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Found 38 results

  1. 3rd Decision - 2nd admit 1st - NYU MS in Biotechnology and Entrepreneurship - Accepted 2nd - University of Wisconsin Madison -Rejected 3rd - Johns Hopkins University - MS in Biotechnology - Accepted as a Conditional Student. Should I wait for decisions from Columbia(MA Biotechnology), UMich Ann Arbor ( MS in Human Genetics) and UPenn( Masters in Biotechnology) or just go for JHU? JHU MS in Biotechnology is a course under AAP. I've heard mixed reviews regarding these courses, since they are part time. As an International student , will It be good for me to go for something like this?
  2. Hello guys, I was fortunate to receive offers from Johns Hopkins PhD in Biostatistics and Columbia PhD in Statistics. May I have some sincere opinions on school choices? At this stage, I'm open to both industry and academia opportunities, maybe leaning towards academia. Regarding research interests, again I'm open. My slight concern is that biostatistics may be a bit narrow to land a job? I'm really not sure about this. Thank you very much!
  3. Help needed with deciding between University of California San Diego (M.S. in Intelligent Systems Robotics and Control) and Johns Hopkins University (M.S. in Robotics). Points I wish to consider: 1. Quality of Education and research opportunities (Robotics field) 2. Financial Help (RA/TA) - Competitiveness and Compensation 3. Job opportunities 4. Location
  4. Hi everyone, I was recently accepted to JHU and Emory for chemistry PhD program. Now I am trying to decide which is the better choice. I visited both schools and they both offer very good research and have great people. I heard rumors that JHU is very intense and competitive, however they seemed pretty laid back (which I think is great) during my visit , whereas Emory was more serious and enthusiastic. Also I am an international student, not sure if this is relevant info but just putting it out there. I would really appreciate any input. Thank you!!
  5. So I've searched the entirety of this site and have yet to find any details or thoughts about the Masters in Global Policy (MAGP) that Johns Hopkins SAIS offers, does anyone know anything about the reputation of this program? I'm a working professional in DC and due to family commitments would really like to keep my current private sector job and not be a full-time student while finally pursuing the higher level international affairs degree that I've been seeking to for some time. After some time, I’m finally getting around to deciding to pursue the Master’s I’ve wanted to as I wouldn’t mind opening more career options in due time, hence looking at different part time options. I'm eventually looking gradually for a career pivot into more economic policy type roles in DC and so curious if this degree would even help towards that. When comparing MAGP to the Master of International Public Policy (MIPP) which is a one year full time program, I notice the curriculum seems to be less quantitative though in nature, so is this program similar to other executive MPAs (thinking such as Columbia SIPA) that’s more of a rubberstamp of a Master’s degree credential within their org rather than for any sort of career boost externally or at any policy orgs? For what it's worth, even though the other grad programs have had employment results posted in the most recent 2017 SAIS employment outcomes survey, MAGP did not, any thoughts as to why this program would've been excluded?
  6. I applied for early notification for SAIS Europe and received my acceptance letter right before the holidays. However, I still haven’t received notification about financial aid, and my letter didn’t give me a deadline to accept the offer. A current student told me that SAIS doesn’t send out notifications until March, but some apparently have already received their financial aid packages with an acceptance deadline. Has anyone been accepted and is still waiting to hear from the financial aid office?
  7. Does anybody know or have personal experience with the computational cognitive science phd program at Johns Hopkins? it looks great on paper but i was just wondering if anyone had more information to share about it.
  8. Hi everyone, I know admissions decisions are still a long ways away, but I thought it could be helpful to discuss the comparative merits of these great IR and public policy programs. I applied to HKS's MPP, Columbia's MIA, Georgetown's MSFS, WWS's MPA, and SAIS's MA. I also applied to Georgetown's Security Studies Program, but am leaning away from the latter now because of high tuition costs and rumored lack of aid. How do you feel these schools compare to one another, in terms of job prospects, curriculum/course offerings, school culture, academic rigor, faculty? Which would be your dream program and why?
  9. I am admitted to GWU Elliot International Development Studies (with $16k annual fellowship) and JHU SAIS Intl. Development. I am completing undergrad in Business Economics (some econometric content also) from an European Research University this Summer, I have some months of intern experience and currently part time employed in university language center. From different sources I understand that JHU SAIS Intl. Development curriculum has lot of economics and quantitative content and quite popular among recruiters. Can anybody guide me the different aspects of joining SAIS or Elliot?? Financing graduate study at SAIS (more than $75k per year) is definitely stressing (although I can manage with pain). Is Elliot at par as far as curriculum is concerned and is as popular as SAIS?
  10. Hi guys, first time posting. I got accepted into Johns Hopkins SAIS (Conflict Management) and Georgetown (M.A. in Conflict Resolution from the Department of Government). I'm having some trouble deciding between the programs. GU is giving me a partial scholarship (10K-ish) while SAIS offered no funding for this academic year. The reply deadline for GU is 4/15 and SAIS is 5/01. I'm looking to pursue a policy career in international relations (State Dept. U.N. etc.), and am also concerned about career prospects after grad school. I also understand that SAIS places an emphasis on economics, and I haven't taken too many econ courses in undergrad. If anyone is already in one of the programs/can speak from experience, your feedback would also be greatly appreciated! Some professors and family have recommended Georgetown b/c they also have a Ph.D. program, but I'm honestly not sure if I want to pursue a Ph.D. at this time. I was also accepted into the University of Pittsburgh's GSPIA, and was wondering if I should consider that over the Georgetown MA (GU's program is relatively new; first cohort was in 2005-06). I also spoke to a career counselor and he recommended SAIS for diplomacy/international affairs. Any additional insight/advice would be greatly appreciated!
  11. Hi guys, first time posting. I got accepted into Johns Hopkins SAIS and Georgetown (M.A. in Conflict Resolution from the Department of Government). I'm having some trouble deciding between the programs. GU is giving me a partial scholarship (10K-ish) while SAIS offered no funding for this academic year. The reply deadline for GU is 4/15 and SAIS is 5/01. I'm looking to pursue a policy career in international relations (State Dept. U.N. etc.), and am also concerned about career prospects after grad school.If anyone is already in one of the programs/can speak from experience, your feedback would also be greatly appreciated! Some professors and family have recommended Georgetown b/c they also have a Ph.D. program, but I'm honestly not sure if I want to pursue a Ph.D. at this time. I also spoke to a career counselor and he recommended SAIS for diplomacy/international affairs. Any additional insight/advice would be greatly appreciated!
  12. Hey everyone! I am admitted to MS biostatistics programs at UNC and Michigan. Both schools have an internal process and a preference of admitting their own master’s students to their own PhD program, especially UNC. I was wondering would it be bad if if apply for an internal transfer as well as trying to apply for other TOP biostatistics programs like Harvard or JHU in the meantime? Would it be a bad impression for the faculties? Thank you!
  13. Hello everyone, nice to meet you guys here.I am an international student and I plan to pursue my master's degree in U.S. Currently I have got the admission from Yale, NWU, Boston, JHU and Columbia. It's really a tough decision to choose one of them and decline all others.Could you guys give me some advice and help me to make a decision? I know JHU is definitely the best in BME field. But I believe Yale and Columbia are more well-known. I plan to find a job after graduation, so I think maybe Yale and Columbia are more suitable for me.Thank you for your kindness!
  14. I'm currently deciding on PhD programs in cell biology. There's a lot of different factors making this decision difficult for me, and the Google machine's answers aren't making my head spin any less. Any advice would be greatly appreciated! Some background: My undergrad is from Johns Hopkins University in molecular & cellular biology. I've really enjoyed my undergrad experience here, and Baltimore is a great place to live! Overall, JHU really launched my specific interests in research and I wouldn't be where I am (interviewing & accruing offers to PhD programs) without the fantastic people at Hopkins. This past December, I applied to a bunch of PhD programs in cell/stem cell/developmental biology all across the US. About half asked me to come interview, and I'm sitting here now with offers from JHU CMDB and University of Colorado Denver CSD. To be brief, I had fantastic interview experiences with both of these programs. Overall, I felt like University of Colorado was the better fit in terms of what I want from a graduate program (good work/life balance, emphasis on mentorship, 3-4 POIs, professors eager to work with me, etc), but Colorado doesn't stack up to JHU in terms of prestige. I could certainly see myself at JHU's program, and there's one POI I could see myself working with, but I am feeling serious reservations about staying at JHU. I've garnered a lot of advice against attending the same school where I did my undergrad, and I agree. I'm definitely looking for a chance to step outside of my comfort zone, meet new people, and diversify my skill set. Along the same lines, it pains me a little bit inside to imagine myself sitting in on seminars in the same building and interacting with the same people for the next ~6ish years. tl;dr Hopkins has a much better reputation than U of Colorado, but I really see myself at Colorado much more than Hopkins. So, here's where I'm stuck. I'm looking to pursue a career in academia, and I really want to be in a program that will set me up well for post-doc. How much should I weigh prestige against other factors? Should I ignore the same-place-as-undergrad rule? Pros/cons of choosing a lower-ranked institution v.s. a higher ranked one?
  15. Has anyone heard back from Johns Hopkins CBID (Center for Bioengineering Innovation and Design) MSE program yet? Online says first round interviews would be mid-late January yet I've heard nothing back yet (its Jan 31), and haven't seen reports of anyone else hearing back yet either.
  16. Did anyone apply to the JHU education PhD? If so, have you heard anything yet?
  17. Hello! After a long year of applications I've accepted my offer for a PhD in Epidemiology at JHSPH. Haven't found a forum anywhere for accepted/attending JHSPH PhD students to interact. Please feel free to start the conversation or reach out privately if you'd like to speak more. I did have one question- I couldn't attend the admitted students day today, anyone who went willing to share their thoughts? Thanks
  18. Hi folks! Not sure if anyone else is applying to JHU this year, but their portal was malfunctioning over the holiday break and applications could not be submitted for the Sociology Department. The program coordinator just emailed me to let me know that the deadline has been extended to Jan. 3, 10pm EST. Just thought I'd make a PSA in case anyone had trouble submitting the app over the break or is having FOMO and thinking of applying to one more program.
  19. I've narrowed down my final two choices for a PhD beginning Fall '17 to Johns Hopkins University's Department of Applied Mathematics and Statistics (School of Engineering) and Brown University's Department of Biostatistics (School of Public Health). I've been accepted at both. I'm interested in applied statistics (I have work experience in data science and an M.S. already), so biostatistics sounds like a natural fit. I'm curious about the reputation of the Brown program. It seems small but mighty! My concern is that by going to Brown, I'm throwing away the opportunity to rub shoulders with JHU Biostatistics (they rejected me), but I suspect it's better to like the department you're in rather than the department you're near. I haven't heard much about JHU AMS. Thanks in advance for your $0.02.
  20. Hi everyone, I am lucky to be accepted by JHU AMS(Applied math and statistics) phd and Upitt stat phd program , but am having a hard time deciding which one to choose. My B.S major is mathematics and so I think theoretical stat may be more suitable to me. I contact one professor at Upitt who is really good at stat theory and I think he is a good match for me.So I was planning to go to Upitt until I found the placement is kind of disappointing: many for medicine industry( I am not very interested in).On the other hand, professors at JHU focus mainly on computing stat which I am not sure I can manage, but the placement is attractive: almost everyone is to be a data scientist in IT or finance field. Anyone has any thoughts on these two programs? (especially for AMS@JHU because I can't find its rank at US.News.) Thanks a lot!
  21. Hi all, As the decision making date is approaching, I am becoming ever so anxious. I have received admission offer from JHU (MS in Applied Economics), Umich (MAE) and University of Wisconsin, Madison(MA in Economics). I am unable to make my selection. I understand there's much debate and controversy over JHU program, but being in DC does indicate much better internship opportunity. Besides, words out saying that this program is going to be a STEM program in the coming fall. Umich, on the other hand, has a good reputation for its economics department for a long time. But it seems that the placement of the students isn't very good. The MA economics at Madison is known for PhD preparation. Initially, I would love to go on pursue a PhD degree, but I just received an F for Developmental Psychology class, which makes it seem very unlikely. Advice needed!!!! Other admitted programs: Georgetown (applied economics), BU(MA economics), UIUC (MA economics)
  22. megpie

    JHU EdD Program

    Does anyone know anything about the online EdD program at Johns Hopkins? It is relatively new. I can't find much out there. Anyone have any experience with the program or know anyone that has? Any information is appreciated!
  23. Hello, would appreciate thoughts regarding graduate school decisions/comments from people in the same boat. Interested in the Middle East, development, and human rights. I have State Dept. experience and did some volunteer NGO work in Lebanon. Accepted to: Middlebury Institute of International Studies at Monterey - International Policy and Development MA program ($14k fellowship over 2 years) George Washington University - Middle East Studies MA program, concentration in International Affairs and Development ($5k/year fellowship) - waiting on another fellowship that would fully fund 1st year. Fletcher at Tufts University - MALD program ($24k fellowship over 2 years) SAIS at Johns Hopkins University - MA program, no funding still waiting on a decision from the Ford School at University of Michigan (MPP program). SAIS was my #1 because I wanted to strengthen my economic/quant skills.. took an online econ course to prepare and started to reconsider haha, and the $0 funding doesn't help. Fletcher seems up my alley with their human rights rep, and they gave me the most funding, but they're also more expensive than GWU and don't have the DC advantage. Michigan would probably be my top choice if I get accepted because of in-state tuition. Their MPP is ranked 3rd after Berkely and HKS, and they offer several international-oriented courses so I'd still walk away with the skills and expertise that I want. Middlebury is great but can't compare with the other schools, especially considering I will still have to take out significant loans to go there, so it's probably out of the running. I prefer to be abroad post-graduation, and am also considering going the PhD route at some point in the future, so I'd like to be somewhere where I could do an MA thesis. and with that I welcome any thoughts/advice
  24. I saw there was a thread last year, so I figured I'd ask for this application round. Anyone out there apply for a medical illustration program? I'm currently playing the waiting game with RIT. And...I may have sort of chickened out of applying to any of the other schools. Good news is I got accepted into my backup plan: an MPS in Information Visualization at MICA. Not medical illustration, but should certainly aid me in getting my foot in the door for scientific communication. With that being said, how'd your interviews go? Have you heard back from the different schools? I'd love to know!
  25. Hello, I was informed by JHU CMDB at Jan.22 that I was placed on the waited list. Having consulted other applicants, I found that most of them even did not receive any e-mail from JHU. Also, there is no CMDB result posted in this forum. Does it mean the CMDB program has been declined in this academic year? Should I e-mail to CMDB program ask for the priority? Currently I have been admitted by UGA, UMass Med and is likely to be admitted by NYU Sackler, should I wait for the CMDB program or just confirm an offer I have had now? Thanks
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