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Found 10 results

  1. Guest

    Los Angeles, CA

    any one there to talk about UCLA? I have an admit from UCLA and need to know about the place. It would be good to hear from someone about it - about the campus and life.
  2. I am considering a move to CA to attend UC-Riverside. My partner would work in LA, so given traffic patterns, we're thinking that it may make the most sense to live in LA and I would commute to Riverside (vs. my parter commuting into LA). Am I making the correct assumption? If we were to live in LA, I would want to be closer to Riverside. I have only visited LA a few times. Google maps suggests to me that I should be looking on the eastern side of the city. Is that true? What areas would you consider for a young married couple, no children?
  3. Has anyone recieved an email for an interview from a CSU for a masters in school psychology? I applied to csula and I haven't heard back from them yet. I have a gut feeling I will get a rejection email next week and I'd rather know now. When I called and the lady said my file does not say I've been rejected yet, but the deadline is next friday...
  4. Hey all! I just joined GradCafe, and I am so stoked but also nervous about the fact that applying for grad schools is just around the corner. Right now I am feeling so nervous because I know my credentials are not where they need to be. I'm graduating early in December, but since most grad schools don't do spring start and heading straight to grad school with no break would be INSANE, I am planning on finishing out my lease here. Then I'll be applying for summer and fall start dates at multiple schools. I have a few school ideas, which I'll state down below. I plan to earn a Masters in Social Work, potentially with a concentration in mental health. First, I wanted to give you an idea of my stats (no judgment--from the threads I have read so many of you have intensive experience and stellar GPAs :/ ): Undergraduate Degree @ University of South Carolina -- Experimental Psychology major with two minors: Social Work; Counselor Education GPA - 3.0 overall, should be closer to a 3.1 by the time I graduate (Yes, I know, it's low...it's not horrible, but if college had been a little less rocky I could have done super well ) Member of Psi Chi, International Honors Society in Psychology Member of a panhellenic sorority through which I have volunteered and participated in philanthropy events Was in charge of a philanthropy within my sorority where sisters help a local blind man with every day tasks This is it so far, however I have a few plans under my belt that I am almost positive I can follow through with: This semester I will be completing at least 45 service hours with a local organization that provides lower-income individuals with housing (definitely happening, it's a part of a practicum I'm taking) If all goes well, I plan to intern in Rome for 8 weeks with a social service organization this summer. I should be working about 20 hours a week. I plan to join Delta Alpha Pi, an Honors Society for people with disabilities (I have severe depression which has contributed to my mediocre GPA). I plan to get involved with the Undergraduate Social Work Student Association at my school. I haven't taken the GRE yet, so it could definitely still be a factor in boosting the impressiveness of my application. I am a strong reader and writer. If anyone has specific tips about the GRE, please let me know! ^^^So this is what I plan to achieve before I have to do applications (in the fall for the summer 2019 start, and in the winter for the fall 2019 start I suppose). For some reason, I have had a hard time finding paid opportunities/internships in the city of Columbia that are geared towards psychology or social work. I am going to keep looking, but the opportunities seem few and far between. That being said...what do you all think? What are some things you suggest I do, between now and the time I apply, to make my application as impressive as possible? I know I can't take back my GPA, but I can try to make up for it in other respects. From what I have read on here, those with low GPAs have been able to impress graduate schools in other ways. Again, if yo've got tips, let me know! Lastly, I wanted to list some schools that I am considering. I am going to rank them in order of my interest right now. If any of you know anything about these school's admission rates or have any specific insider info about a school, PLEASE contact me. I would love to get in touch with some of you and potentially ease my fears about applying for grad school! Here's my list: 1. University of Denver 2. San Diego State University 3. University of Southern California (the other USC...hehe) 4. Arizona State University 5. Florida International University and some maybes: Cal State - Long Beach; San Jose State University; Metropolitan State University of Denver As you can see, I really want to go far away and preferably out west (I've lived in SC my entire life). I am not sure about the admission rates of these schools, though I have heard that SDSU and USC are more competitive. I would love to hear thoughts on your experience with applying (especially to any of the schools above), selectiveness of these schools, my potential chances of getting in, and their quality of education. Thank you for anyone who actually took the time to read all of this!!! Any help at all would be so appreciated, even if it is constructive criticism. ~PeaceLoveSocialWork~
  5. Was anyone here a part of the Master's Prep Certificate Program (Post-Bacc) that Cal State LA has? If so I had a couple questions about the letter of intent for the department application. Thanks!
  6. Hey Everyone I'm going to do my Master in Architecture in LA and was hoping this to be a mega threat for the whole LA Area! It would be nice to have friends in the city from different backgrounds. I'm also looking for housing opportunities and looking for roommates!
  7. I'm a prospective applicant to the PhD program in Political Science at USC. My focus is in the IPE arena, and I'm interested in working with Ben Graham or Jonathan Aronson. I'd like to hear from a current student or recent graduate of the program about funding packages, RA, TA, and fellowship opportunities within the program, student engagement with faculty, and perceptions of faculty overall. Is the general feeling that PhD students are well supported throughout their time at USC? Any general reflections on the quality of the program? Side-comments about living in South Central LA are also appreciated! Feel free to PM me if you prefer.
  8. I'm a prospective applicant to the PhD program in the Department of Political Science at UCLA. My focus is in the IPE arena, and I'm interested in working with Michael Ross (amongst others). I'd like to hear from a current student or recent graduate of the program about funding opportunities (is the program fully funded? is there competition for funding between students? I've heard differing reports on this, and the truth isn't immediately clear from UCLA's website...), RA, TA, and fellowship opportunities within the Department, student engagement with faculty, and perceptions of faculty overall. Is the general feeling that PhD students are well supported throughout their time at UCLA? Side-comments about living in West LA are also appreciated!
  9. Hi! I got accepted into my top choice PhD at University of Southern California. I got a really lovely email from an advanced grad student who's in their fifth or sixth year offering to guide me through the program and field any questions I might have. They also sent a 'living in LA' guide that around six of the current grad students had made with breakdown of the neighborhoods they live in and all sorts of helpful information. Here's my dilemma, however: I'm finishing a Master's at Queen's University in Kingston,Ontario, Canada. I have a sublet here with my partner from May 1st to August 31st and classes start August 22nd at USC this Fall. My partner is also applying to USC but for a much different program and they don't usually notify until late March or early April. So, I'd love any advice anyone could offer me on how to get from here to LA with my 'stuff'. I'm not bringing furniture (which may be a bad thing? I'm not sure how many LA apartments come furnished, although that's common in the places I've lived), I have probably 100 books I'd like to bring, I'm ditching a lot of clothes since it won't be anywhere near as cold there, and I have more books stored at my parents' house in North Carolina. I've already begun trying to figure out if it makes the most sense to ship things and try to beat the shipment there to pick them up, or if I should try to check multiple bags on a flight, or if there's some way that I could go down and get a storage unit or something before getting there. Two other things. I'm American so I don't have to worry about a visa or anything (although my partner will, because he's Canadian). And I don't have like *any* savings because this degree as an international student has been quite expensive. I have between now and whenever I leave to potentially make/save money, but I just don't know what makes the most logistical sense. There's the smallest of chances my family might be able to pool resources to help me get out there, but even between them it won't be much more than a couple hundred or so (we're not a very well-off family at all). Any advice on this would be greatly appreciated! And yes I do plan to ask the department about potentially helping with moving expenses, but not sure I want to rush that.
  10. I've been recently admitted to both (Computer Science & Engineering - UC San Diego, Computer Engineering - U Southern California). I have trouble deciding which one I should pick, so I will lay out what I have discovered so far. 1. A little bit of background I received BS Computer Engineering from Purdue University. Being an out-of-nowhere campus, I am hardly able to land jobs that I really like doing. I ended up working for a traditional company in a tiny town. Although the money is really good and the technical challenge is just ok, I don't really have passion for my work and I hate the town I live in. So I set out my eyes to California looking for better opportunities. 2. Academic USC is private school, and according to startcollege.com it has lower student-to-faculty ratio. This means smaller classes, which I prefer. 3. Research I have designated my preferred research area in my Statement of Purpose, although I have no idea whether I could check which I'll be assigned to at the moment (or can I?) 4. Location LA has a ton of opportunities. San Diego is not as big, but still much better than my current town. USC campus, as far as I heard, is located in not-so-safe neighborhood. The nearest beach is 30 minutes of drive away on interstate. La Jolla, where UCSD is, lays along beautiful beach. Granted, as much as I like jogging along coastal lines and swimming, being enrolled in highly competitive graduate program means less time for such recreation. They also have modern architecture which I prefer, and great natural preserves. 5. Funding Funding is not an issue. I'm an international student. Even with higher private school's tuition fee, I am able to cover the first year with my own saving and my parents are willing to cover the second year's cost. 6. Start of Semester USC offered me summer start, which mean I can leave my job earlier. 7. Industrial Connection My guess is USC, being in LA vicinity, has wider connections. At this moment, I'm still split whether to continue with PhD or to return to industry. 8. Prestige I totally have no idea about this. But being Asian, prestige and rank are important factors (not to myself personally, but more to parents, relatives, and potential mating partners). 9. Other options I haven't heard back from UT Austin, UCLA, UC Irvine, and Stanford. But having been rejected by Berkeley 1 month ago, I'm not expecting too much from Stanford. Please help by voicing your opinions. I've been scrounging Quora for articles regarding UCSD and USC but couldn't find something decisive to tip the scale. Thanks beforehand.
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