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Found 24 results

  1. I feel like I was rejected last year because my letter of intent sucked! I'm in such a great need for someone to assist me. I'd love to get at least 2 acceptances into a DrPh program this up and coming year - 2022! Help please.
  2. First time applying for graduate schools in the USA so do not judge me if the question sounds silly 😃 I got accepted in few universities already and most of them ask me to inform them about my decision by mid March. Meanwhile, I have not yet received a letter about my application status from the university I truly want to attend and their website states that the decisions will be sent by the end of April (But last year they sent decision letters at the beginning of March). Does it sound sensible to send an email to the university I am still waiting for and explain my situation and ask them if it is possible to inform me about my application status by mid March? Thanks for your time and help good luck to all ❤️
  3. I'm applying to PhD program in stat/biostat this fall. I have two rec let from professors I did research with. I'm deciding for the 3nd one from the following possibilities. I'd appreciate if someone can offer advice. 1. I'm doing thesis with a professor whom I plan to ask the 3rd letter from. My concern is that the thesis is a continuation from my summer research with one of the two profs I will get the letters from. So I don't know if it lacks diversity. 2. A rec let from Real Analysis prof. I'm doing pretty well in class. But I don't plan to apply to programs with Measure Theory though... 3. A rec let from Cs Algorithms class. Any recommendations? Thanks!
  4. I received an email from NAU's president about COVID and the fall classes starting in the fall. It also said: "As we approach the end of the spring semester, I want to congratulate you again on your admission to NAU and your resiliency in the face of this unprecedented global pandemic." l have not received anything from them about admission or denial yet so I'm wondering if they sent that to everyone or only to the people the admitted. Did anyone else get that email who is waiting for a response?
  5. I graduated 4 years ago but I wanted to study more. So I planned to apply for the masters program and while I was searching for my old professors to ask for ROL, I found out they no longer teach at the school I graduated. They've moved to other university. Is it okay to still ask them for my recommendation?
  6. I am a first-year Ph.D. looking to transfer for personal reasons. I shared my reasoning with my current advisor, who 100% supports my decision and is also writing my letter of recommendation. My question: is there merit in getting two letters from my current institution (and the third one from a previous recommender) OR would one letter from my advisor (and two letters from previous recommenders) be sufficient in offsetting any red flags for the institutions that I'm applying to? I have another professor in my current program who'd be willing to write me a strong letter, but my only concern is that this professor has not known me for as long as my previous professors who wrote my LORs last year. Thank you.
  7. Hi, I am struggling with whom I should ask for the letter of recommendation. I worked with my girlfriend who was a staff member (she already earned his PhD) at that time in the same lab for two years. We worked very professionally and she was mentoring me during my stay in the lab. We even have a couple of papers published together. She knows my potential very well in my personal and professional life. She is basically the perfect person to write me a letter of recommendation and if we were not together, I wouldn't think twice to ask her for a support letter. I feel that it would be a bit unfair for other applicants or might unethical to submit the recommendation letter from your significant other. My situation with my committee members is that I did not have much contact with them due to the nature of the project. My adviser was very opinionated about my Master project and my other committee members did not have much influence or need to advise me. I talked to one of them only twice during video chat and so he is not definitely a person who can write a strong letter for me. I can get two letters of recommendation from my adviser and another committee member who knows me well enough. I am struggling with the third. Can you guys give your opinions if I should apply using a letter from her? Btw, I am applying to PhD program and will include top program. My girlfriend current position also has the perfect credentials to write LORS.
  8. TL;DR: All of my three referees have asked me to provide a draft of my recommendation letter, and I'm freaking out that this might compromise the credibility of my LoRs *facepalm* Full version: I'm an international applicant for phd programs in neuroscience / biomedical sciences / biomedical engineering. Two of my referees are PIs from my university, where professors usually ask students to draft their own LoR before revising it slightly if at all and handing it in. The problem is, the third referee is a professor from a nice university in USA (where I did my summer research), and even he has asked me to draft my own LoR. I am extremely worried that if/when the admissions committee see that all three of my LoRs are basically written by myself, they would deem my LoRs untrustworthy, and my applications this year would be doomed. If anyone has some good tips on how to make my letter drafts more credible / look less like random letters written by a student, I would greatly appreciate it That said, I suspect that I'll have to look for RA positions in case I am rejected by every school I apply to this year *facepalm* Thanks in advance!
  9. Hey guys, So I'm in a bit of situation here. I have taken 4 classes with the professor all were 300 and 400 level courses and i got As in all. I know that he was in administrative leave and then eventually got fired because of some misconduct with other professor and some students complained about some insulting and sexual contexts were spoken on some topics. Any who, the professor knows me well, i had done some good job on his classes regardless i feel like those are kind of the professors whom i should ask LOR from. Should i still ask him for LOR? Does it even matter that he was fired? Thank you,
  10. I requested a LOR from a PI. They told me that the PhD student that I worked with would write the first draft, and they would revise and write the final draft. I emailed both of them to remind them that my first deadline was today (I emailed them before today), and the grad student told me that he would be submitting it. He said that I should change the name and email in my application to his so that he could submit it. I'm really unsure of what to do. I know that LORs from grad students are not good for applications. I have no idea whether the PIs name would even be in the letter. If not, then I just have LOR from a grad student which was not our agreement. If so, then I feel as though it will look sketchy that the LOR came from the grad student's email. What should I do?
  11. I am applying to Mechanical Engineering PhD programs. The weakest part of my application is my GPA, which I explain in my statement of purpose was due to being a three-sport, Division I athlete (yes I know I should've spent more time on studying because it's my future and athletics is not, I know, I know). Prof 1: Been in four of his mechanical engineering classes, told me he would give his highest recommendation for me in the letter. This one is a #1 keeper for all my applications. Prof 2: Adviser for a senior design project and was in his mechanical engineering class. Also a very good recommendation, my #2. Coach: Confirm long practice time and commitment to team, varsity 4 years, captain 1 year. (Do grad schools even care about this?) Boss: Industry work consisted mostly of 3D modeling and engineering design but we also gathered data about our process and analyzed it to improve it and make it more efficient. Am slightly worried about his writing skills/this being his first letter. I gave him heavy notes on how to write the letter and suggested a lot of content but he is adamantly and engineer and openly knows he is not great with writing etiquette. Questions: For applications that ask for 2 letters: I will include the two professors. Should I include, as supplementary, the one from my coach, or boss, or both? For applications that ask for 3 letters: I will include the two professors. Which should be the 3rd? Should the 4th be supplementary? Thank you in advance.
  12. Hello everyone I am applying to Harvard BSS and I have a question regarding LOR: How my professors/ mentors should send LOR for me? Should they send them to a specific email address or through another submission process? Thanks in advance
  13. Hi all, I've been scoping out profs that I want to write an LOR for me. However, I'm wanting to apply to a few programs at least 3 maybe 4. I'm wondering if that is too many LORs to ask from one person or shall I say, three separate people. I'm guessing they'll just change who it is addressed too, however, I don't want to be a burden. Thoughts?
  14. Hi everyone! I'm trying to figure out who to ask for my three LORs I need to apply to grad school for speech pathology (I'm going for bilingual in particular). My majors are psychology and Spanish so I am an out-of-field applicant applying to schools that offer 3 year programs and bilingual opportunities. My first two LORs will hopefully be from professors (I haven't asked yet). One is a Spanish professor that I have had 5 times now- she knows me very well and I have her again in the fall. She has taught me in multiple courses, including a service learning course where she heard very positive things from my volunteer site, so she knows more than just my performance in the classroom (I only have received A's in her classes). My second LOR will hopefully be from a psych professor. I have had her multiple times in class and I participated a lot and received only A's. She was also my academic advisor freshman year, and she continued to advise me on the side these past couple years so she knows a lot about my career goals and ambition. I'm struggling with the options I came up with for the third LOR. Here's my dilemma: 1) A psych professor I have had twice and will be doing research for in the fall and spring of next year. Sounds like a given, right? Unfortunately, she's going on maternity leave all next semester, so she won't see my participation in her research until the spring. I feel sort of weird asking her because she has had me in class twice, but I don't think she can really say much about my personal attributes. I also would feel really guilty asking her over email to write a letter when she has a newborn and a four-year-old. 2) My friend's mom who is an SLP who I observed. I only observed her for two days, but since she is my friend's mom and knows me more personally, I figured this is a good option to consider. I also think it's great that she's in the field, but I'm nervous that I only observed her for a short amount of time. Unfortunately, the likelihood of me getting to observe her again is slim. She lives very far from my hometown. I'd also have to ask her over email, and I'm also nervous that schools might only want professors. 3) My employer for this summer. She doesn't know me very well yet, but it's a YMCA summer camp so I presume she will know me very well by the end of the summer. I worry that she won't be able to speak about my ability to succeed in graduate school, but she could certainly vouch for my ability to work with kids, which is what I want to do. Thoughts? I'm at a loss for what to do!
  15. "How to direct a play and not lose your mind" This is a must read for theatre director BUT ALSO if you are a stage director who has been rejected from graduate school this book may be for you. Tools to help you build your resume now- without the MFA. With tips like where to find the job, how to interview, get internships and handle problems in your production. A short manual with personal stories and honest help from a working director supported by directing who was rejected. $ 2.99 on Amazon http://www.amazon.com/gp/aw/d/B01DHOAA5K?vs=1
  16. I was recently accepted to my top choice (yay!) and have accepted their offer. I have declined other offers of acceptance but am unsure if I should also let other schools in which I've interviewed with know that I have accepted another offer even though they have yet to reject or accept me. What's the polite thing to do and how would I word an email essentially withdrawing my application due to the acceptance of another school. Thanks for the help.
  17. Hi Everyone, I've asked my former supervisor for a letter of recommendation for an MBA program. The letter has a plethora of amazing information, however, there are a few formatting errors: Not in business letter format (does not have name, address, etc. before salutation) An extra space or two after some periods Will this negatively reflect upon me during the admissions process?
  18. Revising you personal Statement for a SLP graduate program I highly recommend buying this book because it has awesome tips and examples of letters other student essays. Perfect Personal Statements by Mark Alan Stewart Here are some great tips for revising you personal statement, if you are reapplying or applying for the first time. What should you write about? This issue forced me to procrastinate forever! I felt like everyone had such a good story about why they wanted to become a SLP. Some girls in my undergrad classes had children with autism, siblings with hearing impairments, or a grandparent with a tracheostomy. I just loved the healthcare field and happen to stumble across SLP as a career choice, but that doesn’t make for a moving or inspirational story for the admissions committee to read. This book gives a few good topic choices, but one really stuck out for me. I wanted to discuss my learning disabilities and how I overcame them, but I did not want to sound “damaged”. This book explained that it is okay to as long as you make the topic about how you overcame the situation and do not whine about it. Some of the most compelling essays that universities see are on disabilities, low economics status, and/or minority status. I used this book to revise my personal statement before reapplying. While reading the DO and DON’T chapter, I found tons of things I did in the “DON’T section and I had to edit them out of my statement. Here are a few:Your essay should give them an idea of your personality, not reiterate your resume The opening sentence should capture the reader’s attention and curiosity. It should entice them to keep reading on You are wasting your personal statement opportunity and the reader’s time by writing introduction and conclusions even though this is the way you were taught to write a proper essay. Typically you will not have enough space to write these given the 250-1000 word limit. For example, erase sentences like these… “allow me to introduce myself…” “these are the reasons you should admit me…” “thank you for your time and consideration…” “I hope you grant me the opportunity…” [*]Double check each school for the word limit and stick to it. You will not be disqualifies for going over, but the admissions reader has too many others to read and will only read the 1st pager (or whatever the limit is) and move on. [*]Use normal vocabulary. Trying to impress them with large words will only distract them from the content. [*]Don’t “whine” about the system or about how hard the GRE’s are [*]Don’t remind the university about their rankings or strong faculty. They already know that’s why a lot of students want to attend there, dig deeper and get specific about THAT particular university and certain faculty members. Go to the website and research each and every faculty member until you find one that has similar interest as you. [*]For example, do talk about wanting to go to that school because of the close proximity to great hospitals and you want to do you CFY there and specialize in swallowing. (or great schools systems they are affiliated with) [*]For example, do talk about a particular faculty member who is currently doing research that is interesting to you. Then e-mail that professor, telling them you are impressed with the research they are currently doing and that you hope you can learn more about when you are accepted. Then you go back to your essay and say I have even sent Dr. so and so an e-mail expressing my interest. [*]Make sure to twist your weaknesses into something good read more tips like this on my blog at MedSLP by the way how do I submit my blog to thegradcafe.com???
  19. I don't even know what to think anymore...today I came home to a notice that they had tried to deliver a certified letter. Is it even possible a school that I've applied to sends out decisions via certified mail? My husband and I aren't expecting anything, so of course that's my first reaction/thought (but so expensive). What do you all think? Has anyone heard of that before? I might just be going crazy...
  20. Hi! I am applying to the Columbia Univ.(MS Electrical Engr) and I am so worried about the school's recommendation letter. Does the school send the letter link(request) to professors as soon as I save the contact info? It seems like sending automatically right after saving, but the school's instruction says "as soon as you complete and submit your application." Does anyone have a clue? Thanks in advance!
  21. Hi! I am trying to get LORs from 3 professors, but I am wondering whether I need to submit my applications. I searched websites and many of universities are sending "how to proceed an online LOR" or similar emails automatically right after I enter their email addresses ( + etc information) and save. Does it mean professors can send(write) their LORs whenever they get this email? Also, if true, that means I don't have to submit my online application for LORs, right? Thank you for answers!
  22. Hello, All! I am applying for a master's degree and planing to get LORs from 3 professors. I am meeting with these professors regularly(at least once a week) But I am still considering the timing to ask them for LORs. Should I ask them now? or sometime early November? If it's better to ask them now, should I tell them I will submit the APPs in Nov(meaning LOR links will be sent a month later)? Thank you for advices!
  23. I'm applying for a PhD in Computer Science. I have one letter of rec from a professor whose graduate student I did research with. I did not do any other research with any other professors. However, I do have 3 different bosses (from doing internships) from which I could get letters from. I plan to get one letter of rec from one of those bosses. But for the last letter of rec, I have a choice: either another boss who knows me well and my work ethic; or, from a professor. All my internships were doing software development. The first two were mainly just doing programming. The last one was developing a mobile application; but it could be related to research since no one in the company had prior experience in mobile app development, and I had the task of researching which platforms to use, etc. One of my professors remembers me and did say he would write a letter of rec. However, I'm afraid that he may not write a very strong letter, because I simply took his classes and did a group project with him (and my classmates). In addition, this professor is mainly a lecturer, not much of a researcher. Another professor said he would write a letter, but I only took 2 of his classes. Is it a no-brainer to simply get the last letter from a professor? Or should I seriously consider getting 2 letters from bosses since they probably know me better?
  24. I am in a really tough dilemma. So, do please help if you can. I have exceptional academic record at a top 5 institute for Aerospace and have an unofficial offer with funding from the lab I work as an undergraduate. I currently work in two labs, serve as an academic advisor and a dual major (Aero E., and applied physics). I want to go to MIT/Caltech Aero program and hence I want to keep everything perfect. Here is my situation: Reco. 1: Research Scientist and my immediate supervisor for 2 years. Given me A+ in directed study courses (3 semesters, 3 A+'s). More like a friend. No doubt that she will be extremely positive. Reco. 2: Professor of Aerospace, well known in his field. I took a PhD course with him when I was in my 3rd year and got an A. He said without me asking "I would have taken you. But I am not taking students next year". Told me he will hook me up with a professor in my present univ. (but I don't really want to stay at the same university). Taking another advanced course with him next semester. Reco. 3: THIS IS THE REAL QUESTION! Option 1: Academic Coordinator, has a PhD. I also work as a peer academic advisor and she has said she will be very positive and supportive (I 100% trust her). I have working under her for 1 year and she thinks I have the best performance of all the advisors. I do have some achievements in advising office like enhancing student turnout and increasing the number of academic events. This will bring VARIETY to my letters. Option 2: Full professor in physics. Have been working for ~7 months (research) and meet him everyday. He is one of those guys who never expresses lots of emotion. He will always say "Good!", "Excellent", but would never say "You are the best" or never ask me about anything other than lab work. He will definitely be positive, but I am not sure how positive it will be. We are certainly publishing in 6-8 months (or even earlier) (alas! I hope it was before my grad application). He can mention about how close we are to getting results and that I am doing something very publishable. This will likely add WEIGHT to my LORs. VARIETY vs WEIGHT? Could someone give me some suggestions? If any additional details will help you, please let me know. I really need some hints.
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