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Found 5 results

  1. Should I be pursuing a Master of Public Health degree if I'm not entirely sure where I want to be in public health? Would it be an issue to enter the program and then explore where I want to be in the program? Is it a common occurrence, or do people usually know what they're doing 100% when they enter the Master of Public Health program?
  2. Hello! I recently decided to go to a graduate school in bioengineering/biomedical engineering field. I've been doing some research past couple weeks on schools and programs but I'm still pretty lost. Not sure how much of things (stats and experiences) are required for PhD or MS in engineering especially someone like me, who only has biology background... Here are some info about me so that you can provide me better advice: Undergrad: top 5 public school in the U.S. Major: Molecular Biology GPA: 3.74 (do not remember but my science gpa is higher) GRE: started studying just today! Research experiences: Pathology lab (summer during undergrad years) 2 years at medical device company R&D lab (related to bioconjugates and nanotechnology, but not really hard-core engineering.. more of biological sciences area) AND here are the questions: 1) Do I need to have a specific research area that I'm interested in before applying to schools? I'm sure of some things that I don't want to pursue such as tissue engineering and regenerative medicine, but I am not entirely sure of what I want yet (currently, I am interested in biosensors (bio-MEMs), medical informatics, or biomechanics but I haven't had enough exposure to decide which to pursue) Will I be at a big disadvantage in application if i don't state my interest specifically? Or is it okay to have a general area? 2) And since I'm not entirely sure of the research area, would it be better to go for MS instead before deciding to go on with PhD? 3) I do have 2 years of experience in working at a medical device company as a researcher, but these are more closely related to areas I am not really interested in anymore... the company I worked at produces biosensors, but I was not part of that division and was not exposed to such technologies. Should I join engineering labs for some experiences? (I am not working anymore and have plenty of time for some experiences now... not sure getting them now is gonna help though) 4) If I choose to apply for PhD but did not get accepted, am I automatically considered for MS admissions? Or does it not work that way? 5) I don't see a big difference between bioengineering and biomedical engineering. Is there a difference in how these majors are perceived in the industry? Or does it not matter? Many of you might be wondering why i want to pursue bioengineering even when I don't really have specific research area that I am interested in. After being in an industry for a couple years, I figured that there are not many opportunities for a B.S. in biology to do. I've always thought that bioengineering was cool and I see a lot of potential in the field as I glimpsed a little bit of the industry through working in the company. And here I am! Any advices, comments, concerns, anything will be greatly appreciated! Thanks!
  3. I was admitted to the Boston University Master of Public Health program! Just out of curiosity, are any of you still uncertain about the concentration you've chosen? Do you think you might change your concentration after completing some course work? I'm just wondering if anybody else is in the same situation as I am. Should I be pursuing a Master of Public Health degree if I'm not entirely sure where I want to be in public health? Would it be an issue to enter the program and then explore where I want to be in the program? Is it a common occurrence, or do people usually know what they're doing 100% when they enter the Master of Public Health program?
  4. Should I be pursuing a Master of Public Health degree if I'm not entirely sure where I want to be in public health? Would it be an issue to enter the program and then explore where I want to be in the program? Is it a common occurrence, or do people usually know what they're doing 100% when they enter the Master of Public Health program?
  5. Hi everyone. I am in a rough situation and need some advice. I have had a very unconventional journey to grad school. Let me begin by explaining that I am an older student (not over 35, but older than the undergrad crowd), before coming to grad school I lived with my fiancé in a wonderful city on the West Coast. I was accepted to grad school with a year left in my undergrad program (accepted in April 2015, graduated undergrad the following March 2016). My PIs had another student who dropped out at the last minute; they freaked and sent emails to all of their colleagues trying to get a new student. One of my professors received the email, forwarded it to me, and on a whim (completely without thought, I might add. I believe why attitude was “why not?”) I applied just to see what would happen. Well, they accepted me as a PhD student with full funding. The plan is that I spend the academic years at University of X (a state school, not prestigious or rigorous in any way) working with PI1, and the summers conducting research at Institute X (not a university, but a prestigious research institution) with PI2. I accepted for three reasons 1.) full funding is hard to turn down, 2.) I didn’t want to take the GRE (still haven’t, it was waived), and 3.) I was scared I wouldn’t get in anywhere else (this is irrational, I know). I am also interested in the research project that I am on. Or at least I thought I was. I’ve been working on this project for 4 months now (I started in May) and I am already growing weary. I’m learning that what I thought I was coming here to study is not in fact what I’m supposed to be studying. In addition, I am the only student studying subject Z in a school for studying UVXY(and sometimes Z), which is very lonely. All of my peers are studying U, V, X, and Y; their offices are close by and they seem to get along. Many of them also went to undergrad together. I am isolated to a different building. I have no friends here and am isolated in my studies. My PIs never mislead me, I think I misinterpreted the situation, and now I think I’m at the wrong grad school. School has only been in session for three weeks, but I am finding myself falling into a depression. My friends/family keep telling me it’s homesickness or culture shock (grew up on the West Coast, now on the East Coast), but I’m not convinced. I am normally a top student. I had a 3.9 in my undergrad, I have the NSF, etc, etc, the usual list of accolades for top students… Because of this funk I’m in, I’ve started to become academically destructive. I haven’t been turning in homework, I’ve been cutting classes, not doing the reading, not participating in discussions/demonstrations. In addition, I have no interested at all in conducting my research. I can’t even remember what excited me about this field in the first place. I have never felt more lost or depressed in my life. I have been secretly looking at other programs that might be a better fit for me. The Z community is very small, and I don’t want to email any other potential PIs because I’m worried that it might get back to my current PIs. I know I need to talk to my PI at some point, but she’s so kind and generous; I really don’t want to disappoint her, but if I stay here I don’t think that I’ll be the stellar student that I use to be. What should I do? Should I just tell my PI about my unhappiness and continue with my exit strategy?
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