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Found 13 results

  1. Hey there! Any international students with experience of taking loans in the US without a co-signer? I've come across Mpower and Prodigy but don't personally know anyone who's used them. My husband was able to take Discover without a co-signer because his university made it possible, but it isn't the same case for me. Are there any other options for people who don't have a potential co-signer in the US (other than taking loans from our home countries)? I'm from India, currently in the US on F2 and going to Columbia for Ms in Strategic Communication later this year. Thanks!
  2. I am in my second year of Masters and I am contemplating about applying for a PhD program next year. I am not sure about how much stipend I could get since it would vary in each university. But I want to calculate how much I would be able to save (to pay off my study loan). Again, I know it would depend on the number of months I am getting the stipend for and the living expenses according to the location of the university. I am currently in TU Delft and I know what my expenses are and the (possible) stipend I could get as a PhD candidate. I want a general estimate according to the experience of other PhD students in other universities.
  3. Hey everyone, I am about to join a PhD program in US this fall. I recently came across an Article about debt during PhD. The article mentions that the average grad school debt for Social Science PhD holders is $24,581, but it doesn't mention how students go into debt. My field is Social Sciences. Although I have been offered a tuition waiver and stipend for 5 years. Should I be concerned?
  4. As an international student, the expected expenditure at UC boulder is 57000$ per year. I'll have to take a student loan at least for the first semester. An ra/ta position will ease my burden by means of turion wavier and stipends. (Admitted to msc in Aerospace) So how easy is it to get an ra/ta at UC boulder? What other employment options are available? Is this a wise financial decision?
  5. So I'm debt free right now and have very good credit. I have enough money saved to pay for my cost of living for 1 year, and tuition for 1 year. I have accepted admission to UCLA's MSW program, a professional degree program for a masters in social work. I plan to work in mental health, likely government work for the first few years out of school then eventually once licensed as an LCSW private practice as a therapist in California, or a mix of gov work and private practice on the side. Tuition and cost of living remaining will be about 30 thousand dollars for my second year. I was provisionally offered both the Federal Direct Unsubsidized Loan for $20k and the Direct Graduate Plus Loan for $27k Considering this, what do you think is the best option, considering the above loans and any others out there for a loan to pay for that 30k, considering my good credit? I would prefer to keep the cost as minimal as possible because out of school my income will be low, probably around 50-55k a year to start. Thanks!!!
  6. I recently received my acceptance letters from the New School in New York and SAIC- Chicago. I had applied early admission for their undergrad fashion design programs, from India. Unfortunately, I was counting on a scholarship and I there has been no mention of any scholarship in either of my letters. So, there are a few questions I'd love to know the answers to- 1. Do the scholarship applicants get to know if they've received anything after the regular applications have been processed as well? 2. I understand that as an international student on a student visa I can only work upto 20 or so hours a week, and i've been reading about work study opportunities, how are the two different, if they are? 3. Are there any art/ design scholarships that I can still apply to at this point of time that applies to international students? 4. Does the Indian Government give out scholarships? 5. Are there any places in the states where a loan can be taken for these colleges without a cosigner? 6. Are there any places in India where a loan this hefty can even be taken? I carried out my entire application process entirely on my own so any information at all from someone who may or may not have gone through the same problems would be exceedingly helpful as it would be very disappointing to have to give up an opportunity like this.
  7. Incred Finance is offering loan of 40 Lacs without collateral at ROI of 11.5 % which is negotiable. Has anyone taken loan from Incred before? What are the reviews regarding this financial service?
  8. Hi Wassup guys! Happy Friday or (or Happy Day)! I hope everyone is enjoying their day. Its acceptance letter season and I am so glad the applying stage is over. Even more happy that I got accepted into the Fordham, Columbia, and Hunter/Bank Street Program Although I am very excited about the prospects of attending any of these programs, I am leaning towards Columbia. However, I have concerns about the costs and loans. Is there a way to leverage my financial aid packages to lower the costs? Or any other approaches to help me lower the costs and loans? Please let me know very excited to start my career with the lowest amount of loans possible
  9. Hi, I will be starting 2nd year of MPA at Columbia SIPA. I'm an international student. Though I have a partial scholarship from SIPA and taken a loan for my studies, the living and course have been so expensive that I'll run out of money to finance my last semester. I have already reached out to Prodigy Finance and MPOWER for additional loan, but they have declined my application. Since I'm an international student and have no one in the US who could be a cosigner for US bank loan, that is not an option. Plus, my family can't support my studies since it's not affordable. Are there any other options I could look at? Urgent help needed here, please. Thanks in advance.
  10. Hi All, I am from Pakistan and planning to do my masters in International Education Policy/Development. I have applied to various programs and scholarships over the past couple of years including one MPA AND MPP program. My story is pretty much summed up in the image. While I am still waiting to hear from Fulbright, university scholarships from UPENN, Kings and UCL; I need to be clear about what I should do if I don't get any of that. UPENN is like a dream school but even with 10,000 grant, I will need to take at least 80,000 dollars in loan. I wanted to know if its worth it? Cause if I take loan, I would need to stay back in US and pay back my loan as salaries aren't great in Pakistan in the development sector. I also got into International Education program in North Carolina Chapel Hill and my brother also lives there which will save living expense, but I do not like that program at all. I have an option to go to Kings in London (and possibly UCL as my application is at the last stage). It will cost me 22,000 dollars but there isn't any option that I can find where International students can take loan. My sister lives in London and she can co-sign it as well. I have almost four years of experience in the Education sector in Pakistan and waiting another year for Masters will neither help me save more money nor improve my chances for scholarships. I have already become insane because of all this anxiety of hearing from scholarships, so I would really appreciate some suggestions. In this situation, what would you guys recommend? SHould I take loan and go to UPENN? Is there a way I can fund my education at Kings? Or should I wait for next year and apply to HGSE's IEP (my dream program) which costs less than UPENN and some good state universities in US? Thanks, FT
  11. Hello all! I was wondering if anyone from the UK has any insight into the new postgraduate loans scheme. More specifically, are EU students eligible or not for such a loan? Everything I've been reading is quite contradictory (one source says yes, another one says no - unless you've been a resident of the UK for the last x years, which I'm not). Any info would be greatly appreciated
  12. Hey guys. So I am only 23 but have been married for a little over 2 years. The job market has been tough so my husband and I are being completely supported by my family. While my parents arent complaining I do feel very guilty for not being able to find any job that pays more than a waitress (I have a History BA). My question is, am I the only married person completely dependent on their relatives? I'm asking because I am being incredably hard on myself for not being able to find a job and feeling incredably guilty for accepting their hard earned money.
  13. Hey guys, so I seem to be in a situation that isn't going to end well for attending this year...I've been accepted at an amazing program that does exactly what I want to do and is also in a really exciting location, and they also offered me a yearly scholarship....which is really quite small and would still leave a cost of at least 50k for the program, which I see as a hugely irresponsible amount to cover with loans on top of my undergrad loans. In addition, its location is a city with a high cost of living. I am still in contact with the program director and hope to hear more about further funding opportunities...but based on past conversations I am not optimistic that this program even has funds beyond this scholarship that seems to be the standard. I suppose another option would be to ask to defer to save more money while working for another year....does anyone have experience doing this? I also have acceptance at another program that would certainly get me into the career field I'm headed for, but is in an academic area different from others I applied to and just isn't as interesting to me. It's an Anthropology program while all others I applied to were American Studies or Decorative Arts. They may well offer me a decent funding package (no detail yet, and this rides on someone else turning down their spot), and this program is in the city where I currently live. My problem is that I am unsure if I should really consider the program where I live now if they give me a good offer since it just isn't really what I want to be doing. I mostly just applied because it's relevant to my career goals and would not require relocation. I want to study Colonial American Material Culture but this program is on the west coast...any advice?
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