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Found 10 results

  1. There are professors that I'd like to work with in both universities. There is one research group at Columbia I am very enthusiastic about, however, not many others coincide with my interests. On the other hand, I can think of working with many more groups at Cornell. How important is this -- having the possibilities? Also, professors from my uni state that Cornell has a stronger program for PChem. However, I don't know how would it be like to live in Ithaca. It seems kinda harsh, given the weather conditions and so on. What other factors should I consider while deciding? Any suggestions would be highly appreciated!
  2. I am admitted to the master of data science program at Harvard and MIIS at CMU. I am trying to decide between the two programs. Harvard's brand name is really attractive, but I don't know if a master is considered an alumnus. And also CMU is number 1 in CS field. I went to Umich for undergraduate and I majored in computer science. My current career goal is to become an SDE or data scientist after graduating from grad school. But I didn't completely rule out the possibility of getting a Ph.D. I would really appreciate any advice!
  3. Hey, I am unable to find much information regarding brown university's solid mechanics graduate program on the internet. Their webpage seems okay and prima facie the program looks strong, and I even spoke to a graduate student who said that the program is really good, but I was unable to find any other information otherwise. Can someone give me any information regarding this?
  4. I’m currently in my foundation year of my masters program for social work. I’m at University of Pennsylvania and having a very tough time here. I believed this would be an amazing environment but its been anything but that. I’m contemplating transferring grad schools to somewhere I feel welcomed and comfortable as well. I want to be happy.. anyone have any recommendations for schools to look into?
  5. I was accepted to an M.A. program at Columbia University for fall 2018, but was granted a deferral to next fall. While I was initially overjoyed, I've been reading online that Columbia has a notorious reputation for "cash cow" masters programs. What are the red flags that a grad program is a "cash cow"? FWIW, the program I got into is partially funded, requires a thesis, and is quite small. I was told by the M.A. coordinator that the acceptance rate is about 50%, so it's not like they accept everyone. I'm just hoping that this is a good return on investment. I've reached out to alums on LinkedIn, but they have not been responsive, which doesn't help as I'm looking for an insider perspective. The M.A. coordinator vaguely said that 50% of the program's grads go on to get PhDs, and the rest seek jobs at NGOs, nonprofits, the UN, etc. I think grad schools should be required to publish detailed employment stats, the way law schools have to. Any perspective would be appreciated!
  6. Is anyone interested in mutual assistance with their applications to universities for masters and phd? I'm thinking reviewing each other's statement of purpose, offering suggestions, reviewing applications and answers to their questions, etc. Tips on studying for the GRE, etc? All free mutual assistance. I am applying to a masters degree at an ivy league school. We can use this forum or other platforms. Hope to hear from people.
  7. 1. Anyone have the rankings of the Graduate Schools of Education at the Ivy League Schools? 2. Anyone know if any of them offer graduate courses in education online? Cheers.
  8. Hi, I would like to seek your inputs on my profile as below. 1) B.E., MBA from India followed by MSFE (MS in Fin Engg) from S'pore. 2) 10 year of professional experience 3) GMAT - 730, GRE - 325 Any advise on the prospective schools for a PhD in Finance, preferably in HongKong, US would be very much appreciated. Thanks.
  9. I was accepted to a handful of schools. My decision ultimately came down to an Ivy and a large state school that has a strong program in my area of specialization. After visiting both schools, asking the advice of many people in my field, and spending sleepless nights thinking about my future, I determined the state school was my better option. There is a part of me that wants to let the state school know I turned down an Ivy to accept their offer. I am hoping that maybe they will value me more if they knew. Is this an asshole, narcissistic move? Is there any diplomatic way to let them know?
  10. Hi all, I am a 2015 graduate in Electronics and Instrumentation Engineering (allied field of Electrical) and I spent the last few months working in an Optics lab in order to build my profile to get accepted for MS/PhD (open to both) in Applied Physics/ Electrical Engineering/ Optics. Note that in my undergraduate coursework, I've not had any courses related to Optics and it's my field of interest and therefore, I'm open to MS. So far I've received three offers- one funded PhD in Electrical, one unfunded MS in Applied Physics (2 years course) and a partially funded MS in Optics (1-2 years). All three schools are highly ranked in their respective fields, plus, there is interesting work going on in the research sub-field of my interest. Also, in the first two schools, I have the option of working under any Lab so I could move to a more pure Physics-centric Optics group. The second and third offers that I have are great for Optics BUT the tuition fee is a bomb with no other sources of possible funding. My first offer is also really good, but it's under Electrical so I'm guessing the breadth would be a little restrictive. Would really appreciate some advice on what to do and where to go!!!
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