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Found 23 results

  1. Hi all, This is my first time posting here, but really need advice. I graduated in 2017 with a BS in biochemistry and minor in psychology. After graduating, I wasn't really sure how I wanted to move forward so I got a job in a biochem-based wet lab at a top medical school in my city where I'm a research tech, but I am basically treated like a masters student. I have my own project that I am the sole researcher for and do all of the work and present it to my PI. I'm hoping to start writing a manuscript soon. So basic breakdown of my college years: I started off okay, but then in my sophomore year I lost my grandma and that kind of hit me hard. I spiraled a little and put little effort that year. I focused a lot on extracurriculars and research. I have a lot of extracurricular hours, president and treasurer of sport organizations on campus, but most of my time was spent in psychology based research. I started with a PI who worked at a hospital who then joined a top-tier university in my city. His work focused on a mix of clinical and neuro psych. I worked with him for 3.5 years, although I didn't work closely with him, but his project manager. I mainly worked with data and human volunteers for his project. I was able to administer some tests with the assistance of doctoral students, etc. However, I did not get a publication from this lab or was able to present any posters. After graduating and working around a year, I started taking courses at a local community college (online because I work full-time and community college because I really needed to save money). I've been doing really well in all of the courses, except for cal II, but I've been taking extra psych courses and bio courses. My stats: Undergrad cGPA: 2.806 --> my school did grade replacement for this cGPA Undergrad cGPA w community college: 3.00 --> this is after taking 27 extra credit hours Psych GPA (undergrad only): 3.383 Psych GPA (w/ cc courses): 3.630 Last 60 hours (undergrad only): 2.889 Last 60 hours (w/ cc courses): 3.058 I am studying hard for the GRE and the psych subject test because I know I need an amazing score. So, all this to say, my questions are.... 1. Will the community college courses actually help me when applying? 2. Is applying to a masters program my best bet with where I am at right now (and is it even possible that I'll find a good one to accept me)? 3. Is it possible to email the dean of admissions in a school you're interested in to see their opinion on my situation? 4. My end goal is phD or psyD, so if I get into a masters program and do amazing, will that help me get into a professional program? Sorry for the long-winded question. I'm just in a rut about what my next step is (besides taking the GRE). Thank you!
  2. Undergraduate Major and College: Rising 4th year Biomedical Engineering, for privacy sake will just say it's an American college, and consistently a renowned, top 4 program in the world for my major. G.P.A: 3.1 / 4 (Got an extremely high upward trend but probably the aspect I'm most worried about) GRE: Verbal (161) Math (166) Letters: One from my PI, very good relationship. One from a clinician who sponsors/consults for a medical device start-up I co-founded, very good relationship and is renowned in their field. One is from a professor whose course I've taken, and who has collaborated with my research lab and can vouch for my academics which might help the GPA(teaches an extremely challenging engineering grad-level course on campus, recently got an A in it), relationship isn't as strong as previous two but still strong. Research experience: 1 year of research in mechanical engineering lab. COVID cut alot of my projects short since undergraduate students haven't been allowed in labs since early spring. Work experience: 3-Month Paid internship for a European Medical Device company in designing/engineering catheter mechanisms and urological devices. Company is well-known in Europe. Considering possibly getting my supervisor here to write a letter. Publications: Co-Author of two published papers (one for my research lab, and one is independent but related to my start-up.) Will try to get more but COVID might make it tough lol Recognition/awards: Winner of over 6000$ in grants and business awards for start-up, featured by University Program. Deans list Misc activities that might be relevant: Organizer of mentoring program for engineers. TA for fluids class and a programming class. Research interest: Medical device design (would love something similar to my work internship), or microfluidics. ETH Zürich has a lab I'd love to work in and takes Master's students, and I will likely contact this lab and reference it in my application. I will likely apply to other masters programs in Europe and in the US as well mainly concerned about the GPA, but will it automatically count me out even if I show upward improvement?
  3. Hello everyone! So I'm currently completing my pre requisite courses to gain entrance into a SLP masters programs in my state. I graduated with a 2.57 GPA and it seems as though so far its all 3.0 GPA cut off. I'm completing 11 courses from USU that will transfer to these programs. So far I've gotten B+, while working full time and taking care of family during these moments. I wanted to write this and hear from others out there who have been in similar situations and what you decided to do. I am willing to put in the work to reach the criteria but is it a realistic goal for me to have? Did it work out for anyone out there? I am committed to becoming an SLP but I am also realistic. Thanks guys,
  4. Hi everyone, hope you all are well. I'm in a sort of precarious situation. I want to apply for MS in CS but I'm not sure which universities I should apply to. Here's the deal: I'm from India and I did my double major undergraduate (from a top tier uni FWIW) in mathematics and electronics and scored a 6.95/10. My grades in electronics courses are pathetic but math courses are fine. After working for two years in the industry, I want to get into a university that will help me get into a research program eventually possibly using my pure maths experience. Thankfully my GRE is alright q: 170, v: 160, awa: 4. And sadly no research experience other than an exploratory pure maths undergrad thesis. I have already thought of the following unis: Stony Brook, Rutgers, UM Amherst, NYU, UF, U of Virginia, NCSU and UT Dallas. Except UTD and possibly UF, you can see that all are sort of ambitious universities. If you have personal experience with any college, or any suggestions please write it down, it will be really helpful! The deadlines are fast approaching and any help is very appreciated!
  5. Some statistics: Undergrad: A current senior in top 50 public uni, double major on Biochemistry and International Relations Overall GPA: 3.1 Biochem GPA: 2.49 International Relations: 3.74 with departmental honor Research experience : 3, all related to international relations/political science Relevant Prerequisite: Calculus 1-3(3.0-3.2), STATS: Element of the statistical methods( the title of the class), currently learning python on Coursera. Plan to take linear algebra and matrix in my last year. Recently, I decided to pursue a master's degree in Data Science/Applied statistics/ Information systems. I am currently taking a stat class, which I found really interesting, which prompted me to switch my field of study. That being said, I did some researches and am now greatly discouraged and not sure if I should do this, especially after some programs said they will review the coursework in science to evaluate the applicant's potential (especially if the applicant do not have a degree in a similar field). I am now really worried about my Biochem grade being a drag. Is there any way to offset the negative impact of that? Provided that I do not have much space for taking more than 4 related mathematical/programming classes in my last year being a double major. I am also thinking of getting a master first in computational social science as a stepping stone and then dig more into the statistical program for the second master, which however will be time-consuming and a financial burden. Any advice will be appreciated. Thank you!
  6. Hi, I majored in Psychology at a top university in India. My undergrad GPA is low (3.04/4.0). However, I am currently doing some PG work in Machine Learning and Artificial Intelligence to make up for my poor gpa (and a three year undergrad degree). By the time I submit my application, I'll have work exp of about 2 years. I want to know how else can I make up for my low GPA, if I want to apply to good HCI programs? Some schools I am looking at are - GTech, UofW, UofMaryland, etc. Do I even stand a chance?
  7. Undergrad Institution: One of the NYS SUNY Schools Major(s): Math Minor(s): Atmospheric Science and History GPA: 2.58 overall/ 3.05 Math Type of Student: Domestic, Male, Hispanic Research area: Mostly an applied math person. ODE/PDE and complex analysis Research Experience: None Awards/Honors/Recognitions: In Recognition of your exemplary attitude and outstanding achievements as a student with a disability (Won the award twice) Pertinent Activities or Jobs: Math tutor, bagger at a supermarket Letters of Recommendation: None as of yet, Although I am looking at two professors who can backup reasoning as to why GPA is low. Math/Statistics Grades: Calculus 1 D (second attempt B), Calculus 2 B-, Calculus 3 (B), Ordinary Differential Equations A-, Partial Differential equations TBD, Linear Algebra TBD, Probability Theory TBD, Statistics TBD, Advanced Calculus 1 Fall 2020, Real Analysis C (summer course 8 weeks), Complex Variables B Any Miscellaneous Points that Might Help: Grad Atmospheric Chemistry (currently have an incomplete but I just submitted the assignment last week), I will be taking graduate level complex analysis this Fall. Also planning to sit in an Analysis seminar called "Spaces of analytic functions" I went to a community college and started in Intermediate Algebra and made my way to calculus 1 before I transfer. During my time at CC I had changed my major mulptic times because I wasn't sure what to do. At first I was interested in atmospheric science, Geology, Biology and chemistry. Whenever, I took the required classes I always saw myself focusing on math. I ended up transferring as a chemistry major because I was a chemistry major during that time. My first semester at SUNY, Fall 2017, started and I got my first F (Physics 1) which brought my GPA really low. Second semester I did better but organic chemistry 2 lecture was the only C- I got all other courses I was B or A that semester. In Fall 2018 I realized that I loved math more than any other subject. Now I am two semesters away from finishing. I am graduating in Spring 2021 Looking to take a 6 month or year break to study for my GRE and math GRE exam subject while I work at a library. Final Thoughts: 1. Is there anything I can do at this point? 2. I am taking three math courses over the summer 2020 (Partial Differential equations TBD, Linear Algebra TBD, Probability Theory TBD) 3. CC 2014-2017, Four year 2017-2021
  8. Hi everyone! Sorry for any grammar mistakes. English is not my native language. I’ve been a long-time lurker of this forum. Decided it’s time to finally post a few concerns/questions I had. Background: I am a 28-year-old woman interested in applying to MPP/MPA programs in America. I graduated from a large state college in California in 2013 with a degree in economics and biostatistics. However, I BOMBED college. No excuse- I joined too many clubs, had health problems, and just made some aweful mistakes leading to poor time management. As a result, I graduated with a low GPA (3.0), with several Cs, Ds, and Fs on my transcript (mostly in biostatistics ). I took the GRE and did average (165 V -> 96%, 158 Q -> 67%, 5.0 AW -> 92%). Since graduating, I've spent 7 yrs with NGO consulting organisations to help local human rights advocacy NGOs build stronger programs and partnerships with local governments, both in America and my native country in eastern Europe. Now I’m back in America, working with a human rights advocacy expert (and professor of a very elite private institute in California) to conduct research on the impact of public-private partnerships in the eastern European human rights space. After these experiences, I want to go to public policy school to expand my knowledge of shaping policy in the human rights arena. With that said, I recently applied to two MPA/MPP programs and got dinged from both (SAIS and SIPA). I really believe my grades were the culprit. My letters of recommendation were from my current supervisor (the professor I’m working with, also an alumnus of one of the two schools); and my 2 former managers from my previous organisations. I’m now wondering whether to re-apply next year. My top schools would be SAIS, SIPA, Fletcher, and Ford. I may add 1-2 more realistic options. Now, I wanted to ask the Grad Café Community if you believe that a horrible transcript can be overcome? If yes, then what would be a suitable path forward (i.e. take more quants classes)? If no, then how difficult is it to grow in human rights space without a master’s degree? I want to work for a large human rights advocacy organisation (like Amnesty, Human Rights Watch, etc.) but the mid-level positions and above all require a masters. Thanks for reading my long post! Your thoughts would be very welcome. Concerned Applicant
  9. help! I graduated undergrad with a 2.5 cumulative gpa (graduated may 2019) .. does anyone have any experiences applying to schools with a gpa that low? I currently work as a manager for a speech clinic ... do you think i have any chances? i have not taken the gre yet. i hope to begin applying this year. tips?
  10. I just graduated with a B.S. in CS (a SUNY state school, but Top 40 program in Computer Science) Stats: 3.27 UG GPA, have not taken GRE yet. Had a rough first semester and junior year causing the GPA to be lower than desired. Research Exp: 1 summer REU in data science at a Top 10 school and a small semester project at my home institution. Interests: ML, NLP, Data Science, as well as Distributed Systems. Have taken a challenging courseload during my undergrad, including two graduate courses in NLP and Logic My desired schools: Michigan, USC/UCLA, Washington, Illinois, Maryland (College Park), Minnesota, Rutgers, UPenn, Princeton, Purdue, UMass Amherst, Penn State, Wisconsin, Northwestern, Ohio State, GA Tech My question is do I stand a chance applying for a PhD at these schools, or if I have to choose between applying to only the PhD or MS program, I should apply for the MS instead? Also being that I am currently taking a break after graduating, should I be looking at ways to improve on my research experience before applying?
  11. Has any written an exceptional consideration essay for their grad school application due to have a GPA below a 3.0? If so, what did you include in it? My GPA isn't low due to a significant event taking place. it had a a lot to do with procrastination so I am not sure what exactly to write about.
  12. Hi everyone! I recently just graduated with a bachelors in Speech Language Pathology. I finished with an overall 3.1 GPA and a 2.8 major GPA. I love this field so much that I can’t see myself doing anything else. My huge concern is do I have the chance of getting into graduate school with the GPA that I have. Has anyone been accepted to graduate school with a low GPA or know ways to increase my chances of getting accepted? Thank you! xoxo
  13. Hi everyone, this is my first-time post on GradCafe. I was wondering if anyone has any recommendations/comments on my application case. My Background international student graduated from a state-university with a bachelor degree in biology in 3 years, GPA 3.17 did 1-year research (without an independent projects) in neuroscience, did not like it graduated from an ivy-league with a master degree in biotechnology, GPA 3.24 (btw, didn’t worth to do a master in biotech) did 1-year research with an individual project in developmental biology during the graduate study, loved it working in an immunology based biotech company for almost two years, loved this field My Prep personal statement: done, very research-dense with a clear career goal, did not explain why my gpa is low recommendation letter: I can guarantee one of them will be strong with a big name, one will be generic with a big name GRE: the program doesn’t require GRE anymore, I did mine 5 years ago, and it’s 170/170, 154/170, happy to retake it if it’s really important. school choices: 4 tops ranking from 5-15, 4 safe schools ranking from 30-80 I decided to pursue a PhD degree in immunology at the beginning of this year because I’d like to learn more in this fascinating field and eventually lead my own projects in either academia or industry. I think immunology is a field that combines basic research and a lot of clinical applications, which is very promising. My questions are: Should I aim lower? Any chances for a fellowship offer? What can i do to build a stronger case before application? Thanks in advance for your help!
  14. Hello, I wanted to see what schools people recommend for graduate program in speech language pathology that look at more than just GPA and GRE. MY GPA is not competitive. My GRE scores are very low. I may retake them. I have a lot of experience. This round I applied to: NAU- summers program NOVA Chapman University Idaho State University Eastern New Mexico University .
  15. Hi there, Last year I graduated and received a BA in Speech-Language Pathology and I also minored in Child and Adolescent Development. Unfortunately, I have a GPA lower than 2.5, mainly due to serious illnesses I experienced during my time at and also housing was an issue. Now looking back I should've taken the time off to get well properly but I just had that mentality that I could. As many of us in this field know that my GPA is unexceptional for most Grad programs so I was thinking of doing an SLPA program. I am curious if there is anybody out there who has a similar experience or knows someone. Since I've graduated I've been working currently, I am an RBT/ Lead BI at my job, and also completed an Assistive Technology program. Now getting better from an accident (another added to the list), I feel ready to endeavor again. So I am reaching out to anybody who has gotten to an SLPA program, Grad school and did it with a low GPA. Thank you for reading this
  16. Hello everyone! I've seen a few posts similar to this one, but I want to explain my situation as well as get some any feedback/encouragement I will be entering my senior year this fall at San Diego State University and I am pursuing a B.A. in Speech Language and Hearing Sciences with minors in Honors Interdisciplinary Studies and Cultural Proficiency. I currently have a major GPA of 2.885 and an overall GPA of 3.32. Ya pretty low I just had some personal circumstances, and Audiology at my school is RIDICULOUSLY hard. Also, my highest grad I ever go in a major class was a B+. I've just heard that the program at SDSU is one of the top in the nation, so that's why it's so hard. I know a lot of other people in my classes struggled as well... But I'm trying my best to stay positive! I can bring them both up a little bit if the upcoming fall grades will be included. As for extracurricular activities I am highly involved in my Christian fellowship and in my co-ed service organization, and I have held multiple positions in both. From the service organization I have tons of volunteer hours. I also have a lot of job experience.. nothing related exactly to the field but I have a desk job at school and have had lots of experience with customer service. I have talked to my SLHS undergraduate advisor and some other students in the field.. advice so far I've heard is to look for schools that have a lower GPA requirement and have an interview process. All this being said, does anyone have suggestions on schools I should apply to? Or any other tips in general? TBH the whole application process seems so cut throat and scary, but I hope someone can just take me Any advice, tips, encouragement, etc. is greatly appreciated. Thank you ❤️
  17. Hey all, Thank you in advance for the advice. I am asking a question for my girlfriend. She is applying to MPH programs with a low GPA 3.2 and ok gre scores. 152Q and 159V. She has 5 years of international work experience peace corps, ESL teaching, research in health. What are her chances of getting into Harvard, Columbia, Hopkins, or Yale for their MPH programs??? Also, I am having trouble finding a thread for this year's MPH applicant statistics so feel free to post your stats in the comments: GPA 3.2 GRE: 152Q 159V other relevant factors:
  18. Hello everyone, I am unapologetically paranoid about graduate school admissions. My undergraduate grades fluctuated quite a bit. I attended a community college for two years receiving a 3.4 GPA. I then transferred to a top 75 liberal arts college where I received a 3.2 GPA. My total undergraduate GPA works out to be a 3.3 which is not very good for more competitive programs in international development/public policy. I was hoping that I could get your feelings on my chances at admissions at Columbia SIPA and John's Hopkins SIAS. Other things to consider. I served in the Peace Corps in Africa for two years Taught in Asia for 1.5 years. Conducting research in Central America from July 2017-July 2018 I won and declined a Fulbright ETA grant. In total, I will have 4.5 years of international work experience before my program begins. My brother is a current undergraduate student at Hopkins and is researching at SIAS. I think that I will have rock solid letters of recommendation from undergraduate professors. I completed three internships during my undergrad and work 20+ hours per week. Tell me what you think.
  19. Hey Everyone, I need some realistic input of my chances of getting into a speech pathology (slp) program! Since graduating almost 2 years ago I've.. taught English in 2 countries, (2 months in one, 8 months in another) worked as an early intervention associate, behavior therapist, ABA therapist in 2 schools and home aba therapist, I also volunteer weekly teaching English, speak 2 languages and am improving my Spanish basically I've dedicated all my time (after graduating) working with individuals through 1:1 therapy and mentoring to get all the experience I can to be a better SLP i feel my resume & experience are great what I lack... my gpa: 2.9, gre: in the 140's & writing is 4 my letters of rec will be written by an hdfs prof,an slp who supervised me & teacher I worked w/abroad (teaching english) I'm applying to schools in CT(local), NY, RI & NJ but it scares me so much that I won't get accepted because of my low gpa.. do I have a chance of acceptance? should I apply anyways? retake classes?
  20. I am trying to gauge admissions outcomes for the upcoming admissions cycle for MA programs in international development and affairs. If you could, please include the following information in your response: GPA: GRE (Verbal/Math/Writing) Applied: Accepted: Rejected: Waitlist: description of relevant work experience and other factors: Thank you!
  21. Hi, I was wondering if there any schools that anyone has gotten into that accepted a GPA between a 3.3-3.4? Was your GRE high? Any suggestions for me? I'll be applying next school year, but my advisor doesn't think I can retake anything to help my GPA (even though it have one C+ and one D). If not do you have suggestions on what I could do with my undergrad in SLPA? Thanks for your help!
  22. Hello! I am currently finishing my undergrad degree in biology and I have a few summer classes to finish with, but does anyone here know any postbacc online programs in new jersey that i could apply to for the fall that are fairly easy to get into? I have a pretty low gpa because I majored in biology but i was wondering if i do really well in the prereqs for SLP during my postbacc if I have a better chance of getting into a masters program?
  23. I'm doing a double major in Microbiology and Genetics and I have a 2.3 GPA. Even though my GPA is so low I want to go to grad school for Developmental & Reproductive Biology. I have had a lot of experience in research since I had multiple internships and jobs working at the veterinary school, zoos, genetics laboratories, etc. In addition, in all my laboratory courses I have passed with A's but in other courses like chemistry and math I have done poorly. I was wondering what are my real chances into getting into a school program even if I get a real high school in my GRE and have good recommendation letters. And if so, which schools do you recommend (similar programs).
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