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  1. Hello all, I'm an American student in my final year of university applying to graduate school. I have finally received all my decisions, but I'm having trouble understanding how to apply for loans and how to know what I've received. I'm starting to feel anxious because I've also applied to several schools outside of the country that I would really like to attend, but accommodation is starting to book up while I figure out my financial situation. I was expecting to receive at least some loans, but I was surprised to not receive anything. I would really appreciate your help in clarifying wh
  2. Hello. My student loans went into default last year and I’m applying for consolidation today. I know the fafsa deadline is June 30 and it takes 3 months for me to go into good standing in order to take out more student loans. my question is - should I apply for the fafsa right now and get denied for student loans? If so, would I be able to make changes to my fafsa once I’m in good standing and hopefully get approved for more student loans? or should I wait until I’m in good standing in 3 months then fill out the fafsa? thanks for the help!
  3. Hi guys! I am stoked to plan my future after being accepted into a graduate program, however I am getting a little nervous with the amount of loans I realistically have to take out. Personally, after completing my program I estimate to be in debt about 70k (including housing and other expenses not just tuition). Unfortunately I wasn't awarded any scholarships/grants. I am curious, is this typical? I hear other students say to stay away from expensive schools, where does 70k land on the scale? I was also accepted to another school that will probably cost me 35k-45k total, but it is not in an ap
  4. My apologies if this has already been addressed in another thread here. I'm interested in creative ways to help reduce student loan debt. I ended up taking about $20K to $25K more in loans than I expected due to several factors, a) the university dramatically increased student housing costs from the time of my admission to the time of my defense (up 48% in four years); b.) my family's health needs during my studies prevented me from taking a substantial part time job; and c.) there was no real economy where I attended anyway (e.g., only entry-level minimum wage jobs). Now, I'm looking at my ow
  5. Im Seeking out loans for DACA students in the US. Preferably without the need for a cosigner. I've looked everywhere but have only found MPower Financing and that one isn't offering loans at the moment anyone who knows of places please advise. Or if you know how I can get a cosigner that may help as well. Please help this is the only chance I have.
  6. Hello everyone, I'm trying to figure out if/how I can defer my student loans while I complete my MA in another country. I have federal student loans from my time as an undergrad and I am now getting an MA in history in Turkey. I called the loan service to ask them what the criteria is for eligible universities, but they couldn't give me any useful information (they said just to send in the deferment request and see what happens). Does anyone here have experience with this? Thanks for any information you can provide.
  7. Hi, Wanted to share the new scholarship launched by GyanDhan: https://www.gyandhan.com/gd-scholarship As per the scholarship: How Does GyanDhan Scholarship Work? GyanDhan scholarship is a financial aid of a fixed amount which will be granted to students based on the merit and strength of the profile submitted. Who Can Apply? Students who fit in as per the below-mentioned criteria: Students who want to pursue a 2-year postgraduate course in the US, Canada, UK, Australia, Ireland, New Zealand & Germany. Students who are in the process of applying or have
  8. Does anyone really know how loan forgiveness works? Is it only in certain states? Is it only loans through FAFSA? I have no idea how any of it works and am having trouble finding more information on it! If anyone has more knowledge on this topic I'd love to hear it I'm still waiting to hear back from all my schools (and am dying waiting) and am trying to be proactive with this and distract myself from the non-stop email checks I've been doing!
  9. Long story short, I just calculated the amount I would have to take out in loans for tuition alone assuming a small scholarship and it's over 30k. Add loans for living expenses to that, even assuming I'm incredibly frugal and my partner is helping to support me, and I feel like I'm looking at 50k in debt for this degree. Feeling really down especially seeing as I already have over 40k in debt from my useless undergrad. This is what I want to do with my life and I don't want to get discouraged, but damn. I thought I was being smart by waiting a year and trying to get in-state tuition, but $50,0
  10. As an undergraduate, I became ineligible for federal aid due to maxing out my cumulative attempted credit hours (who knew starting college as a directionless 18 year old might be messy?) I'm thankful that my first graduate program acceptance letter came today, and that the program has offered full funding and stipend for the duration of my studies...but I will need to find a bit of extra aid to cover/refinance/push into deferment some higher interest debts that, while I can manage, will make my budget ultra-tight otherwise. My question is, does satisfactory academic progress (SAP - what the Fe
  11. I have been accepted into the Security Policy Studies masters program at GW. They have only offered me $4k a semester in aid and I need much more help than that to be able to attend. My loans will only cover about $20k a year. Does anyone know of the best way to approach this? Should I write them and ask about more funding opportunities? Can I appeal for more money?
  12. I've recently been admitted to an MA program with an 20K stipend. I know this is generous for an MA program but I am trying to gauge my loan and student debt prospects. Anyone else with a similar stipend? Has anyone found any other ways to get funding? Has anyone managed to get scholarships that are separate from the particular university or department? Any jobs? Did you even need a loan?
  13. Hello! I am wondering how people usually pay for masters degrees if they are not supported with an assistantship or fellowship? Loans, financial aid through FAFSA, work, etc? Is working part time while pursuing a full time master's feasible?
  14. For this question, would graduate school count as college, or is that separate? If it's separate, would I just fill out "0" if nobody else in my household is pursuing a college degree? The question is: How many people in your household will be in college in 2017-2018?
  15. For a grad art program? I'm having the hardest time figuring out if I can apply anywhere for scholarships/grants for artist attending grad MFA programs? All of the so called organized websites to join and search from, give me SCAM like info. or nothing at all. How about ADHD? I'm Norwegian, Danish? I was born in MN? Over 45?
  16. One of the greatest things about Bio medical PhD programs, is the fact it is paid for, plus you get a stipend. Even so, I anticipate needing more than the stipend will provide. What advice is out there about taking out student loans (federal or private) or other ways of financing graduate education? I have done the standard google searches, so I am mostly looking for what people have experienced personally and what their recommendations are.
  17. Hi Wassup guys! Happy Friday or (or Happy Day)! I hope everyone is enjoying their day. Its acceptance letter season and I am so glad the applying stage is over. Even more happy that I got accepted into the Fordham, Columbia, and Hunter/Bank Street Program Although I am very excited about the prospects of attending any of these programs, I am leaning towards Columbia. However, I have concerns about the costs and loans. Is there a way to leverage my financial aid packages to lower the costs? Or any other approaches to help me lower the costs and loans? Please let
  18. Anyone know the difference between the Federal Direct Unsubsidized Loan and the Fed Direct Grad PLUS Loan?? I've been researching and trying to understand the difference but I don't recall seeing much difference ?
  19. I posted this in the main section of grad cafe under "The Bank" but haven't gotten a response yet so posting here as well... I'm in the process of applying for unsubsidized stafford and grad plus loans. As part of that process I need to fill out a promissory note. I started that today, but noticed they ask for my employer's information. While I work full time now (in a different industry), I'm planning to quit at the end of the summer before I start school full time. My current employer does not know that... Does anyone know if they will contact my employer if I give their in
  20. What is the best way to pay for grad school without going too far into debt with loans? I don't have much saved up right now and still hav a couple thousand in loans from undergrad, and now I need to pay tuition and living expenses in a new state. That means plane tickets to come home, too. I'lll definitely get a job, but any sort of help or resources would be great!
  21. I'm in the process of applying for unsubsidized stafford and grad plus loans. As part of that process I need to fill out a promissory note. I started that today, but noticed they ask for my employer's information. While I work full time now (in a different industry), I'm planning to quit at the end of the summer before I start school full time. My current employer does not know that... Does anyone know if they will contact my employer if I give their info? If they do contact them to verify my employment, will they tell them it's because I'm applying for student loans (assuming yes)? I wasn't p
  22. Hey! So I was just accepted to a Master's program, and they are giving 15k (plus insurance). It is conditional to me taking Microeconomics and getting a B or better, but I'm not too concerned with that. I just spent a few minutes calculating some things, and I need another set of eyes. Tuition & Fees: $25700 Housing (cheapest and an 8 minute drive away): $450 per month ($5400) Bills: $6900 *includes car payment, food ($150 per month), cell phone, and car insurance Living Expenses Total: $12300 I also have two education awards totaling 10k. So my calculated co
  23. About how much student debt do you have and how do you plan to repay it? I'm at over 40K right now and my loans are due for a payment soon since I graduated some time ago now. I seriously can't afford these payments with all the other things I pay for. I feel like I'm stuck and I definitely don't want any lack of future payments since that would hurt my credit score. Anyone dealing with this and found some sort of solution or a way to help?
  24. Now that the US has elected Trump, everything is up in the air. This would not be the year to assume you can manage your loans with an IBR program like REPAYE.
  25. As you can see in my sig, I'm applying to a lot of schools. I'm in Virginia so only 3 of them are in-state (4 if you count the fact that D.C. schools do 'american student vs international student' instead of 'in-state vs out-of-state/international'). On another forum someone reminded me of the old adage of "don't take out more loans than your first year's salary". If the stats I found online are right, the median salary for SLPs is about $58k. Probably a little less for first-year employees. By that logic, and provided these stats were right, I could only afford *one* in-state school
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