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Found 164 results

  1. Does anyone know of SLP graduate programs that require an interview during the application process? It can be in person/phone/video chat. I only know of a few so far.
  2. Skype interview wardrobe

    Hi all. Looking for some wardrobe advice for a male for a Skype interview. It's with a university in texas if that makes a difference. Will an office shirt suffice? Tie or no tie? Shave or trim my beard? (Basically look like a toddler or stereotypical terrorist) thanks!
  3. Interview for potential job.

    I received an interview offer to become a Resident Director. I scheduled a phone interview and because I asked too late my interview is not this week, rather next week. However, I obtained the confirmation for the time and date...however I am expected to head over to the school for the interview. However, I don't have a car to make the 6 hour drive for the interview. I thought I stated a phone interview in my previous email and I suggested the time since I'm off from work on that day. Moreover, it gave me time before I picked up my cousins from school... I am going to call her directly. But how do I tell her this? I don't want the committee to think I'm lazy and stuff. I have commitments to make and cannot afford to head out on a short notice.
  4. Hi All, I have an interview for New York Medical's SLP graduate program on Wednesday. I've never been on a graduate school interview and I was wondering if anyone has advice. Any advice is super helpful! I'm also waiting to hear back from Adelphi, Hofstra, CUNY Brooklyn, Teachers College and Touro. I received a rejection from NYU. Thank you all in advance!
  5. I had applied to a graduate program April 12th. The due date was April 15th. I received an email April 14th asking me to come in for an interview. I went to a group interview plus a one on one afterwards (April 21st). During the group interview and one on one interview I teared up and cried a bit. During the group interview after I had introduced myself and answered when did I know Teaching was for me. Two of the interviewers paused to delve into my topic of education as a means for a better life. They talked for like 5-10 minutes after my introduction. During my one on one. I cried yet again. Thinking about my childhood and how hard it was to do well when my parents didn't speak English and how I had to fill out my own lunch form. She told me not to apologize and that it only showed how passionate I am. The interviewer told me she couldn't tell me if i got in or not because it was a group decision. She said I have qualities that they are looking for and that I have early skills for a teacher. They said they would inform us if we had gotten in or not in a week. Tomorrow will be exactly a week. I am nervous because I haven't heard anything back yet. My friend had applied for the same school as I did but a different program. She said she got an acceptance 2 days after the interview. Even though they told her it would be a week. I am really nervous and really hope I get accepted. Any suggestions? Do you think I've been rejected since they are taking so long? I haven't been able to sleep well since the interview and I've been refreshing my email every hour hoping for an update.
  6. Has anyone ever interviewed at Touro that could give some insight into the interview process? I just got called for an interview tonight (after 7 PM - is it just me or is that really late/weird? 😕) so I'm excited! Any info on the program would be helpful too. Thanks!
  7. Hello, I received an interview day itinerary from a School Psychology Ph.D. program and it states that there will be a "short stats sample in the morning to supplement the materials you submitted with your application." Does anyone know what this means or experienced something similar during their interview? I'm slightly freaking out and would appreciate any advice! Thank you.
  8. Interview and verbal offer

    I had my interview two weeks ago and was told by the professor that I was "obviously qualified" and she would like to offer me a place and the next step was to send me a formal offer. It has been two weeks and I have since sent a follow up email (to admissions as well as my interviewer) and have yet to hear a single thing from anyone!! I am getting frustrated.....any advice out there???
  9. Hey y'all, So I'm trying not to obsess over the fact that two people already received acceptances to Villanova's MA program, even though the application deadline isn’t even until March 1st. I applied for the Graduate Assistantship – CASA when I applied for the English program, because the deadline for the GA -CASA is March 6th. I just have a couple of questions. 1) Why put the application deadline so late and, apparently, accept people before that? What does that mean? 2) Why make the funding opportunities have applications the same time as the program applications? Wouldn’t that just mean more work, i.e. examining funding applications for students that don’t even end up accepted to the school? 3) The major reason for my breaking down and asking these questions on GC: I just received an email from Villanova stating that all of my materials were sent in correctly for the CASA application, and that “We will be contacting you soon for an interview.” WHAT DOES IT MEAN WHAT DOES IT MEAN?
  10. Hey everyone! Same as last year's thread: now that the interview season is upon us, lets post the following: when you got the invite to the interview where one could find the invite, portal, etc any tips from previous interviews questions that were asked on the interview that can help us good luck to everyone!!
  11. Has anyone received any updates on if they were invited to an interview for UNT or UofL? I applied to the Master's in Clinical Mental Health Counseling in both!
  12. Am I the only one who hasn't heard back from Brown (MCB)???? I was interviewed the first weekend and it's been a month since their second interview weekend. So I'm kinda just waiting around to make a decision. I got a offer at Washington State and they seem to be pushing hard for an answer but I don't want to accept without hearing back. Anyone else in the same boat?
  13. I am interested to know if anyone has gone through the interview process for internships at Bloomberg. Ever do a recorded interview for them? What else were you challenged with? Thanks! JYP
  14. Hi, I was just wondering if anyone who has been to an interview day for Speech-Language Pathology program at CSUSM could share a little about what to expect. Unlike other school, their interview process is 4 hours long and the faculty just told me that I have to stay for all 4 hours. They didn't tell me what to expect or what to prepare for. Did anyone else get an invitation to CSUSM knows anything about their interview process? Any insights are welcomed! Thank you!
  15. 2017 MFA Interview Thread

    I'm preparing myself for an interview (and hopefully more), so I thought it'd be nice to have a new interview thread for this year. I'm copying and pasting the questions from last year's thread. Common Questions Visual Arts Applicants are Asked During an Interview How does your work fit in with the contemporary art world/scene? Why do you want to go to XXXXX? Why do you want to go to grad school? Why now? What resources of this program will be the biggest benefit to your development as an artist? What is your work about? What are your influences? What for you constitutes a good work of art? What draws you to a piece of work? What motivates your work? Who are your main influences? Where do you see yourself in 10 years? How does your work fit in with the contemporary art world/scene? What do you think is a good critique of your work/bad critique? Why/how did you choose the people who wrote letters for you? How will you contribute to this program? What do you do for fun? What artists do you like? (you can have a list prepared) What artists who are no longer living influence you? What book are you reading right now? What do you think about it? What are you working on right now? Please explain this work (xxxx03.jpg) What is your favorite piece of art? Why? (Title, artist,year) Can you describe yourself, such as personal habit, etc. Do you get along well with others ? What would you bring to a group dynamic ? What can you offer this program? Any special skills? What do you think is a good way of criting ? a bad way? What other aspects of culture influence your work besidesart/art history? How do you see yourself taking advantage of this school’s enviroment/program? What exhibition have you been to in the last year? What have you done since you’ve graduated? What contemporary artists are you into, and why? Tell us about the conceptual underpinnings of your work? Talk about your process. What do you think about *this essay*? (related to your work) How is your work related to *this movement*? Do you have any questions for us? What do you think about (artist, movement, subject/topic) What can't you stand? Why? What do you think about your own work? How do you want your work to develop? Why are you making the work you're making, and why do you want to keep doing it? Meaning behind your subject matter? influences so you've written a good amount about your practice in your statement...can you expand a little more what was the last show you saw that had a profound effect on you? Ideas for Questions to Ask During Your Interview what's the degree of permeability between the department's different studio areas? what do the teaching assistantship duties generally consist of? Will I be assisting a professor, or will I be teaching my own class? Have recent alumni stayed in the area or ventured elsewhere? What is the grad student to faculty ratio? Ask for more information about particular courses in the curriculum. Other Tips Be able to speak about the professors work and why you are influenced by it. Write a follow up Thank you email within 48 hours after your interview.
  16. I was wondering if anyone has gotten a reply on being shortlisted for the Gates Cambridge Scholarship for international students? Thanks!
  17. Dear friends, Last Friday I had a PhD interview for a position that matched with my research interests. My interview went pretty well (45 mins long) I was asked a few technical questions to which I replied to the best of my capability. The interviewer even appreciated me for my good answers to the technical questions. At the end of the interview, he asked me when I could start working if selected and also Informed me that the results would be declared in a week's time, During the interview, They said that there were still a couple of candidates left to interview after me in the upcoming days. I must say this wait is pure agony. I really hope that I can get this PhD position as I'm deeply interested in the subject and feel that It can be a great start to my academic research career. It's Thursday today and still I have not received any reply. I hope I'm still in contention for this position. Best regards
  18. I am 95% sure that my group interview was a test.... I applied to the CSUS School Counseling program and was invited to an interview. I showed up for my interview and, surprise, there were 6 applicants interviewed simultaneously! None of us were told that this would be a group interview. This is apparently how the Department of Education conducts all of their interviews. What I really want to know is, was this a test? A social experiment? A chance for the interviewers to see how we interact in a group setting? There were NO truly substantive questions asked, NO opportunities for us to ask questions, and NO enforced time limits on responses (which led to what I would consider an unfair hogging of time by some of the applicants in the room). It was bizarre. Does anyone else have any experience with this? Thanks.
  19. On Campus Interviews

    So this is half questions and half venting tbh. The literature program I applied to invites a short lists of candidates to campus and admits people based off the interviews (and I'm assuming casual interactions) from that visit. So despite it being rather late, they haven't sent out any invitations. Any advice on how to make a specific literary topic applicable to many professors? I talked about learning a minority language (that maybe two professors could help me with) in my statement of purpose, but I'm worried other professors will find it too niche. This is a comparative literature program btw. Do you think it should suggest doing another language as well as the minority language I discussed or would that look too flaky? I also just got an email from the school inviting me to a Diversity day recruitment. It honestly made me so anxious, though, because it led with a "congratulations on your acceptance," but I haven't been accepted. It got me so riled up, and now I'm nervous about my interviews. No responses needed on that really, I'm just upset that the generic email got my hopes up.
  20. Purdue PhD Applicants

    Hi. Creating a thread for ppl to discuss on Purdue Ph.D. application Status. I applied for CS department on December 19th, done with the interview and waiting for results.
  21. Preparing for Clinical PhD Interview

    So it looks like a few people have heard some positive news from grad schools about upcoming interviews starting next month. How is everyone preparing? I know that I did some initial preparation when I was completing my applications, but I'm not too sure where to go from here. Every POI has published material, ongoing grants and recently completed work, lab websites/department biographies... But what is interview day/weekend really about and what kinds of questions should we be preparing for and what questions should we be asking as we are on these interviews? Happy Holidays!
  22. SFA interview

    Does anyone know if SFA has an essay as part of the interview? Any information about the interview process would be amazing. Thank you!
  23. Hello there! I applied to four masters' programs to specialized in geographical applications to groundwater management. I received acceptances from three! I was planning on visiting all three (driving to SIUC tonight to visit tomorrow). I live in Tennessee. Oregon State - offered me T-A position and funds towards visiting them. Top choice San Diego State - no aid package yet, no funds toward visit. second choice Southern Illinois University Carbondale - Full scholarship, research fellowship, minimal cost to visit I'm agonizing over whether to visit San Diego State. I could technically afford to, but it's a sticker shock. How many of you visited all the schools you were accepted for, and have you ever committed to a school sight-unseen? And what kind of considerations and questions did you look out for in a post-acceptance interview? Sincerely, Courtney Vanderbilt '13 Environmental Policy
  24. I have been accepted for an on campus interview at Texas tech, but I can no longer go there in person. Is it possible that they would let me change my on campus interview to a Skype interview? If so, does a skype interview impact my chance of admission negatively? I don't want to throw away my chance simply because I can't make it in person. One more question, has anyone ever changed their interview to a later date due to conflict? thank you!
  25. I have received an email that I have been shortlisted for the Bonn Cologne Graduate Scholarship (BCGS) , and I am supposed to visit Germany for a week in order to visit the universities campuses, give a 10-minute presentation, and have an interview. My question is, does anyone know any details regarding that matter (presentation/interview), or have an idea about what to expect? Any info would be appreciated