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Found 25 results

  1. Hey guys! I'm waiting for the results of the Hodgson Law Scholarships at the University of Liverpool. Does anyone know when the results will be out? Did anyone applied at all? LOL I'm trying to find another applicants but I'm having a hard time. Thanks.
  2. Hi all, I did my undergraduate at Princeton and I'll be attending either Cambridge (have an offer) or Oxford (am still waiting to hear back) next year. I'll be doing a Classics/Ancient History master's program. I'd like to do the program for a number of reasons (e.g. I really would like to do more research in Classics; I want to keep the door open for a PhD in the field; etc.). However, I'm also strongly considering law school. I was wondering if doing a master's at Oxbridge would help when it comes to law school admissions. I know the top law schools often split hairs when it comes
  3. I want to do a joint JD-MA Int'l Affairs but I want to go to NPSIA but not Ottawa Common law (lol) so I'm thinking of doing NPSIA 2021-2022 then go elsewhere for law. I noticed that one need 5.0 credits (10 one semester courses) to finish without co-op. Can this be done in one semester? Is it a bad idea to try and take that many classes at once? Any advice is great
  4. Hi everyone! I was hoping people could give me advice on their thoughts on dual degrees, specifically JD/MSW. I would want to do something along the lines of human rights law/immigration law most likely. I've heard both good and bad things, but some people say it's great for job opportunities while others say it's a complete waste of money. Thanks!
  5. Hello all, I am relatively new to grad cafe forum, so I apologize if I come off as naive or inexperienced in my first post. I am contemplating my options for graduate school which I will begin in the near future. In regard to my background, I am a current TFA corp member who hopes to go to law school after the typical two year stint. My ultimate goal is to work as a constitutional lawyer for the appellate division of the DOJ in Las Vegas, Nevada (my hometown) and become a law firm partner, a federal judge, or a professor of constitutional law here. My first option for grad school would b
  6. I'm a recent JD grad, currently clerking for a judge (two years). Legal academia, particularly clinical legal teaching, would be my dream job. Would getting an L.L.M./Ph.D./S.J.D. in law help towards obtaining such a position?I was an OK but not great student in my JD program, and I know that hiring for academia can be very elitist.
  7. Is is really that much important the reputation of the university? I have been accepted to the MALS Dartmouth, Queen's MA in Political Legal Philosophy, St. Andrews MLitt in Legal and Constitutional Studies and Sherbrooke University for the Master of Laws (LLM). So far, the advices I have received are really to go with the prestigious school - Dartmouth, Queen's St. Andrews and to not keep Sherbrooke University. However, I do believe there is a value in their degree -- LLM. It is normally quite impossible to enter in that degree without a prior law degree so I have to say that despite
  8. Hi, everyone! I'm an international student, and will apply for graduate programs this year. Now, I major in criminal law but I'm interested in political philosophy, and I've taken some philosophy classes to improve my philosophy background. I don't know which is more easy to apply, sjd or philosophy ma program. Hope you could give me some advice! Thanks! ps. I majored in law during my undergraduate time, and now I'm a graduate student in criminal law. And I have no plan to apply for LLM or JD.
  9. Hello! I'm quite new to this forum but after reading some other threads I thought this might be a great place to get the information I'm after. First a bit of backstory: I've been admitted to Michigan State's law school and I am interested pursuing graduate work in philosophy alongside that degree. I'm not a philosophy major (just a minor) so I would have to go through the master's program before starting on the Ph.D. I'm interested in MSU's program because their faculty seems to be very much focused on social and political philosophy, along with philosophy of law, which are areas of the
  10. Hi everyone, I was wondering if anyone here applied to Dalhousie University particularly Schulich School of Law for Fall 2018. I was told that admissions committee would meet in May.
  11. Hi, This is my first time posting in the forum (hoping that I don't make any mistakes) I am currently in my final year of my law degree. As part of my final year studies, there is a dissertation module to complete and I have chosen criminology as the subject of research. Due to the nature of my degree, I am unable to find a academic supervisor in the way on-campus students are assigned to for the purpose of their dissertation. Thus, i seek advise as to how I can find some kind of help akin to academic supervision or any kind of advise on how to carry out this independent resea
  12. Hi, I am an undergraduate student who attends a decent public university and has a good enough GPA & LSAT score to get into a top law school at my state. I am in a fortunate enough position to not be concerned with how much money I make as long as I make above $40k (as a freelance tutor, I've been making decent amount without much time commitment). I like and am good at writing, reading, speaking, analyzing, teaching, and presenting/defending arguments. Coming from a teaching background, I know that I would love to be a Philosophy professor as well as tackle the challe
  13. So I've got kind of a unique situation and posted a very similar question over in the Economics subform, however I am also exploring PhD programs in PoliSci/IR and would like to get similar feedback on those. I'm currently a JD student at Yale Law School but I very much would like to be able to transition into academia at some point, perhaps sooner than later. While I initiated my legal education with a major focus on public policy and government work, I feel like graduate studies in a social science field would be beneficial in a number of ways including allowing me to keep the door open to t
  14. Planning on doing my Phd in intellectual property. Suggestions would be nice for various colleges which has this program..either from US or UK. What is the procedure?? How shall we choose pur research topic??
  15. So I've got kind of a unique situation. I'm currently a JD student at Yale Law School but I very much would like to be able to transition into academia at some point, perhaps sooner than later. While I initiated my legal education with a major focus on public policy and government work, I feel like graduate studies in a social science field would be beneficial in a number of ways including opening the door for me to transition into academia at some point as well as giving me the social science skillset that I think is becoming more and more important in technocratic policy decision-making and
  16. Hey everyone! I am a final year law student from India who will be applying for a Master's degree next year. I am interested in working in academia, and I hope to immediately become a PhD candidate after completing my Masters. I am interested in human rights, international law and international relations. I've been looking up various universities in Europe (because of living costs and fees being most accessible for me) and have found two interesting degrees: an LLM from the Geneva Academy in International Humanitarian Law & Human Rights, and the E.MA in Human Rights and Democratisation fro
  17. Hi all, I am an undergrad majoring in Sociology and Political Science and minoring in Chinese. I am debating whether to go for a Master in Public Policy or JD in law school. I read a lot on this topic and everyone seems to be saying different things. Background Info: I am generally interested in areas of immigration, women's rights, domestic violence, human trafficking, LGBT rights, and much more into international issues. If go to law school, I would like to do immigration law or international law. If I do an MPP, I am thinking of becoming a policy/program analyst but do not know what f
  18. Hello, So now I am finishing my master degree in international relations, and specializing in international security (in France). For my thesis, I would like to concentrate on something involving cyber-security, cyber-war and cyber-defense, in the United States. Does anyone have any opinions as to how to define the question? How to extract a problematic to work on? I would really appreciate any suggestions as I seem to be totally blocked. Best regards, Kaz
  19. Hi, I am starting the MALD programme at Fletcher soon and need advise on courses to pick. I am a trained lawyer who has been working in the development sector. I am working to build a career in the international development space - working in an international agency on the legal side of things. However, I notice a lot of people in the development sector come with backgrounds in economics, finance and mathematics - which is not a strong skill of mine. My question is: do i need to take courses in econometrics, quantitative methods and related economics fiields of study ?
  20. I am doing combined LLB/MBA course from the Ontario University.I am little concerned about how to get into the law field. Does someone hear about the Articling Program? I came to know about Articling Program conducted by Sommers and Roth Professional Corporation, Toronto (http://www.sommersandroth.com/student-program/). Will it help me to get into the law field? How is it different from Law Practice Program? Is it necessary to undergo such for courses before going for law practice? What is the duration of the course?
  21. hello I have been practicing law for the last five years at a commercial law firm and I am now switching over to the development side with an interest in helping others to make a change. I have applied for various masters courses as I am not yet certain which area I would like to focus on. I have received offers from:- 1. Kings College of London Msc Disasters, Adaptation and Development http://www.kcl.ac.uk/study/postgradu...nt-ma-msc.aspx Initially i applied to this course as they have a 3-6 month internship. Which i thought would be good for networking. Also the element of environment and de
  22. Hey everyone, I am finishing my junior year of college this week and have been seriously considering Law school. I always thought law school was incredibly prestigious like medical school so I never thought of it as an option. After doing considerable research I noticed it wasn't that much of a stretch. I had originally wanted to complete a PhD in Sociology however as of the late I have been increasingly interested in law school, specifically family law. I want advice on what I should do now, I just bought the trilogy bible LSAT books and will have most of the summer to dedicate to them.
  23. This came up on another thread and I thought it was a fascinating topic so I decided to start a new thread about it. I would love to hear your opinions. The poster said that federally funded public graduate schools/programs may be violating the free speech/first amendment rights of applicants if they require an interview as part of the admissions process. The argument was that if the school is a federally funded public university then they should not be interviewing applicants to determine whether the applicant is a "good fit" for the program since there is no way to do so without violating th
  24. Any 2012 TRIALS Program applicants out there?
  25. I'm interested in studying Economics along with Law. I will be a student at Notre Dame Law School and I was thinking about applying around to MS or MA programs in Economics after my 1L. The schools that I were thinking of are Johns Hopkins, Georgetown, GW, Tufts, NYU, Michigan, Duke, Stanford, and Columbia since Notre Dame does not have a MA/MS Economics program. Would this be wise, since it is my interest, wanted to work around government and policy, or possibly the UN< IMF, or World Bank after graduation?
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