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Found 12 results

  1. So I am trying to get started in museum work and I don't know where to start. I have applied to grad schools for the past 2 years (and rejected, waitlisted from my favorite and told to reapply) but because of a bad year from a disability during my undergrad degree, my GPA is less than a 3.0. I have a high GRE score and good grades since then. I have been teaching for ~2 years since then and know that museums are what I want to do. Should I take more undergrad classes, get a second bachelors, get a graduate certificate, reapply to grad school again anyway, get an online masters, or wait for jobs to be posted even though I'm not qualified without the degree? I have no direction of where to go from here . I had a full-time job with a company before COVID which obviously laid everyone off so now I'm living with my parents again and it's personally not good for me so I am trying to move out/on as FAST as possible. Also I live in a small town in the middle of nowhere so even the small museums here aren't open yet for volunteering.
  2. Hello everybody, I’m an active duty Marine, currently a junior in an online, for-profit, low-tier (still regionally accredited) college. I’m working towards my Bachelors in Philosophy and I would love to go on to pursue a graduate degree after the military. I’ll be graduating about six months before I leave the service. My GPA is 3.8 and I’ll have a total of 13 courses in philosophy. I’m worried about my chances of admission into any graduate program, the reason being my unusually weird background. The fact is very few veterans go for philosophy, and philosophy seems to be the kind of hard-knitted academic discipline to not have any flexibility whatsoever. I’m pursuing philosophy in the only way I know (my college is the only online affordable university which offers philosophy), but is that enough to compete against more traditional students? Assuming I keep a good gpa of 3.8/3.9, I get great GRE scores and a phenomenal writing sample, how bad is my non-academic background/low-tier online education going to affect my chances of admission? If you want any more information, I can provide it. Thank you!
  3. Hi all, Is a score of 307 too low for funding consideration and/or admission? I am not great at standardized tests which is why I am debating retaking it. 5.5 Writing 153 Q 154 V My undergraduate GPA is 3.33 (3.60 in my major). Schools I am applying to: Michigan (Ford), Duke (Sanford), and Chicago (Harris). Thank you.
  4. Undergrad Institution: Top 5 Undergrad Institution, Top 5 for Statistics - USNWR Major: Statistics GPA: 3.1/4.0 cumulative, 2.97/4.0 major (No excuses, I wish I had worked harder. The students here are very smart and talented) Type of Student: Domestic Asian Male Undergrad Courses: Calculus I-II-III (B, A-, B+), Introduction to Computer Science I-II (C+, B-), Computer Systems (B-), Regression (B+), Probability (B), Time Series Data (B+), Statistical Theory I-II (B, C+), Linear Algebra (B-), Discrete Math (B), Algorithms (B) Graduate Courses: Machine Learning (B+) GRE: Q: 170V: 163 W: 4 Mathematics GRE: N/A Programs Applying: Statistics MS Research Experience: Spent both summers as a Research Assistant. Built a large scale data visualization application first summer in a CS institute. Working at a Data Science Institute for this summer. Both are a part of my university. Recommendation Letter: Two with senior researchers that I RA'd for; one from a well-known CS professor that I've taken two classes with. One from a Stat professor that I got along with and may do research with this summer. Coding Experience: R, Python, C/C++ Other experience: Software Engineering Intern for a large consulting company. Worked in their IT Department. Awards/Honors: N/A I have no clue which schools to aim for. Would love MS program recommendations.
  5. Hello! I'm currently a Senior in college aspiring to become a speech pathologist. I've had a rough college career starting off with my mom passing away and some family problems. I was orginally nursing which contributed to my low GPA until I found Speech pathology. My GPA was really affected and my overall gpa is currently a 3.09 and my major gpa is a 3.11. I still have my spring semester left and Im staying an extra semester in order to retake some classes I had trouble with. I want to apply within Illinois (midwestern, Urbana-Champaign, Elmhurt, Xavier and Northern illinois). I'm just wondering if i'm being unrealistic and if there are any schools that would be willing to take a student like me? Thank You!
  6. I'd like to steer my career towards policy, specifically as related to economic inequality, and to facilitate that transition I intend to pick up an MPP sometime in the next few years. A lot of things about my application look strong -- I got a BA in Economics from a Top 30 program, I did really well on the GRE a couple of months ago (167/167/5.0) and my work experience is solid (I was a financial analyst at a successful startup, I did an Americorps VISTA year and I'm currently waiting to begin a position as a GS-11 Program Analyst with HUD). The only thing I feel is holding me back is that my undergrad GPA was outright awful -- 2.41 cumulative, not much higher than that in-major. In light of that, I'm trying to do everything I can pad out my application over the next year or so. Elsewhere in the forums I came across the idea of doing a non-degree grad school course and that made a lot of sense to me, so I got registered at American U for PUAD601, Quantitative Methods for Policy Analysis. My reasoning with picking this course is that: 1) it seems substantially rigorous to display academic competency should I do well in it; 2) it seems like it would be universally relevant to whichever graduate program I might end up attending in the future; and 3) picking up extra Stata experience can't be a bad thing in the job market (I've been waiting for about six months for this HUD position to start, so I'm getting a bit antsy and considering backup options). My questions are: A) did I pick the right course?; and B) even if I pull an A in this course, will I have any chance of being admitted into a decent program with such a low undergrad GPA? The process for applying to and being admitted to this course happened really quickly, so I'm just looking for some input on whether I'm making the right decision here -- it's a significant expense to take a class this way, after all. Regarding A: the other course that seemed reasonable to me was Econometrics, but I wouldn't be able to take it until next semester for scheduling reasons. Any input as to whether one might be a better option than the other for me, or as to whether it might be reasonable to take both? Thanks!
  7. Hello everyone, I'm new to the Grad Cafe. I'm an international 3rd year undergraduate student from another country who is seeking a funded phd program in electrical/computer engineering in the US (I cannot afford colleges in the US). In my first year of college, due to some health problems my GPA ended up very poorly (1.2/4 gpa in the 1st year). However, I have fixed it later on, and raised it to 3.3 / 4 by the end of my 3rd year. And I can say that my average GPA in the last two years is 3.5+. In my school it is usually very hard to get high grades, so I am right now the best student in my class. I am going to take the GRE and TOEFL/IELTS tests next month. I have no research experience since I am an undergraduate student. This summer I am going to do an internship at a major and well-known electronics company. I can probably get great recommendation letters. I am worried about my GPA being low for a funded phd program and I am wondering what are my chances to get accepted. Which engineering schools could match with my profile? Is there anyone who got admitted to a phd program with a low grade, and which schools? I would be very glad to hear your own experience. Thanks in advance for taking your time and recommendations.
  8. So I will be going into my senior year this fall. I go to a state school in pa. I have yet to take my GRE but I have an embarrassing low GPA. I have a 3.135. I am going to be retaking a course in the summer time that I got a C in and I will be retaking another course I got a C in next semester. During my second year of school, I got really ill. I had/have serve health issues. In addition to having really bad personal issues. I want to get into grad school more than anything. I have a nine year old brother who uses an AAC device and is totally nonverbal. I've been involved with speech therapy since he was two. I also work at my local YMCA, I work with children who are pretty at risk and I love my job. It is my passion. I am a member of NISHLA, sign language and braill club and was in a sorority for two years. Any advice?
  9. Question: How can I tailor my application with a low gpa in the next 2 years? I am in year 3/5.5 in my dual degree engineering program. I would like to go to Georgia Tech for a PhD. 1)I have a 2.8 gpa and really want to go to graduate school. 2) I have started research and will continue through the next year with hopes to do more. So far I have this semester and next year lined up with undergraduate research at my institution. 3)I will have my 4th internship this summer. 4) I have a low gpa because in high school I had 2 jobs while helping my chaotic family pay the bills and taking dual credit college courses. I still do that but considering I started at a 2.5 and am now at a 2.83 I believe I can get to at most a 3.3 before I graduate. How do I overcome this? I want to get a start on the grad school application mindset early. Thank you for any and all help
  10. I have a low gre score for quant 152 and 157 on comp, analytical is 4.5. I have obtained a 3.61 gpa in neuroscience and I have submitted two papers for publishing (haven't been accepted yet) and I have presented at 6 different international conferences. I Work at the University of Pennsylvania with a clinical population in neuropsych (the field I plan to work in) but I am worried that my gre scores will hold me back from getting into a good phd program in psychology. I have good letters of recommendation from prolific well respected authors of their fields. I have worked so hard to make my application as strong as possible so that lower gre scores aren't a problem. I'm still concerned about my scores though. Any thoughts would be helpful! Schools I am applying to: UCONN BU Drexel Fordham Kent State Penn State Washington U in St. Louis University of Illinois at Chicago University of Illinois at Urbana Champaign University of Toronto and McGill
  11. Ill keep this short and sweet. I would really appreciate any insight you guys may have. I'm a bit freaked out about my grad school chances. I am currently a Junior chemistry major at a prestigious public undergrad in the SUNY system. I have a ~3.1 gpa with a 3.0 chem gpa. I have 6 semesters of research and a summer REU. My lab just submitted a paper for publication. I have VERY strong LORs. Haven't taken the GREs or Chem GREs yet. I have other little things like being in the national chem honor society...etc. I'm fascinated by chem and I really want to go to graduate school. I'm leaning towards theoretical, analytical, and quantum chem. With more emphasis on physical and quantum. Anyone have any ideas on my chances or any tips for me? Thanks in advance!! I truly appreciate it!!
  12. I took the GRE today, and I absolutely flunked it. My preliminary scores were 540-610 on the quantitative portion and 710-800 on the verbal portion. I'm a master's student in political science, and I'm looking to get into a PhD program in the same. I guess that's not going to happen with those scores. I cannot believe I did so poorly . . . I'm usually very strong in math (algebra, statistics, etc.), but the GRE was really heavy on high-school geometry, stuff I haven't looked at in years (I wasn't even good at geometry in high school). What do you guys think? Am I done, or do I still have a realistic shot at maybe a sub-50 program? The rest of my academic record looks really good . . . high GPA, good writing samples, solid LORs.
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