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Found 5 results

  1. Starting this thread for Fall 2023 applicants to KAUST. I applied to the ECE department in early September, was asked to add my missing documents to the application last week. Currently waiting for some kind of an update.
  2. Hello everyone, Did anyone hear anything from Kaust yet? I applied 16th of December, got my 2 rounds of interviews. On the last one they said that I will be contacted within couple of weeks, but I it is already passed 2month mark. I am devastated.
  3. Already posited this as a response in another topic but also positing here for a wider audience. I applied for a masters in environmental engineering at KAUST in the Nov round (2020) and transferred departments to marine science. It was a really long time, 2/3 months between my academic and personal interview, and had my final personal interview over a month ago, also received my undergrad results a couple of weeks ago. I have just been informed my application has been deferred for consideration until fall 2022, next year. This was a surprise since it is such short notice (the fall term onboarding starts 15th Aug) and my application has dragged on for so long - largely their fault. My main concern is that I have not even received an offer for next year, despite completing all the interview stages, so I still do not know. I have sent an email to the admissions department with my concerns, but just wondering if anyone else has had this? At the very least I would have thought I would have got an offer/rejection even if its for next year since the only thing left to do on their part is to decide if I got in or not and they've had over a month to do that after I had my personal interview. I thought both interviews went well and all the people I spoke to basically made it sound like I was getting in, academic interviewer saying I should contact him to discuss thesis topic after the final stages, personal interviewers saying how they want more people from the UK to apply, etc. Seems a very strange move for KAUST and it has thrown all my potential plans into disarray since it is very hard to do anything meaningful career or experience-wise in a year and there's still the risk I get rejected next year.
  4. Hey I have studied in a lower ranked university of Asia and after doing BS in chemistry, I am carrying on research. I wanna apply in kaust.. can I be selected in kaust? I have a 3.81 cgpa but I am affraid that my University is not well known that is why they can reject me.. kindly guide me
  5. Hello everyone. I am applying to the EE MSc program at KAUST Fall 2017. I have gone through a technical interview, a personal interview and an administrative interview. I am currently waiting for the results of the administrative interview. It has been 4 weeks with no answer. Anyone willing to share their experience with KAUST application?
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