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Found 6 results

  1. The average rental price for living in SCU is about 1500$/month for a single studio(quite expensive for me, but very convenient), is this price the average price of living in silicon valley? I checked the surrounding rentals near SCU on Zillow, the price is little higher than live on campus, because I don't have a car, so I can only find available rentals with walking distance. If you guys have ways to find more economical living options, I will be very appreciate about that.
  2. Hi everybody Grads and non-grads, I'm going to tell my story but I think this post might help other people too I have been admitted to my first option of university (YEY) but I am not sure if the stipend they offering me will be enough to cover my living expenses. So, first set of questions: - Do you know any websites that show reliable information about cost of living in different cities in the US? - Besides rent what else should I take into account when assessing the cost of living in each city? I have already talked to people in the Program but I've been getting some mixed information about renting there. Meanwhile, I have also been admitted to my second option which is offering me more $$$ to go there. - How important is the stipend when choosing a university do your PhD?
  3. Hey, everyone! I just wanted to stop by and ask those of you who are currently in a program three questions about GA positions assisting with living expenses. Also, if you have any tips or cautionary advice please feel free to share. What is the compensation rate like for those of you who have graduate assistantships (in the CSD department and other departments on campus)? How are you able to cover rent and other basic necessities while in graduate school? Does your GA cover tuition and provide a stipend ( i.e full vs. partial depending on hours worked per week)?
  4. During my MA application process I really had no understanding of what a stipend for a rhet/comp student would look like (or frankly how far it would get me living in that potential city). I ended up applying to programs that didn't offer MA funding (which I was not aware of when applying). Now that I'm looking into PhD programs I want to know upfront, how much should I expect. The question is, how to figure that out on my own. Some ways I'm attempting to do that right now: 1. Dig around GC to see if anyone has recently mentioned their package 2. Try to find info on the graduate school site (highly unsuccessful so far) 3. Ask around my own program to see if anyone knows So far this has been fairly unsuccessful. I do not want to contact programs about their stipends (as I know budgets change from year to year depending on cohort # and department changes), however I don't want to waste my own money applying to schools that will not offer me a livable stipend. I know there is a database floating around for english programs, but it does not contain a lot of rhet/comp schools (much less state schools I'm planning on applying to). So, how have others gotten around this? Does anyone have a successful method of figuring this before applying, or is it common to just straight up ask programs how much graduate stipends generally are and what they include? Sidenote if anyone is willing to share their packages here or has information/resources for the following programs I would be forever grateful. Some rhet/comp programs I'm thinking of applying to: Clemson (RCID) Bowling Green (English) Purdue (English): I had a collegue mention around 13k, but this seems unreasonably low for the program/PhD level, but what do I know Miami University Texas Christian University (I've heard around the 17k range, but I'm not sure if that's true) Florida State University University of Texas (El Paso) Georgia State University University of Arizona This thread could also just turn into a share your offers thread in general.
  5. So how does anyone SURVIVE grad school without being a literal hobo? I am freaking out. I will have to take loans out for tuition and my research assistantship will be going toward my tuition as well. I REALLY do not want to take out loans just to live! Even if I transfer my current job in retail, I'll only be able to make ~$100/wk if I work 10 hours on top of school and research. Are more loans the only way? Should I have only applied somewhere who would have covered more/given more financial aid? I have been stressing so much because tuition is $24k because I'm out of state. And I already have so much debt from undergrad! Can anyone tell me what they've done to defer costs or survive the living expenses of grad school?
  6. Hi, I need some guidance on the indirect living expenses at NCSU which includes average housing, meals and other common daily expenses. Thanks
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