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  1. Hi friends, I have most of my admissions results in, and I'd love to hear people's thoughts on my options! About me: I have an academic background in linguistics and computer science, and I've been working as a software engineer for a few years. I like what I've been doing, but I want to be able to focus more specifically on research in the domain of human language technologies (maybe in academia, probably in industry). I'm aiming to get a PhD in an area relating to Computational Linguistics. Here are my options so far: 1. CMU: This is a research orientated masters program, and
  2. Hi everyone! My mother tongue is Persian and I'm a bachelor's student of French literature and I have a good level in French. I haven't decided yet but I will probably study for a Master of Comparative Literature or Linguistics. I have decided to start learning a language and I have chosen Turkish. Do you think this will help in comparative literature or linguistics? Or in other words is there a best language to learn for students of comparative literature or students of linguistics?
  3. Hey everyone, Anyone with admits/rejects to the Washington computational linguistics or other similar programs?
  4. Hi I'm new to this site but I didn't see a thread yet for this year's application season. I am about to start my senior year of undergrad in Linguistics next month and I'll be applying to Ph.D.s starting this Fall. I have 7 schools on my list as of now and they are: Cornell, UW, University of Michigan, CU Boulder, UPenn, Stanford, and UC Santa Barbara. I'm interested in computational linguistics, NLP, machine translation, and phonetics. What schools are you guys applying to this year? MA? PhD? What are your research interests?
  5. Hi all, I'm a senior who's been accepted to a few MA programs and am looking for some guidance on final decisions for where to attend my masters program. For some background on me, I'm a linguistics student with a background in sociolinguistics, phonetics, and digital humanities. I want to focus on minority language usage (broad, I know) in my MA. By that I mean I want to do research on understudied groups in linguistics, so diversity of research is really important to me. Additionally, I plan on applying to linguistics PhD programs after finishing my MA, so I want to go to a school
  6. I have a B. Tech in physics but I have been working for the past 5+ years in a position that is not related to my major (Astronomy). This has made it near impossible for me to get into any good schools for an Astronomy Masters/PhD. I only have online certifications as Ling. prerequisites but I am quite eager to try for a masters in Linguistics. I have good scores in GRE(Verbal:162; Quant: 168; AWA;4.0) and TOEFL (117/120) and my CGPA in my undergrad was 8.4/10. Is it a wholly impractical idea? If not, what can I do to improve my chances of acceptance?
  7. Hi, I would like to know if there are any current grad students from UBC Vancouver here. I will be starting my PhD in linguistics at UBC in fall 20, and would love to get in touch with the current/upcoming students beforehand! Cheers! -Aaditya
  8. I'm a Canadian (undergrad) student studying linguistics, interested in going into SLP in the U.S. The course requirements for SLPs are different for Canadian schools and U.S. schools. I'm looking at some of the courses that most U.S school (e.g. NYU) require such as "Anatomy and Physiology of the Speech and Hearing Mechanism", "Reading and Writing in Children with Speech and Language Disorders", "Articulation Disorders in Children and Adults", and I noticed that some of these courses are not offered at school. How do we determine which courses that our school offers is eligible to be con
  9. Got an offer from CUNY and Georgetown University - anyone who is already attending one of these programs , or anyone also got an offer? I am actually deciding between the 2 now. Any thoughts would be appreciated!
  10. Hello everyone, I am going to apply for 2020 Fall linguistics PHD programs in US. My research interest is theoretical syntax and Chinese linguistics. I really need your advice on which universities are providing this kind of program and how competitive these universities are. My background: I obtained my B.A. in linguistics in Beihang Univerisity in China (one of China's top polytechnical universities, specializing in aeronautics and national defense technology.), which is not a traditionally-acknowledged prestigious university in Modern languages(Subject Ranking around 200 worldwide
  11. Hey y'all, I'm a senior undergrad looking into a linguistics MA (and eventually PhD). I have a ton of interests in linguistics but I would say my main focuses are sociolinguistics (especially in minority communities), phonetics, and psycholinguistics. I've done a lot of research on grad schools that specialize in this but would love to get recommendations from those who have already been through the application process. I'm still not quite sure if my stats are ivy-league level but I would like to apply to 1 or 2. Some background on myself: I've been doing undergrad research at m
  12. Hello, all! I wanted to get opinions on the best linguistics PhD programs that have a strong focus on historical linguistics, specifically Indo-European linguistics. The program that seems like the best fit so far (UCLA's IES program https://pies.ucla.edu/) appears to be the only one of its kind. What are other examples of top-tier PhD programs in linguistics that have faculty with research interests/who teach courses on historical and Indo-European linguistics? Thanks!
  13. Hi, I just got a PhD offer in Linguistics at University of Kansas and MSc in computational linguistics at Brandeis University. I am an undergraduate in linguistics with some trainings in computer science, and I am interested in computational psycholinguistics. The PhD program at Kansas University is great, good supervisor and funding package. However, I am attracted to both psycholinguistics and computational linguistics and KU only has psycholinguistic track. While I am still waiting for a few master program in computational linguistics, I was wondering if a master program in comp
  14. I'm a first year student at a university which doesn't offer a linguistics undergrad program. I've been told by multiple professors and researchers in the field that I need a ling undergrad to have any chance at going to a good school (like UCLA, Stanford, etc.) for grad school. Is this still true? It appears that from some of the posts here and other people I've talked to that I may not, but I'm still on the fence. If I transfer undergrad schools, I'll leave the friends I've made so far, probably have to retake multiple courses, and incur a ton of debt (not including grad school). Howe
  15. Anyone on here applying to Tulane for Anthropology or Linguistics this year? I've applied to both Anthropology (cultural) and EEB for PhDs, and my partner applied for Anthropology (linguistic) and Linguistics. Tulane is our top choice, so I'm super nervous about getting in/getting funding! My GPA is okay (3.35 for unofficial transcript, probably gonna be 3.5 by final transcript - it's mostly my freshman year weighing me down), as are my GRE scores (QU: 150, QA: 160, W: 4.5), but I've got 2 major research projects, 2 internships, a small business (unrelated to the field of study), and even
  16. Hi all, I had a question about gaining admission to PhD programs in linguistics with unconventional credentials. I am currently a JD student at a top 5 law school, and was hoping to complete a PhD either alongside or after the JD. I completed a dual degree in undergrad with BAs in humanities and a foreign language, as well as a minor in linguistics, and won most outstanding student in the language department my last two years. I took multiple grad-level linguistics courses, and worked as a research assistant for one of my ling professors. My overall GPA was a 4.0. After undergrad, I taugh
  17. Does anyone know if UPenn has send out all interview invites for linguistics graduate admissions yet? Do they notify students of rejection too?
  18. Hello, First of all, congratulations to everyone who got accepted for grad school. I just got rejected from Yale and I guess I will be rejected by other institutions I applied (NYU is the one that makes me feel the worst), I need some help to make better my application for the next year, I just wanted to know a little about the application forms of PhD candidates who are accepted to Yale, or any other American institution. Is GRE that much important? (as a foreign student) is there a min score for TOEFL (though it says that there is not in Yal's site, apparently there is a min score, isn
  19. Anyone on here applying to Tulane for Anthropology or Linguistics this year? I've applied to both Anthropology (cultural) and EEB for PhDs, and my partner applied for Anthropology (linguistic) and Linguistics. Tulane is our top choice, so I'm super nervous about getting in/getting funding! My GPA is okay (3.35 for unofficial transcript, probably gonna be 3.5 by final transcript - it's mostly my freshman year weighing me down), as are my GRE scores (QU: 150, QA: 160, W: 4.5), but I've got 2 major research projects, 2 internships, a small business (unrelated to the field of study), and even
  20. Hello all, I am wondering what other programmes are there that have heavy focus in Clinical Linguistics research (diagnosis and rehabilitation), be it acquired or developmental language disorders. I know of the following, and if you have experience with them, I'd love to hear what you think of them as options EMCL+ (EU) Uni Potsdam's IECL (DE) Groningen's MA in Linguistics (NL) Utrecht's MA in Linguistics (not as specialised but with some related research groups) (NL) McMaster's Experimental Psycholinguistics and Neurolinguistics (CA) Some of the thi
  21. I want to pursue a PhD in linguistics. Due to family matters, I am unable to apply this cycle, but I am looking towards next steps. I graduated from undergrad last year with a dual degree in linguistics and Romance languages, and this year I am a Fulbright ETA. My interests are historical linguistics and Indo-European languages (esp. Latin, Romance languages, and Eastern Romance in the Balkans). I believe that my academic performance is strong, and my time as a Fulbright Scholar is also a plus. However, my weakness is a lack of independent research experience. I served as a research assistant
  22. Hi, guys. I am a fourth grade bachelor student majoring in English language and literature, from Asia, and being admitted into three linguistics master program: Purdue, Georgetown (general concentration), Michigan State. I'm still waiting for UCSC and Boston University (maybe I will not go to BU). Purdue offers a TA position and waive my tuition. A professor in Michigan State's department of linguistics told me I probably get funding in the second year. Georgetown said there will be no funding in the two-year program. I'm interested in formal semantics, and want to learn some skills and knowle
  23. I am in my last year of BA in Linguistics (University of Huddersfield, England) and I am interested in studying the Bergamasque dialect (more info on the dialect at the bottom). At the moment, research of this dialect might be a little problematic because of the scarcity of available empirical data on its use. I would like to build a comprehensive corpus of this dialect allowing other linguists to carry out more research. To carry out this project, should I look for an institution that specialises in dialectology or corpus linguistics? Or both? Should the university speci
  24. Hello, I have a question that may be too specific but hopefully someone out there has some relevant experience/advice. I am trying to decide what to do as a literature student who would like to eventually complete a PhD in linguistics. Right now I am mostly looking into masters programs as it seems that it would greatly help me to complete a masters before even trying to apply to a PhD, but if someone has a suggestion of a PhD program that requires little background in linguistics, I'm game. Here are my studies so far : B.A. English and French literature at a small liberal art
  25. Hi all! I am pursuing a PhD in applied linguistics and have narrowed down my choices to the University of Maryland and Iowa State, but I'm now stuck between these two. My research interests involve applying pedagogy to computer-assisted language learning (CALL) programs and developing actually useful online language-learning platforms. Also, vocabulary acquisition. UMD has a smaller department with fewer professors, but they're all very experienced and respected in the field. From the students I've talked to, there are some differences in their availability but overall are still eage
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