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Found 10 results

  1. Hello!! I just accepted my admissions offer to Louisiana State in Baton Rouge! Is there a Facebook group or something for the incoming cohort?
  2. Has anyone else applied to LSU MSW ONLINE program?
  3. I wanted to start this post so we can track the speech pathology programs in the south. There are so many threads regarding the northern schools, it gets tiring sorting through all of the different posts. This thread is for southern school programs ONLY (ex. schools states like Alabama, Louisiana, Florida, Georgia, Mississippi, Tennessee, and the Carolinas).
  4. I saw that, a few months ago, someone asked if anyone could say anything positive or negative about LSU English to help them make their decision. I can't, in good conscience, continue to avoid sharing my experiences at LSU in the event that I might be able to dissuade students with other options from attending. I'll jump right in. Attending LSU for English is probably the worst decision I have ever made for a number of reasons. 1--cronyism and favoritism is the order of the day. All decisions for favors, decent classes, good schedules, awards etc. are determined by whether or not you are liked by the current administration and staff people. This includes basics like getting the admin. assistant to enroll you for required hours so that you'll carry the correct number of hours to remain a TA. There is a list of people (physical list) showing who is liked and who is blacklisted from decent class schedules. 2--admin and staff (and yes, sometimes other graduate students) are openly abusive via email and sometimes in person. If you are sensitive or can't handle abusive language from your superiors, avoid this department. You shouldn't have to put up with abuse or end up in therapy or on pills or whatever because of the cruel culture of your PhD program. 3--racist, sexist, etc. Part of #2 encompasses the blatant racist, classist, and sexist culture of the department. In fact, at the end of last semester, a group of graduate students finally felt they had had enough of LSU English's racism, sexism, ableism, and every other form of discrimination you can possibly imagine and sent out an email manifesto to the entire department demanding change. A series of meetings with the Diversity Provost were held and I'm sorry to tell you, nothing has changed, and it won't change. Racism and other forms of discrimination are too deeply embedded in the department culture. I'm also sorry to say that the other graduate students take part. 4--not a single school year goes by that the department doesn't threaten to take our paychecks or tuition remission away from us. They find ways to justify it each time. If you are independently wealthy, are supported by your parents, or are not supporting your own family/children, this may not matter to you, but it causes stress to everyone else. 5--LSU (the university) has been the recipient of deep, deep cuts from the state each school year. That alone would make me too scared to begin a program here now, just aside from the problems in the English department. 6--Generally disgusting state of the actual building. This might be minor, but Allen Hall (English building) is regularly infested with rodents and cockroaches and floods often. Allen Hall is not ADA compliant, either--FYI In general, I do not have a single positive thing to say about LSU English. People are cruel, vindictive, a student has almost no recourse, and nothing ever changes. Also, if you are Rhet/Comp, avoid. The Rhet program has been killed. They claim to have one, but all the faculty are on the point of retiring and no attempt to hire new faculty is made. If it helps you to know this, multiple English graduate students have, in recent years, died here from substance abuse. These students were the victims of cruelty and bullying. The graduate student culture is built on bullying--people here are not friendly. Maybe these issues are all common to graduate programs, but my other friends in English across the country have no stories like these. You might think I'm simply a malcontent or had a unique bad experience, and I don't care if that is what you think--everything I've said is true. I hope this helps your decision.
  5. Hi Everyone! I am applying in the Fall to a TON of schools in the South, which I was hoping would included LSU. However, I am only slightly familiar with LSU Baton Rouge and sort of confused. Would someone mind helping me out when it comes to comparing SLP programs at LSU AM and the other LSU campuses? Should I apply to all? Just one? Do they prefer LA residents? My fiance is applying to medical school this year too, so we are trying to apply to the same schools but it looks like LSU only accepts LA residents for their med program Any help is greatly appreciated! THANK YOU!!!!!!
  6. Is there anyone here who applied to these programs? Have you heard anything yet?
  7. I just broke down and called the Graduate Office. I spoke with a very nice secretary who told me the faculty only has three more files to review and will be meeting at the end of the week to do the ranking. Once they're done with that, she said they'll be specifically calling the top three candidates right away to be offering admission and will work their way down the list from there. There were 440 total applicants to the MFA and Ph.D., but only 106 to the Ph.D. As I understand it, that's up from last year, but still way less to contend with than other schools, especially since they usually take about 12 Ph.D.s.
  8. Hi all, So I got two offers from LSU and Clarkson University with essentially equal amounts of assistantship plus tuition waiver, but now I feel kind of hesitant about which offer I should accept: one is a 5-yr PhD program at LSU, and other other only requires 2-yr commitment at Clarkson. What I am thinking now is maybe it is better to do the MS first, and after that, I can either go to a topper-ranked school for PhD if I want, or go find a job, however, the price I pay is that if eventually I choose to continue to do PhD, I feel like I lost two years. I mean I will receive my PhD degree two years later than if I go for it directly. I appreciate you guys' urgent comments and thoughts. I am studying Chemical Engineering, so which school provides a relatively better education in the field? Any ideas about two schools' locations and employment opportunities? Thanks a lot, Dan
  9. Hey, So i'm looking at applying to UNC, Columbia, and LSU and could use some feedback. I'm from LA and am using LSU as my back-up choice but i'm really struggling on UNC and Columbia.. and I don't know which program to apply for. I've recently heard that if you do the Advanced Standing program you will miss out on some experience and internships and i'm not sure if that's wise anymore. These are my questions: -What would you pick, UNC or Columbia (magically assuming they both accept you)? -What would you suggest AS, 16 month, or 2yr? - What other schools would you suggest? If you go to UNC or got into UNC or happen to have any knowledge ABOUT UNC... PLEASE inform me of what their GRE requirements are because I took it last week and it did NOT go well . Also, how much do they base the GRE off of because I have a solid GPA but I don't foresee myself magically kicking ass when I retake it!? I would love any feedback because i'm driving myself crazy with trying to figure these things out. I can't be the only one stressing about these things right? Thanks in advance for you comments (please leave some), Cheltze
  10. Anyone get accepted or graduate from Louisiana State University's Clinical Psychology (PhD) program? How competitive was the application process & the program itself? What was your GRE score, and what should I expect? Thanks in advance.
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