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Found 17 results

  1. Hey all, It has been a long time since I've been to this forum, but I thought I would write this post to share my experiences as an anthro major in undergrad to getting my MA through the MAPSS program at UChicago, and where I am now, in case any of you are wondering if it's worth it, or are just looking for some perspective in a field that is only getting more difficult to make something of, both academically and professionally. Please note that this review/perspective is from someone who decided *NOT* to pursue a PhD, but instead chose a non-academic career path. Maybe you can rela
  2. Hi! I am an international student holding a non-US undergraduate degree in psychology (a first-rank research school in Europe but maybe placements overseas and developments/pubs in Ph.D processes are not comparable to the states). I applied to some MA programs and just got a funded offer from Wake Forest for two years (75% tuition waiver so about 10,000 dollars tuition per year, potential full waiver & assistantship stipend in future). I also have a offer from UChicago MAPSS, but with merely 1/3 tuition waiver and may result in 50,000 dollars debt... I'm g
  3. Hi everyone, I am an international student in comparative politics and was admitted to both programs. I am trying to make a decision between these two. I wanna figure out if I am capable of doing a Ph.D. during the year of my MA program. Any suggestions? What are the strengths and weaknesses of both programs and both institutions, and which would you rather choose, supposing that money isn’t a major concern? Thanks!
  4. Hello all, So, I got into UChicago MAPSS. I applied to MAPSS in large part because am interested in switching fields from something more humanities-oriented to social psychology and thought the MAPSS program would be really a great way to transition fields before applying to social psychology PhD programs. I am fortunate enough to have received a scholarship which makes the program within the realm of affordable. Nevertheless, I'd need to take out a good amount of money in loans and spend all of my savings on living costs. Because of these costs, I'm a bit nervous about pursuing MAPS
  5. I need your help people... I originally applied for the doctoral program in history and was informed that they instead offer me this, with 1/3 of the tuition (I think I can negotiate them up to 2/3). I didn't get into any other doctoral programs, but I did get into a masters program back home (international student here) which would amount to about $25,000 in student dept, over two years, while being a way less prestigious university. I need some honest advice, would you guys take it? Why or why not? Also, I could live with family in Chicago and thus not pay that much for living expenses... I'
  6. Hi, is there anyone who has succeeded in increasing the scholarships/ financial awards they have received, as part of their admission to top graduate schools? I currently have one admission offer from UChicago's MAPSS program, and was able to increase the financial award to $20,000, but I want to request again that the school provide a full tuition award. What can I say and how can I appeal to the MAPSS committee better? Do I need to provide new GRE scores? More evidence of research activity? I heard that this funding request was not supposed to be difficult, but it does not
  7. I wanted to share my experience with the University of Chicago’s MAPSS program. I know that when I applied to the program, and when I was deciding whether to enroll, I found it difficult to find reviews online. I’m hoping this post will be of use to others. I was excited by the program because of its claims of offering a flexible curriculum and strong access to UChicago’s resources. I also was excited because the program bills itself as both a degree to prepare for a PhD, and, if students change their mind, as a versatile credential of employability. However, I was extremely disappo
  8. I was offered admission into the University of Chicago's MAPSS program, but I was only offered one third tuition coverage. Unfortunately I can't afford to attend if I don't receive more funding, so I was told by the program to write a merit petition highlighting achievements that the committe might have missed when deciding funding. I would appreciate it if someone could help me edit and proofread my merit petition, so that it looks nice and neat for the committee. Hopefully it will help influence their decision concerning my funding. Would anyone be interested in proofreading and helping me e
  9. Dear community, I have applied to a couple of one-year programs (willingly and knowingly since I am still on the fence regarding future career) and have been accepted for the MAPSS (2/3 waiver) and MSc Sociology at Oxford (funding tbd). Obviously two different planets in some respects (for instance when comparing the two cities), but I was wondering what the most important differences are between the two programs? How do they rate if I would want to pursue an academic degree (either in Europe or the States)? What are the biggest differences I can expect in relationship towards profe
  10. It seems that MAPSS has sent out many decision letters! I've received admission with 1/3 tuition waiver (not much, I know, but no complaints since I'm prepared to pay and my other choices wouldn't be much cheaper anyway), but since the econ concentration is a recent addition to the MAPSS program, maybe I'm not the only one who wants to discuss and know more about it? So, I'm wondering are there any current MAPSS econ students (or someone who knows more about this program) out there willing to share a bit about your experiences so far? Like, what's the difficulty level of the math camp?
  11. Hi, everyone! I'm just wondering has anyone directly applied for the MAPSS and got accepted, especially anyone with economics background, or does anyone know someone like that? I'm asking because I'm having difficulties with the candidate statement. More specifically, do I have to make my research interest the focus of it like a PHD statement, even if I directly apply to the MAPSS program? So my situation is like this: I have an economics degree with quite a lot of math and programming from a non-US university with a decent ranking, got pretty good GPA, GRE, English language test sc
  12. I am an international student, and I have submitted the application on 29 April. (the final deadline is 30 April) According to the MAPSS website, it says that "Persons applying after January 4 for our April 30 deadline will be notified once all materials are received and the file has been reviewed by our faculty committee, " but I am not sure how long it will take. I have checked the results page and found nothing because it seems that everyone had applied before 4 Jan (priority deadline). So I am worried this means that my chance of gaining admission at this stage will be very slim. Shou
  13. First time posting...and I need some advice. I applied this season to a handful of PhD's and MA programs. I got rejected from the PhD programs, which I semi-anticipated as I am changing fields from philosophy to history and don't have all the language background I should. That being said I do have some offers and I am trying to weigh the options. UH Manoa MA with next to no funding. UChicago MAPSS with some funding. NYU World History MA non-funded. I am still waiting to hear back from Columbia/LSEs' World/Int'l History MA. I am curious about UChicago, but I don't
  14. I've recently been rejected from several PhD programs in Psychology, and offered masters instead - including MAPSS at UChicago without funding. Overall, MAPSS is cheaper simply because it is one year. The fact that I have been rejected from all the PhD programs makes me sure that I am not ready to apply for a PhD program. It seems that even people who had negative things to say about MAPSS, still admitted they got fully funded PhD offers from top schools. So, I've also heard that some people have been very successful at appealing the financial aid decisions, and I'm considering doin
  15. Hi everyone, I'm an international student (UK) at Oxford, I've just been accepted onto the two programmes I applied for, EAS at Yale and MAPSS at Chicago. I've only been to Chicago briefly, it seemed really cool, but from what I've seen it seems like the course is better at Yale. The only problem is I've been offered a 2k scholarship from Yale vs. a 40k scholarship from Chicago. I'm really praying they will offer me more funding at Yale, although my course director says this is unlikely (maybe because I'm an international student?). Does anyone have any thoughts about the t
  16. hey there, i have gotten a string of disappointing news for my cultural anthropology phd applications. today, i got a full-tuition masters offer from university of chicago (instead of being admitted to the phd program)... this definitely doesn't cover living costs for the year that i will be spending studying, but my parents are so desperate for my situation that they'll probably cover that for me...ha. anyways, i am still painfully waiting to hear back from 3 more schools (but from what i have seen on this forum, i should have heard a long time ago if i was accepted, so i'm going to
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