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Found 11 results

  1. Does anyone know if a recommendation letter from a CFY is acceptable to apply to grad school with?
  2. Hi all! This may be a bit of a weird question, but I can't find an answer anywhere. It's recommended everywhere to change up your SOP in order to highlight your best unique fit at each school. My letter writers asked for a CV and a draft of my statement of purpose. Should I send each different SOP to my letter writers so they can see what I discuss about fitting to each school specifically? Should I send one SOP and just notes about specific fit at the other schools I'm applying to? Thanks!
  3. Just a clarifying question - Recommenders submit one letter on CSDCAS and that letter is sent to each of the programs on CSDCAS, is that correct? One of my professors wants information about who to address his letters to, etc. and I just wanted to make sure for the CSDCAS programs, it'd just be a general salutation since it's sent to multiple schools.
  4. Hey fellow students! I have a question about Rec Letters. This would be my 3rd time applying for grad school. Aah i know it is an emotionally exhausting process life happens. Anyways, my question is this means i would have to ask my professors for the 3rd time to write me a letter. I kind of feel shy/kind of anxious and embarrassed about asking them 3rd time around. Is it ok to ask your professor to send in the letter for 3rd time? thank you,
  5. One of my professors is a foreign national and it shows on the recommendation letter. I wasn't supposed to look at the letter but the school administrator sent me a copy for my reference, not sure if I should be glad I did, or not. Anyway, the letter was already sent to accompany my grad school application and I had absolutely no control over both its content and logistics, i.e. knowing this at this point is too late. Would this affect my chances at all? How do adcom view this situation?
  6. Hi all, I just paid for the Interfolio service, only to find that it is likely not to work with a majority of my school programs. I thought it'd be helpful to have some data on what applications do and do not accept the service, so that future applicants can make a better choice than I did. Attached is a google doc. If you have had any positive or negative experiences with the service, feel free to edit! https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/14Gu4_uCx7ROtJPskRFaZ5JihRNDLHr1SXKlxxJWW0tk/edit?usp=sharing
  7. Pretty much as the title says, but how soon is too soon to ask a professor how their letter is coming? For example, I sent a professor a request for recommendation about 8 days ago (after telling him to check his email and his spam box for it) and he hasn't yet even accepted the request. I figure he might just accept the request and write the whole letter in one sitting when he gets a chance, but when would it be appropriate to check in to see if he received the request?
  8. I'm having a bit of a dilemma in who to ask for a letter of recommendation. I'm currently 1+ years of research in a lab with a PI, Research Associate, and Post-Doc. I did 2 years of research in undergrad with a professor (who I had not taken any classes from). I had been planning on asking for LoRs from 1) my undergrad research prof, 2) the PI of my current lab, and 3) the Research Associate of my current lab. I work a bit more closely with the Research Associate than I do the PI, just due to the fact that the PI is busy doing PI things like writing grants. However, it occurs to me it might seem sketchy to have two LoR from the same lab. Is this the case? I have the sinking feeling it is, especially in a lab as small as this one. My other options are getting a LoR from a professor I had in UG who really liked me and I did well in their course, but that was a year and a half ago (I'm post-grad now). I'm applying for Neuro programs, with a focus on behavioral neuro research. My current lab is not behavioral really, the undergrad researcher was in the psych program but we did biopsych/behavioral neuro research, and the undergrad professor was in the psych program and one of the classes I took from her had to do with animal behavior.
  9. Specifically for PhD programs in Statistics, is there a consensus on when (if ever) extra letters of reference should be submitted? I have 5 potential letters, and I think they'll each be quite strong. If the schools I'm applying to allow for additional letters, do you think it's a good idea to submit all 5? It feels awkward talking about my research experience with a particular professor in my SOP and then not having a letter of reference from them. On the other hand, I don't want to irritate the committees with so many documents to read through. Let me know your thoughts. Thanks!
  10. I have seen a lot of threads about Interfolio, but it is still confusing. I have already sent my letters to many universities with no problem, but I am having doubts regarding universities that expressly state that they do not accept letters through Interfolio. My confusion arises from the fact that Interfolio can deliver the letters in two different ways: directly to the university or through the online application. Of course that I am sending my letters through the online application. For example, Michigan's Political Science Department says the following: " The letters of recommendation should be submitted through the online application system. Instructions for submission can be found HERE. At this time we are not able to accept letters from letter services such as Interfolio." If Interfolio is able to upload the letter to the online application system (as they manage to do with most portals), would they accept my letter? I mean, perhaps the warning from UMich is referring to the fact that they do not accept letters directly from Interfolio but they are not considering the possibility of Interfolio uploading it directly to the online application. Anyone knows? Thanks!
  11. So..... I emailed admissions at SDSU and today the admissions person told me that the first round of acceptance/rejection letters will be mailed out in two weeks!!! YAY!! I thought they had already started so I am relieved to learn that this isn't the case. She told me my review had been completed, so hopefully I will hear in the first round. (I submitted my apps before the priority deadline on Jan. 10th, Jan. 15 being the priority deadline.) I'm getting so excited!! Anyone else apply here?
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