of divinity schools in the US really attracted me. I was blessed to be a part of four mission trips across the length and breadth of my country. The exposure I gained through it is something which not everyone is fortunate to have. It really moved my heart and inspired me to contribute to the society. I manage to maintain a score of 3.3 to 3.4 GPA in my undergrad courses. I'm also an active member of my church. Apart from that I don't have much exposure to theology. I've just begun to study theology from different available resources. I'm confident that I could meet the English language requirements for international students but not sure about other factors in getting accepted. I read that a degree in theology or RS is not an essential to apply for masters in divinity schools. Is there any chances of getting into top divinity schools for MDiv or MTS? Other than building a basic foundation in theology, what else should I focus now? Your advices would be a great help and motivation for my future.
  3. Hello, how are you? It's my first time using this page so I'm deeply sorry if I'm doing this wrong. I would like to explain a little bit about my situation. I’m finishing my undergraduate program in Argentina on Biotechnology and Molecular Biology. My thesis is based on drug delivery on the hand of nanotechnology applied for treatments of cancer and oncology. This year, around September from what I have read, I would be able to apply for PhD programs in the UK. I have checked out some offers that I had seen. I had checked the entry requirements and depending on the university I have a first-class degree or a good upper-second class degree. Plus, I cover the English requirements too. But I have my doubts about how many possibilities I may have to archive a scholarship for a PhD without a Master or even be accepted in the PhD program as an international student. I’ve seen that Masters scholarships or loans for international students are pretty low so that’s why I haven’t thought that one could be a good option. And, even if they do, most of them don’t have stiped. How complicated would be to work and study for a Master if I get a Loan/scholarship? I could really use some guidance for understanding better my opportunities and how much real chances do I have so I can start planning everything with time. Thank you very much. Have a nice day!
  4. Hi everyone, I applied for 4 phd programs and one M.S. I got accepted in a phd in US with funding, and the deadline for their offer is April 15th. I did not get any result from any of the other programs. I like the university that I've been accepted in, and I don't want to lose the opportunity, but also there are one or two universities that I prefer, and if I get an offer from them later after I accepted this one, I will be really sad. I've been waiting for their answer for about 4 months! I don't know what's taking so long! So, what should I do? Should I email those universities and explain the situation? (if so, can you suggest a template for my email?) Or should I just be happy with this offer and accept it? Or should I accept this offer and later, if I get accepted to another university, reject it? What are the consequences of this action? + I can't accept an offer without funding, unfortunately.
  5. Hey There, After spending hours trying to find the right forum and the topic, I've given up and have decided to make one. This topic is for applicants who are planning to apply to the UK for Masters in any field of Psychology (Fall 2021). Do share about Schools you are applying to Status of applications Your profile (education, work experience, clinical experience and research experience) SOP and LOR progress If you're an international student, how are you going about the BPS accreditation status in case you're planning to do you DClinPsy in the UK itself? If you have experience applying to schools in the UK, please do share your experience. I am an international student applying to UCL, KCL, St. Andrews, Edinburgh, Bristol, Glasgow etc. I am still finalizing the schools I want to apply to. Hence, any suggestions are welcome. My areas of interest are Developmental Psychology, Neuropsychology and Clinical Psychology. I have started my applications but is slowly progressing as I am working full time and studying at the same time. I have completed my Undergraduate degree in Psychology from a Tier 1 college and is currently pursuing a Post Graduate Diploma in Clinical Social Work and Counselling Practice. I have fair amount of work experience and currently acquiring clinical experience. I don't have any research experience. Any suggestions of how I can improve my profile are welcome. My SOP is in the final stage of revision and would like to exchange it with someone for reviewing, so do hit me up. LOR, there's no way of knowing for sure how good they are but I have a good relationship with both my referrers. Anyone who's received an offer, please please help out!!
  6. Hi, I graduated from college last year. My majors are economics and health science. My overall GPA is 2.8. I do not know if I have any chances to go to graduates school. I took a GRE test in Sep this year but I only got 299 in verbal and quantitative parts, and 3 in analytical writing. People around me most get at least a 3.0 GPA for applying for graduate school in the United States. Yes, I was an international student and moved back to my home country after I graduated. I have some friends who have the same GPA as me, but they decided to apply for graduate school in the U.K. or Australia. However, I still want to go to a graduate school in the U.S. I remember that I went to the career center and asked my advisor about how I can go to graduate school. She said I could go, but I needed to get a 320 GRE test score and tried to be a research assistant for a professor to prove that I can do research. I also heard about some master's professional studies programs. My advisor and professor suggested that I should not go there, but some of my friends think that it is a chance to go to the top 30 universities in the U.S. I feel that going to some professional studies programs can save time because it is usually short. My family thinks that my age is not competitive enough in the labor market. Yes, I am from a population-dense country, most companies or institutions have age requirements for the employee. I do not know if I should retake GRE. Now, I am a research assistant in a researching center, but some people also tell me that being a research assistant is not enough, and I should think about if I can publish a paper with my professor. That sounds too hard for me. It gives me a strike on my confidence.
  7. Dear all, How can international students fund their studies? What options are available? I am talking about MA's. Even if I am granted a stipend it looks like it won't cover my living costs. I can't work (legally) wil a student visa. I know only about loans for international students from companies like MPower etc. Any information will be very much appreciated!🧡
  8. Hello, Is there anyone applying to Canadian universities for a PhD in Health Sciences for 2021 intake? I am a Ghanaian looking to apply for a PhD in Health Sciences, 2021 however all the supervisors i have contacted in my field of interest in five schools are not accepting students. My research areas are HIV, adolescent sexual reproductive health, lower middle income countries. I need some comfort or advise. Thank you
  9. Are there any other incoming international students who were informed by your departments that classes would be 100% online for the fall? if so, did they comment on how that would affect eligibility for a student visa since DHS regulations limit the number of online credits a student can take to maintain visa eligibility?
  10. Hello, hive mind! I wanted to know the pros and cons of going for a lesser known STEM program (UC Berkeley Master's in Development Practice) v/s a better known non-STEM MPP/MPA (e.g. Harris, SIPA, etc.). I'm not eligible for most scholarships, and the chances of receiving financial aid from either school are quite slim. STEM OPT is useful for international students who could potentially accelerate their career by working with reputed organisations in the States for a few years - and help in paying off education loans a lot sooner (compared to working in my home country post-Master's). However, in terms of placements and getting a foot-in-the-door at the very least, a better known program will likely open doors for more number of opportunities. Both degrees are useful in terms of offering the flexibility to customize the degree as per one's desirable focus area. Aptitude for STEM coursework is also not an issue, even though I'm a Business and Liberal Arts major. Welcoming guidance from anyone and everyone who has an opinion on this choice! My background: have 2+ years experience in field research with multilaterals + US university-affiliated DevEcon research firms in a third world country - mostly in the area of poverty reduction. I wish to continue working in organizations and nonprofits but as an early career professional, I'm sector-agnostic at this point. By that, I mean that while I'd ideally like to proceed with my work in international development, I'm also open to switching to other focus areas (e.g. gender, energy) if my interests match Thank you in advance!
  11. Hello everyone! This is my first time using this site so I hope I am going about this question correctly - I'm currently an international applicant looking to apply for a PhD in Neuroscience in the United States for Fall 2021 entry. I know this is early but I would like advise early if possible from other applicants, since most colleges state they are unable to let me know of my competitiveness for their program. My background: I am currently about to graduate from a university in the UK you will not have heard of with a 4.0 GPA in Medical Science I've just been accepted into a 1-year MSc Translational Neuroscience at Imperial College London for Fall 2020 entry. I know my GPA is competitive and I will not be required to sit the TOEFL as I'm British. But I'm worried about my experience, in the UK we do not often publish as undergraduates and I have no publications. I've worked on one independent research project for 8 months as part of my course and I'll be conducting one for my masters, however I doubt either will publish. The rest of my experience is clinical - I have worked in the Emergency Department doing patient triaging and worked in palliative care for 4 years each. I'm looking to apply to John Hopkins, UPenn, Duke and UNC Chapel Hill. If you have any recommended programmes that may be less competitive but respectable please let me know. Will I be a likely contender for the spaces on those programs? I know my experience is lacking and I cannot take time to get more before that's suggested. Please be honest as an application would cost time and money. Thankyou all!
  12. Hello,, I would like to ask you a question. I have applied to postgraduate programs for 2020: U of Warwick - International Politics and East Asia- Waiting U of Warwick- US Foreign Policy- Waiting U of Exeter- International Relations- Offer U of Essex- International Relations- Offer SOAS- Asian Politics- Waiting Leiden University- International Relations and Diplomacy- Waiting U of Bristols- International Relations- Waiting U of Edinburgh- International Relations- Waiting Which school do you recommend me from the above? As you can see I am interested in US Politics, Asian Politics, and International Relations. I am planning for PhD once I finish this Masters program. So far I got offers from Exeter and Essex. Other admission teams told me that the results will be in two weeks. While I wait for the other schools, I'd like to ask which school should I pick between Exeter and Essex. I know Exeter is quite prestigious school in the UK.. (UK top #10) However, I have also heard that regardless of low name-value and ranks, Essex is really strong in US politics. I'm an international student and I have not visited above schools yet. I've researched through google and other websites. I have asked some of the British people and they all recommended me to go to Exeter. I'd like to ask here.. Have any of you heard of Essex? Is it really good in politics? Which school would be better for future career and PhD?
  13. Hello people! I am a 2018 ChemE grad from Nigeria and I'm applying to ChemE PhD programs in the US. I graduated from a top 5 Nigerian institution where I completed senior research and design projects. I was wondering if these would be sufficient research experience for PhD programs given that American and Asian students have more research experiences. My stats are: GPA--4.82/5(roughly a 3.87/4) GRE-- 160Q, 162V, 4.5 My research interests include-- fuel/PV cells, electrochemistry and batteries, CO2 conversion, and air pollution Other info-- I have LORs from my research Supervisor, design Supervisor and a senior lecturer from my department which I believe are all very positive. I was also ranked 2nd in my class. I have applied to the following Universities: University of Michigan Purdue University of Colorado boulder University of Notre dame Rensselaer polytechnic institute University of Iowa Stevens institute of technology I appreciate your comments and suggestions! Thank you
  14. Hi, I'd really appreciate if someone who studied Economics in Germany could help me with this! I studied Law with a major in Tax in a top university in Latin America. I've been working in Tax since I was a student. However, instead of pursuing a Master of Laws (LLM) or something similar (law-oriented) I want to shift to a more economics-oriented degree, something related to Tax Policy, or Economic Development. First question: I have around 3-4 years to complete my studies in Germany (including learning German), because my husband will be getting his Phd in Hannover. Would it make sense for me to get "leveled-up" in Economics, enroll in a BA in Economics in some university/college in or near Hannover and then apply for an MA in Economic Development a year later? If so, any recommendations of universities/collegues I could look into (with English courses)? Second question: Any comments on Leuphana University of Lüneburg for someone who would like to work in an international organization in the future? Thank you so much! Any comment is helpful. Rocio
  15. Hi, I am desperate for any comments or advice about double degree programs in LSE. I'm particularly interested in LSE/Fudan University Msc Global media and communications. I don't have a long work experience (only 1 year of intern experience in total), but will I still have the chance of getting accepted? Or should I gain more work experience by working at a related field for 2~3 years before applying? Any personal comments about the course would be appreciated. Thanks.
  16. Dearest Gradcafe, I have accepted an offer to study in Canada beginning in September, 2017. I live in the US and as such have experienced the difficulties of trying to secure housing from 1,500+ miles away. I found quite a nice place near to the campus which matches all of my criteria. I wonder whether or not anyone has experience in a similar situation. I will almost surely be unable to visit the place before moving to my new city permanently in the beginning of August. I am confident I'll be able to send either my advisor or fellow graduate student to view the place in my absence to verify that the house matches the description and photos listed online. I'm also hoping to arrange for a Skype meeting with the current tenant who's renting the room. Has anyone rented a place from a distance? Did you pay a deposit/rent from afar? Obviously I'm aware of the legitimate advise that one should never rent a place or exchange money in anticipation of renting a place without first seeing the place in person. Thank you for your advice in advance!
  17. hello I have been practicing law for the last five years at a commercial law firm and I am now switching over to the development side with an interest in helping others to make a change. I have applied for various masters courses as I am not yet certain which area I would like to focus on. I have received offers from:- 1. Kings College of London Msc Disasters, Adaptation and Development http://www.kcl.ac.uk/study/postgradu...nt-ma-msc.aspx Initially i applied to this course as they have a 3-6 month internship. Which i thought would be good for networking. Also the element of environment and development is becoming more important as years go by and natural resources are depleted (in my view).The more i read the course description it seems a bit too environment based and less on development. I am not sure if I will completely enjoy this course. Pros: London based network, Reputation of university Cons: less development and more environment, geography?! I made a second application for the Msc. Leadership and Development course (yet to hear back from them). Which seems less exam based and more course work. Also deals with more management issues which may be what I am looking at.http://www.kcl.ac.uk/study/postgradu...pment-msc.aspx Pros: Essay based rather than exam based, more development 2. University of WarwickLLM International Development law and Human Rightshttp://www2.warwick.ac.uk/fac/soc/law/current/pg/modules/ I like the fact that it has the law element in it so I won't lose out on my legal knowledge. However the downside is that living in coventry (Lemington spa) may be a tad bit boring as compared to London. Also I understand Masters degree is where one makes networks so by virtue of studying in one of the universities in London the network will be larger. Also now being a mature student I don't think i really want a campus based experience as i already had this for my undergraduate experience. But saying that it may be nice and quiet place to study. Pro: Essay based rather than exam based, Legal course Con: Campus, North Location and network 3. University of Surrey Msc Sustainable Development http://www.surrey.ac.uk/postgraduate...le-developmentI noticed university of surrey was ranked highly however I don't think many people have heard or think highly of the university just yet.Pros: sustainable development coursecons: campus based, recognition of universityI am yet to hear back from:1. Soas: Msc Development Studies 2. UCL: Msc. Social Development Practice 3. Kings: Msc. Leadership and Development course I applied to the Amani Institute for their post graduate in social innovation management. However I am not too sure about doing the course as it is not a substitute for a masters and I haven't heard very much about it.http://amaniinstitute.org/programs/p...ion-management Feel free to have a look at the descriptions and give me your thoughts. I am an international student and would appreciate your views and if you have heard anything good or bad about the respective courses. I am leaning towards KCL but just a bit worried about the course being less development and more geography
  18. Hi All, I am from Pakistan and planning to do my masters in International Education Policy/Development. I have applied to various programs and scholarships over the past couple of years including one MPA AND MPP program. My story is pretty much summed up in the image. While I am still waiting to hear from Fulbright, university scholarships from UPENN, Kings and UCL; I need to be clear about what I should do if I don't get any of that. UPENN is like a dream school but even with 10,000 grant, I will need to take at least 80,000 dollars in loan. I wanted to know if its worth it? Cause if I take loan, I would need to stay back in US and pay back my loan as salaries aren't great in Pakistan in the development sector. I also got into International Education program in North Carolina Chapel Hill and my brother also lives there which will save living expense, but I do not like that program at all. I have an option to go to Kings in London (and possibly UCL as my application is at the last stage). It will cost me 22,000 dollars but there isn't any option that I can find where International students can take loan. My sister lives in London and she can co-sign it as well. I have almost four years of experience in the Education sector in Pakistan and waiting another year for Masters will neither help me save more money nor improve my chances for scholarships. I have already become insane because of all this anxiety of hearing from scholarships, so I would really appreciate some suggestions. In this situation, what would you guys recommend? SHould I take loan and go to UPENN? Is there a way I can fund my education at Kings? Or should I wait for next year and apply to HGSE's IEP (my dream program) which costs less than UPENN and some good state universities in US? Thanks, FT
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