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Found 332 results

  1. I had a skype interview a couple weeks ago with a professor at one of the schools I applied to that I thought went pretty well. Later, by some random miracle I got accepted into 3 other schools that are my top choices and I am now deciding between. I wasn't sure whether I was still in the running for this earlier school I had a skype interview with (due to me drawing incorrect conclusions from stalking this website ) but I just got invited to interview there. I am not going to go to this interview because it'd be a waste of their money and time on me since I have other offers and will not consider this school anymore. I plan on sending a generic email to the admin assistant declining the invitation to visit and asking them to remove me from consideration. My question is what should I email the professor I interviewed with? Most recs for personal declining emails to professors say to just be straight about the program I am choosing. But I haven't picked where I'm going yet and won't know until my last visit in April. Would it be cocky if I say I am considering two other schools instead and name them? I don't want to insult this current school or professor. But also the professor got his PhD at one of the schools I'm considering. I just had a very honest/direct conversation with the professor during my interview and think he deserves the courtesy of my transparency, I just don't want to accidentally offend or come off pompous.
  2. Hi all! As many of us may still be optimistically waiting to receive invitations to interviews, I was wondering if people could post the dates of interviews they know about for certain programs. This can help folks get an idea of if they're likely to be accepted or not. e.g. University of Utah - PhD in Psychology - 2/7/20
  3. Has anyone received their itinerary for the Feb 6-9 interview weekend yet?
  4. M246

    Interview advice

    Would it be possible for current life-sciences graduate students to give advice on interview weekends? What to expect, how to dress, acceptance chances after interviews and other relevant information. Thanks!! 馃槃
  5. Hi all I am applying to Pittsburgh Political Science PhD Program and saw from the 'results' section that some ppl have received interview invitations. I haven't heard anything back yet..... Anyone in the same situation? I wonder does it mean I am basically rejected. 馃槰
  6. Does anyone receive the interview invitation for Northwestern Master of Analytics?
  7. AS an international students who got a Master's degree in US, I applied for 15 different PhD programs this year and got 4 rejections, 2 wait-list and just 1 interview now. I am so stressful recently, I sent emails to those silent schools and got a general reply, "decisions have not yet been made", I do no really know what these mean, I kind of feel they were just wait a date to send all rejections at one time. As I found on the Grad Cafe, usually people got interviews no later than Feb, so I am so sad at this time.
  8. Hello! I am having a bit of a dilemma and I am at a loss for what to do. I just got an interview invite yesterday from UCSD's biology program and both interview dates conflict with my other interview dates. I already emailed them to ask for an alternate date or a Skype interview, but I doubt that is going to work out. I definitely can't go the first session, so I've been considering asking the school I committed to first but overlaps with the second session (UW-Madison Neuroscience) for an alternate date/Skype interview. Would it look bad for me to do so? What would you do in this situation? Thank you!
  9. Hi! I am a recent Master of Public Health graduate on the search for jobs. I had my second interview for a position I really want a little over two weeks ago (let me know if it would be helpful for you to know what the position was). I sent my interviewers a "Thank You" note immediately after I interviewed with them . They replied back thanking me for my time and for interviewing for the position and that I should hear back from a team member after they have completed the interviewing process. During the interview, they said that I should expect to hear back in a few weeks either way. I have not heard back since their reply to my "Thank You" email. I am planning on following up with them this week, but I would like some feedback on my follow-up email. My draft email is posted below: ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Subject: Thank You: Following Up Regarding Interview Dear [INTERVIEWER 1] and [INTERVIEWER 2], I hope you had a great weekend and that this email finds you well. Thank you again for considering me for the [NAME OF POSITION] position at [PLACE OF EMPLOYEMENT]. I want to follow-up regarding my interview and candidacy for this position. During our interview, you mentioned that I should expect to hear back either way in a few weeks. I want to express my continued interest in the [NAME OF POSITION] position. What excites me most about this position is having the opportunity to learn about both global and domestic public health initiatives while sharpening my data management and analysis skills under senior biostatisticians. I would like to reiterate and emphasize the following skills and attributes that I can bring to the position and the [NAME OF TEAM] team. 路 Detail-orientation necessary to query data for completeness and accuracy and to prepare data and databases for statistical analyses 路 Experience creating surveys and entering survey data in REDCap and moving a project from Development to Production ([NAME OF EXPERIENCE] experience at [PLACE OF EMPLOYEMENT]); eagerness and aptitude for learning new programming languages and databases (SQL and Oracle) 路 Problem solving skills to understand and debug programming code 路 Scientific writing skills for contributing to data reports and statistical methods and results sections (Wrote Results section for [NAME OF STUDY] study and Results and methods sections for [NAME OF STUDY] study) 路 Organizational skills and ability to submit high-quality deliverables in a timely manner (Student Consultant roles) If you require any other information from me to help with your decision making process, please let me know. I can be reached at [MY PHONE NUMBER] or via email at [MY EMAIL ADDRESS]. If I don't hear from you in another week or so, would you mind if I send another follow-up email? Thank you once again for your time and consideration, Sincerely, [MY NAME] ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- A person who suggested this template suggested that the subject line be: Follow Up to [INTERVIEW DATE] Interview However, I thought that reminding my interviewers of the date I interviewed with them would sound a little pushy, especially since I mentioned in my body that during the interview, that they mentioned that I should expect to hear back either way. Any thoughts on this? Any feedback regarding the content of my email will be appreciated! Thank you for all of your help, and thanks for reading!
  10. So I applied to Columbia Teacher's College School Psychology PhD program in November, and I was wondering if competitive applicants are contacted for interviews? I applied in November and have not heard a word yet. I think that the interview process varies per department (not all programs require an interview at TC), so I was wondering if anyone had any experience specifically with the school psychology program. Also, there's a chance that I may have seriously fucked up... I remember submitting a Resume but not a CV (I don't think that Teachers College required a CV, which I found surprising, but I could have possibly overlooked or misunderstood that in the application). Did other people applying to TC submit a CV? anyone remember if it was required? I may have f*cked up, but there's always next year (I only applied to two programs lol) although a gap year or two between grad and undergrad wouldn't be the worst.
  11. Do any applicants past or present know anything about the questions they鈥檒l ask?
  12. Hello forum, I have managed to gain not one, but two interviews for separate psychometrist positions. I'm applying with my BA (min required) and some experience in scoring (but not fully administering) tests. Being hired for one of these openings would make a huge difference in my life, and I want to prepare as well as I can. For those of you who have psychometrist experience, is there any particular advice you can give here? Any specific questions that I should prep for? Best things to highlight about myself? Any input definitely appreciated!
  13. Hi guys! Today I had an interview for a PhD Fulbright scholarship. The interview was via Skype since I鈥檓 currently in the US, and everything was going quite well at the beginning. I was confident and very fluent and clear with all my responses, but in one moment, out of the blue, the internet connection started failing. The persons on the other side weren鈥檛 able to hear me and I couldn鈥檛 hear them either. I was so disappointed after the interview 鈥榗ause I had prepared for this during almost one year. I got good grades and letters of recommendation, and good essays as well. Do you think I still have some hope or everything was just a waste of time? Thanks for reading me!
  14. Hello, I have an interview with Mercy College next week for the graduate program in Communication and disorders. Did anyone go to this interview? What type of questions do they ask? Is there a writing sample? I really hope to hear from someone soon. Thank you all!
  15. So.... I applied to PhD programs in Neuroscience this year and have not heard back from any schools yet. I have the sinking feeling I will not receive any interviews. Maybe something will come through last minute, but I cannot be sure. I have previously interned at NIH and would probably apply to their Post-Bac program. So now the thing is, I don't know how soon to give up hope of hearing back from my graduate programs and to pursue the Post-Bac program. I live far from DC so moving and housing is a big issue.
  16. Hi all, I applied to the Lifelong Kindergarten group at the Media Lab for Fall this year. Just wondering about any insights or experiences about the interview process during Jan/Feb. Potential questions, presentations, etc? It must be completely different among each group but I'm curious about what other students have to say.
  17. Hey everyone! As a newly enrolled master's student, I would want to apply for TAship positions at the Biomedical Engineering department at Johns Hopkins University. Can someone throw light about the entire selection process and how is it is like to be a TA?? Are you already expected to be an expert in the area in which you would be getting the assistantships or you are allowed to learn and earn at the same time??
  18. Trying to see if anyone has heard from St. Augustine! I had my interview two weeks ago and was told I should expect an update between 2-3 weeks from the admissions board via email. I thought that was a little odd due to the fact that the deadline is dec 15th. Wanted to see if anyone else is waiting to hear if they got in!
  19. Hi, I applied for a PhD in English Literature. It's a funded place and I just had an interview earlier this week. It was my first PhD interview and I proposed my own topic. I looked up all the questions that might be asked during a PhD interview (i.e. tell me about yourself, why are you the right candidate, weaknesses and strengths, why this project) and prepared for them, but on the day they dove straight into my project and asked me very detailed questions about the novels I want to work on (which of course doing a Master's I didn't have much time to think about them that far). So I was completely unprepared for this. But I managed to answer most of their questions. I said most because I couldn't answer two of them and gave a wrong answer to one of their questions. So I'm just wondering whether it's normal that interviewers would focus only on the candidates' projects and nothing else and whether the fact that I couldn't answer some of their questions is bad and shows that I haven't thought about the project properly. Have you had similar experience and did you get a place?
  20. I'd applied to Columbia for MS in Computer Science for Fall 2019 and submitted my application on Jan 15th. I got an interview invitation from on 9th March, 2019, which I gave on 10th. I haven't heard back from them since. I enquired about the same yesterday (21st March, 2019) if there was any status update for the application or if I was required to do anything else. I received a one liner reply stating that my application "remains in their review pipeline." Now, I understand around this time of the year, they'd be getting a lot of enquiries. So I wasn't really expecting a very verbose response about the status update. But what do you guys think? Is this a positive indication? Or does this imply a rejection? Or worse yet, does this imply nothing at all and it could turn out either way? Honestly, this wait has now become nerve wracking.
  21. Do all Columbia Ms Cs people get interviews. I haven't got an interview till now. What does it indicate?
  22. Hi guys. I have an interview with a joint msw mft program and am wondering about appropriate attire. I've seen general advice but was wondering if anyone had specific tips for social work grad school interviews. It's academic but also a "professional" program so not sure which way to go with it. Thanks!
  23. Hi everyone! I just got an email inviting me to interview at Northeastern University, which I am super excited about but I am a little confused because I did not realize they interview! I couldn't find any information on the website about an interview, and I chatted with professors/students at their ASHA table and an interview was never mentioned. Does anyone know any information regarding the interview/am I missing something?
  24. Hi, I wanted to know if anyone had their interview for the school psychology program at Queens College. How did it go? What types of questions were asked? Thank you in advance.
  25. Has anyone ever interviewed at Touro that could give some insight into the interview process? I just got called for an interview tonight (after 7 PM - is it just me or is that really late/weird? ?) so I'm excited! Any info on the program would be helpful too. Thanks!
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