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Found 57 results

  1. Hi all - I'm an electrical engineering graduate from the Class of 2017, and will be applying to grad schools this cycle for the Fall of 2019 (M.S. program in the same discipline). Unfortunately, I'm one of those people looking to get in somewhere with a bad GPA - specifically, a sub-3.0 GPA. It's literally right around the 3.0 cutoff (2.95), but my major GPA is lower than that; it's a B- average. I took a look at my transcript, and there really isn't anything good that I can take to shed any kind of positive light on either one of my GPAs. There is no significant upward trend at any point, and I didn't have any "special circumstances" that severely limited my ability to study and get good grades. The only upward trend that I've got is a jump from around a 2.86 my freshman year to a 3.05 during my sophomore year, but a measly jump like that during my underclassman years is insignificant. My academic marks as an undergraduate were pretty much always stagnant, and remained around a 3.0 until the very last moment. My reasons for the poor marks? I was involved, yes, but nothing crazy by normal standards. What really killed me, though, was my personality. I wasn't lazy, and I wasn't a party-goer. I was just afraid to ask questions, even when I didn't understand something. When I first stepped foot on campus, I had absolutely no background in the STEM fields aside from mandatory coursework at the high school level. In my first engineering class, I was taken aback by how much everybody else already knew about the discipline. Lecture material went right over my head, and I could not find any openings to jump into during discussions. I felt dumb as heck, but I tried to shoulder the burden on my own, tying myself to online resources and other methods that I could try from the comfort of my own laptop. Looking back, what I was afraid of wasn't really looking dumb in front of my professors; it was looking dumb in front of my peers, the guys and girls with whom I would be friends, colleagues, and acquaintances for at least the next four years. If you take out the disappointing academic performance, however, I do think that I can remain fairly competitive with a lot of other applicants out there. I went to a fairly well-regarded university ranked in the top 25. Among other things, I was involved in a design team, did a big-time internship at a big-time company, served as president of a professional organization, and am fortunate enough to be working as an electrical engineer post-graduation doing stuff that pretty much have everything to do with the line of study I would like to pursue in graduate school. But - graduate school is all about business, and you're not there to mess around. GPA still matters a lot, and I realize that. Here's my question to you all - I've read a lot of posts on people who have had bad uGPAs, but have had legitimate reasons for the bad marks - be it depression, family problems, or health problems. I've got none of that - I was just too afraid of looking dumb, and, in a way - too prideful to admit my deficiencies early on by asking for help. If there's one thing that I do have to say to that, it's that I really feel like I've improved on this attitude after starting to work as a full-time engineer. In school, I could remain in my little shell, but nobody would bat an eye - I could save my "embarrassment" at the expense of my GPA, but it was all private to me. At work, trying to act like I knew how to do things when I really didn't can lead to a bad product, strained relationships with clients, a bad reputation, and getting the axe - the list is endless. Performance has everything to do with job security. I swallowed my pride and approached work with humility, asking questions as often as I could, no matter how dumb - looking back now, one full year later, I can say that I really have learned a lot not just about my discipline, but about communication, as well. Can addressing something like this in my SOP help me come off as a more mature and prepared candidate for admission, or is that 2.95 on my transcript - especially since I have nobody to blame but me - going to keep admission committees skeptical about my potential and seriousness? In general, if you've got nobody to blame for bad marks but yourself, what's the best way to approach that issue in your writing? If there's one thing that I am absolutely confident about, it's my writing skills - I just don't want to get off on the wrong foot and jeopardize my chances. I have my range of schools that I am shooting for, but to put things into perspective - the schools that are higher on that list (i.e. my dream schools) are places like Texas (Austin), UCLA, and UCSD. I realize that some of these places have explicit GPA cutoffs of 3.0, and the average GPAs of admitted students is way up above the clouds, but f**k it, I'm going to shoot my shot anyway. Thanks!
  2. Hey everyone. I need some tough love/advice. Here's my situation: In 2015 I finished undergrad with a cummulative 3.19 gpa. I was an slp major, and my gpa within-major was 3.70. Knowing my gpa was quite low, I decided to spend time working and gaining experience. I've spent the last 3 years working as an elementary ABA paraprofessional, nannying, volunteering at a veterans home, and volunteering at a pediatric hospital. I also took a coue ASL classes at the community college just because... My GRE scores aren't spectacular (157V, 148Q, 3W), but I'm studying now, focusing on my writing score. I have great relationships with my supervising SPED teacher, the behavior analyst, my SPED administrator, and the school slp. Could I ask them for rec letters instead of my previous professors? I know most grad programs ask for academic references... but I was an average student at best. I did well during my undergrad practicum, but that was 3 years ago, and I haven't kept in touch with those professors. I'm 100% willing to move for school and know I'll need to cast a wide net if I want a shot at getting in. I'm not sure how to organize my SOP, but I know it has to seriously stand out. Is there anything else I can do to make myself marketable? I assume my GPA is the biggest red flag, but there's nothing I can do about it (right?) All comments, advice, and questions welcome. Has anyone else been this hopeless? TLDR: low gpa, low GRE, non-academic recs. Help?
  3. leecy77

    Realistic Grad Schools

    So I'm in the process of picking graduate schools to apply to and Im having a hard time of getting past the mentality of applying for the best schools in my field and seeing what happens? (Yale BBS, NYU, Northwestern, Princeton, Brown-basically all the reaches). I can stay a second year in my current postbacc fellowship and have been advised to do so if i want a shot at these schools, but as i have fee waivers and the worst they can say is no, my head is stuck on aiming high and just taking feedback this round. Wondering what some match schools would be though! Also, unsure if id have a somewhat better shot applying to biology umbrella programs for neuroscience or straight into neuroscience? Undergrad Institution: Big stateMajor(s): NeuroscienceOverall GPA: 3.3, in major probably around 3.05 (pretty average student except for chem/ochem-mostly B's, pretty much few equal in science A's-C's cancelled out)Type of Student: (Domestic/International, male/female, minority?): Domestic, female, Puerto Rican & African AmericanGRE Scores:Q: 156/61%V: 159/83%W: 4.5/82% Other: Several extensive research experiences, (3 academic years, 2 summer fellowships, presented posters at 2 university conferences and won awards, ABRCMS national conference poster award, 2 travel awards, 1 middle author publication in submission, writing a review paper with a well known PI now), 3 pretty good LORs, and the typical grad cv full of extracurriculars I held 2 jobs most of my 3 years of undergrad, and graduated in 3 years rather than taking the 4th to improve my gpa due to financial considerations. Im currently in an NIH funded postbacc at Mayo Clinic. Bless you for reading this far, any and all advice is greatly appreciated!
  4. I will be applying to MSW programs soon in NYC. Does anyone know if your undergrad GPA gets factored into your graduate program GPA. For example, do they take your undergrad social work classes and factor it into your new GPA in the program or your overall GPA? Thanks.
  5. cameron1550

    Stem Cells and Regenerative medicine

    Hello everyone, I graduated college about a year ago with a BS in chemistry (sp. in biochemistry) with a minor in microbiology. My cGPA was a 3.05, my subject was a 2.68 and my minor was 3.33. And I want to go into the field of stem cells and regenerative medicine/biotech. I was thinking about going for a MS in biology. I know my GPA is low, but I just wanted some advice on how I can achieve my goal. Does anybody know of any grad programs that are not very selective? Thanks.
  6. Hello all, I graduated from U of T life sci with a GPA of 2.9 (sad I know). I've applied to grad school twice and got rejected both times. I'm still waiting to hear back from my grad school application this year for Fall 2018 entry. I am wondering if I should go back to school and take more undergrad courses and repair my GPA as much as I possibly can. Any advice?? Any success stories out there of people who had low GPAs and made it to med school??
  7. hopefulslp_2be

    Low GPA--help?

    Hi! I am a student at UNC Chapel Hill and only started taking SLP pre-reqs my junior year, and in the years before this I was a nursing/PA student with a low GPA. My GPA in pre-reqs is a 3.7/3.8, and my overall GPA is a 3.1. My GRE scores are alright... 159 V, 153 Q, 5.5 W. I have lots of experience working with my desired community (children) and am looking to participate in research this coming semester (I will be a senior in Fall 2018.) I am also going abroad this summer to Belize and volunteering at a clinic there. I guess what I'm wondering is.. do I have a chance anywhere? With that low of a GPA, but good LOR, experience, and what not, can I still get into my desired programs? Programs I know I'll be applying to are UNC, UNCG, ECU, App State, U of Tenn, U of Memphis, FSU, U of Florida. Programs I may be applying to are UCF, Jacksonville, Radford, NC Central, Western, GWU, etc. Thanks for any help, I am very worried lol
  8. speechie510

    Low GPA, Super Stressed Out

    Hi! So the past few months for me have filled with endless stress and self doubt about applying to grad school and my future in general. I only applied to two schools because I didn't have much confidence that I would get in anywhere and didn't want to waste the money just to be rejected. I got rejected from University of Rhode Island and am currently waitlisted at LIU Post, which I'm actually shocked I even got waitlisted to be completely honest. As hopeful as I am that I'll get excepted, I know I need to be realistic. I have a 3.3 GPA, but with the way my grades are looking this semester, it's probably going to go down to a 3.2. I wanted to see if I could retake some classes in the summer to raise my GPA but my college doesn't let you retake classes to be factored into your GPA after you graduated. However, I could retake them as a nonmatriculated student, but it would make no difference in my GPA. Would grad schools even care if I did this? I was thinking about retaking anatomy because I got a C and I'm especially nervous about that being a CSD course, but I don't want to spend $1000 retaking it for grad schools not to even care. Anyway, does anyone know any ways I could increase my chances of getting accepted, or am I doomed because of my GPA? Am I even being realistic applying with a 3.2/3.3? And does anyone know of any backup plans/other career options with a bachelor's and CSD? I'm sorry this is so long, I'm so beyond stressed and none of my family or friends understand because to them, "I do have good grades". Thank you so much!!
  9. speechie510

    Low GPA/any advice?

    Hi! So i have been super stressed during this whole application process. I only applied to 2 schools because i didn’t have much confidence i would get accepted anywhere and i didn’t want to spend a ton of money just to get rejected. I got rejected from one school and waitlisted at LIU Post. Even though I’m trying to stay hopeful about Post, i know my chances are pretty slim. I have a 3.3 GPA but the way my grades are this semester it’s probably going to be around a 3.2? Am i even being realistic about applying? My GRE scores, recs, and essay are all pretty average so i don’t even really have that going for me. I wanted to retake some classes in the summer to try and boost my GPA, but my school does not allow you to retake classes for a higher grade once you’ve graduated. However, i could take them as a nonmatriculated student, but the grade would not replace my old one. Is it even worth it to do this? I was thinking of retaking anatomy because i got a C and I’m nervous because it’s a CSD course, but if grad schools wouldn’t even care then I’m not going to waste the money. Does anyone have any advice on ways to stand out more or any kind of back up plan? I’m so stressed that I’m not even excited about graduating. None of my family or friends understand because to them “i have good grades” (for any other major i would!) any advice is appreciated! And if you actually read this whole thing, thank you so much!
  10. amelsanti

    msw admission

    Hello guys. i need some advice. I am from a small town in Cuba. I came to USA a year ago and i am thinking applying to a msw program. My gpa is not good, 2.68, i know is bad, but i have a rough live. I took the gre my verbal was accpetable 154 and my quantitative was 150, i dont know if this is enough to apply to a good program. i have good recommendation letters, work experience working with communities with needs in Cuba and i made conferences in the USA talking about Cuban social problems. I am really into a social work path, i want to help other people like me. So, any advice should be great. I was thinking apply to NYU, but i think it will impossible to me to get in there, they require 3.0 gpa minimum. Any help? Any success story with a low gpa getting into a msw program?
  11. For anyone who hasn't been accepted into grad school for speech pathology, Southern University in Baton Rouge is an option. My understanding is they are accredited and accept applicants who may not be as competitive because of lower GPA and GRE scores. You can go to their website and get contact information. I've heard most people have a good chance of getting into their graduate program. They also have a later application deadline, April 15th. Good luck to everyone!
  12. Dear gradcafe users, I have written a statement explaining my low GPA scores while in undergrad. I would be extremely grateful if someone can take the time to critique! Feel free to message me! Thanks a lot in advance!!
  13. Hello, I am electrical engineering major and My GPA is 2.65/4.0 My GRE score is V:145, Q:158 AW: 3.5. I applied about 17 schools, and I already got 4 rejects... The rank of schools varies from top 20 to top 100. Could you recommend any schools that I could get an acceptance letter possibly? Thank you.
  14. Hello! I'm not sure if this is the correct place to post this, but I've been feeling extremely anxious about my application due to my less than stellar undergrad GPA. I went to a decent public university for my undergrad and graduated with a GPA of 3.05 in... , I had a very personal, traumatic experience occur to me in college which affected my ability to perform to the best of my capacity. I also was majoring in Economics, but was not interested in the topic at all. I took a few courses in the computer/information sciences, which I ended up enjoying a lot more. Eventually I became involved with research at the Information Science School at my university during undergrad, got an internship working as a user experience research intern for a student learning mobile app, and had my independent project during my senior year published in a relatively well known journal for Human-Computer Interaction as an extended abstract. All these factors, a relatively strong GRE, and a sensitively handled personal statement that disclosed the personal issue that I was confronted with, allowed me a chance to pursue a Master's in Human-Computer Interaction at a pretty great school in the field. With a fresh start, I ultimately graduated from my master's program with a 3.89 GPA. I worked as a research assistant for the full two years, was a co-author in a publication produced by the lab I was assisting with, as well as a successful master's thesis which was also published in a respectable journal. I also interned as user experience researcher at a major social media company in the summer during my master's. Since graduating, I accepted a full-time offer as a UX researcher at a reputable video games company (think EA Games) and plan on working full time for two years. This means I'll be applying for my PhD next application cycle (Fall 2018). I retook my GRE and got a 163 V 163 Q and 4.5 AWA. Given this list, will my low UG GPA keep me from getting into a PhD program at a top tier school? (Indiana-Purdue University, Indiana University, UT Austin, University of Maryland, University of Michigan, University of California-Irvine, University of Washington, Northwestern University, Cornell University)
  15. Hi All! I am a recent graduate (c/o 2016) interested in pursuing a Masters and/or PhD in Urban Planning in Fall 2018 (Interested in merging Public Health and Analytics - Using City/Regional data to create healthier spaces) Undergrad Major: Global Health and Environment, 3.39 GPA (3.76 major GPA) GRE: Haven't taken it yet, but I'm a decent test taker and will probably score in the upper 70s or mid/lower 80 percentile) Programs: Columbia GSAPP's MSUP (Urban Analytics), UC Berkeley, I have spent the past few months interning at public health organizations (domestic & internationally) Here are my questions: (1) Do I have a chance at getting into Columbia and/or Berkeley? Are there other graduate programs that focus on data? (2) Considering more competitive applicants with higher marks, is it possible to receive a scholarship or RA-ship funding for a graduate program with my grades? How can I become more competitive? I don't know anyone in real life who is in UP, which is why I'm here. Anything is better than nothing, so please please impart some knowledge! Thank you! **Also please do the poll above to help me be more competitive,
  16. tche6750

    Advice for my situation

    Hi All, I am waiting for my application results to trickle down and since I haven't heard back from any of the 11 schools I applied to (I know it's a bit early). I would like realistic input on my prospect of getting to any of the programs I applied to from helpful folks out there. (Programs in brackets) Indiana University- Bloomington (Social Psychology) University of Oregon (Social Psychology) University of Cincinnati (Clinical Psychology ) University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign (Social Psychology) Stony Brook University (Social Psychology) University of Rutger's (Social Psychology) University of Virginia (Social Psychology) University of Alabama (Social Psychology) Binghamton University (Cognitive and Brain Sciences) University of Oklahoma (Social Psychology) University of Memphis (Experimental Psychology Program) I went to U of I, psych major, Russian minor, undergrad GPA is lowish: 3.36/4.00 GRE is also lowish at 315 (Q: 158, V: 157) English is my second language, but since I'm a citizen and undergrad education was in US, TOEFL is waivered. Took 4 graduate level courses during 3rd and 4th year. Got 2 As and 1 B+ and 1 D in that. Other psych courses are mixed bags of A+ to Bs. I have co-authored a paper with significant findings in aging, social interactions, and exercise, published in Frontiers in Aging Neuroscience. It's basically my undergraduate thesis (awarded with departmental distinction in research excellence upon graduation) with more extensive analyses. I also have poster presentation in a world conference presented in Prague (not presented by me, but am a first-author on the poster due to contribution in conducting the study and data analyses). Currently working as a full-time clinical research coordinator at a top 15 research university/medical school. Had both clinical/non-clinical research experiences at three other labs during my undergraduate years. I try my best to be specific in the topics I want to work on in graduate school and how they are a good fit with the respective professors' interests in my statement. Some labs I applied to are more related to the fields I did research in (all cognitive neuroscience/ neuropsychiatric research), other less related. I want to shift gears to focus on topics in social-cognitive psychology in graduate school (I know it's bit of a far stretch from the fields I have research experience in). I am very self-conscious about the following shortcomings in my application: Low GPA: In particular, I had a D in graduate level "Neuroscience of Learning and Memory" in my last year in college. I had many things on my plate at the time: 1. Working on data analysis, meaningful results, and paper for distinction recognition on a topic I wasn't previously familiar with (white matter deterioration of older adults). 2. Job interviews + extensive background checks for a federal government position I passed interview for. I did not seek enough help when I struggled with the course materials. I obtained notes from classmates on those days I must leave town for interviews and matters for my background checks. I know it's not an excuse, but I felt that the classes I missed due to job matters significantly impacted my performance in the course. Since I know I'm not the smartest kid in class, I felt shouldn't have minored in Russian as that took away a lot of time and effort from my research and psych major coursework. I couldn't have managed both the minor and stellar academic record for grad school. I was very interested in Russian language and culture at the time so I persisted to complete the minor (a lot of work for a minor). I regret not having planned a focused path for psych PhD back in my undergrad years, but that's the backdrop for my dilemma. I want to move forward from those poor decisions. In my statement, I addressed my low GPA and poor grade in the psych grad level class in my senior year (very bad for grad admission, I know), and emphasized that I took two years off to polish my research skills and knowledge in the field I did poorly by working in cognitive neuroscience research full-time. I am also very concerned about the fact that none of my recommenders are from my undergrad institution. I have never met any of the professors from the labs I worked in back in U of I. I tried to contact the graduate students/ post docs I used to work closely with but all have either graduated/ switched jobs that their old university emails don't work. I have four strong recommenders and try to put four in my application (if the system let me), since most schools only ask for three. All of them are either distinguished professors or physician/professors from a psychopharmacology lab I used to work in over the summer of my junior year and the current lab I work in. However, I am very self-conscious about the fact that I couldn't find any professors to recommend me from the labs I worked in back in my undergrad years. I’ve never even seen the professors in these labs in-person, and only email-contacted a professor once to ask him to review the distinction paper on his study, so they probably don't remember me. I also avoid asking for LORs from professors I only had classes with (but no experience working on their research). Does having LORs from undergrad institution matters to the admission committee? I also try to contact every professor I want to work with. There were only a couple I did not have the time to contact before app submission (mid Sept-end of Dec was also a hectic period at work unfortunately). I received positive responses and interest on my CV from most of the professors...maybe because I didn't include my low-ish GPA and GRE scores on my CV? I know I sound like I am simply lamenting about things that can't be changed with my wall-o-text, but I'm actually here to ask for honest, constructive advice from those out there who understand the PhD admission process. Do I have much of a chance to get in any of the program I have applied for? Should I start applying for Master's program now? Should I improve my GRE to compensate for low GPA? Should I take the GRE psychology subject test? Or if you think I'm not cut for a research career, any other meaningful career advice is appreciated! I try to be as specific as possible, but feel free to ask about any relevant details. ? Gracias!
  17. PublicHealth18

    Low undergrad GPA but high MPH GPA

    I've been thinking about applying to PhD programs but my undergrad GPA still haunts me. I graduated with a whopping 2.8. I honestly don't have a good excuse other than the fact that I wasn't focused and didn't really figure out what I was truly passionate about until the end of my junior year. Luckily, I was able to get into a respectable MPH program and graduated that with a 3.8 GPA. I worked in health services research as a research coordinator throughout my MPH, and I currently work in health policy research at a top consulting firm. My GREs were decent (158 Q, 152 V) but I could retake those if needed. I have a decent amount of publications under my name as well. I'm looking into DrPH and PhD programs both...I'm still undecided. I would like to go into Health Policy and some of the schools I have looked at include GW, UMD, and Hopkins (which is probably way out of my reach but worth trying...?). Am I completely unrealistic for thinking I even have a shot due to my low undergrad GPA?
  18. Jeffsorcerer

    Chance of SLP grad school

    Hello all, So, I have a tough decision to make. I have struggled to find out what I want to do as a career then I came across SLP. I researched it and learned about it from my sister, who just passed her PRAXIS for SLP. I knew this would be something I would enjoy doing. I love the idea of it, it is very interesting to me, I love working with kids, and I would like to work in a hospital or school. However, I do not have a very good GPA and I am nervous about being screwed in life if I don't end up getting into a masters program for SLP even if I reapply and don't get in because I don't want to be reapplying for years and years. My GPA is 3.04 right now entering my spring semester as a junior, it is low due to me starting out in biology and figuring out that is not for me, I also didn't have good study habits and didn't try as hard as i could have. My first semester of this junior year I did get a 3.8 GPA and took a language development and communicative disorders class and got an A in that. My current university does not offer CSD major, so I am trying to decide if i should transfer to university of Minnesota Twin-cities and further pursue this or find something else like Athletic training which I am also considering as my other choice if I choose not to go the SLP route. Also, if I did transfer it would be 4 semesters of work to graduate with a Speech language hearing sciences degree which is the same as CSD. Is it possible for me to get into a program? I am a male by the way, so I don't know how much of an advantage that gives me in the selection process because I see there are few males in the profession. I have read posts like mine where people have gotten in with low GPA's with bolstering other things like GRE and experience but I am just nervous because I feel like that is only a couple people and that doesn't mean it would happen for me. Any help or suggestions would be great!
  19. So my overall GPA is 2.44, and this is only because I left art school because of general depression at 18. 4 F's, haha. I think I had a hard time adjusting away from my family the first year, and I realized just because I was GOOD at art, didn't mean it's what I wanting to do as a career. My institutional isn't great either, at 3.12. I spent the past few years in college only giving the bare minimum of my potential, as I really had no direction. I made all A's in my art classes, then tried my hand at psych hoping something clicked. I knew I didn't want to work in the art field. So I messed around in psych, didn't try very hard, made A's B's and C's. I run my own, pretty successful, small business, run a gallery space, and nanny. So school kind of came second to those things, since I enjoyed them and felt I had no direction career wise. Well I took a careers class this semester and it was like a lightbulb went off when a social worker spoke to our class. I did a lot more research and spoke to many people about it, and I'm completely sure it's what I want. That class should be freaking required for freshman year. I'm 2 semesters away from graduating with a degree in psych and a minor in art. I'm planning on closing my small business at the end of next semester and moving to Chicago. Currently, I have a lot of child care experience. I just got an internship working with refugee high schoolers, and am getting a second internship/job under a Psychologist with her own practice. I'm about to do a study abroad in Dubai, and have three solid recommendation writers (two with PhDs in psychology). I'm hoping my childcare experience (including kids on the spectrum and with neurodiversity) will reflect well. I absolutely have the potential to make all A's, I just didn't really have the motivation to so without a purpose. I'm considering working for a year before applying, but I would like to go soon; I don't want to be the oldest person in my classes (i'm currently 27...I guess that's a normal age for grad school?? haha). Anyway, does all this sound like enough to be accepted into a decent program? I plan on applying to these programs. Loyola University of Chicago- Requirements: none. Anyone with bachelors degree University of Chicago-No minimum GPA but applicants usually have 3.5-4.0 Jane adams Social Work- 2.75 GPA for last 60 credit hours. DePaul College of Liberal Arts and Social Sciences- GPA requirements 2.7 I think I just need advice on things I need to add, maybe hear some of your personal stories as well. Thanks!
  20. I have been completely stressed out about writing my personal statement for my grad program. It took me 4 years to complete my Associate's degree because of drug/alcohol addiction and general lack of motivation and enthusiasm for my academic career. I entered into rehab and have been sober for over 3 years. I completed my BS with a 3.88 GPA, but I know I will have to explain my low GPA and gaps in semesters during the time I was using drugs and drinking. My transcripts show a clear mark from before treatment and after treatment, but how much should I talk about how my addictions made me the person I am today? Is there anyone out there that has told this kind of story AND gotten into grad school???
  21. Future_Chem_Professor

    Chemistry Grad School Chances

    I was wondering if someone could help me out? I want to know my realistic chances of getting into a graduate program with my current credentials. I'd be willing to go the Masters route prior to a PhD if that's necessary. My undergrad major was Chemistry and my minor was Mathematics. Long story short, I was an immature kid my first few years in college and didn't take much seriously (wasn't a party-goer, just lacked drive). Ultimately, I got my act together and retook several major and minor classes, going from D's and F's, to A's and B's. I spent a total of 5 years in undergrad. Going into my 5th year, I had just gotten out of a bad relationship which left me depressed and unmotivated. As a result, I got D's in all my major classes my final year, which obviously caused a major hit to my GPA. All in all, my cumulative GPA is 2.7, while my major GPA is ~2.5. I know this doesn't look good from an academic standpoint since my final year showed a complete decline from my recent semesters of trying to pull my grades up. However, I've done as much as I can do to improve in other areas. The summer before my final school year, I had an internship at a pharmaceutical company (not much lab work, but a way to get my foot in the door). I also have one year's worth of research under my belt (nothing published). Since graduation (May 2017), I've been working in an analytical R&D lab in the liquid chromatography (LC) lab. As far as letters of recommendations go, I know I'll have 2 great ones (1 from current lab supervisor who's very impressed by my work ethic and eagerness to learn and 1 from math professor who's known me my entire college career) and 1 okay letter from my research instructor (for being unable to publish, but still producing good work). I took the GREs and I'll be taking the GRE Chemistry subject test in a few weeks. GRE Score: 148V, 154Q, 5.0AW I've already reached out to potential advisers from multiple programs and have heard back from a few. I'm trying to network as best as I can so that they could possibly overlook my GPA. I'm aware that certain programs have automatic cutoffs and, in some cases, professors can petition to get you in. I've inquired to many programs that are more willing to do this. So far, my current choices are as follows: University of Maryland College Park, University of Rutgers New Brunswick, Rochester Institute of Technology (Masters), University of Rochester, SUNY Buffalo, University of Maryland Baltimore County, and Tufts University I know many people on this forum say this, but I know I am a hard worker and I have the passion and desire to want to pursue a PhD. The only thing standing in my way is convincing an admissions' committee of this. If anyone could offer me any advice on what I should do or what approach to take, I'd greatly appreciate it. Thanks and I wish the best to all who are trying to pursue their educational endeavors!
  22. YankeeDoodleDandy

    Desperate need for advice!

    I have my bachelor's degree in Spanish and speech pathology (double major). I was accepted to grad school for slp, and I attended a year, however, I was going through a really difficult period in my life and I ended up not being able to continue in the program because after re-taking a class, I got a C. I know that I was completely unfocused, and if I could take it all back and start it over, of course I would. I then took some special education classes after that, and did a semester of student teaching, which stands as an Incomplete on my transcript. I did fine in my teaching and I had all my assignments turned in, except the final project was not uploaded to the internet. I am going to contact the school about getting credit for the student teaching, but needless to say, there is a sufficient amount that I am not too proud of on my record. My GPA cumulative is 3.3 and my GPA in speech is 3.1. My GRE is 147 Q and 153 V and 4 AW. I have been working as an English language learner paraprofessional in an elementary school where I do small 40 minute reading groups (that focus on phonics, decoding, or comprehension) with kids who's primary language is Spanish. I have also been volunteering at a Conductive Learning Center in a classroom with students that have cerebral palsy. I also do tutoring, and I am going to volunteer at the local Hispanic Center. I am going to apply to grad school again and I am wondering what my chances are of getting in? Any tips on where to apply or what I could do to get in? I applied to one school a couple years ago, and did not get accepted. And since I already have tons in loans, I can't really afford to go anywhere in the country where I would pay DOUBLE. I already owe an astronomical amount, so I am mainly looking at schools that are all online, or the ones in my state. The funny thing is, I have read so much about how Spanish bilingual speech pathologists are in SUCH GREAT NEED- and HERE I AM, yet I feel I BARELY have a chance! I must say, I really don't get that. If they are in such HIGH NEED, you would think the field would WANT to scoop me up- that they almost have a DUTY TO DO SO, even if my marks aren't stellar. Is it hopeless? And this will probably have to be my last shot at being an SLP. I will have to move on, and choose something else that I don't completely want to do, so I can get a real paycheck.
  23. Hello Everyone! I am looking to apply to grad school this fall for fall 2018 admission. My undergraduate GPA is terrible (2.85 overall, 3.1 major) but from a good school (Carnegie Mellon University) and I have a lot of research experience (3.5 years as an RA in undergrad, two independent projects, one with a classmate, two symposium presentations, and 1 year employed as an RA after graduation). I took the GRE and scored 160V/153Q/5W, but I plan to take it again to shoot for higher scores in verbal and especially quantitative so I'll at least have a great GRE score on my side. Since my GPA is so low, I was going to shoot for a master's programs this time around (Villanova, Wake Forest, and William and Mary are on my list currently), but I've had a few people tell me to go for a few PhD programs as well because of my research experience. Does anyone know of any mid-tier Social Psychology PhD programs that I should look into/might have a shot at? Thanks in advance! (Just fyi, I'm interested in romantic relationships, friendships, social support, and online interactions.)
  24. Victor Filman

    GRE and MSW program

    Hello everyone, My name is victor and I am from Cuba. I'm thinking to apply to the MSW program next year but my gpa is really low 2.7. However I got a good Gre score 160 in quantitative and 165 in verbal. I want to apply next year and I want to know my chances to get in a good program. I'm thinking to apply to Boston college but with my gpa I'm not sure. Really any help can be great
  25. Hello, I am planning to apply to grad schools for Spring of 2018 and Fall of 2018. I just recently graduate with a Bachelor's Degree in Communication Sciences and Disorders degree. I am planning to take a gap year if I decide to not apply to grad schools for the Spring of 2018, especially if I get a position as an SLPA. I have a lot of volunteers and shadowing hours and my GRE scores (after taking it a third time) are pretty decent. (156 V; 154 Q; 5 W) My only problem though is my GPA... I have a 3.123 for my last 60 credits and a 3.0 overall GPA... I know that schools look at the GRE and GPA greatly and I was wondering if there was any hope in getting in at any school at all or if there was any way I can get my GPA up some even after graduating? I know there are Post-Bacc classes, but I am under the impression those are mainly for people who have a Bachelor's in another field of study. Any tips schools that anyone knows about that looks at the whole application as a whole instead of just the GPA and GRE will be helpful! Thank you!

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