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Found 10 results

  1. Hi everyone, I have a PhD offer from University of Washington iSchool and an MS offer from University of British Columbia Computer Science department. I am having great trouble in deciding between these two offers. I am an HCI researcher and my future goal is to be an UX researcher / UX designer in the industry. UW is among the top 3 in HCI, so everyone is suggesting me to accept UW offer. Although I know that a PhD will be very good for the career I am envisioning, I am not sure if I want to pursue a PhD now. I am a bit hesitant to make a 6 year PhD commitment. The offer from UBC is from a very reputed senior professor, and an MS may give me option to do research as well as pursue jobs to decide finally if I want to do a PhD. But at the same time, I also realise that the offer from UW is too good to let go. Also, I have heard from alumnis in UBC that the job market in HCI in Canada is sort of bleak. So I am confused if letting go of the UW offer would be a good decision. Can anyone share any thoughts regarding deciding between this two? Also, can anyone share, if I reject UW and after 2/3 years I feel positive about PhD and decide to reapply, will my application be disregarded since I rejected an offer previously? I believe my profile will be much stronger with an MS. Thanks in advance!
  2. Hey all! I saw a few threads for the Information masters at the U of T iSchool, but nothing for the Museum Studies masters specifically. Are you guys out there??? I submitted my application in mid-December and my application is still showing as "submitted". I've reached a point where I'm checking my application 10 times a day and I need a crumb of reassurance that others are still waiting to hear, or have gotten an acceptance!! Has anyone received any news?
  3. Hey everyone! As the title kinda suggests, I'm waiting to hear back on my MI application for UofT. Just wanted to see if anyone else is on the same boat!
  4. Hey everyone! Starting this thread because I found that the same threads relating to UofT's iSchool admissions from 2018 and 2019 were really helpful to me. Just wondering, did anyone else apply for the iSchool program this year for the Fall 2021 start date? Did you apply to other schools? I applied for the Fall 2021 start date and finished my application before the January 31st early deadline, so just wondering if anyone else here is in the same boat. In SGS my status is "Documents Received - excl. official transcripts." Super anxious to hear back!
  5. Hey everyone, As decisions roll out for the UofT iSchool Master's and PhD programs, I thought I would create this thread so we can share information. Please feel free to post any FYIs or questions you may have 🙂 Has anyone heard back regarding the status of their application, and whether they were accepted/ rejected?
  6. Found the other thread from 2018 related to the University of Toronto's iSchool programs very helpful, so thought I would start a thread for this upcoming year. Anyone else apply for the ischool programs for next year? Have you applied to other schools ? I applied to the Master of Information program for fall, and got an acceptance letter in mid January. I submitted my application in early November. I have also applied to the Communication and Culture at Ryerson, but haven't heard back anything from Ryerson yet. The MI program is my preferred program between the two, but I am only worry about the iSchool program is the cost compared to the program at Ryerson.
  7. Anyone applying for iSchool for the Fall 2018 term? Couldn't find any active forums so I thought I would start one to discuss applications and whatnot!
  8. Hey Everyone! I haven't been able to find a thread for uoft ischool so I thought I would just start it here. I haven't heard back yet, I applied on January 31st for the program as well as OGS, I was wondering if anyone has found out if they have been accepted or rejected yet? I know they told us we would hear by the 3rd, but with that approaching so quickly I just thought it would be useful to have this forum. Best of luck to everyone! Thanks in advance for the responses!
  9. I'll be applying to it in January 2018. I have a psychology and neuroscience background. I don't know what exactly they look for in applicants. I'm mostly interested in how much they care about extra-curriculars and which, and volunteer/work experience they look for. Thanks!
  10. Hi folks, I have applied to PhD programs in iSchools for fall 2012 and have heard good news from them. I am now facing problems as which one to choose. Any one here facing the similar issue? Any one studying in these schools? What factors would you put in priority when you want to do your PhD and are looking for a research career in a top research university or a company like IBM, Microsoft, etc.? How important ranking is? Ranking of the program or ranking of the school in general? I would really appreciate your inputs!
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