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Found 12 results

  1. Hi All - From the website, Carleton U's MSW program sounds competitive. I want to apply to the two-year program with foundational year, as my background is psychology. I meet all the standard requirements. I have WELL over the recommended hours to be considered competitive - I've been working in human services full-time for almost 6-years. However, I am still nervous to apply to a competitive program after being waitlisted for Laurier U's MSW program. I would expect Laurier's program is more competitive because it's distance education, but I'm still wondering if anyone could weigh in on this? Carleton also asks for reflection on personal identity and how it helps understand self and society... does this mean they give special attention to BIPOC, LGBTQ+, and persons with disabilities? (To be honest I HATE writing about my personal struggles because it always leads me to question if my struggles or identity are significant enough...) Right now, I'm thinking I want to apply to Carleton and University of Manitoba's distance program. I am hesitant to re-apply for Laurier, as I was told I met all requirements, just needed more experience. Thank you all in advance for your input and experience!
  2. Creating a thread for those waiting to hear decisions from Laurier for the online part time MSW to begin in May 2021.
  3. Hi Friends, I was wondering if anyone could comment on what their GPA's were for getting into either UWindsor, Laurier or U of T 2 year MSW programs as well as they type of experiences they had in terms of positions and years etc. Or comment on anything that improved there application after being rejected in a previous year. I applied to Western, Toronto and Laurier (Online) last year and was rejected from all (-1 year work experience). I for sure improved my personal statement and have had successful job experiences since than. My GPA of JUST senior courses is a 76% and an 80% for the last 2 years with level 1,2,3 and 4 courses as well as over all GPA. I had a 4 year Honours in Psychology, Neuroscience & Behaviour and minored in Mental Health and Addictions in Society. I also completed an 8-month online certificate program in Concurrent Disorders. I am anxiously waiting for school responses and have applied for McMaster Post-Degree for non-BSW holders as a possible back up.
  4. I applied for the Masters of arts in business economics (MABE) program in Wilfrid Laurier University November. I was informed that admission decisions are made in mid February but i am yet to hear from Laurier. I would like to know if anyone has heard from Laurier with respect to MABE admission for the fall 2019.
  5. Hey guys, I was wondering about who has applied to bachelor of education or teaching programs in Ontario! I have some questions: Which schools have you applied to? For what age concentration? What are your teachables? What was your GPA? What relevant experience did you have? I've applied to OISE, UOIT, and York for intermediate/senior. My teachables are biology & social science. I had a ~4.0 GPA in my last 2 years. I worked in a local high school for the past 2 years.
  6. I was accepted at Laurier ( MA) and I was awarded a TAship. Since I have never Ta'ed I would like to hear from you who have this experience. I feel kinda anxious to picture me in front a classroom ! lol thanx !
  7. I got in Laurier fully funded and at UNBC where I might be funded or at least get a TAship but nothing guaranteed. I read that Laurier is a "spoiled boys" school where they go pretty much to party. Also I read at McLean's that the guys love to work out ! Is that true? I am not worried about Lindsay Shephard mess and all, even though my dept. is the very as hers. Anyone have any word to give?
  8. I'm starting this thread for everyone applying to Poli Sci MAs for 2018! Feel free to add your acceptances as they come in. Good luck everyone! For a bit of context, I applied to Carleton, Queens, Western and Laurier. Where did you guys apply to?
  9. Just wondering if anyone has been offered admission to msw programs in canada for advanced standing and two year applicants!
  10. I've never used this site before and not sure what I'm doing but I just felt like I should inform everyone that I am scared... SHITLESS! Currently looking for future careers/jobs in case I don't get accepted into the Two Year MSW program for September 2017!!!! I hope I get in but damn it looks competitive reading past forums and people's background/experience/grades, etc.
  11. Hello, I'm new to this site and I'm wondering if anyone has some wisdom to share. In 2015 I graduated from Laurier with a 3-year General Arts degree, and now I'm returning Fall 2016 for one more year to upgrade to a 4 year Honours BA in combination. I want to be very intentional during this year to prepare my application for a MSW at Laurier. What would you suggest? I haven't calculated my hours, but I'm volunteered for the past 10 years with various groups. I've been a camp councillor, youth community group leader, volunteered at the Ray of Hope community centre, Laurier's Peer Help Line, The Working Centre, as an equestrian therapy lesson volunteer and I spent a year living in an intentional community learning about relational leadership, then we travelled for a year working with youth ... but, I have a two/three year gap in my experience. In 2014, I was diagnosed with adrenal exhaustion and left Laurier, my job and spent my days resting. I was fully burnt out. Over the past two years I have learned more about holistic health and been on a healing journey. I've learned a lot from this experience I'm continuing to be as an equestrian therapy volunteer, but where else would you recommend? Are there some certificates I should also be getting during this year? As I researched next steps and what jobs I was interested in, an MSW was always a requirement, but I'm open in terms of what area I specialize in. Part of the challenge I'm noticing is that on paper (my resume and degree) I don't think I look like I'd be suited for social work, but in person I've had many people suggest it. I have a high cultural and emotional intelligence, but you can't get a degree in that just yet. I'd love to just hear your thoughts and suggestions. I'm open! Thanks so much.
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