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Found 4 results

  1. Hello all: This may be a bit late (or a bit early) for some of you, but I think it could help people in the next application cycle (Fall 2018). I read that some people were accepted to the UVA Spanish Program and were asking if it would be a good option. UVA used to have a good program and reputation, but I think that is no longer true. I was advised by my professors against applying there due to their outdated system/program, (I also asked one of the current students and based on their answer it sounds like their examination process is extreme and their teaching responsibility is a lot), their lack of interdisciplinary options and the limited number of professors working on contemporary Lat. Am.. If you look at the profiles of the faculty on their website you will see what I mean (their strong area really is Iberian Studies, not very good for Latin Americanists or Caribbean Studies). Their teaching load is also pretty high (the graduate students have to teach 3 classes per year which is a lot if you factor in the classes they require for the graduate program) in comparison to other universities like UNC (I was accepted to UNC), Berkley, Princeton, Chicago, Columbia. Finally, I was also told that some professors, are about to retire or have already retired, which may affect you directly if you are planning to apply. So, the best thing to do would be to be straightforward and ask if the professor you would like to work with will be there for your entire tenure before you even apply. If you, like me, are doing Latin American and Caribbean Studies you would probably like UT Austin, Pittsburgh, UCLA, Berkley, UNC, etc. Find programs where at least two professors work on the topic that interests you. Good luck!
  2. Hi everyone! My name is Krysta and I just finished my M.A. at UIUC in Latin American Studies, but my research was historical and my advisor was Dr. Nils Jacobsen. I'm starting this thread to create a space for prospective applicants to talk about the various steps in their process, but also because I'd like some input while I look for matches. I study social/cultural history from 1850 in Costa Rica. Moving forward, I'm interested in questions of children's history, identity formation, and the evolution of notions of children's rights and agency. I'm also looking to expand into a comparative lens, looking at experiences in Costa Rica, Nicaragua, and El Salvador. I have the budget to apply to six programs. So far I have picked: 1. Premo at FIU 2. Putnam at Pitt 3. Ghould at IUB 4. Wolfe/Pentzer at Tulane 5. Wills at UCRiverside (not in History, but I like him.) 6. Dávila at UIUC Thoughts? Advice? I'm open to anything. Thank you! Also, I've been looking for matches for over a year, so if anyone else is having trouble finding matches, perhaps we could mutually help each other.
  3. I'm looking to enter a PhD program in Poli Sci, specifically IR for the 2018 cycle. I live in Texas and am aiming at UT's program as I have already spoken with them and toured the LBJ school. However, I am also being a prudent Poli Sci guy and hedging risk. As such, I was wondering what y'alls suggestions are for full-ride programs with strengths in East Asia and Security Studies? My background: I was a Philosophy and Spanish double major at Loyola New Orleans. I've had a few years of work experience in real estate and teaching English abroad (I lived in Taiwan for four years). I am fluent in Spanish and conversant and literate in Mandarin. My interests: International Relations, behavioral approaches to the Social Sciences, Maritime and Energy Economics, East Asian (specifically Chinese) Studies, the impacts of climate change within a security studies framework, Col John Boyd and the impact of technology on American strategic thinking, the 500 year Go game between Alfred Thayer Mahan and Harold Mackinder, and videos of cats getting brainfreeze (because we could build a freakin' religion around that eucharist) Thanks for any suggestions, Maijax
  4. Hello all! Looking for some advice. I´m researching programs for an International Relations Masters Degree and I want a focus on Latin America. I majored in IR and LAS at Conn College and have been working as a history teacher at a bilingual high school since then in Peru (for five years now). When I do my research, of course all the top programs pop up but I´m worried because I didn´t stay in the academic field or IR field post undergraduate I am not a highly qualified candidate. Can anyone suggest some second or third tier International relations schools that have a focus on Latin America? Thanks!
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