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Found 7 results

  1. Has anyone heard back yet from Northwestern Masters of Science in Leadership for Creative Enterprises? I interviewed in early January and still haven't heard back yet.
  2. What kind of positions are there for an organizational psychologist whose primary interest is leadership and organizational ethics?
  3. Four years out of undergrad. Great work experience so far, interning and then later clerking for a year with Speaker of the House of Representatives at the state capitol. Spent last two years working for a large, national nonprofit coordinating a 35,000 person volunteer program. It's been a little less than half a year since I was promoted to Grants Manager in which I apply for and oversee half of a $1.7 million grants budget. Hold a Bachelors of Science, double major in Philosophy and Law. (3.9 GPA) Two study abroads under my belt. Lots of community involvement. Served on a board of directors, built some houses, scholarship panel for several years, etc. Letters of Rec from Speaker of the House, Chief of Staff, and Vice President of the public education foundation in Nashville. All I know personally. I should mention that the Speaker holds a doctorate from Peabody. I took the GRE 3 1/2 weeks ago first time. Got a 305 (148Q; 157V; 4AWA). Retook yesterday and got a 314 (155Q; 159V) I expect my writing to come back at a 4.5-5.0 range. What are my chances of getting into Vanderbilt Peabody's M.Ed. in Leadership and Organizational Performance?
  4. I am a first grad student and wondering how, if at all, other students manage "extracurricular activities and leadership positions" (I can't think of a better descriptor, but I'm referring to things like getting involved in graduate student union or similar activities that are beyond a service to your program/profession)? I am someone who is several years out of undergrad now and a common thread through my undergraduate years was being involved student government groups; in my years post-grad this has taken the form of community boards. I am struggling because I want to get involved in something that is larger than my program yet I am already finding that I have limited time. For those of you who have been in similar positions, how did you decide to get involved? Do you have any tips for managing these extracurriculars with the other demands of grad school? Besides the personal fulfillment, have you found external motivations for being involved?
  5. Has anyone heard back from the Doctor of Education in Educational Leadership program at USC?
  6. Hey all! I've applied for the EdD in Leadership and Learning in Organization program at Vanderbilt's Peabody Online. Has anyone else applied to this program? Has anyone else heard a response for May 2018? I know this program and the online format is new for Vanderbilt. The anticipation / wait is absolutely killing me! Patience is not a virtue I was graced with...
  7. Alright, so maybe I'm being a bit of a baby here, but here we go. A new grad student and I were assigned to lead an undergraduate series of workshops at our new school, which is great because we got to arrive and settle in a few months early. While planning these workshops, we had thrown around some ideas, one of which I'd emailed my advisor about several months before arriving. I wanted to conduct a professional development workshop to prepare these undergraduates for both the working world and/or the graduate school world, because I've experienced both. We were discussing the idea again today, and my colleague, while well meaning likes to hear his own voice. A lot. So we were debating ideas about the most effective way to run the workshop and he just KEPT TALKING. This happens a lot so perhaps it irked me even more than it should in today's situation. At the end of said conversation my advisor turns to him and says, perhaps you should assist Dr. whatever with running the workshop. This made me a little angry since I'd come up with the idea initially and he had just taken off and run with it. I know people steal ideas, which is why I rarely discuss mine with other students. That's crappy, but it's life. Is my anger warranted here and should I confront my advisor? I don't want to anger him since I will be spending the next several years under his direction, but I don't want to live in the shadow of my colleague simply because my colleague is comfortable putting himself in everyone's face and manipulating all conversations.
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