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  1. Dear friends in gradcafe, till now I've got offers from TU Delft Ms EE Microelectronics and KU Leuven Ms EE. Though I also applied for other univs (like TU/e and KTH), I would like to choose from these two since they are my first choice. The situation is that I really do have a passion for research, especially in digital systems as well as computer/chip architectures. However, I personally think that the Ph.D. is highly opportunity related, which means sometimes if there are no suitable positions, going for industry is also OK for me as long as I can find some research related job. So, as far as I am concerned, although the courses in TU Delft is hard, the education in KU Leuven is far more harder. While KU Leuven is famous for its education quality, it's also famous for the pressure there. I heard that students at KU Leuven may take courses from 8 am to 6 pm 5 days a week at least. The courses are also so tough that many students (at least a half) would fail or even have to retake. On the other side, courses at TU Delft are a little bit more friendly while students have more time to arrange, which means time for internships and also longer time for the thesis (9 months). Any ideas my friends? Appreciate it in advance!
  2. Hi! I am a third year Life Sciences student at HAN University of Applied Sciences (Netherlands) and I'm looking for internships in the field of Human Genetics or Neurogenetics. I've applied to a few companies and universities, but I was wondering if anyone has any advice or recommendations on where I should apply. I would prefer to do my internship in Europe. Any sort of advice would really help. Thanks!
  3. Hi everyone, I hope someone can help me out! I'm planning to go to Germany later this year and I have a question about health insurance for international students there. As far as I understand, there are two types of health insurance one can get in Germany: Public health insurance Private health insurance Also, if a student opts to take a private health insurance, they can't switch back to the public one throughout their studies (is this information correct?). The private ones seem to be significantly cheaper, but I am a little worried about going for the private one because I have heard that employers do not let students with a private health insurance work for them or intern for them. An internship is an important part of my planned studies so I'm really worried that it would be a problem. Does anyone else have experience with this in Germany or any other European country with similar rules? TL;DR: I have heard that students with private health insurance are not allowed to work or intern in Germany, is that true?
  4. Alright, I've talked to a few people about this but I'm really looking for someone who can help me tip the scales at all on making this decision. Any and all opinions welcome! I applied to a bunch of Ph.D. programs this past fall 2020 for fall 2021 under one of the following depending on the school chem bio/bio-analytical/nucleic acid biochemistry, knowing I'd graduate in Dec. 2020 (paid for by my grad school prep program for undergrads which I'm not apart of anymore since graduating). I wanted to get some industry experience in my time off and have found myself accepting a prestigious 12-month long internship at a national lab doing very interdisciplinary stuff under chemical engineering but they'll put me on more biochem projects once this one has taken off. The last intern actually stayed 18 months until he left for grad school and left with 5 publications and 3 patents. Getting a couple of publications within the next year would be reasonable. So my choices are 1) going through all the interviews and visitation weekends now (during the beginning of the internship, which they are flexible and letting me take days off to do) to accept and defer one school from the pool of acceptances or 2) reapply next season, pay for all the apps myself, with a lot of new experience under my belt and on my resume. My internship PI said he has a 100% success rate of getting his students into their grad school of choice. I don't know what to do! I was thinking of deferring several places but I don't want that to reflect poorly on me from different universities and PI's perspectives. I also don't want to have to face any backlash from denying an acceptance and then reapplying next year. For some context on my qualifications, I have ~3 years of research experience, so far accepted or invited to interview at University of Michigan-Ann Arbor chemistry (2nd choice?), West Virginia University (desperately want me to start ASAP, paid), University of Washington biochem, and UC-Davis for chem where they offered an additional $5,000 stipend to come. So far rejected from UCSF Tetrad (top choice), University of Minnesota-Twin Cities chem, and UC-Davis chem.
  5. Has anyone heard so far from EPFL? I am really anxious for this year. Have you been contacted by a prof? What are some other programs I could apply to if I don't make it to this one?
  6. Hello everyone. I hope everyone is doing well and staying healthy during the current health pandemic. For those of you who recently graduated or are expecting to graduate soon, did you complete your medical externship through teletherapy? If so which teletherapy companies are open to students?
  7. Hi everyone! I was wondering if anyone heard back from SFMOMA about summer internships. I think they mentioned somewhere that qualified candidates would be interviewed in early March. Does it mean they had already reach out to those who got into the interview round? Very anxious at this point. Good luck to everyone who applied!
  8. Im in my 2nd semester of Speech Pathology grad school/program and already looking into internship sites for my last semester. I am trying to go into Medical Speech Path. or Early Intervention but both fields are incredibly competitive when it comes to applying for internships. What can I do now to make me look more competitive? Im obviously aiming for high grades and im doing fine so far and im writing a thesis on a medical speech path topic (and im bilingual so I guess thats a plus too) Is there anything more I can do? I cant really officially "do" observations anymore since they dont count towards my hours and I cant really show any proof I took initiative for that... ANY ideas would help (from anyone with advice applying to competitive internships!!!)
  9. Really anxious about the results for summer@epfl programme. Has anyone received nay response yet?
  10. Hey all, just joined the site and I'm not sure if this topic is covered elsewhere. Anyway, here's the deal: I have anxiety and depression, usually have it well-handled with therapy and meds. But now that I'm in the waiting zone for internship to start in the fall, I've had a pretty bad flare up. I'm actively working on it, getting the right treatment and adjusting my meds, but I can't shake this lingering fear that I'm going to crash and burn at internship. I'm most concerned about having to move away from my husband and entire social network. Is anyone else struggling with this? How are you coping? Words of encouragement?
  11. Hello everyone! I'm new here :) I signed up to check if there's anyone out there who applied for the 2018 NATO internship program. I applied in May and still haven't heard back. I hold a Master degree form LSE in London, and multiple internship experiences with the UN in NYC and with the European Commission in Brussels (Blue Book Traineeship). I'm now interning at OSCE Mission in Kosovo, in Pristina, and I will be here for the next 6 months. NATO recruiterds dn't know I am in Kosovo, because at the time of the application I didn't have the internship offer yet. I have close friends interning at NATO at the moment, and they told me the recruitment process is often slow, so I should not worry yet. Also, I haven't received any refusal email yet. Anyone out there still waiting? And what are the chances I will get it? Thanks! Cheers, Isma
  12. I am Anita Kumar and I am a second year Neuropsychology Master student in UCL (Université Catholique de Louvain) in Belgium. Next year, after I graduate from my Masters, I am going to pursue my education by doing internships within a certificate year at UCL. This means that I will be a student under the insurance of my university. I want to develop my skills in English, therefore I am interested to do an internship or a pracitucm placement in clinical Neuropsychology with adults or older adults. Would an internship for an international student be possible with a master degree? If so, where should I look for further information to apply ? Thank you for your help. Anita KUMAR
  13. I applied to the program for the international round. This is my second time applying and I know the odds are low. I can't help but getting anxious about this since I have not received any follow-up yet which I am afraid that it is likely that I will just receive a rejection email in early march.... Has anyone received a request for interview? Thanks!
  14. Hello everyone. I am new to GradCafe as I will be an upcoming graduate student in the Fall 2019. I got into a summer research internship this summer, and I want to make the most out of it. I will be working with two students. They sent me a thesis and a few papers to read about their work, motivation, and experiment. What is the best and most effective way to read papers? In undergrad, I feel as if it is very different. How do you guys analyze papers/thesis? What should I be looking for? What software do you use to sort/cite what you read online? Any other tips for a newbie? Thank you!
  15. I am starting an internship program soon that prepares me to be an SLPA. It’ll be my first time doing real hands on work within the field. I will be doing it at a pediatric therapy clinic and while I’m excited, I am also very nervous as I know I will be planning sessions, writing SOAP notes, collecting data, etc. It’ll be my first time working with clients and I’m worried I won’t know what the heck I’m doing. I’ve never planned therapy before or managed a caseload and every child is so different. Any tips would be much appreciated!
  16. I used to be a Research Intern and I'm not sure if that's worth putting on a CV for a PhD application. Thoughts? Also, are the job titles "Research Intern" and "Research Assistant" interchangeable or would that be too much of a stretch?
  17. Hello! I recently began a practicum in a primary school for children ages 3-6. Most of these children have developmental delays in addition to speech/language goals. My graduate program requires us to complete a single-subject research design project and I need some help thinking of ideas! I would like to avoid doing a project on articulation if possible unless someone has a great idea, but does anyone have any good ideas on what I could research? I need to come up with a research question/statement by next week. Thanks!
  18. Hey guys! Just wondering if anyone can relate to my experience or can offer any helpful advice. I began my SLP practicum working with kids ages birth-3 in First Steps, so I travel around to client's houses all day. My supervisor has made it very clear that this job is her life and schedules herself 11-12 hour days (sometimes longer) Monday through Friday. I am typically gone from 7am til 7-8pm or later. I think these hours are ridiculous....especially for a first time practicum student, but I am required to work the same hours as my supervisor. We are also going into some extremely dangerous neighborhoods and I often feel very unsafe. I was told by my school that they won't change my hours since she is directly treating clients for 40 hours per week (apparently it doesn't matter that we are actually working for 60 hours!!). They also won't allow me to decide whether or not I go to those dangerous neighborhoods (although my supervisor picked up these clients because the other SLPs refused to go to these areas). Any advice on how to get through this? It's only been one week and I've come home crying every day and I'm completely overwhelmed. I constantly feel anxious and am not sleeping well either anymore. These hours aren't typical are they? This has really killed my desire to be in the field. 10 more weeks to go...
  19. Finished my undergrad two years ago. Graduate admissions didn’t work out too well (applied to top hep-th schools, so no surprise there). I may apply again, not sure. Either way I’d like to have some solid research experience before I do. Maybe a publication or two in a good journal. However, most summer research option, like REU’s, are impossible now that I’m out of college. So what options do I have? I could just start emailing professors, but that seems disorganized and I’m not sure how I’d be able to arrange the logistics, funding, etc. How do I go about this? Anyone here have experience with this stuff? I’m open to anything in high energy physics theory.
  20. So yesterday I replied to an email from a potential supervisor for a first year internship. I sent her my interview availability yesterday and still haven't heard back. Logically I know I should give her more time before I freak out that she hasn't responded yet, but illogically my anxiety is creeping in. How long should I wait to follow up? A part of the anxiety is that I have to ask for time off work and shocker, I can't tell my boss I'm going on internship interviews. plz help!
  21. Has anyone taken an internship related to your research while on tenure status? I am currently on reserve and had planned to switch to tenure status in the fall. However, my coordinating official said that because my summer internship is directly related to my research (even though it is a private sector internship), I could start using the NSF funding over the summer. Has anyone done this? I trust my CO, but I don't want to do anything that could accidentally mess up my funding.
  22. I have been accepted into the Security Policy Studies masters program at GW. They have only offered me $4k a semester in aid and I need much more help than that to be able to attend. My loans will only cover about $20k a year. Does anyone know of the best way to approach this? Should I write them and ask about more funding opportunities? Can I appeal for more money?
  23. Hi everyone! Can you guys share about your internship experiences as undergraduates? I am currently applying for internship positions at MoMA, Guggenheim, Whitney and SFMoMA. Anyone currently interning or having interned in these places? I am new to the site and thanks in advance!
  24. Hi everyone! I was wondering if anyone has heard back from the St. Louis Art Museum yet? I'm not sure when they are sending word.
  25. Hi everyone, Has anyone else applied for one of the Getty Grad internships? I have applied for the curation internship in both painting and drawing. We are due to hear back this month (January) with decisions or interviews. I know its only the start of January but I'm already eager to know. I'm based in the UK but hold dual UK - US nationality Amy
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