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Found 112 results

  1. Hey yall- I'm starting this thread for those applying to NPSIA for 2018. Feel free to post any questions or comments here. And as offers roll out too dont be afraid to share your acceptance or decline comments here Just curious, in regards to the MA, are people limiting their statement of intent to a certain number of words? is it research focused (with citations and all) even if you aren't planning on doing the thesis or MRP? The instructions on the website are quite vague, so i'm curious what people are doing (especially word count wise).
  2. Advice on Editing MA Report

    So 1 of my programs asks for the entire MA thesis while another asks for the abstract and one or more chapters. I was planning to use my dissertation as the basis of all my writing samples, but two of the samples require much shorter lengths. One requires 15-20 pages and the other "no more than 30." My MA report is 154 pages (including references and appendices; probably ~100 pages of actual report content) at 1.5x spacing. Any ideas on how to reduce it down? Should I include a link to the full report as part of my submission? The report sections are: Abstract Introduction Contextual Information Research Design and Methodology Findings and Insights (longest section at 34 pages) Deliverable Design and Presentation Reflections
  3. Work Experience Relevance

    To start off, I am currently not a competitive Clinical Psych doctoral candidate (which was tough to swallow but I'm there). I double majored in psychology and government in my undergraduate, earned a sub-par GPA (3.3) and have no research experience outside of coursework. After spending a year working in advertising (an interest I had through college) I came to my senses and realized most of what was preventing me from pursuing psychology graduate work was a hefty dose of imposter syndrome. My GRE scores are so-so (151 Q, 163 V, 5 AW), I'll probably retake in the next few weeks and focus my application process on masters programs that will hopefully strengthen the research portion of my future doctoral applications. I've had very little luck finding volunteer opportunities (or professors willing to take volunteers) for research in my area and at this point it's simply going to be missing from my application. However I'm wondering whether my past two years working as a nursing assistant at a forensic mental health facility will help or even matter on my applications. When I moved away from advertising I spoke with a clinical psychologist who suggested clinical work was vital to any phd application. It made sense to me at the time and the clinical forensic work matches with my undergraduate thesis and research interests. While working at the institute I've shadowed psychologists, sat in on intakes, assessments, and helped lead treatment process groups, which I feel is relevant to the applications. But I'm getting more skeptical about the value of this experience as I read these threads. I'm disappointed as I've found multiple doctoral programs with professors that match my research interests to a T, and I'm so tempted to apply despite my lack of research experience in the hopes that my statement of purpose and NA experience might help me. So I guess my question is whether or not my "clinical experience" will be helpful on MA and Phd applications, and if I should apply to the doctoral programs that I've found to be a really great match or wait until after I get a MA so as not to hurt my chances by applying to the same places twice? Thanks, sorry this is long
  4. So, I am a month into my first year of graduate school in psychology. And my adviser has just announced that they are retiring in a year. I have met with some program directors for advice on what to do, and revised my class/research plan so that I will be defending my MA thesis next fall semester, before I am left adviser-less. I have more higher-ups to talk to in regards to what this means for me on paper, but so far it seems that I have a few options for what to do: 1. Try to transfer now to another university 2. Try to transfer once I complete my MA 3. Try to continue on here without an adviser after my MA and complete my PhD on my own. 4. Quit and enter the job market after my MA There isn't really anybody else in my department who does the research I do, though there are others in the concentration but I'm not sure yet if they'd be able to take me on. Additionally, I thought I'd have the duration of the program to figure out my career goals. I am interested in research, but also interested in education/activism. But now, I actually need to make more of a decision about this because it'll affect what I choose to do. Sorry about vagueness, I didn't wanna make this post highly specific cause it's been an emotional few days, and yeah.....anybody further along who might be able to give advice?
  5. heterodox MA programs

    I'm hoping to transition from the humanities (I studied literature / liberal arts in undergrad) to economics. I only have a couple economics courses, some social sciences, and a few math courses including calculus on my transcript. I'm looking for a master's program as a step toward a PhD and prioritizing a heterodox curriculum. I've browsed through the Heterodox Economics Directory ( but I'm wondering if anyone here has suggestions of programs that might not be included on that list, or any thoughts about the programs that are on that list. Thanks!
  6. Hello! I'm looking to get myself ready to apply an Econ or Applied Econ Masters program for Fall of 2019. The goal of this is 1. to make myself competitive for at least a T100 Econ PhD program, and 2. To enable me to move into a career in policy if I decide I'm not cut out for the PhD route. Being 2 years out of grad school in kind of a dead end job though, I'm struggling to see what I can do to make up for some deficiencies in my undergrad. I'm desperate to switch careers to a subject I've been passionate about my whole life, so I'm hoping somebody here can help me. My full background info is below, but I'll just start out with my 2 primary weaknesses/concerns. Lack of research experience. This is probably my biggest weakness, and I have no idea how to remedy it. I'm not in undergrad anymore, I can't easily ask a professor for an RA job, and I also have responsibilities now (I'm getting married soon) which make it much more difficult to immediately upend and move across the country if that's what it takes. Not sure if my goals are achievable if I can't overcome this problem. Shabby letters of recommendation. Not much I can do about this, as it's tied to the first problem with research experience. Maybe if I'm lucky I'll hit it off with a professor at the U through these math courses who can write a letter as well, but I don't know that I can count on that Schools Applying To: I'll apply to the best schools I think I have a shot at. Something like the Duke MA is likely beyond my reach, but I'm looking strongly at the University of Minnesota MS in Applied Economics and similar programs. Interests: I have some wide ranging interests, but urban and labor economics are particularly interesting to me Undergrad Institution: No name liberal arts college (unfortunately) Undergraduate GPA: 3.72 Undergraduate Major: Economics, Computer Information Systems GRE: 170 V, 164 Q, 4.5 AWA (will take again if necessary, which I suspect it will be) Quantitative Courses: Outside of the standard Econ courses (intermediate micro/macro and an Econ department statistics course, all of which were A's or A-'s I believe), I also took econometrics and Calculus 1 and got an A in those. I know that's inadequate, so I'm preparing for grad school by taking more math courses at the local U (University of Minnesota). Specifically, I plan on at least finishing the calc sequence and taking linear algebra, but hopefully I can do more than just that. I'm assuming I'll get A's or A-'s in those, because, well, I kind of have to. Years of Work Experience: 1 1/2 years as an Application Developer at a financial services company, and around half a year as a Business Intelligence Specialist at the same company (my current position). Probably not too helpful for my application, as it's mostly reporting and pretty basic work with financial sales data, not any super interesting analysis or research. Age: 24 LORs: Here's where it gets dicey. I have 1, maaaaaybe 2 undergrad econ professors who I can get to write for me, but I didn't really do much in the way of research in undergrad so they won't be able to speak to that. I tutored for stats and for intro Econ courses, so one of the professors can mention that, but that's about it (other than just saying I was a bright student). For my third letter, I'll likely have to rely on a former manager, or a third professor who may or may not remember me well. And honestly, even the Econ professors who I'm counting on might not have that much to say (after all, I've been out of their class for a few years, and I don't know how well they'll remember me). Any advice would be appreciated! I know I'm in kind of a rough spot, but I'm willing to make sacrifices if necessary to make this happen, and I don't necessarily have to get into a top tier Masters program either, as long as it can still accomplish my goals. Thanks!
  7. I am trying to gauge admissions outcomes for the upcoming admissions cycle for MA programs in international development and affairs. If you could, please include the following information in your response: GPA: GRE (Verbal/Math/Writing) Applied: Accepted: Rejected: Waitlist: description of relevant work experience and other factors: Thank you!
  8. Hi everyone, I'm spending days and nights trying to decide which programs to apply to and whether I even should apply to PhD programs. My profile is below, and my burning questions follows. Undergraduate Institution: Top 25 liberal arts college (depending on which list you look at) Major: Policy Studies, Economics (Minor in Philosophy) Cumulative GPA: 3.94 GRE: Shooting for around 162Q, 166V Letters of Recommendation: My options are - my thesis advisor who I have known since my first semester (tenure track/international politics), a professor I did research with for a year (tenure track/international politics), professor whom I have a great relationship with (tenured/philosophy), professor who I TA'ed for (tenure/economics), thesis advisor whom I'm fairly close to (tenure/economics). I have good relationships with all of them and most have offered to write me LORs. I don't know how well-respected they are in their fields though. Research Experience: Did a year's worth of research with a professor whose research interests are only loosely tied to mine. I am also writing a thesis. Work Experience: Production assistant at a news channel for 6 months, internship in a municipal business development bureau in China, in charge of a running a book club volunteer program at the local women's prison Teaching Experience: Was a TA for Econometrics for one semester and is a writing tutor for two years now. Additional Skills: Fluent Mandarin, Intermediate Arabic, Python, STATA Research Interests: Energy security and development policy in East Asia (mostly China) Choices for MA: Cambridge, LSE, John Hopkins, Chicago, Princeton, Harvard Choices for PhD: UCSD, UC Berkeley, Columbia, Princeton, Stanford, Yale Burning questions: 1) Not a question, but please be brutally honest. I've had enough people being very nice to me about grad school applications just so my dreams don't get shot down. My dreams will get shot down by the admissions committee anyway so you'd be doing me a favor by shooting down my dreams before I pay that $100 application fee. 2) As you can tell, I'm only applying to Top 20 schools. It's a bit of pride, and a bit of practicality because those schools are the best choice for my research interests. However, do you think I will get in? Or am I shooting too high? 3) With my profile, do you think I should do a MA before I apply to PhD programs so I can strength my application and actually get into a top 20 school? 4) Everyone seems to have a publication, so do you think it is necessary to have one to get into these programs? My professors have said that it is actually better to wait until you are a grad student to publish the work you've done in undergrad because those journals are more well-regarded. 5) Lastly, if there are any other schools you think I should look at, please do suggest them! Thank you so much for your time and may you receive brownie points and actual brownies for helping an anxious undergrad!
  9. If anyone is familiar with UChicago's Committee on International Relations MA and Harris School's MA in Public Policy with Certificate in Research Methods, please help me out! I find both programs appealing because they are shorter than most MA programs, but I have heard mixed things about both programs. I don't know which one to apply for because I would like to pursue a PhD in International Relations or Political Science in the future, not Public Policy, but I am keen to work on my quant skills. Any thoughts? Any help will be appreciated!
  10. Hello everyone, I'm a newbie here and my case is pretty weird I'm an International Student and I got denied from CSUDH for MA of Sociology program. And the reason is my TOEFL score is below the requirement. 1/ International notification: I got denied because my TOEFL score is below the requirement. However, I met others requirements so they advised me to study the Conditional Admission program. 2/ I double checked the English Proficiency requirement for International students and I submitted not only 1 English certificates but 2 (TOEFL: 80 and IELTS: 6.5). I argued with the International department about this problem and the admission evaluator responded to me that please disregard the notification about Conditional Admission program. She will contact with Sociology Department to check about my case. I also advised contacting with a Dr who is the Graduate program coordinator. I emailed him 3 times + 1 voice message and no reply since April 3/ Since there is no news from the school or the Dr so I came to the Sociology Department and requested the secretary to contact with the Dr to check about my case. I guess they have ignored me the whole time until I actually came to the school. After that, I got a notification from them that they will check about my case and update me shortly. Sorry for long post, do you guys think any chances for me? Fall 2017 semester will start in August and I really don't know what is my application status at this point....
  11. Hey everyone! I am a final year law student from India who will be applying for a Master's degree next year. I am interested in working in academia, and I hope to immediately become a PhD candidate after completing my Masters. I am interested in human rights, international law and international relations. I've been looking up various universities in Europe (because of living costs and fees being most accessible for me) and have found two interesting degrees: an LLM from the Geneva Academy in International Humanitarian Law & Human Rights, and the E.MA in Human Rights and Democratisation from EIUC Venice. The second program seems more tailored to my general interests, but I've found it hard to find reviews for these programs. I've got three questions: 1. Has anyone attended the European Masters Degree in Human Rights and Democratisation from EIUC Venice? If so, please let me know your opinion of the program and how well it prepares you for academia. 2. On a broader note, is a one-year master's program conducive to immediate further study as a PhD candidate? 3. For the purposes of academia, is an LLM preferred to an MA?
  12. How to narrow field of interest?

    New to this site, but have seen a lot of helpful posts so far. So I'm in the process of deciding whether or not to apply for a History MA for next year (Fall 2018). (Not super interested in PhD at this moment in time, but I love learning and want to further my education) Educational History: Will graduate in like 2 weeks with a BA in History and International Studies with a minor in French, with a 3.96 GPA from a pretty well known top 100 nation school) and will be taking the GRE soon. The problem of looking into Grad Schools is of course finding one that matches with your interest. I've pretty much narrowed it down to either French or US History, but I'm just wondering how to really pick a path. At my school, my history classes were all over the place so I didn't get a concentrated dose of education in any one particular field. I know obviously its a person choice, but I'm having a hard time thinking about an era and which region I would be most interested in pursuing. Any advice would be greatly appreciated!!
  13. Hi friends. As I am deciding where to apply for graduate study, I am having a difficult time deciding on a focus area. One potential area I am considering but am having trouble finding information on is dystopian and post-apocalyptic literature, film, and video games. Under this categorization, I include anything from classic and contemporary dystopian novels (from mild to extreme dystopian setting) like 1984, Brave New World, and Infinite Jest, to more contemporary post-apocalyptic books, films, and video games like The Road, The Walking Dead, Threads, The Fallout Series, Last of Us, The Metro novel series, etc. I find dystopian art and especially post-apocalyptic art to be enthralling because I find that placing humans in such perverse and inhuman situations can be a fantastic way to investigate some essential elements of human nature and a great way to satirize or otherwise investigate current political and social trends. I have browsed many English department faculty websites, but of the ones I have searched, I have so far come across zero professors working in this area. One reason I may not be finding anyone working in this area is because I have mainly searched departments in my geographic region, the Southeastern United States. Here are a few questions I have been unable to answer for myself and with which I would appreciate any help that you all have to offer: Is dystopian and post-apocalyptic literature a prevalent area of study? Are my searches for professors fruitless because I am looking in the South? Do any of you have experience researching or writing about this area? Can anyone recommend prominent scholars on the topic? Are there other broader areas of study under which a focus like this would fall? How would I go about articulating an interest in this area in an SoP, especially if my university does not have anyone studying exclusively this area? Thanks so much for any advice, guidance, or helpful nudges that you can offer!
  14. Hi folks! Didn't seem like anyone had started Masters threads up this year. I'm crossing my fingers and hoping for the best to everyone on your M.T.S./M.A./M.Div./Th.M. applications. I hope this thread could be somewhere we can talk about our Master's applications. -- And this is my story so far, and questions. I applied to Two MA programs(Duke U and U.Chicago-Divinity-) and one MTS program(HDS). Any news on these schools or programs? I only received an offer from Duke yesterday(Thanks GOD). And there was no mention about funding condition from the decision letter and this worries me. Is this normal? Duke is definitely my first choice, but if Chicago Divinity offers 80-100% funding and Duke gives me lesser than 40% funding, that would be a whole different story. If you know about Duke's funding policy and schedule, please help me out And, according to Gradcafe result postings, I believe U.Chi would release their admissions within few days, and HDS on March 10-16. I'd like to know if there is any news from these programs. Good luck to every applicants!
  15. How to get research experience

    Hi all, I'm looking for some advice on gaining research experience. I am hoping to apply to MA/MS Programs in Counseling Psychology (I've got my eye on UK and Southern Illinois for my top choices) for Fall 2019, with the end goal of eventually getting my PhD. My undergraduate GPA was pretty terrible, but my GRE scores are solid, I am re-taking the two psych courses I did poorly in, and by the time I apply I will have four years experience working as a Mental Health Case Manager. I'm hoping I can get accepted going the masters route and show I am capable of good grades and go from there. So my question is, even for masters programs most say research experience really strengthens your application....where should I look to find research experience ? I did two research based courses in undergrad, and in one I worked with a team to create and run an experiment and presented for Psi Chi...but that's the extent of my research and that was almost five years ago. I've tried applying to some part-time research positions at the local university, but they are limited and I have had no luck getting interviews. Any ideas of where else to look? Will universities take on volunteer research assistants ? What have other people's experiences been with admissions to MA/MS programs (do they look a lot at research, are they generally competitive, will a good GRE help to balance out a poor GPA?)? Thanks all!
  16. MA or MEd with thesis

    Hey all, I am reaching out to get some advice. I have been offered an MEd (thesis-based) full-time with a ta/ra ship at Brock and a MA in Education from UOIT. I am wondering if there is a difference, as they are both thesis-based masters. I do not want to close the door to a Phd one day, so I am concerned as to do the MA or MEd. At the end of the day, is either more accredited than the other? Thanks in advance for any help. I really appreciate it.
  17. Publishing Graduate Programs

    For the life of me, I can't find any thread or forum that relates specifically to the publishing programs out there. This is the place where I think it would fit best, but let me know if I'm wrong. I've applied to Simon Fraser's MPUB program, Portland State's Writing MA with a concentration in publishing, and University of Missouri's manuscript, print culture, and editing track MA. Has anyone else sent applications out for publishing?
  18. Applying for 2017 (MA)

    This is precisely what the title suggests. Invite everyone planning to apply for a master's course in the field of Music to share concerns, updates here. And I request everyone already enrolled in such programmes to help us out. @Musicologist I am personally confused between Musicology and Ethnomusicology and want to find out more about Music therapy as a programme. Any disussion around it is much appreciated!
  19. Columbia Political Science Freestanding MA

    Hello Dear Fellows who want to overcome Nihilism! ANYONE HEARD BACK FROM COLUMBIA FREESTANDING MA in POLITICAL SCIENCE? I submitted my application on the 26th of January and hope to hear from them before 15th of April. What do you think? Anyone applied to that program?
  20. Hi all, I have been on here before but it was a while back. I have bounced back and forth between two undergrad programs 100 miles apart and got most of the training in one school. 1. I have major sanity/safety/housing issues as I'm in that location now, and do not think I can stay here to complete 14 last credits. 2. The other school is the one I'd consider in the same state for an MFA in Studio Art if I were to choose to stay at all(I want to go to CAL State in a perfect world). *I'm in OR. Does anyone have experience with being just shy of a second BA for the new study subject and applying for grad schools? I literally am now out of undergrad aid as of this term. I may be able next fall to squeeze out two more courses that are very germane to my grad school goals/focus and the Cal State Modern/Contemporary Art History Req. Do grad schools look down on you or is it a significant limitation for me to almost have a second BA(so it's pretty nearly negligible). I mean as far as Cal State schools, I think it might be short 6-9 semester credits as compared to their requirements as an equivalency for and Art BA. It's beg. Ceramics and a couple of other odd ball non-studio courses if I remember right that their degree has as compared to my current hrs. standing in OR.
  21. 2017 Applications Thread

    Anyone starting applications/starting to look at applications for the season? I figured I would start a thread here. I'm planning on applying to Rhetoric programs (some in English departments and some in Comm departments). Tentative list: Comm Departments: UNC, Northwestern, Michigan State (WRAC), Georgia, Texas (Austin), South Carolina and Wake Forest. English Dept: Michigan, Ohio State, Miami of OH, UCDavis.
  22. Yale Jackson 2017

    There was no thread for Yale Jackson Institute applicants, so here it is. Who else has applied?
  23. Fall 2017 Applicants

    Hi all! No one had made this post yet (is the Classics corner of GradCafé slowly dying?!) so I figured I'd take the plunge. Who is applying for Classics and Classics-adjacent programs this cycle? What are your fields and interests? What are your hopes and dreams? (I am not applying myself and am happily ensconced in my own PhD program, but am happy to answer any questions about applications, interviews, or life as a PhD student)
  24. I am a third year student studying in a comprehensive university in Ontario, Canada. I currently possess a GPA of 10.7/12 (roughly 3.85 or 87%). I have experience working in the Canadian Embassy in Washington, D.C, in a Fortune 500 Mutual Fund Company, and President of my school's Student Union Pre-Law Society. It has always been my dream to move to the U.K (I am a British passport holder) and continue my PhD there in the future. That being said, I wanted to know whether I am competitive for these Masters programs: 1. MA War Studies, Kings College London 2. MSc International Relations, University of Cambridge 3. MSc International Relations, The London School of Economics & Political Science Thank you for taking the time to reply! Thank you!
  25. Just got accepted into Hunter and Teachers College for MA in psychology! In your opinion what program is better? I have my bachelors in psych but little research experience, hence the desire for a masters. My overall goal is to be a clinical psychologist focusing on neuropsych. Both schools are great but I've heard mixed reviews about both programs. Anything helps thank you!!