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Found 7 results

  1. I want to transfer from Bellevue U. (online) my ample credits (none in psych) into the cheapest 100% online school offering the greatest diversity of undergrad psych programs. I'm just starting to vet... The University of the Cumberland Fort Hays State University The Baptist College of Florida Valdosta State University Argosy University Grand Canyon University Ashford University University of Massachusetts - Amherst Southern New Hampshire University American Public University Capella University Walden University Bellevue Excelsior College Charter Oak State College University of Florida Southern University at New Orleans Delta State University University of North Dak0ta University of Houston-Victoria Central Methodist University New Mexico Highlands University The Chicago School of Professional Psychology at Los Angelos Any guidance? I know that some, above, don't fit a bunch of the criteria I just laid out... - Slobodon
  2. I am currently a student at a top 3 US public uni and am working toward a STEM degree and an IR degree. My IR GPA is very good (somewhere around 3.7-3.8-ish), but as you can imagine, my STEM GPA is rubbish. My overall GPA is around a 3.4. I really want to go to graduate school in Europe to study IR and international security, focusing on cybersecurity and internet governance, preferably at a place like Sciences Po or King's. My issue is that I know European schools are very strict about GPA cutoffs. I do have some classes from community college and other universities through summer programs that can back me up but I'm not completely sure if it's enough to push me over the line without doing some wonky math I'm not entirely confident in. I've had research experience and have had my work published in a journal. I've had a variety of extracurriculars related to my field and in public policy (well as far as a college student can get into public policy anyway). I did have some really insane life issues that lead to uneveness in my grades (particularly in the last 18 months, big family problems affected me deeply and pushed me into therapy for depression). But I wonder if any of this can make up for the fact that my cumulative GPA might not be over the magic 3.5 cutoff line.
  3. Hello, everybody. I am very new to this forum. Now, I am an International sophomore in Korea. We have to choose our majors, and this decision is very hard to make. Now, I have Physics as my major and Computer Science as minor. In few days, I have to come up with the decision and I was going to change my major and minor(Computer Science as major and Mathematic as minor). I am trying to change my major to Computer Science because I believe it will be safer and gives more freedom to earn money, and it is important because I need to help my family(btw, first generation college student from very low-income family). I don't want to risk and I believe with good grades I can have the good opportunity to live well. (No major in Computer Science) Here's the thing. Don't laugh pls. I am very ambitious and always have been. I want to devote my life into the many sciences. Many of you can probably recognize want to understand the mathematics, nature(physics), want to help prolong life and study biological sciences. I am thinking of taking prerequisites for Med School, and take Math as my minor and Computer Science as my major. Let's say I can have 2 years of experience in researches(1 year Math, 1 year Physics(for myself)). Let's also assume I will have very good scores in GRE Subject test, TOEFL and in General GRE. Can I then be considered as a good candidate for top schools in the US for Math or I have no chance if only my minor is Math(6 classes only 18 credits)? I will try to study math by myself(but, how can I prove it, though?) I know some of you could say focus on something, and I agree that it would be much easier if I had only passion. However, I want to give a shot, and try devoting my youth to studying. May be, who knows, this worth to do once in life? The reason I am choosing Math is that I think there are many examples that after being a mathematician, people tend to contribute a lot to physics too. However, not so many examples the other way around. Also, I would like to know how it is hard (1)to get accepted for two PhDs and (2) if you're accepted to study that. I can put my energy if I am allowed to study two PHDs simultaneously. I would love to get accepted for two programs in Ph.D.(One, in this case, will certainly be Biology. I want my parents live very long ). I really think, at least for now, that intellectual prosperity is the most important thing. For Biology PHD I will have only MCAT(let's assume very good scores), GRE and TOEFL, prequisites. Projected GPA: 3.75(converted to 4. In fact, we have 4.3 as maximum) Projected number of credits:153 Projected length of my undergraduate study:3.5-4 years Please, share your opinions. Detail answers would be very welcomed. I would love to read each of them Thank you a lot, and I hope you'll have a nice day!
  4. Hi. I am new to this forum. So I'm having trouble finding relevant information to my query. I graduated from Civil Engineering department. Though it was my dream to study robotics, for some reasons I could not get into a Mechanical Engineering program. Right now I want to change my track and go to Mechanical Engineering and get an MS and then PhD in Robotics . So, I applied to MS in ME programs in 2/3 universities and one of them (ULL) accepted me. I don't know much about their program but they have a robotics Lab. I have not received any fund from here yet. I have also applied to several civil engineering (environmental) MS/PhD programs with no luck in fund. Without fund it's gonna be little tricky for me to attend US universities. If I decide to go self funded then I see no reason not to go to ULL other than the obvious reason that what if the prof in robotics lab don't accept me to supervise? If I can get my MS degree from here what will be the possibilities of getting an offer of PhD from a high ranked uni? I am very worried. Should I just wait for funding decisions from all the unis I applied or start processing for visa to go to ULL? Has anyone received fund from ME department of ULL for this fall yet? P.S: My profile is CGPA-3.11, GRE(Q-162, V-155, AWA-3.5), IELTS-7.5, 1 journal paper in structural analysis (undergrad thesis)
  5. This is my first post. I found The Grad Cafe by searching Google for topics pertaining to graduate programs that do not require the GRE (to which I was directed to the following topic): And I must say that I was very intrigued. However, given my current difficult situation I am now somewhat more concerned and/or perplexed as to how deep this rabbit hole I currently seem to be in is going. But before anyone gets too confused by my own confusion let me explain my situation (and I apologize in advance for being long winded). I have a BA in philosophy, currently work 2 jobs (7 days/week; it just turned out that way and I can't afford to quit one of them b/c then I wouldn't be able to make ends meet), and I want to go back to school to do some sort of advanced education. Now originally, my goal was to do graduate work in philosophy (this was my plan while in undergrad). However, I did my undergrad online at the University of Illinois and at the time I didn't know that grad school required the GRE, that there are no online philosophy programs, that philosophy professor jobs are few and far between (very competitive), and that if I was accepted into a program somewhere I would likely get stuck in adjunct faculty forever (at least this is my current belief - correct my if you believe I'm off the mark). So I became discouraged. These discoveries lead me to question of changing majors (I currently work part time for a grant funded program at a JC and have thought about counseling or psych). But then that line of thinking opened up an entirely new Pandora's box. Master's degrees often require the applicant to have taken the prerequisite courses in order to even apply (such as switching from philosophy to psychology) and if I have to take pre-reqs it would likely take me 3-4 years just to do so, in order to start applying for Master's programs that are different than my current discipline (since I'm trying to support myself and keep my current $55k debt in good standing while keeping a roof over my head). But in doing some of this research I also discovered that some Masters programs don't require the GRE. In thinking about the potential of applying to one, or more, of these programs I have now opened up yet another Pandora's box (a box inside of a box inside of a box, it seems) b/c I am now faced with the question of where I want to wind up. That is, what major am I going to switch to and why am I switching to that major? What job will I be hoping to get after switching majors? Is that path reasonable? Is that job one that I will be happy with? What majors should I even consider and why? What will that life look like? [I was a small business owner for many years and, in a way, all of this future decision making is super stressful]. Anyways, these are really such huge life questions and I'm not expecting any ground-breaking answers (though that would be nice) but right now I'm faced with not knowing where to turn. I feel like I need help from a counselor of some kind. Someone who knows all the ins-and-outs of online programs and who could guide me in a general direction given my current needs. I should mention that right now I am on an income based repayment plan for my student loans, and I fear that as soon as I do my taxes for 2015 the DOE is going to start sending me a bill every month (this is not to mention the fact that I really need to get out of working these two jobs but feel totally stuck). My ideal situation would be to quit one of my jobs, work the better one part-time while doing an online program somewhere (since I can't really see how doing an in person program would be cost effective for me; How could I afford to move/live etc?). So my questions to the forum are the following: 1. If you can relate in any way what advice do you have? 2. Does the GRE really matter that much in terms of finding a good job? 3. What non-GRE online schools are good, if any? 4. As I don't really know what career I should head toward now, what should I do? I feel like I'm in a very stuck place. I had a career, the economy crashed, I bounced around from low paying job to lowing paying job, and I now need to make an important decision that will set me up for years to come. In short, I'm stressed out! And I don't really know where to turn. If anyone can help I would be immensely grateful. median p.s. - The career options I have been keeping on the table are ones that pertain to philosophy, teaching/education, counseling, social work, or educational counseling. However, I'm still undecided at this point since so many times one cannot know if they really want to have a specific career until they have the facts about what that career looks like from the inside (day to day, etc). I guess in general I just need help finding my way.
  6. Hello, I'm a undergrad student and I'm still debating on whether to major in archaeology or bioarchaeology. I was wondering if anyone had suggestions on what classes to take for bioarchaeology other than anthropology classes. And what to expect if I want to major in bioarchaeology.
  7. Hi all, If the application asks for your major GPA, is it okay to put your minor's GPA if it is going to be the graduate field you are pursuing (rather than your actual major GPA, which for me isn't quite related to my future grad work)? It's such a simple question but I'm not sure how to interpret it... Thanks.
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