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Found 19 results

  1. Hey everyone! Hard to believe nearly a year has past since the last Ph.D. application thread got started. For those who are going to be applying in the current cycle (enrollment Fall 2022), please feel free to follow along and contribute to this thread. What universities are you considering? What programs will you be applying to?
  2. Hi! I am new to this site and just created an account, so apologies if I am doing this wrong or posting in the wrong area! I am a rising senior and I am pretty certain that I want to do a masters program in PR and corporate communications wanted to ask if anyone with experience in or knowledge of these programs would be willing to share some insight into your graduate school admissions process. I am looking to apply for the Fall 2018 or Fall 2019 start dates and would love to go to NYU, but am still discovering all of the other top programs (any recommendations or insights into programs would be much appreciated, too!). I'm at the very beginning of the admissions process--I haven't begun preparing for the GRE or anything yet and am still trying to figure out the lay of the land for these programs--and I wanted to know if there was any advice you would pass down to someone in my position. -Did you use a test prep service for the GRE? -What was your GRE score and how important was the GRE in your admissions? -Were there any other forums or websites you found valuable as resources when you were doing the applications? Just trying to figure out how to get started. Any help or insight you can give me is appreciated!
  3. Hello folks, I’m looking for brutal critique to my PhD statement of purpose. Reason being: all family and friends are not in academia and think my SOP is grrreat, and I know there must be something to improve. Also imposter syndrome. Any takers? I’ll DM it, love yew.
  4. Hi! Is anyone else applying for masters programs in marketing? I barely see any updates for this on the front page
  5. Hi, my name is Yanish Patwari and I am from India. I have received the following offers: 1. ESADE - Msc Marketing Management 2. ESCP - Msc in Marketing & Creativity I am confused and need help to chose the right college. Background: I have completed a bachelor in commerce. Post which i have worked in a research and consultancy firm. Currently i am working in my family business and this is the place where i have gained majority of my experience in marketing. I have a strong academic background. My GMAT score stands at 710. Short term goal - Secure a job in a marketing role in an FMCG organization Long term goal - Start something of my own, either in India or Outside Please help
  6. I have a masters in psychology. I don't really want to go for a phd however if i do, it will be in the field of I/o psychology or social psychology. But again, this is not what I really want to do. Before I started in my current position I was research and applying to job within the realm of market research. Obviously I did not find a job in this field before academia. Does anyone have any advice on how to get in the field of market research, marketing, or any related fields.
  7. Profile Evaluation: GRE: around 310 TOEFL- 105 Entrepreneurial Experience in Digital Marketing: Co-founder of lifestyle blog for last 4 years Content Marketing: 6 years (Overall Digital Marketing experience: 6 years) Corporate Experience: 5 Years in Oil and Gas Sector in Core Electrical Systems Design and Learning and Development. PGDM: Marketing Management from All India Management Association: B TECH: Electrical Engineering from NIT Durgapur Looking for Phd in Marketing in USA Please suggest 2 highly ambitious/2 moderate and 2 safe universities
  8. Finally I'm going to make choice between MA in Emerging Media Studies in Boston University and MS in Digital Social Media in USC. I'm a Chinese student with a BA degree in Communication, and this is my first time to go study abroad. If anyone knows anything about the universities, the programs, and their graduate outcomes, I'd really appreciate it if you can leave some comments and suggestions to me. Thanks so much!
  9. Hi all! I am planning to apply for PhD programs in Marketing this upcoming fall (2018). I’m freaked out as hell, cause reading through so many blogs gives me anxiety. My decision to apply for PhD in this autumn was just couple weeks ago, so I just started studying for GRE. Would appreciate mutual support, advices on application! It’s always better to succeed together!! -BloodyMary
  10. Hi! I'm interested in applying to Masters of Marketing and/or Masters of Management (Marketing) programs. I was wondering if anyone has completed either the Masters of Marketing at Trinity College Dublin or Masters of Management (Marketing) at University of Melbourne? If anyone has partaken in either can you let me know your experience? Did you find that it was easy to acquire work once back in the U.S.? Where did you go to search for scholarships to fund your studies? If you have any other recommendations for schools I should apply to that offer these programs please let me know. Thank you for your help!
  11. Hi there! I have been rejected by pretty much all of the schools I applied to. With a 3.95 GPA (MBA from a reputed school in Asia), LORs from senior academicians (from non USA based unis, though), a 700 GMAT, and decent SOPs (I had them reviewed by my references, too), a 100% rejection rate has caused significant shock (and depression). I was wondering if someone might be willing to take a shot at demystifying the following? 1. What is the most important criterion in a Marketing PhD application? (To me, it looks like research experience) 2. Can someone who has been away from academics (and working in industry in a non-research position) for many years, and has decided to try to get into academia, actually ever have a chance of making it into a top 10 PhD program in the USA? 3. Anyone out there who has in the past battled the depression arising from rejections and rallied for applications all over again next year? What's your secret? :-(
  12. Hi guys, I haven't seen a topic for fall 2017 applicants for masters programs in business and i/o psych yet, so I thought I'd start one. Where is everyone applying? What are your credentials? What's the status on your application? These are the programs I'm applying to: - Master of Applied Positive Psychology - University of Pennsylvania - MA in IO Psychology - NYU - Masters in Computational Social Science - University of Chicago - MS in Marketing Science - Columbia - MS in Global Marketing Management - Boston University - MA in Positive Organizational Psychology and Evaluation - Claremont Graduate University - MS in Human Resource Management and Development - NYU Regarding my credentials, I have a 3.96 GPA, lots of research experience, and 156V/158Q/5.5W on the GRE.
  13. Hi, I am joining CMU Tepper Marketing as a PhD student in fall 2017. I wanted to know how the tracks for incoming students are decided. Is the behavioral / quantitative track in marketing decided by the school for me or can I choose it? I believe the qualifiers are different for each track. Thanks, Deep
  14. Hi everyone, I’m deciding whether to apply for a Ph.D. in sociology with my background. I have a BS in Finance (GPA 3.0) and I recently I have received an M.S. in Marketing Analytics from the University of Rochester (GPA 3.5) on a Fulbright grant. I am interested in studying the impact of western popular culture on identity formation amongst underprivileged ethnic and sexual minorities in the Middle East. I’m worried that my unrelated academic background, my mediocre GRE scores (50th percentile), and my lack of research experience will affect my prospects in securing a sociology (or maybe anthropology) Ph.D. admission, any insights, experiences, and tips about changing disciplines is highly appreciated. Thanks
  15. Hi, Anyone past or present get accepted into both programs? What was your decision? What factored into your decision? Thanks in advance!
  16. Hi all, I just received my admission from Northwestern IMC and am facing difficulties deciding on which program to choose. As UT Austin is a newer program, there doesn't seem to be many posts on the program so I was wondering if anyone could provide any insights that can help me toward deciding! I have accepted my admission at UT Austin and paid a deposit of 2000$, and even finished my career services interview. I thought I didn't have a chance to get into Northwestern, but it turns out I got admitted the last day of being on the waitlist! It's very hard of a decision as the tuition at Northwestern is 84K, and 42K for UT Austin. Northwestern- prestigious program, lots of alumni, focuses more on tech and ecommerce UT Austin- new program (started in 2016), not as many alumni in the field as compared to Northwestern, but there's lots of alumni for McCombs (so could still be of great help when looking for jobs), focuses more on quant and analysis of data in targeting consumers. I was wondering if anyone could provide any insights to the two programs, your opinions are of great help, thank you all so much!
  17. Which schools that offer quantitative marketing PhD's could I realistically apply to for fall 2016, assuming that the research interests overlap? My profile: International student bachelors in finance (3.7 GPA) and graduating next may with an MA in economics (4.0) at a top 100 school in the US. Took extensive math courses (Calculus 1-3, Linear Algebra, Differential Equations) and 5 courses in statistics and econometrics, all with A's GRE (168Q,156V) Also I worked as TA for the last year and will get good letters by the top of the faculty in my school, which are not superstars by any means though. Thank you for your help!
  18. As my senior year, GREs, grad applications and the real world quickly approaches I've been immensely struggling with the decision of "what's next?" The beginning of my junior year I took a class called the 'Psychology of Judgment and Decision Making' (I'm a psychology major) and I absolutely fell in love with the topic. I recall myself constantly spitting out "did you know's..." to my family and friends about things I was learning in that class. It was after this that I really came to terms with the fact that my long-time goal of going to graduate school for clinical psychology, may not actually be the avenue that I would be happiest perusing. I've been really interested in human behavior, consumer/consulting psychology, as well as, marketing psychology and overall judgment and decision making; however, as a senior, I have never taken a single business or econ class since I found this passion so late in the game. With that said, I was wondering if anyone has any advice or words of wisdom on graduate school in psychology or these particular topics in general (i.e. consumer and marketing psychology) and avenues I might be interested in perusing? For example, I've done hours and hours of research and read dozens of graduate school books and have come across very few programs, whether it be Master's or PhD's in psychology, that pertain specifically to my interests relating consumer science and marketing to human behavior psychology. I've only found tons of PhDs in marketing and business etc - however, psychology is still one of my underlying passions and I would love to be able to incorporate both areas into a Master's or PhD program within the overall field of psychology. Is anyone familiar with any specific programs that might be tailored to these interests? Or does anyone have any career paths or ideas that might be able to incorporate these? I really appreciate any and all advice; I've never felt more lost! Please reply via a comment here or e-mail me at cd305507@ohio.edu. Thank you so much!
  19. Dear All, I am a MS in Marketing applicant from India, who has three years of work experience in B2B marketing specifically in the telecommunications Industry. I have recently been admitted into two prestigious programs: Texas A&M, MS in Marketing : With scholarship and residentship CoA is $ 22k Northwestern Medill IMC Program: No scholarships, CoA is $ 122K I love Medill IMC's vibrant class profile, course-work and brilliant faculty- pioneers of Mrktg...But at the same time it hard to access whether it is worthwile to invest in such an expensive program(solely will be relying on loans, this economy, is that reliable?) which has more of a B2C focus. My main objective is to study math marketing principles and application of such models. While Medill IMC is data driven, TAMU course seems to have more of an overall marketing concentration with focus on consulting projects. Quite confused. Please input your thoughts?
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