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Found 3 results

  1. Help! I have been accepted to both Teachers College Columbia (MA in Psychology in Education) and King's College London (MSc in Forensic Mental Health) and I have to decide which one to accept in the next few days. I'm Canadian, and will be attending either school as an international student. I have a small scholarship from TC and no funding offer from KCL yet. The two schools seem extremely comparable, unless I'm missing something - both schools are very expensive, and I'd be taking out a large loan either way. Both seem to have decent reputations in their native countries. Both are one-year programs. My goal is to get a PhD in Clinical Psychology, preferably in my native Canada or in the United States, and licence/practice in Canada. I've spent the last two years working as a youth worker at an inner city high school, and I'm interested in working in the same vein, in forensic psychology, or just generally working with marginalized populations, but I'm not quite sure of my exact career goals yet. I graduated in 2015 with an Honours BA in Psychology from a decent Canadian school (U of A) with a 3.7 GPA. I was rejected by every Canadian PhD program I applied to (ouch), and I'm looking to take a master's program to strengthen my application to those PhD programs. I just don't know which school to pick. So here's my thinking: King's seems to have a really solid reputation in England, forensic mental health is very relevant to my career goals and their program offers/requires a 75-day practicum at a prison or hospital. But I'm worried that a British school won't carry much weight when applying to a Canadian PhD programs, and I have no plans to work in Britain. The program is also very rigid with its course schedule, and doesn't seem to offer much opportunity to get involved in research. On the other hand, I think TC might carry a little more weight when applying within Canada or the USA, and the program seems to have opportunities for more research/field experience if you're proactive. They also offer a concentration in marginalized populations that seems really relevant to my career goals, and there's more flexibility in courses you can take. On a personal level, I'd rather live in NYC than London. But on the other hand, I've heard mixed things about TC; I know two people who went there (one for education, one for psychology) who both give it absolutely glowing reviews and are very successful in their careers, but I've also seen online reviews that say it's a diploma mill that isn't taken seriously, and that has me worried. I've been leaning toward TC, but online reviews have me worried. Is KCL more of a "real school" than TC? Is one of them going to strengthen my application more? Is there an obvious choice here? I don't have long to make my final decision, and I'm freaking out.
  2. I am a third year student studying in a comprehensive university in Ontario, Canada. I currently possess a GPA of 10.7/12 (roughly 3.85 or 87%). I have experience working in the Canadian Embassy in Washington, D.C, in a Fortune 500 Mutual Fund Company, and President of my school's Student Union Pre-Law Society. It has always been my dream to move to the U.K (I am a British passport holder) and continue my PhD there in the future. That being said, I wanted to know whether I am competitive for these Masters programs: 1. MA War Studies, Kings College London 2. MSc International Relations, University of Cambridge 3. MSc International Relations, The London School of Economics & Political Science Thank you for taking the time to reply! Thank you!
  3. Hi All, I am from Pakistan and planning to do my masters in International Education Policy/Development. I have applied to various programs and scholarships over the past couple of years including one MPA AND MPP program. My story is pretty much summed up in the image. While I am still waiting to hear from Fulbright, university scholarships from UPENN, Kings and UCL; I need to be clear about what I should do if I don't get any of that. UPENN is like a dream school but even with 10,000 grant, I will need to take at least 80,000 dollars in loan. I wanted to know if its worth it? Cause if I take loan, I would need to stay back in US and pay back my loan as salaries aren't great in Pakistan in the development sector. I also got into International Education program in North Carolina Chapel Hill and my brother also lives there which will save living expense, but I do not like that program at all. I have an option to go to Kings in London (and possibly UCL as my application is at the last stage). It will cost me 22,000 dollars but there isn't any option that I can find where International students can take loan. My sister lives in London and she can co-sign it as well. I have almost four years of experience in the Education sector in Pakistan and waiting another year for Masters will neither help me save more money nor improve my chances for scholarships. I have already become insane because of all this anxiety of hearing from scholarships, so I would really appreciate some suggestions. In this situation, what would you guys recommend? SHould I take loan and go to UPENN? Is there a way I can fund my education at Kings? Or should I wait for next year and apply to HGSE's IEP (my dream program) which costs less than UPENN and some good state universities in US? Thanks, FT
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