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Found 5 results

  1. 1) I have a high gpa (4.0), some research experience, and what i hope are going to be positive recommendation letters. Let's assume I have a concrete SoP, and my research interests/methods are in line with a respective department. Will a low gre (V157 Q150) really keep an applicant out of top programs (Harvard, Columbia, NYU, etc?) 2) If you scan the results page, I find reports here and there of acceptances at these programs with similar GRE scores. What do you make of this? 3) In response to asking for a letter of rec, a professor has asked me to send along "what I would like them to touch on." This is a weird in-between of the "yes, i will write one for you" and the "sure, draft one up for me will ya?" My other two recommenders are writing them without my input, so I won't be able to curate them in any way. Any tips for what I might want to highlight? Given some financial hardships, I am debating not applying at all given the prevalence of high GRE cutoffs... (or waivers, I suppose) Hope you all are doing well this application season, cuz im already totally unhinged.
  2. So I'm in a bit of a rut here. Had three recommenders, but tale as old as time, one of them has flaked approx 2 weeks from the deadline. I don't really have anyone else that I'm super comfortable with asking, but my other two recommenders know me/my work pretty well and will write strong letters so idc if this third letter is weak. But that being said, for the one professor I'm thinking about asking, how do I explain to her that a need a letter by Feb 7? Actually my deadlines are Feb 1 and Feb 7, but for the Feb 1 school I'm thinking about asking for an extension. Anyhow, do I let her know that the reason I'm contacting her twoish weeks in advance is because the other guy flaked? I want to explain my circumstances because I'm giving her such a terrible deadline, but I feel like that gives the impression that she's my last choice and I don't really value her recommendation (I mean she is my last choice but you gotta do what you gotta do) On the other hand if I approach her brand new without explaining anything then it looks really unprofessional to ask for a letter on such short notice. What would you do? Thanks
  3. Hi, I am looking to go back to school for an MSW in Fall of 2021, I know I have a long time until applications open, much less need to be submitted, but I am wondering if I should start asking about letters of recommendation now? I graduated from undergrad in 2017 and most of the schools I've been looking into applying to require 1 lor from a professor if you're within 5 years of graduating. I was very close with a few of my professors (went to acting school so it's hard not to be) but, I've totally changed careers since then and I haven't spoken to any of my profs in years. I'm wondering when I should reach out, and what would be important to include in my ask?
  4. So given my challenges with getting a recommendation letter from a professor I worked with who is on leave, I am in a fortunate fallback situation with my letters of rec. I have a professor willing to write me a letter who I took a class with and who has also gotten to know me outside of school through my volunteer work. She is no doubt a top notch recommender for my applications - she has written a ton of books, has a great track record of journal articles and work in the field and I am definitely going to build on her work as part of the PhD work for the programs I'm applying to. The (potential) problem? She used to be married to one of my other recommenders and they share the same last name. They worked at the same institution for a long time, and both are amazing to have recommendations from... But I have gotten advice from another professor not to have both of them on my application because it might look like I'm a "friend of the family." I'm seeking advice - has anyone been in a similar situation? Thank you!
  5. I am currently in the process of applying to PhD programs in environmental science/tropical ecology and conservation. I know–more or less– what schools I will be applying to. I also know who will be writing my letters of recommendation for me... but I do not know how they need to be sent to the schools I am applying for. I've heard about Interfolio, and I'm not sure what else it out there. I graduated from UCLA and UCLA offers a LoR service for alumni, but it is much more expensive than Interfolio. I've also heard about LoR writers mailing the letters to the schools themselves? I've tried to look into how you actually submit letters to grad school, and I still feel so confused. How do you actually send the letter to the school? I know it can be school specific, but any advice on the following would be much appreciated: - HOW do you send letters of rec to the schools you are applying to? - What services for sending LoR electronically is the best? (ex. Interfolio, through your alma mater?) This may seem like such a trivial question (and I'm sure I'l look back thinking it was a silly thing to ask), but I am just plain confused on how my LoRs need to get where they are supposed to go. Thanks!!
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