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Found 2 results

  1. Hej! I'm an Australian student looking to study in the US, specifically around NYC (where my gf currently lives). I have an undergrad in philosophy at USYD and a Masters by Research in English at the University of New South Wales. My project was on the relationship between Hegel and Kierkegaard's respective modes of representation and the "ancient quarrel between philosophy and poetry." It centred on questions of the exception and repetition, taking 1843's Gjentagelse as its primary focus. Along the road I've picked up a lot of interests and areas of study. I've written conference papers on Badiou, Media, Hegel, Benjamin. I've also worked on psychoanalysis, Marxism, communist history and deconstruction. Broadly speaking, my overall project is concerned with the construction of universals across the gulf of difference, and the way that language/analysis might accommodate this. Because of this pick-and-mix I've been looking at places like the New School, but won't be able to support myself without funding so that seems to cast doubt. I've also heard that people have reservations about UPenn At the moment I'm looking at 1. Media at Brown with Joan Copjec 2. Philosophy at Columbia with Honneth or maybe Lydia Goehr 3. Philosophy at CUNY, not sure who with 4. English at NYU, not sure who with 5. Religion at Princeton with Eric Gregory I've done the GRE and got V-170, AW- 5.5 and Q- 149 (lol). Does anyone have recommendations on other programs that might accommodate a project as confused and baroque as this? Cheers!
  2. Hi, all, I am finishing my MFA in Creative Writing this year and would like to start a Ph.D program in English in Fall 2017. Here's a little background info: I graduated with a 3.9 GPA in History from Florida State with a minor in English in 2009. As an undergraduate, I wrote an honors thesis in my field. After working a few years as an English tutor online, I decided to pursue an MFA at Eastern Oregon University, where I'm specializing in creative nonfiction. My ultimate goal is to write and teach. However, though an MFA is considered a terminal degree, I feel it is necessary for me to have a more established background in literary theory and literature. So, I'm thinking about applying to Ph.D programs. In particular, I am interested in CUNY, Colorado, and Oregon, but feel free to suggest others! I've been through the wringer--I've taken the GRE twice (and will take it again), written many SOPs, and submitted writing samples--but not so much the academic kind in the last few years. I don't want to submit a part of my undergraduate thesis. I know my thesis director/mentor will eagerly help me with the writing sample, and I have professors for LOR. What are some good examples of critical theory essays (in general, not necessary application ones)? Also, because I'll have my MFA and not an MA, I am anticipating having to get my MA and Ph.D. Am I correct in this assumption? Any help is appreciated! Also, it would help to know what others have experienced as well. Thank you very much! -Amy
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