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Found 8 results

  1. Hey all, I applied to UCLA last week and had some weirdness happen. I submitted on Dec 1st around 9PM PST, with the deadline at 11:59 PM PST that day. After I submitted, I reopened the portal and it lists my submission date as Dec 2nd. It was listing it as Dec 2nd when it was legit still Dec 1st. I emailed the dept but no answer. Should I be nervous about this? Does it matter? A postdoc told me it wont mater since they dont look at this stuff until after break anyway, but I was wondering if anyone else had this issue.
  2. Hi! I'm new to this forum but have a question about what my options might be for postgraduate studies in counseling psychology. Here's a bit of a background: I'll graduate in May 2019 from Penn State with bachelor's degrees in journalism and psychology with likely around a 3.7 GPA, and I've spent most of my undergraduate career stuck between those two degrees (essentially debating whether I wanted to go to graduate school for psychology or enter into a communications-related job right out of school). For that reason, most of the extracurricular activities/work experience I've had has been in the communications field (for ex., editor at my school's primary media outlet and a corporate communications internship this summer). But after different work experiences and lots of inner debate, I've decided that a degree in counseling psychology would be the most fulfilling career path for me. I wish I could have somehow come to this conclusion sooner, but I'm hoping my choice to have psychology as a second major left me with a few options. I've considered applying to either master's programs or PsyD programs, and I have also considered applying to programs abroad (I spent this past semester in the UK and would apply there). For now, I'm taking steps to prepare for the GRE, but I'm hoping to get some insight/suggestions (possibly from someone who's been in a similar position before where they weren't always sure they wanted to go to graduate school and might not have prepared the same as other psychology students). A potential path I've considered is getting research experience during the summer of 2019 and applying for graduate counseling certificate programs in the UK for the 2019/20 academic year, before applying to a master's or doctorate program. Any insight would help -- thanks!
  3. Is there anyone browsing who still has at least one application to be submitted or recently submitted? I'd love to talk and know.
  4. I submitted the Princeton University form late by 5 minutes. Now it's not showing me checklist on applyweb. Is it an automatic rejection then :/ are you guys able to see the checklist on applyweb portal?
  5. The school I applied to extended their fall deadline to April 10. I applied by April 10 and now I am wondering when they will send a acceptance or decline letter since usually fall acceptance letters are sent by April. Anyone have any idea?? Thanks!
  6. I've decided to apply to a program where the deadline is in 5 days. Two of my letter writers have written letters for me in the past, so they would just have to tweak them a little, and they are laid back enough that I don't expect them to be (very) upset when I ask them on short notice. However, I am very worried about asking the third. To be perfectly candid, I suffer from serious anxiety, and a lot has happened lately that has really triggered it. Of course, having put things off to the last minute, I am feeling even more anxious. I wholly understand that and have scolded myself for it repeatedly, I assure you. This professor is either very warm or very cold, and honestly it seems to depend on her mood that day, but I think she would be able to write a strong letter for me if she agrees to do it. Even if the institution receives it late, it would be better than nothing. My concern is I really do not want to offend her by asking for something on such short notice, and I don't want her to think that I was being irresponsible. I know, in some ways that might not be off, but I became so obsessed with doing things right, I completely froze. I know that revealing mental health issues is kind of a big "no no" when you want to assure programs you are stable enough to complete the program. My therapist suggests I do not offer "explanation" but apologize profusely and perhaps leave her a voicemail in addition to an email. It would be very hard to meet with her in person without setting up a meeting since it is winter break, and she is seldom in her office anyway. I am a bit concerned that zero explanation of any sort will cause problems. My plan was to write the email/leave a voicemail where I apologize a lot and outline the reasons I really value her as a professor and mentor. I was going to attach my SOP and CV and ask what else she may need. I was also going to include copies of my final papers/projects from her classes, but those have been lost. Has anyone ever had to do this before? Ideas of how to do this correctly? I do not want to damage my relationship with her when asking for help.
  7. Hey all- I got a bit confused today thinking that Harvard was due at midnight tonight, but I realized that it was actually due at 5 pm. I submitted it immediately when I noticed, but it was still about three hours late. The application went through and I got a confirmation email, but is this likely to disqualify my application (PhD in chemistry, if it matters)? Thanks and best of luck to everyone!
  8. I'm applying for several Microbiology programs that have deadlines on November 30th or December 1st - all of which require 3 letters of recommendation. I've gotten two in already, but the most important one from my Honors senior research faculty advisor has not been submitted. I asked him well in advance (in September-October, and he knew I'd be applying to grad programs anyway) and my college is very small so there is no way he would forget who I am. I also am one of the two people doing honors research with him. He has always been hard to contact through email, and I sent him a reminder three days ago, but he has not replied to any of my emails asking for confirmation that my LOR is complete. While he assured me before winter break that he would write the letter, I am starting to really panic. There's only one day before the first deadlines begin, and my dream is to continue my education. Not to mention all the money and time I spent on this application process. Would it be too forward of me to call him? He gave me his cell number when I started doing lab work with him, and I figure it is my last resort. I know that some programs may offer leeway when it comes to the deadline for LORs, but he is the most important recommender because he can testify to my lab experience/capabilities. Hopefully I don't explode from all this stress.
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