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Found 10 results

  1. Hi All, I am struggling in deciding between UChicago MAPH and NYU IFA. I know both programs have been said to be "cash cow" programs, but they seem to be the only two options that I have now... I am interested in post-war American art and modern/contemporary art in East Asia, and currently do not plan to apply PhD afterwards. Both programs have faculty that fit my interests. I knew more about IFA, since I was an undergrad in NYU, but I still don't have a very concrete idea about the MAPH program, as I have heard many different sides of stories about it. From the virtual sessions I attended, I feel faculty at IFA are more supportive. But I might get a more intensive research experience and better academic resources on campus at UChicago.. If anyone can share some insights about which program is more reputed in the art field, I would really appreciate it! I would also really appreciate if any current students or alumni from the two programs can share your experience! Thanks!
  2. Hi, so here's the deal. I got accepted into UChicago's MAPH in Creative Writing with a scholarship of $12000 (of course, it isn't really much keeping in mind the total tuition for the program.) I've also been accepted into an MA in English program with a creative writing concentration at Texas Tech University, which offers me a teaching stipend. The program at Texas Tech is decent (plus cheaper) and I've spoken to a few current graduate students and honestly, I was mentally prepared that I'd be accepting their offer. However, I didn't really expect UChicago to accept me. Naturally, I'm quite star-struck, well, because... University of Chicago. I've seen several opinions about this program but I just want to know what people's thoughts are about it anyway. Is the short length of the program an advantage or disadvantage? Is a two-year MA from a somewhat less reputed university better or worse than a nine-month program from a well-reputed one? Is the insane cost of an MAPH worth it?
  3. Hello my friends. I am currently considering applying to UChicago's MA programs. However, I am hesitant about which one to apply to. A bit of background: I previously studied political science in the US but want to transition into early Chinese history. I am a Chinese natioanal, have been reading Chinese history my whole life, and am capable of using Chinese sources in my own writing (I am currently a columnist). However, I did not take a single class on Chinese history in my undergraduate years because I thought they were simply too easy. The consequence is that I have no way of proving my knowledge of the subject. I previously applied to UPenn's MA program of Chinese studies and was rejected because, it was explained to me by the program director, that I did not have years of training in the field (everything else was just fine, he so assured me). My questions are: 1. Which program do you think is of higher quality, MAPSS or MAPH? Even if there is only a marginal difference. 2. Which program is perceived to be of higher quality in academia? 3. Which program is most likely to offer me admission? Specifically on Question 3, I have planned out three strategies: 3.1 Apply to MAPH honestly, saying that I wish to study early China despite not having a previous training. This feels like a reenactment of my failed application. 3.2 Apply to MPPSS honestly, saying that I want to major in History and study early China. 3.3 Apply to MPSS by saying that I want to major in Political Science and study modern Chinese politics but take courses on early Chinese history after getting in. I cannot apply to both programs at the same time because one of my recommendors said he would provide letters for no more than four programs and I have to balance my choices. I am sure you guys will have some brilliant ideas to share. Thank you all for reading this.
  4. Does anyone know when Chicago sends out responses for second round applicants to the MAPH? Is it all at once or are admissions rolling?
  5. I'm probably going to get crucified for even asking this, but oh well: I've been accepted (full funding, assistantship, stipend) to a PhD program in english, but I also just received a decent scholarship to MAPH (Writing Option) and I'm considering asking my PhD for a deferment so that I can do both. I get all the knocks on MAPH but I can afford it, UChicago is pretty darn cool, and if I can have my cake (MAPH) and eat it too (PhD), does it hurt to ask? Or does MAPH exist so exclusively to get people into PhD programs that delaying one to enroll in it is just too stupid to even ask about?
  6. Hello all and thanks in advance for your help. I recently applied to UChicago's MAPH program (cash cow I know but they have a late secondary deadline and I needed more options) and they aren't notifying until after April 30th. In the email confirming my admission they state to contact the graduate department if I need an earlier admissions decision. My question is: would it reflect poorly/affect my chances for admission if I ask for an expedited decision? I have to notify another school of my intention to enroll by April 15th so an early decision would definitely be ideal. I'd love to hear your opinions on this!
  7. First off, I understand that the MAPH is, at best, a controversial program. I'm not trying to get people riled up or to step on anyone's toes. I applied to the MAPH at UChicago, initially, because I didn't realize UChicago had a continuous MA-PhD program in their East Asian Languages & Civilizations (EALC). So I ended up applying to both. I was rejected soundly from the East Asian Languages & Civ. department at UChicago but offered partially (1/3) funding for the MAPH program. I was also admitted into the University of Washington's (UW) Jackson School of International Studies (JSIS) Japan Studies program for a full MA. No mention of funding. Now, to be honest, I'm still waiting on Stanford to reply, but I know that I'm not top-pick priority stuff here. I love Chicago's program. The EALC was my top choice. I wasn't overly surprised to be rejected. Course-wise and academic-wise, Chicago fits my goals and ideas for my research. That all being said, I'm very intimidated by the prospect of living there (Chicago), and the cost of the MAPH is like 17,000 more than UW since I live in-state--even after the 18,000 tuition waver/grant/thingy! That all being said, I love Seattle, and the JSIS would fit me reasonably well and allow me to study abroad. No, the courses aren't as perfectly tailored to my goals, but I would be able to accomplish my goals without incurring so much debt (and live in a place I'm comfortable and happy in). As far as Asian Studies, UW is a fantastic school. It also might potentially allow me TA work, though that's not guaranteed. First question: What's your opinion? Second question: Would it be rude/stupid/impertinent/etc. to approach the head of Japan Studies at UW with the information that I've been offered $18,000 tuition waver at UChicago in the hopes that I might earn myself some help and that maybe they might throw a bone my way? If no, why not? If yes, what would be the most tactful way to do that?
  8. Greetings all, As one of the group (legion?) of people admitted to Chicago's one-year MAPH, I thought it might be a good idea to open a thread for discussion of the program for those of us who are even remotely considering it be an option (as well as those who have been through it/ have helpful advice to give). I know there is already a thread going about one-year MA's in general, but I didn't want to hijack it with a discussion that was narrowed to one program. Also, I have discussed this with a few individuals (thanks!) but I figured it would be helpful for anyone to be able to chime in. I have a few specific questions about funding. In particular, I just read that those with partial funding must respond by 4/15, while those without have until 4/29. Is there any chance that, if enough people with partial waivers decline, others without funding will receive an offer? I feel like that is unlikely, but it's worth asking. My other question involves application timing. It strikes me that, since PhD app season begins during the winter quarter, there won't have been much time to generate a better writing sample, have much of an MA transcript, or build relationships in the department. Then again, maybe this worry is unfounded. I'd love to hear other perspectives. I know this will basically come down to money, and whether I am crazy enough to risk debtors' prison. I know it would be insane to take this over any kind of funded offer, and I'm still waiting on a few funded MA's. I'm also aware that with a bit of funding this could still be an irresponsible choice. But I am also obsessed with this school. Anyone else facing a similar dilemma?
  9. Dear all, Mille pardons if this topic appears more absurd than it should to seasoned Gradcafe members, but I would appreciate your advice on this matter. I am from Britain, and interested in Victorian literature (the George Eliot - Robert Browning - John Ruskin variety). I have have secured admission to the PhD in English at Rutgers (full funding with TA), as well to the Chicago MAPH program (half-funding). Judging by the MAPH-related posts on this forum, I guess it is somewhat silly of me to even pose the question, but I would like to make another bid for the Ivies / top 10 as it is the matter of a lifetime (completely obsessive and irrational, I know, but who doesn't?), and Chicago seems to offer a second chance. Rutgers is great as far as 'fit' is concerned, but so is Chicago, which along with Johns Hopkins was my top choice. The MAPH program with its emphasis on literature and philosophy is really looking attractive to me. Further, its focus on creative writing (the pathway I hope to take, should I get in) does seem a great way to refine my interests and produce a better writing sample, as my current writing sample was rather staid and stolid, and based on a contemporary British 'neo-Victorianist' writer who isn't really studied in the US. I would really like to reapply with a better sample, along with better grades and more background in foreign languages (ah, if wishes were horses...). Trouble is, I need to take a considerable amount of debt for Chicago, and would probably have to begin repaying the loan in six months after I graduate. My being an international student does not make things any easier. In this scenario, do you think it is feasible for me to try for Chicago? and current MAPH students/alumni, do you think the program helps students with placement opportunities that will help somewhat in repaying the loan as they prepare to reapply (though of course there is no guarantee of these matters)? I have been through the relevant program webpages and forums, but would really appreciate your feedback as I know next to nothing about how these things really work, best, M & S
  10. Hi guys. I have been admitted to two Master's programs and would appreciate any advice you may have to offer. The first is Chicago's one-year MAPH program and the second is Villanova's two-year MA in English. Chicago cannot offer any funding, however, while Villanova is offering a Tuition Fellowship (though no stipend). Part of my thinks it would be insane to turn down the opportunity to study at Chicago for a year and have access to top-ten faculty and resources, even if it means going into considerable debt for tuition/living expenses. That same part of me justifies it by pointing out that I would have a year after the MAPH to work, apply to English Ph.D. programs and defer those loans. On the other hand, it would seem fiscally much more responsible to go to Villanova. While I would need to work part time to defray living expenses, I would not be accumulating debt. I really like the faculty and structure of the program, but I don't yet know what kind of placement record the MA generates as far as Ph.D. applications go (working on that). Does anyone here have experience with the program? I would love to PM/email on the subject. Anyone else facing (or faced) a similar dilemma? There are other considerations (I know many people in Chicago and almost no one in Philadelphia, for example), but I'm mainly concerned with the prestige vs. payoff problem. Muchas gracias for any advice!
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