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Found 17 results

  1. Hello everyone!!! I want to begin this topic for this cycle... I have applied for the Blakemore Freeman Fellowship to apply to ICLP in Taiwan. I have been nervously awaiting March for THE e-mail. Any other applicants? 🙂
  2. *Note: I am asking this question specifically for those interested in academia, whether current or future professionals in the field. Question: how do you designate your language competence on your CV? Do you list your CEFR levels? Number of credit hours? Also, how do you highlight your competence in a certain language without devaluing your language work in other areas? For example, I know people who take one course in Syriac and list "Syriac (reading)" on their CV. But what if you have real professional working proficiency in another language (e.g., you can read professional articles or
  3. Hey folks, Seems nobody opens the '20 EAS topic - hah, let me be the beginner!! If you have also applied for the similar discipline(s), have a shout and support each other! Studying postgrad isn't an easy decision - that's why I open this topic hahahaha~ ---------------- Anyway, a short bio about me - gimme some time to say: (not for solicitation!! Apology~) This is Christian from HK. I've applied for my second MA in East Asian Studies, the following 2 are the "uniss" that I've applied: 1) The University of Alberta (Edmonton >>> not "Deadmonton") - with the
  4. Hello all, I just had a question. I currently have a BA and would love to go to grad school, but I can't figure out what sort of career path I would want to pursue. The reason for that is this: I am immensely passionate about and good at languages, and I love helping people learn them and walking them through grammar and conversation. I know I would love teaching at the university level (absolutely not high school though), but I have absolutely no interest in research or publishing. I don't mean that in a "lazy" sort of way; my interests simply lie in teaching rather than publishing. The
  5. Bonjour/Ciao ! I'm an incoming French Ph.D. candidate, and one of the stipulations of my Ph.D. is that I need to demonstrate a basic reading proficiency in two languages other than French. I have chosen German and Italian for a variety of reasons. I'm hoping to take my exams within the first two/three semesters, and have been told that I can either (1) take classes or (2) go the more common route, which is self-study through a guide book. I have a pretty rudimentary knowledge in both languages. I'm hoping to do the equivalent of a "double-minor" in my program, which will take up a ton of
  6. Hello all! Just thought I would start a new thread for those of us who are or are considering throwing our names in for this round of applications. Of course, to some extent, this also operates as a "what are my chances" thread (as most "chances" threads do not apply to our speciality...) and a thread to discuss different programs and their relative merits. I graduated this past May with a degree in Russian Language and Literature. Last fall, I did some initial canvassing of websites and came up with a shortlist (from an already short list of programs available!) of programs and I'm
  7. Hello everyone, I am in desperate need for advice! I live in Italy and I was accepted into 3 PhD programmes in the US. I am very happy but I am not sure whether it is the right move for me. I am 34 years old and I was told by the department secretaries that it usually takes 5 years to complete the programmes. All programmes are in the Foreign Languages/Second Language Acquisition area. I was wondering what would roughly be the timeline for a PhD in the US. Is it possibile to complete the required coursework in two years? Do you then need to stay in the US or can you complete the pro
  8. Hey all--I could use your advice. I was just waitlisted from a comparative literature program. The graduate director informed me that the committee loved my application but was a bit hesitant about the fact that i've never done any graduate work in non English languages (even though I am trilingual). I've already graduated so it's a little late for me to enroll in any non-English classes. In the event I do not get into any school and must reapply next year, does anyone have any suggestions for things I can do that might demonstrate my language abilities for my applications? Thanks in
  9. How do you recommend describing language ability on a cv/for a grad school application? For example, I just started taking German and plan to continue taking while I apply in the fall and until I (hopefully) begin grad school. How do I indicate that I am a beginner but plan on improving the skill prior to entering grad school? I speak French (conversationally) and can read it. I don't want to exaggerate my language abilities but I also don't want to undersell them. I also took 3 years of Latin in high school (most of which I've forgotten) but I feel like I would be able to learn it again
  10. Hello all: This may be a bit late (or a bit early) for some of you, but I think it could help people in the next application cycle (Fall 2018). I read that some people were accepted to the UVA Spanish Program and were asking if it would be a good option. UVA used to have a good program and reputation, but I think that is no longer true. I was advised by my professors against applying there due to their outdated system/program, (I also asked one of the current students and based on their answer it sounds like their examination process is extreme and their teaching responsibility is a lot),
  11. I know that most comp lit PhD programs require around four languages, but I have a feeling that they also expect us to have a very solid background in every one of its literature. If I have more languages than expected when applying, will they consider me as not specialized enough? (Although I have undergraduate majors in 2 of the languages) Will it an advantage or a disadvantage? Will they think that I spread myself too thin, especially because it is impossible to write a dissertation that includes all of the languages and its literature?
  12. Hi all! I'm in the midst of applying to programs for fall 2017. At least one of my programs has asked me to write two statements of purpose, one in English and one in the target program language, Spanish. I have no problem with this, but I'm curious - are committees looking to see how well I write the same things in both languages or are they looking for two independent essays? What I mean to say is, should I more or less be writing the same content but in two languages, or are they looking for something else? Looking for students/scholars who have had experience with this, but any
  13. Attention Master's students in TESOL and applied linguistics! You're invited to submit a proposal for the 2017 Master’s Student Forum. You do not have to be a TESOL member to participate. Deadline: 30 September 2016 The forum will be held at the 2017 TESOL International Convention & English Language Expo on Tuesday, 21 March 2017, at the Washington State Convention Center, Seattle, WA, USA. This forum gives Master's students the opportunity to present and discuss their research with other students and TESOL researchers, and they are a great place to practice presenting
  14. Currently I am double majoring in Linguistics and Romance Languages (Primary: Spanish, Secondary: French, Tertiary: Italian) and minoring in Latin. For a while now I have been exploring various PhD programs for linguistics (general as well as historical linguistics and Indo-European Studies), but I am also interested in seeing what options there are in the field of Romance linguistics. I have found that Berkley has an interdepartmental program that leads to a degree in the multiple Romance languages (in either a linguistics or a literature track), and I have yet to find another program like
  15. ClassApp


    Hello! As we're all figuring out our plans for next year, I have a question that doesn't seem to have come up yet. What's the deal with deferrals? It seems that few graduate departments have their deferral policies listed on their website, and certainly no mention is made of it at visiting weekends so far. I know that our cohort sizes are quite small, so discouraging deferrals to an extent makes sense--but to what extent are they discouraged? What are acceptable reasons for deferring, if any? I haven't made my decision about graduate school yet, and I don't want to frighten any grad scho
  16. I am an undergraduate sophomore at a "Big Ten" state university. Unfortunately, my university doesn't have a linguistics program. When I first resolved to study linguistics about three years ago, my interests lay in historical linguistics and language documentation. This changed when I began to sink my teeth further into the more theoretical domains. For some time now this has been my chief area of interest. Is it possible for me to get into a top linguistics program with formal preparation in areas only tangentially related to theoretical linguistics proper? This is me in a nutshell:
  17. Dear Gradcafe Community, This is my first post as a newly registered member of gradcafe. I have followed several threads here and found helpful advice, so I thought I would try my own question. I am going into the final year of my M.Div. program, hoping to continue on to a Ph.D. in patristics. But I have a dilemma. I am not sure whether I would be a very viable candidate for a top-tier Ph.D. program and am wondering what to do. I say this for a couple reasons. First, my languages need some work. I have about four years of Greek between undergrad and divinity school, but it is alm
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