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Found 6 results

  1. One of the universities that I'm applying to says that the writing sample should be 15-20 pages but no longer than 5000 words. This makes no sense because 5000 words is approximately 15 pages and most of my MA papers are still between 15-20 pages but longer than 5000 words. Should I strictly adhere to the 5000 word requirement or allow myself to submit a longer paper as long as it is within the 15-20 page limit? I emailed the department asking for a clarification about this and received no reply so I'm looking to my fellow gradcafe people for advice. That same university says that BOTH MA students and PhD students should submit a 500 word Statement of Purpose, which once again makes no sense for a PhD when every other university asks for a 1000 word one. Finally, I had another question about length requirements for the writing sample: If the writing sample is supposed to be no more than 20 pages, does this include the Works Cited? Can I still submit a paper than is 20 pages in length but has a 2 page Works Cited (making the document 22 pages in total)? Thanks in advance for the help!
  2. The program I'm applying to requires a writing sample of no more than 2000 words. However, the graduate website says that longer pieces are acceptable as long as a section of 2000 words is clearly highlighted. I'd like to go with the latter option - I have a 7000-word paper that I consider to be my strongest work.But I'm wondering what is the acceptable way to set apart an extract of the required length. Should it be in bold, or should I use a different font? Or would it be better simply to submit an extract with a cover note, rather than submit a longer work in its entirety? I'd be grateful for any advice!
  3. This may be a long shot, but I'm not really sure what to do and I wanted to check. Has anyone applied to GWU for a PhD in the hard sciences? Their statement of purpose has no prompt and no information on the application, however, I came across this page https://www.programs.gwu.edu/graduate/physics which states: In an essay of 250 – 500 words, state your purpose in undertaking graduate study in your chosen field. Include your academic objectives, research interests, and career plans. Also discuss your related qualifications, including collegiate, professional, and community activities, and any other substantial accomplishments not already mentioned on the application. If you are applying for an assistantship or fellowship, you should also describe any teaching experience you have had. Now, in the other programs I have applied to, I have included all of this information in my SOP and it's come out to be close to 2000 words. Most schools seem to place 2500 words as their max. I don't see how it's possible to put all of this information in 500 words, my research experience alone is over 400. Has anyone applied here before and do you know anything about it?
  4. Is anyone else applying to the UC San Diego Biomedical program for Fall 2017? I have a question about the word limit of the Statement of Purpose. The Department states that the word limit is 3000 words. For all of the resources I've looked at online and even from the general statement of purpose guidelines from the UCSD website, the statement should not be much longer than 2 pages. Should I write my statement to be closer to 3000 words or is it better to keep it shorter?
  5. Hey guys. Does anybody know what is the duration of the MA in International Affairs degree from the Normal Patterson School of International Affairs (NPSIA) under Carleton University? Their page says 1-2 years, I don't understand if that means 1 or 2 or if I have an option.
  6. Does anyone have advice on the length of resumes for grad school? For job apps, one page is preferred but I don't know if that is different for schools. I have a lot of undergrad volunteer work that I would like to mention and these experiences will require a lot of space on my already crowded (but visually appealing) one page resume.
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